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At Orascoptic we continually strive to shatter the status quo by offering Reduced Product Pricing Up to 875
award-winning optical innovations such as the EyeZoom loupe with three T
INTERES T 45-Day Free Trial Peace of Mind
adjustable magnification levels, the XV1 loupe with a built-in headlight FREE PA


Lifetime Telescope Warranty Priceless
and the Spark cordless headlight that integrates with virtually any loupe
3 or 6 Month Interest-free Payment Plans Easy On Your Wallet
or eyewear model.

Student Pricing through Foundation Year 30% Off Retail

Orascoptic Difference O V E R 1 0 0 0 I N T O TA L V A L U E
Each loupe is custom crafted with meticulous precision in Middleton, Fre e go o ds and s e r vic e s o nly av ailable w hile e nro lle d in de ntal s ch ool .
Re fe re nc e pr ic e lis t fo r pro duc t c o s ts .
Wisconsin and personalized to each individuals unique facial geometry;
ensuring optimal resolution across the widest and deepest field of view.
Contact Information:
Engineered with performance and comfort in mind, Orascoptic loupes employ
rich details such as adjustable nose pads, flexible temple tips, anti-reflective
lens coatings and working distances refined in half-inch increments.

All loupes are custom-crafted in the United States.

HDL 2.5 (2.5x) on Legend Frame

HDL 3.0 (3.0x) on XV1 Frame

01733 315203 | 961139-2 Rev. C 8/16

Precisely focused round spot Three Elements of an Ergonomic Posture
Capacitive touch controls Angle of Declination Deep carrier lenses accommodate steep
Blue light compliant declination angles
Constant-current technology prevents light output from diminishing over Working Distance Custom-tailored to each individual
the run-time of the battery Seating Posture - Proper seating helps to maintain a neutral posture
Co-axial mounted design reduces shadowing in the cavity
Discount available on loupe and light bundles. Reference price list for
more information.

HiRes 2 (2.5x) on Rydon Frame

Endeavour II
Capacitive touch controls
T hrough-the-lens (TTL), through-the-flip and flip-up mounting options 3 levels of light output, up to 68 lumens
A vast selection of telescopes ranging in power from 2.5x 5x Up to 10 hours of battery life
Accommodations for all eye prescriptions 3-year warranty on LED and cable, Angle of Declination
Award-winning optical designs to give you the widest and deepest field 1-year warranty on battery pack
of view Working Distance
Nearly 60 frame options to fit your personal style Spark
Lifetime telescope warranty against manufacturers defect Completely cordless
32 lumens of light output
3 hours of battery life (includes 2 batteries)
2-year warranty

EyeZoom Mini (2.5x-3.5x)

on Legend Frame

HDL 3.0 (3.0x) on Legend Frame