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3 Listening Test Name Mark


You are going to hear about a robot competition. round: ronda
Listen and choose the correct answer.
(8 x 1 = 8 points) cheering: ovaciones, vtores
demonstrate: hacer una demostracin de
challenging: desafiante, que supone un desafo
stage: fase
overseas: al extranjero

1 The noise in the stadium is caused by . 5 How did Jenny qualify for the national team?
a. the participants a. She won many competitions.
b. the teams supporters b. She travelled overseas.
c. the robots c. She built a robot by herself.
d. football supporters d. She competed against many other schools.

2 Each team in the IYR competition is given . 6 Why do the team members need to know each
a. robotics equipment only other well?
b. robotics equipment and instructions a. To understand what everyone is good at.
c. instructions only b. To know who has the best maths skills.
d. a different robotics problem to solve c. To understand who works well under
3 In the second round of the IYR, the teams are
d. To understand who is easy to work with.
required to .
a. design and build a different robot 7 What did Jenny enjoy about the IYR?
b. design a new task for their robot to perform a. Meeting teenagers from all over the world.
c. build a robot in three weeks b. Getting to know team members.
d. get their robot to perform a different task c. Learning how to build a robot.
d. Seeing a robot that she designed and built.
4 When Jenny talks about building a new robot
from scratch, she means . 8 What did Jennys team do wrong two years ago?
a. with help from other people a. They took too long building the robot.
b. using expensive materials b. They didnt spend enough time on the
c. from the beginning design.
d. with great difficulty c. They didnt leave enough time to build
their robot.
d. Their design wasnt good enough.