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Conditions of

at the companys discretion. Any delivery dates given

are estimates only, and in no circumstances shall the
company be liable for any loss suffered or caused
sale through non-delivery or failure to deliver on such
All orders are accepted and goods supplied subject to
Returns will only be considered by the company
the following terms and conditions, which in normal
within twelve months of supply. Good returned after
circumstances cannot be altered. No addition to or
being displayed at exhibitions must be packed
variation from these conditions shall be binding on the
separately. Defective and incorrect supplies should be
company unless agreed in writing by an authorized
returned immediately, quoting the relevant invoice
representative of the company.
number and the reason for return.
No order submitted to the company shall be accepted
Orders from customers who do not have an agreed
unless confirmed in writing. Once dispatched, goods
credit account will only be accepted against
must be accepted and notice of cancellation will not be
prepayment in full. Where a credit account exists, the
customer has an obligation to pay by the due date. In
the event of amounts becoming overdue, the company
reserves the right to charge interest accruing on a daily
Goods will be delivered to the address shown on the
basis from the date when payment is due until the date
companys invoice, and the means of delivery shall be
of the actual payment.

Dear Paul,

Ive managed to get hold of the terms from the company you want to import
the books from. The main points are these and usually theres no .
from them, if you want to . or ask for something
. , you have to get a letter from one of their representatives.

If you order the books on the phone, you have to . it up with a

letter, and once theyve sent you the books, you cant
mind and cancel the order. Theyll send the book to the address you give
them but the method they use is them. They dont
promise to deliver, by a certain date any date they give you is only a guess
and if the books in transit or they turn ,
you cant take them to court over it.

You can send books back if you cant sell them but you must do it within a
year, except for the ones youve show at an exhibition, but
in that case, pack them separately. However, if the books are not
. condition when they arrive, send them back straightaway but
tell them why.

If you havent got an account with them, you have to pay the entire cost
. . Even if you have an account, they are very strict about
paying . . If you fall behind with your payments, they can
charge you extra, from the day when you were . pay until the
day when you actually .... so.

Best wishes,

Only Connect
Members are issued with vouchers only valid for
exchange between themselves. When they perform
services for each other, ,they agree a rate for the task
Only Connect is a Local Exchange Trading System. beforehand, but a member who has received a service
These systems (called LETS) are a means of allowing need not recompense the other member directly. The
members to exchange skills and services free of charge voucher system makes possible, for example, for
that would otherwise cost them money. someone to earn vouchers by providing transport for a
member to go to the airport but then to spend them by
The system operates by listing the tasks members are inviting a third person to assist in decorating the
willing to perform for others and those for which they house.
would welcome assistance. A directory is distributed
to all members indicating offers and requirements. Such transactions are legal and not liable to tax unless
Nevertheless, all services are performed on a the service forms part of a members regular business.
voluntary basis. There is no obligation to undertake a
specific task, even though the offer may exist in the In theory, the system could be subject to abuse by a
directory. person who received services without performing any,
but a member who did not undertake to perform any
service would soon exhaust his or her supply as the
number of vouchers issued to any member is limited.

Dear Luisa,

Since Ive arrived in Cambridge, Ive joined a group called Only Connect. Its a Local
Exchange Trading System, which means you can save money by doing things for other
members that youd normally have to and
getting them to do things for you.

The way the system .. that they send out a little book to all the members
where you have to anything youre willing to do and things youd
like others you with. But you dont have to do a particular job if you
dont .. , even though youve mentioned it in the book.

They give you vouchers that only the members can use. If you do something for another
person, you decide .. vouchers the job is worth beforehand, but you
dont necessarily have to do something in return for the same person. For instance, you
could give one member to the airport, but then else
to give you . in decorating the house.

None of this is .. the law and you dont have to pay tax on it unless its
what you normally do for business.

I suppose people could take others good nature and

done without doing anything themselves but they would soon
of vouchers because you cant get any more unless you earn them.
When you come over, you can join, too.

Terms of Rental The Tenant undertakes to keep the premises in
good repair and condition and at all times clean
Agreement and tidy and to replace immediately any broken
glass, with the exception of damage caused by
The Tenant undertakes to pay for the premises accidental fire, for which the Landlord shall be
and the Landlords furniture and effects the rent held responsible.
of 300 per calendar month, the first payment
becoming due on the signing of this agreement, The Tenant must ensure that no disturbance is
and each subsequent payment being paid on the caused to neighbours at any time and that noise
first day of each succeeding month. The after the hours of darkness shall be kept to a
Landlord reserves the right to terminate the minimum.
agreement if the Tenant fails to comply with the
requirement. The Tenant shall not keep any pets or other
animals on the premises without the previous
In addition, the Tenant undertakes to pay a consent in writing of the Landlord.
deposit of 400 against the cost of rectifying any
repair required as a result of damage or breakage The Landlord undertakes not to increase the rent
of effects occurring during the tenancy. The during the period of tenancy agreed with the
deposit shall be returned to the Tenant on Tenant.
vacating the premises after any liabilities of this
kind have been discharged. Should the Tenant wish to terminate the tenancy
before this period has fully expired, one months
notice of intention to vacate the property must be
given to the Landlord.

Dear Anna,

I think Ive found a flat that may suit you while youre over here so Im
enclosing the terms of the agreement. This is what it says. You have
to pay the first months rent before you . and make
sure you pay every month .. on the first. If you get
... the rent, the agreement is no longer valid and the
landlord can throw you out. Apart from that, you have to pay a deposit
in case you break something while you . , but if nothing
is broken, you get .. when you leave. Naturally, you have
to . of the flat and keep everything clean. If there is
any damage, like a broken window, its up to you to .
mended, but theres a fire. Then its the landlords
responsibility. The landlords worried about tenants annoying people
living nearby, so you mustnt have parties or play loud music late
.. , and hes rather fussy about animals, too. If you want
to keep a dog or a cat, you need a him saying its
OK. One good thing about it is that he cant the rent up
once youve agreed . youre going to stay there, but if
you want to leave before the end of that time, you have to let him
know a month in .. .

Kindest regards,

Client Accounts management role. Excellent communicative

skills are required, both in formal presentations
Manager to customers and at all levels within the
organization. The terms of employment envisage
In line with the companys overall expansion, a company car, generous leave allowance and a
our Customer Services Department, responsible salary in the neighbourhood of 25K, subject to
for a wide range of commercial operations, is negotiation, according to experience.
undergoing rapid change and seeks an additional
Client Accounts Manager. One of the key To apply, please send your CV, including current
challenges of this role is the ability to increase salary, daytime telephone number and quoting
customer awareness of new projects wile reference to Nora Edgeworth, Personnel
ensuring that quality service is maintained. Department, Customers First PLC, Cambridge
Science Park, Cambridge CB29 8XX.
The successful candidate will be a university
graduate, with an excellent track of previous Closing date for applications: June 16 th. Only
experience in either a sales or account shortlisted candidates will be contacted for

Dear Mark,

I said Id let you know of any opportunities that came up of working here, and now
theres one that may suit you and is well worth putting in for in our Customer Services
Department. The firm as a whole is getting bigger and the Department, which has to
.. with a lot of different business, is . fast so theyre
looking for someone to help Jim Anderson, the only Manager at the moment. The main
thing is to draw customers . the new projects while making sure they
still get good service.

The person they want must have a university .. in a relevant subject

and have done a good .. somewhere else as a sales or accounts manager.
You have to have the ability to put the message .. to customers at
presentations and carry conviction inside the firm, . youre talking to.
Theyre offering a car and long .. over and above the basic salary,
which is .. 25,000, but you could discuss that figure with them it
. your previous experience. If youre interested, you have to get
your application in by June 16th, giving them a number where they can get
. with you during the day and telling them how much you earn at present.
Theyre only going to interview people on the short list, but if you make it, theyll
. know when the interviews are going ..

Best wishes,

Dear Charlotte,

Ive just received the notice about the Societys annual meeting but Im afraid Ill have to write to the
Secretary to tell her that Im sorry but I wont be able to turn up this year, as Id already promised to go
somewhere else that evening. Some while back, before they fixed the date of the Societys meeting, the
Oxford group asked me to talk about George Eliots early novels, and now that theyve sent out the
invitations, theres no way I could cancel it or ask them to put it off to another day.

I really meant to go the meeting this year because there were a few things I wanted to bring up about how
people become members. But I reckon it will be OK if George Lewes, wholl be there, reads them out for
me. All the same, to make sure the Committee dont get the wrong end of the stick, Ill write them out and
put them in the envelope with my letter telling them I cant come, and that will give them the chance to
have a look at them before the meeting.

Hope all goes well,

Kindest regards,


The Secretary
Cambridge Library Society
99 St Johns Crescent
Cambridge CB1 1BB

Dear Mr. Dickens,

With regard to the Annual General Meeting of the Society, I very much
that I will be unable to this year, owing to a
engagement. Some time ago, before the date of the meeting was , I
agreed to address our sister organization in Oxford on the . George
Eliots early novels, and at this late stage, when invitations have already been sent out, it
would be out of the question for me to cancel it or ask the organizers to
to a more convenient day.

I had every of attending this years meeting because there were a

number of points I wished regarding the conditions of membership.
I trust it will be in if my assistant, Mr George Lewes, who will be
at the meeting, reads them on my . . However,
any misunderstanding, I have .. them, together with
this letter, so as to enable the Committee to study them before the meeting

Yours sincerely,
Mary Evans

To: James Bridger


I gather the Council have asked you for a report on Carlo Marco because hes put in for a grant to go and
study in the UK. Im sorry I cant say anything in his favour but at the same time, if you pass on what I say
to them, you must insist that they keep it to themselves and if in the end Carlos turned down, they mustnt
let him know that we had anything to do with it.

Carlo hasnt come to class all that often. When he did turn up, he was usually late but never said he was
sorry or explained why. His works not really been up to the level of the class and if he did the homework,
he always handed it in late.

He didnt behave well in class. He never listened to anything I said but just talked and told jokes. I reckon
he thought that as his fathers given quite a lot of money to the school, he could do as he liked and I
wouldnt dare to say anything.

Because of that, its a bit awkward having to write to the Council and say all this but to be quite frank, we
really cant recommend him.

Sorry to be so negative and leave you with the problem,



In answer to your request for a report on our student, Carlo Marco, who has made an
a grant to study in the United Kingdom, I very much . that the
comments I have received from his class teacher do not justify my recommending him to you. At
the same time, I must ask you to treat the contents of this report in strict . and, if
the student is not eventually .. , not to give him cause to suspect that we are in any

Carlos record during the past year has been poor. He was often absent and
frequently arrived late for class but made and gave no explanation. In
general his work has been below standard, and he very rarely completed homework assignments
on . .

His behaviour in class left much to be desired. He seldom . attention and

disrupted the class by making facetious comments. In the of his class
teacher, Carlo assumed that the teacher would not dare to reprimand him because his father has
been a generous .. to the school.

Under , you will appreciate that it is a delicate matter for me and

for my staff to respond to your request but, . honesty, we cannot endorse his
Yours faithfully,

James Bridger

Dear Miki,

Hows the leg? I thought Id better let you know what you have to do
to get an attendance certificate from college. First, you must let the
office know by next Monday if you want one. They dont hand them
out automatically, because you have to go to all your classes (except
the optional ones, of course), and be on time, and you have to do all
your homework properly. If for some special reason, you havent been
able to do all this, but your Tutor is willing to say you deserve to get a
certificate anyway, you must write and explain what was special about
your situation. Im sure theyll understand in your case. Let me know
if I can do anything else.

All the best,


Students to receive certificates of attendance
the college office not . next Monday. Such certificates are
issued .. to those students who have .. the
college authorities with . to the matters:

Regular and . attendance at all .

classes. Satisfactory . of homework assignments.

Unless these . have been met in . , no certificate

will be issued without a .. explanation of
exceptional from the individual concerned in addition
to the of the tutor.
Dear Isobel,

Sorry its taken so long to answer your last letter, but Ive been a bit busy. Apart from college etc, you
wont believe the hassles Ive been having trying to cancel the magazine New Worlds! It all started when
Mum gave me a subscription as a birthday present a couple of years ago. It was OK at first, I was fairly
into astronomy and stuff at the time, well, still am, of course, but by the end of a year I realized I knew all
the sorts of stuff they have. So I decided to get something a bit more serious, a proper scientific journal. I
thought if I just didnt pay the sub, theyd stop sending the mag. But it wasnt that simple. They kept on
sending it, and then I got these notes telling me I hadnt paid, which I just chucked in the bin. Then I got
this letter offering me two years cheap subscription. Then I got a rather nasty note it was about six
months on, threatening all sorts of trouble from their lawyers if I didnt pay for the mags Id had. So I
wrote and told them I didnt ask for their stupid magazines etc. Now Ive had another rude letter, so Ive
written to the boss and told him that if they dont leave me in peace, itll be me whos calling in the
lawyers, not them! I hope it works.

Anyway, how are things with you

Dear Mr Wallis,

I am writing to clarify the situation . my subscription to your

magazine New Worlds, as your mailing department seems to
some confusion about it.

Two years ago, I . a years subscription. I enjoyed the

magazine, but as I am now studying physics at university, I felt that it was no
.. appropriate to me. Consequently, I did .. the
subscription last year. Unfortunately, your mailing department ..
to dispatch copies of the magazine, and to .. . Naturally, I
.. those demands, as I had not ordered the magazine.

Two months ago, I received a letter offering me two years subscription at

. , and shortly afterwards another which appeared to threaten
.. action for failing to pay my account.
I am extremely annoyed at .. in this outrageous manner and if I
do not receive your immediate .. that the matter is closed, I shall
contact my solicitor.

Yours sincerely,

Teresa Marks

The amazing new pocket databank

The new folding Databank has a memory with twice the capacity of others on sale yet it measures
only 6 cm x 9 cm when closed. The memory allows you to get totally organised at work or at home,
and to keep a whole range of facts and figures at your fingertips. Its special features include a
clock, a diary, an alarm and appointments reminder which can be set a year in advance, address
and phone number storage and a calculator. A secret code number enables your information to be
kept strictly private. An invaluable aid for anyone who likes to be organised but has little time to


Ive been trying out one of the new products and its really helping me to organise
my life. (I know thats hard to believe but its true!) Its a wonderful gadget called
Databank and its really an all-in-one calculator, diary and address book. Its got
a huge amount of memory - the others you can ........................... only
have ......................... much, in fact - but its only the ........................... of a small
diary. You can keep all ............................. of important information in it so I find it
really useful not only in ............................... or at home. You can set it to remind
you about things like meetings and birthdays for ................................. a year (so
Ill have no excuse if I miss yours!). Oh, one last thing - theres a secret code
number which ......................... you keep your information strictly
to ....................... . So, even though I havent got .......................... time, I do feel
Im a bit better organised at last!

Highly recommended!


The Palm Hotel Three mini apartments along the road a
This is quite a nice hotel, if a bit on the small side. bit from the Palm and above a bar which
Its in the new part of town which is hardly pretty could get rather noisy late at night. (I
but handy for the shops. It takes 15 min. to walk to think youd better mention this specifically
the beach (I timed it!). The rooms (all 26 of them) so theres no chance of complaints.) Every
have twin beds and most have a balcony. You can studio has twin beds (with a toilet and
see the harbour from the balconies (if youve got shower) and a private balcony (looking
good eye-sight!) - dont forget to mention this. onto the road). The so-called kitchenette
Theres no hotel restaurant but you only have to walk has a tiny cooker and fridge and only very
a short walk to find plenty of local eating places. basic equipment - just about enough to
The one drawback I think its worth mentioning peel an apple - so warn people that they shouldnt
expect to cook gourmet meals!
is that with all the restaurants and bars, the
centre of town does get quite noisy at night (and Signed: T. Rawland
into the early hours!)



Palm Hotel

A small, comfortable hotel which ........................... in the newer part of town,

close to the main shopping area and only a ...................... stroll from the beach.
There are 26 rooms, all ............................ are twin-bedded. Most rooms have a
balcony with a ............................ the picturesque harbour. ........................ the
hotel has no restaurant, there is a wide ..................... of places to eat,
all .................... a few minutes walk. .................... its central position, this
accommodation will not .................... those looking for peace and tranquillity.

Seagull Studios

A little ....................... down the road from the Palm Hotel, 3 twin-bedded studios,
.................. with its own en suite toilet and shower, and balcony. The
kitchenettes are basically ................ with a small cooker and fridge, and are
not ..................... preparing full meals. Some late-night noise from the bar below
is .................... and we do not ............... this accommodation for those who like
early nights!
Date: 23/4/00

On Tuesday, 20th March, 2000, I was driving home at approximately 7 p.m.,

after working late at my office in Park Street. I decided to use the ring road in
order to avoid the traffic jams in the vicinity of the sports stadium. Although the
traffic was rather heavy, it was moving quite freely. As I approached London
Road corner, I was overtaken by a red sports car, in spite of the fact that the
traffic lights were red. A few minutes later I saw the car at the roundabout. The
driver pulled on to the roundabout in the part of a van. It was clearly impossible
for the van driver to stop in time to avoid hitting the car, which was spun round.
In my opinion, the car driver was very lucky not to be injured, considering how
badly his car was damaged. The only damage to the van, as far as I am aware,
was that the headlights were smashed.

Dear Sheila,

Just a note to reassure you that Im all right - I was only a witness to the accident
I mentioned on the phone!

It was last Tuesday, as I was on my way home from work. It was getting on for
sevenish, I think. Id been doing .......................... again! I thought itd be
a .............................. to use the ring road because I .................................... to
get stuck in the jams ....................................... the Stadium. There was a
fair ................................. traffic but it was moving OK.

Well, you know the corner of London Road? I was ................................. to the
traffic lights when this red sports car shot past me, .................................. the
lights were ............................ him. When I got to the roundabout I spotted him
again. He pulled out in front of a van. The van driver had ................................
of stopping in time, and he went straight into the car. It turned the car round
in ................................ . I reckon the driver ............................. lightly as he
wasnt hurt at all .............................. his car was a real mess. Fortunately, the
van was still in one ................................ , at least I think so, .................................
the headlights, which were smashed, of course.

Anyway, none of it involved me - I just had to hang about and make a statement -
so dont worry!

Lots of love,

Hotel Golden Sun - Torremolinos
Situated above main road, about 500 yards Carihuela Beach
Within 10 minutes centre of Torremolinos

Large freshwater swimming pool Palm fringed
gardens Poolside bar Sun terraces Sun beds Attractive
restaurant Lounge area and card room Coffee/snack bars
TV/cards room (videos shown) Early meals, baby-sitting and
high chairs for children (on request locally)

Major credit cards accepted

Meals: Breakfast is buffet style Waiter service for lunch and dinner
A la carte menu available

Entertainment: Dancing most evenings Occasional cabarets

Bedrooms: Telephone Central heating All twin rooms bath

and balcony 3rd/4th bed available

Dear John and Mary,

I do hope that youre going to join us in Spain. The hotel sounds really good and its
only 500 yards (0) from the beach and ten minutes ............. the centre of Torremolinos.

Its got a swimming pool, gardens ................. palm trees, a bar by the pool and sun
beds .................. . There are ....................... places to eat, ......................... an attractive
restaurant and a snack bar. If it rains we can watch a video or play cards .................... have
got a special room. Dont worry about the children as everything is ................. from high
chairs to baby-sitting. We just have to .................. them. Then we can go and enjoy
ourselves as there is a dance ....................... .evening and even a cabaret .................... nights.
The bedrooms are everything you could wish for with ..................... bathroom and
balcony. .................. central heating too, although we hope we wont need it!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Tom and Pat

Ive just had a note from the director and got details about the
conference in Bologna. Its a three day and the general theme will be
the teaching of modern languages. The first day will begin with
someone - Professor Spinsterson, I think - talking about new ideas in
teaching. They were going to have that new professor from America -
Emandsan? - but he cant make it.

After this there will be a chance to get into groups and they are
probably going to show us some audio-visual aids that have been
developed recently.

The next couple of days there are going to be various talks from
teachers of Italian and Spanish and the whole thing is going to be
rounded off with a debate about the need fro language teaching in the
primary school.

Apparently any two of us in this department can go. Do you fancy it?

the three-day conference in bologna

on ....................... teaching techniques will
be ...................... by professor spinsterton. he
will give the ..................... session on
new ............................ to language teaching.
he will ........................... Eric Edmondson who
unfortunately is unable ............................ .
this will be .................... a half-day session
on .......................... audio-visual aids. the
following two days will ..................... Italian
and Spanish teachers .......................... . the
conference ............................. with a
discussion entitled .................. be teaching
languages in the primary school? there
are ...................... available to members of the
department staff.

Ive got that information you asked me to get about the Young Persons Railcard.
It seems that you can only buy one up to March 17 th. It looks like a pretty good
deal to me because it only costs 35 and you get a lot for that. It allows you to
travel anywhere you want for six months and it also lets you pay less at some
hotels and restaurants.

You can only get it at the Student Travel Office in Piccadilly and you have to go
and get it yourself. Its for people under 26 and you have to prove your age and
that youre doing a full-time course. You apply at the office and you have to give
them a passport-sized photograph.

Its really good offer and I think you should encourage any of the students who
can do so to get one before its too late.




The Young Persons Railcard is only . until 17 th March and

we advise you to get one because it is very good
money. It permits you for six months and it also
. you to price at certain hotels and

It can only be from the Student Travel Office in

Piccadilly and it must be . . The .. is 26
and you will need to take your age. You will also
need to prove that you are in full-time . . At the
office, you fill in an and provide a passport-sized
photograph. The card is highly .. , so if you are
.. for one, remember that you do not
.. in which to buy it.


I rang up that book club of yours while you were away, as you asked me to do. I
told them how fed up you are with them and their total lack of efficiency. They
told me that youll have to send them a letter they wont deal with any complaint
on the phone.

So make sure you tell them that they keep sending you the wrong books and bills
and not sending you the books youve ordered. Their answer to your last letter
when they said they were looking into it came ages ago and I think you should
tell them that its just not good enough that they havent written to you or phoned
you since. By the way, the person I spoke to couldnt find any record of these
letters and didnt seem to want to help at all in fact she was rather rude. I think
you should point out what your agreement with them says you dont have to
pay for books you didnt order. And if I were you, Id tell them that youre not
going to give them any more money until the whole thing is sorted out. That
should get them to do something about it!


Dear Sir/Madam,

A colleague recently telephone you on to inform you of

my dissatisfaction at the very poor level of service I have been
receiving from you. He was told that I would have to put my complaint
which I am now doing.

On numerous occasions, orders and bills have been sent

and often you have failed to with the books I have
ordered. to my last letter, you claimed that you were
the matter but this was some time ago and I find it
completely unsatisfactory that you have not me
since. My colleague tells me that you are now unable
any of our and that the person he
spoke to was distinctly and rather rude.
I feel that I must draw you attention to the fact that, according to
of our agreement, I am to pay for the
books I did not order. I am therefore prepared to make any
until this matter has been .

Yours faithfully,

J. Whitaker (Membership number: 65543-K)

This is the tenth year of our annual competition, which is open to all local musicians. Whether you
play or sing, alone or in a band or orchestra, wed like you to enter. Classical, rock, or any other
kind of music, wed like to hear you. Our competition takes place from June 12 th to June 19th in the
Central Hall in front of a large audience and a jury of five. Competitors may perform any piece of
their choice, including one they have composed themselves, provided it does not exceed the limit
of 15 minutes.

Winners: time in a recording studio without charge and a TV appearance
Runners-up: an instrument of your choice

Interested? Telephone: Paula Sheen on 0989-54634

Dear Rick,

Have you heard about the competition for local musicians that they hold
? Well, Ive been thinking that maybe we should for
it. .. and it doesnt matter whether you perform on
.. or as a group. So I reckon we should . our own
band it shouldnt be too difficult to find another couple of people to join us.
The hold the competition over a week in June in the Central Hall and apparently
quite a big . turns up for it. Oh, and it says that there are five
. We can play one of the songs weve . we dont
have to play something by someone else. It says that you can play anything you
like . as it doesnt .. than fifteen minutes. The
winners get .. of a recording studio and the chance to appear on
TV. If you you can have an instrument .. .

So, what do you reckon? Shall we have a go? Apparently, anyone whos
interested has to get with someone called Paula Sheen. Her
number is on the advert, so if you do fancy it, I can do that. Let me know as soon
as you can.

All the best,



1. Staff must arrive punctually at all times. Anyone persistently arriving late
will be dismissed.

2. Staff must present themselves well-dressed casual clothing is not


3. Staff must make every effort to attend to customers speedily, efficiently

and courteously at all times.

4. Temporary staff should consult a senior member of staff in the event of

enquiries to which they are unable to provide an answer.

5. Temporary staff duties include: taking orders placed by phone; ensuring

that orders are prepared prior to customer collection; ensuring that
shelves are fully stocked at all times.

6. Wages are weekly for temporary staff.

Dear Mike,

I just thought Id drop you a line and tell you about the summer job Ive
got in a local bookshop. Theyve just sent me all the rules of the
. and I must say some of them look a bit strict! Ill have to
get there .. that is at 8.30 and they say that anyone
whos will get . Were supposed to be
.. things like jeans wont . . They didnt
mention that in the interview!

Were all supposed to . to .. the customers as

.. and as well as we can and were supposed to be
them all the time. Oh and were supposed to
.. senior if theres a question we cant answer. It looks as
if Im going to be pretty busy! Ill be taking orders on the phone,
getting orders .. people come to collect them and
.. that the shelves are always full. Still, theyre going to
. every week, which Im glad about. Well, Im not sure if
Im going to enjoy it but it wont be for long and I do need the money.

Hope to see you soon,


Do you think you could come up with some sort of notice about the
Film Club we decided should be started in the committee meeting the
other day? Since you were made the organizer of it, its best that you
let everyone know about it.

Obviously, the fact that so many people have said they want a club like
this is the main reason why weve decided to set it up. So make it
clear that were doing it because of that. Since we didnt have any
strong idea ourselves about which particular films we should show,
mention that youd be glad of any suggestions. Dont forget to
mention that weve decided the club should meet every week and that
they wont have to pay to join. But make sure that you point out that
theyll have to pay a small amount for each screening just enough to
pay for the films and equipment we have to hire. Oh, and dont forget
to mention that they can get things like ice-cream and cold drinks
while the films on. And get them to sign a list if they want to join.



It was decided at the ________________ Committee meeting that a

college Film Society is to be _______________________ and I have been
_______________________ its organizer. The committee was aware of
the _______________________ such a club that many of you have
expressed and it is in ___________________ this that the decision has
been taken.

As the committee have no ______________________ regarding the exact

__________________ the films we will be showing, I would
__________________ any suggestions that you might make. It is
__________________ that the society will meet on a
__________________ and that __________________ will be made for
_________________ . There will, however, be a small charge for each
screening to ___________________ costs of film and equipment hire.

Screenings will take place in the Central Hall and a selection of

___________________ will be provided.

Those wishing to join should sign below.

Dear Anita,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've found out what you should do about getting
a temporary job at the hospital.

Write to the Personnel Officer; his name is Mr. I. Cooper. Tell him that you're
looking for a temporary summer job and that you're wondering whether they need anyone.
Mention that I suggested you write to him - I know him fairly well. Of course, he
knows me as Dr Ferguson. Tell him what you're doing now - you know, that you've been a
student for about eighteen months - and that you'd really like to work in a hospital
in your holiday because you've decided to become a hospital doctor when you get your
degree. Since you haven't done that sort of work before, you'd better tell him that
you really want to learn and that you'll take anything they offer you. It may mean
being a general assistant on a ward - it's really hard work and there won't be much
money in it, I'm afraid.

I think you ought to put in your school certificates and your latest exam results from
university because he'll probably want to see them. I wouldn't send the originals,
though - you don't want them to get lost. And tell him that you'll send him any other
info about yourself that he might want. Finish the letter off by telling him where he
can get in touch with you - you'll be at that address until mid-June, won't you?
Anyway, I must get back to work now.


28, Highfield Place

Mr. I. Cooper
Archway Hospital 14 January 2000

Dear Sir,

I am writing to . whether you have any ... for temporary work. I have
been . to write to you by Dr James Ferguson.

At . I am a second year student at university, taking a degree course

..... , and I would very ... the opportunity to work in a hospital
during my vacation, as it is my intention to become a hospital doctor when I .... .
Although I have not as yet had any ... this type of work, I am very keen to learn
and would be willing to .... any job you may be able to offer me. I would, for example,
be quite prepared to work as a general ward assistant, although I realise it would not be very
... .
I .. photocopies of my school certificates and of my most ..
examination results at university. Should you require any further .... , I will be happy
to send them to you. I can be .. until the middle of June at the above address and
telephone number. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Anita Smithson



Doors still closed at 10.12 am advertised hours to 10 am 5 pm. Man who unlocked
door gave no reason, was rather rude and looked a mess. Cost 3 to get in no ticket
issued. Two exhibition rooms closed no idea why. Two other room in semi-darkness.
Six out of ten of the kinetic displays in the childrens gallery did not work when the
buttons were pressed. There were no labels on thirty exhibits and another ten had labels
too close to the floor. The Ace Caf had run out of coffee and my Colliers sandwich
(prawn and mayonnaise) was probably left over from the day before.

Conclusion food AND actual visit very disappointing.

Dear Dr Crompton,

As part of our survey of local museums, a representative of the Barchester

Consumers' Group visited your museum on 21st August. We are sure that, in
the interests of providing a better service to the public, you would like to
receive a summary of her .... .

It seems that although you advertise an .... of 10 a.m. there was a

twelve-minute .... and .. was offered by the
attendant who unlocked the door. In fact, his .... was rather
unpleasant and his uniform could not be described ... . Our
representative also reports that no ticket was issued in return for the
.. of 3. Apparently, two exhibition rooms were closed without
any explanation being given and two other rooms were inadequately
.. . More than .. of the kinetic displays in the
Children's Gallery were out .. . Labels were ..
thirty exhibits and ten others had labels very close to the floor. Our
representative was disappointed as coffee was .... and she
reports that her sandwich was ... . In short, she felt that both
.... and exhibition arrangements fell well below what the public
has a right to expect.

If you have any comments to make on our observations, we will be delighted

to discuss them with you.

Yours sincerely,
Jane Smith

Ive been asked to write a reference for Faith Good. Do you

think you could help me with it? Its quite hard to know how
to write a diplomatic reference for her, as she isnt exactly
the ideal employee. Mind you, she means well and Id like to
help her get a good job. She passed her typing and
shortened course after all and I think shes good at speaking
to people over the phone. Shes not bad at Spanish and she
has her own car passed her driving test last month, I
believe. Shes a fitness fanatic and she always wears the
latest fashions. Shes always cracking jokes even if some
of them are pretty terrible and she certainly doesnt worry
in the slightest about talking to new people. So she fits the
bill as far as the job is concerned in quite a few days. I guess
I cant avoid mentioning her appalling spelling and the way
shes late for everything. I suppose I could finish by saying
and I think this is true really that wed be sorry to see her
go if another company gave her a job somewhere else. And I
could add that wed be happy to give any other details they
want about what she actually does here at the moment.

Dear Mr. Brown,

... I am sending you a reference for Ms Faith Good. I am happy to

recommend her for the position you have advertised. She has a .... typing and
shorthand and she has a good telephone .. . She speaks Spanish
... and she holds a .. . Faith is .... aerobics and
running and she always dresses .. . She has a ... of
humour and is ... about meeting new people. She is certainly, therefore,
in many ways ... the job that you are advertising. Although her spelling
could ... and she tends not to be .... , we would genuinely
miss her many qualities if she were to accept .. of employment
elsewhere. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information
about Ms Good's .... .

Yours sincerely,
Jenny Smith

CONTENT: Margaret's report on 'Language Development in Two-Year-Old Twins'

represents a year's painstaking work. The case study shows various strengths, particularly
acute observation but the material could have been more efficiently organised. The paper
was perhaps over- ambitious since it extended to 10, 000 words instead of the
recommended 5,000.

STYLE: The writing is lively but too colloquial for this kind of text. Margaret is also
sometimes inaccurate in her choice of vocabulary, with unfortunate results.

PRESENTATION: The project is pleasantly illustrated with photographs and some

useful charts, though it is a pity these were not original. The work is marred by a number
of typing and spelling errors and would have benefited from stricter proof-reading before

Dear Annie,

How are you getting on with your language project? As you know, it took me a year
.. mine. And now I've just got a copy of the comments the teacher made on
it, and she obviously thinks it's a bit of a disaster!

She seems quite .. with my observations, but said the material could have
been much .. . I think that I probably .... high because I )
.... to 10,000 words when we were only .. do 5,000.
She certainly thought it was far .... . Then she criticised me for using too
much ... and sometimes getting the .. completely!
At least she .. of the pictures I spent hours preparing (although she eemed
to think I had .... them!). But then she had a go at me about the
number of .. I made, and she obviously thinks these have
.... the whole project. I suppose the lesson to learn is that I should
have let someone read it before I .. it in.

Hope you have better luck than me.



Message from June Shannon saying sorry she couldnt come.

New members need to get more! Ron Westwood to come up with a
list of ideas, perhaps offer 25% off membership fees?

Future events
25th Feb walk on Stanmore Common, meet outside gate at 10.30 a.m.
fund-raising evening, need to agree on where and when.
weekend away in Norfolk (last year was great) twenty people at the

New club secretary soon Harry Curaci to stop in November. Club
would like to say many thanks for all his hard work.
Voting for new secretary next month at general meeting, all
nominations to be in by 23rd February.
Any volunteers to give out our monthly newsletter Twitchers? Please
let Muriel Hardy know as soon as possible.



Minutes of meeting held on 15th February

.... from June Shannon for not being able to this

meeting. We would like to . new members to our club. Ron Westwood
is going to put forward a list of ideas. A 25% . on membership fees has
been suggested.

Future Events
On 25th February there will be a walk on Stanmore Common. Those taking part should
.. outside the gate at 10.30 a.m. There will be a fund-raising evening in
the near future, date and to be decided upon. We are organizing
another weekend away in Norfolk, . the success of last years trip.
Early reservations are essential as places are . to twenty.

Any Other Business

Due to the impending . of Harry Curaci, we will shortly
. a new club secretary. We would like to express our .
to Harry, who has done a sterling job. The . date for nominations is
23rd February and the election will take place at the next general meeting. .Finally, we
also require volunteers to help our monthly newsletter. If you can
help, please inform Muriel Hardy at your .. .

Exclusive Apartments
If you require a medium or long-term let for an extended stay, our
exclusive, serviced apartments may suit your needs. No apartment is alike,
each one with individualised interiors to suit the tastes of the discerning
executive traveller.

All the usual hotel facilities are available, including valet parking in our car
park, which is under 24-hour surveillance. The personnel are on site at all
times to offer any assistance required and ensure that our accommodation is
up to the high standard, expected by our guests.

Prior reservations are essential to avoid disappointment. We have a 60-day

minimum stay policy.

The level and flexibility of service on offer equals that of a luxury hotel
without the corresponding high price tag.



I think I've found the perfect place for Mr. Shima to stay while he's here.
These are flats to . for long periods. .. flats have
maid service and ... individually. These flats are intended for
who travel, so theyll be perfect our purposes, I think. It
has that a hotel has. The car park is guarded day
.. so there'll be no problem with the car hire company. The
company . are on the spot and available.
Guests need to stay for . 2 months, which is fine, but we will
have to be sure to book in order to make .
that a flat is . . The flats are supposed to be of a high
., but at the same time not too . .

Let me know what you think.


Get Involved, Now!

Join our internationally recognised organisation and work with us
to preserve our natural heritage.

Take this opportunity to participate in environmental issues of

concern to us all.

Our organisation is deeply involved in the promotion of environmental

issues of concern at both local and global levels. We are looking for
volunteers to be responsible for establishing community branches and
broadening our membership base. We are seeking people capable of
initiating and implementing plans of action. We need people who can
work in collaboration with others on activities that will generate debate
ultimately resulting in policy change at the highest levels. We need
mature people who can work and act independently but who are
prepared to be held accountable for their ideas and actions. We need
people who can issue press releases and liaise with community-based
'IV, radio and newspapers; acting as spokesperson where necessary.

Multi-lingual self-starters, call us now to register and receive your

complimentary information pack.


For those interested in community work, a(n) organization

.. the chance to get involved. The organization is
.. throughout the world, and is drawing attention to issues
.... our natural surroundings. It is looking for people who:

can . up a(n) .. office.

can recruit new . .
can . with and carry out plans.
can join forces with others to .. about discussion
that could . to changes in the law
are prepared to .. for their actions.
can speak to the local .
can speak .. two languages.
If you are interested, see Student Services about getting an information pack. It
won't . anything!


Dear Margery,

Could you please put together a letter for parents about the school
Sports Day and see that it get sent to the pupils homes? Briefly, the
details are these:

This years Sports Day on Friday 5th June, 9-4, if its not raining!
50-metre and 100-metre races, sack race, three-legged race,
egg-and-spoon race and lots more.
Children taking part in school PE kit and gym shoes, but track
suits too weather may turn cold.
Food and drink at the school canteen. Looking for parents to
help out. Mention that all profits to be used for new sports
School governor to present trophies at end of day.
As many parents as possible.

Thanks a lot,


Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Burleigh Road Primary School Sports Day will

. on Friday 5th June 9am and 4pm -
weather . . The events 50-metre and 100-
metre races, a sack race, a three-legged race and an egg-and-spoon race.
Pupils participating are required . regulation Physical
Education outfits and trainers. In addition, track suits will
. in the event of a . in the weather.
Volunteers are . to serve refreshments in the canteen. All
.. will go towards the Sports Equipment Fund. The prizes
will be . a member of the Board of Governors at the
. of all events.
Your at the school Sports Day would be greatly
. .

Yours faithfully,


Dear Miss Hudson,

As the person in charge of the childrens library, would you kindly produce,
for general distribution, a leaflet detailing the summer activities and events?
The points to include are the following:

Events run throughout July and August.

Local artist Judith Potters new works.
For theatre buffs the production will be Toad of Toad Hall, 1 st-10th
July, 7.30 p.m.
Film showings on Saturdays and Sundays (a different film each week)
at 2.30 p.m. through July and August, in the theatre.
Puppet theatre and story time for children under 6 Monday to Friday
in July and August, 9-10.30 p.m.
Pottery, arts and crafts classes (materials not supplied) Thursday
evenings 7-9 p.m. in the arts centre.
Tickets for theatre and film performances available from the theatre
box office. No payment required for remaining activities/events.


Looking for something to do?

Why not visit Compton Library this summer? We have a of activities and
evens for July and August, suitable for all ages and tastes.

Firstly, we have an exhibition of exciting new works by a well-known local artist, Judith Potter. Her
paintings and sculptures are in the reference library throughout the
summer. Those interested .. a catalogue.

For those .. the theatre, Toad of Toad Hall will be performed in the
library theatre. It .. 1 st to 10th July and starts daily at 7.30 p.m. For cinema
enthusiasts special film matinees every weekend in July and August at the
library theatre. Very children . our puppet theatre and
story time, every morning in July and August from 9 to 10.30 p.m.
Finally, pottery, arts and crafts classes will .. on Thursday evenings,
7 and 9 p.m., in the arts centre. You will need to .
your own materials.

You . cinema and theatre tickets at the theatre box office.

. activities and events are free .



An exceptional individual is sought to succeed the present director, Ms

Jane Fairbrother, who will be vacating the post in the new year to take
up a new appointment in Edinburgh.

The successful applicant will ideally be a university graduate in

Business Administration and have the ability to take charge of the
department in a period of rapid change. Experience in a company that
manufactures similar products would be a distinct advantage.
Applicants must demonstrate a proven record of success. The
Marketing Director is responsible for a department of over 30 staff and
the position entails a considerable amount of overseas travel.

Benefits include generous leave (42 days p.a.), a subsidised canteen,

and a range of sporting and social facilities. Salary is negotiable
according to

Please e-mail you application with full career details to:

The closing date is 30 November.


You know I promised to tell you if I heard of any interesting jobs going? Well, our company is (61)
.. a new Managing Director - the ad goes in next week.

The new director will be (62) from Jane Fairbrother, who's leaving because she's
been (63) new job in Scotland. Since you have (64) in Business
Administration you'll stand a good chance. I can just see you as the (65) of the
department. You are working in the same (66) ... (which is what they want) and you
have done (67) in your present job that they are bound to be impressed. If you get
the job, you'll have more than 30 people (68) and you would have to make a
number of (68) .. . The holidays you get are (69) . tne canteen
food is edible and doesn't (71) .. . As for the money they will pay, you will have to
(72) with them - it (73) your experience. Your application must (74)
.. by 3 November, so get your skates on!



Believe it or not, it's been nearly a year since the last poetry competition and it's
time to have it again this year. Can you put together a leaflet about it. Here are the
points to include:
We don't want poems to be longer than 30 lines.
They can be written for either children or adults, but we want them to be
entertaining, so explain that we'd really like ones that make people laugh.
We can't afford to return poems, so if people want them back after the
competition they'll have to send us a stamped, addressed envelope with the
People can send in as many entries as they like, but nobody will be able to win
more than one prize.
They've got to send an entry form in with their poem (they can get these from
libraries and bookshops).
We're charging 10 to enter the competition, and this should be sent with the
entry form (but point out that they only pay 5 if they live in this area).
Mention that entries must be in by March 27 and that the names of the people
who will receive prizes will be known about a fortnight later.



A poetry competition is held in our town (61) and entries are
now being invited for this year's competition. Poems should be (62)
. of thirty lines, in length. They may be written with either
children or adults (63) .., but this year the emphasis is on
entertainment, and poems which display, plenty of (64) .. will be
especially welcome. Unfortunately, because of the very (65) .. of
postage, entries will not be returned unless a stamped addressed envelope
(66) . with the entry. There is (67) .. to the number
of poems which may be submitted, but only one prize will (68)
to anyone individual. Poems must be (69) .. by a official entry
form (obtainable from libraries and bookshops) together with the correct (70)
. of 10. There is a (71) rate available for (72)
. residents. The (73) is March 27 and the names
of the prize-winners will be (74) .. on April 10.


The Secretary
North of England Wildlife Protection Society
1 Hill Road Burnley

Dear Mr Eagleton

Re: Annual General Meeting

I regret to inform you that I am unable to attend this meeting because a prior
engagement will prevent me from arriving in time. Unfortunately, it is necessary for me
to remain in Leeds on that evening as I have already agreed to participate in my younger
brother's school-leaving ceremony. In fact, I have agreed to address the whole school on
my work as a National Park manager. It might be possible for me to be at the meeting
about half an hour before the time it is scheduled to finish, but I think that this would
serve no purpose.

I have forwarded my report to Mrs Mary Jones, who I am hoping will kindly agree to
read it to the meeting. Any questions can be directed to her and she will be able to
answer them. I do not anticipate any problems, but if clarification is required, I can be
contacted on my mobile phone during the evening. I am confident that the meeting will
be a great success.

Yours sincerely

Jack Robbins


Dear Mary

I am (61) to tell you that I can't (62) .. to

the annual meeting. There is (63) .. that I have to go to on the
same evening. There is just not enough time to do both. I can't (64)
. Leeds on that evening because I have promised to (65)
. in the school-leaving do at Bob's school - he's my younger
brother, as you must remember. It's not just a matter of being there - I'm
going to give (66) , and, as you've probably guessed, it's
about (67) I do. I could get to Burnley just before (68)
of the meeting but it would be (69) . of
time. I am (70) . my report with this letter. Could you do
me (71) . and read it out at the meeting? Would you mind?
I know that you can (72) .. anything that comes up. I am sure
there won't be any problems, but if there's anything people don't (73)
.. , you can give me (74) .. . I'll keep the
mobile switched on!

I hope everything goes well.

Best wishes



Should a fire commence and be observed then a decision must be taken as to whether it is
feasible to make an attempt to extinguish it. If the person who discovers the fire makes
the judgement that it cannot be dealt with alone, and in a reasonable period of time, then
the firebell should be rung to alert others. It is recommended that every employee, on
hearing the firebell ring, should immediately cease whatever activity he or she is engaged
in, and vacate the room in order to effect an escape via the route which is indicated on the
plan displayed in every office. In the event of any employee discovering the stairway
blocked or filled with smoke, he or she should use the external fire escape forthwith and
in no circumstances consider making use of the lifts. It is imperative that no employee
returns to the building, however urgent or necessary this may appear to be, unless
authorised to do so by the fire officer. Employees should await instructions as to when
they may re-enter the building.



If (61) ------------------- a fire start, decide whether it is safe for you to try
to put (62) ------------------------- . Don't deal with the fire on (63)
------------------------------ if it seems too much for you, or you think you
cannot cope with it fairly (64) -------------------- . Let everyone know there
is a fire by ringing the firebell! As (65) ------------------ you hear the
firebell, you should immediately (66) --------------------- what you are
doing and (67) ----------------------- of the building. (68) ------------------ the
safest route by looking at the plan on the wall in your office. If you (69)
-------------------- the stairs blocked or filled with smoke, immediately use
the fire escape which can be found on the (70) ------------------- the
building. Using the lifts can be extremely dangerous, so don't even for
one moment (71) ---------------------- using them. Once you are out of the
building, don't (72) ----------------------- in for anything, unless the fire
officer tells you it is (73) ----------------------- to do so. You should then
wait until you (74) ---------------------------- by the fire officer that you can
go back to work.

Historical Cottages Trust Booking Terms

1. You are required to pay the total price for your holiday not less than three months before your holiday
2. All payments must be made in sterling (internationally recognised credit cards are acceptable).
3. The person who signs the booking form is responsible for any loss or damage arising during the occupancy
of the property.
4. If you cancel within three months of the start of your holiday you will forfeit the entire booking fee. (This
does not apply if severe weather conditions prevent you from reaching the property.)
5. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.
6. You must not enter the property before 4 p.m. on the first day and you must not stay longer than 11 a.m. on
the last day of your holiday. This is to enable our housekeeper to prepare the property for you and your
7. Dogs are permitted but must be kept off the furniture.
8. Nobody except the people whose names are listed on the booking form may stay in the property. We mind
VERY MUCH INDEED about this.
9. Although our properties are in isolated areas, all are easily accessible by car.
10. The cottages are fully equipped but sheets and towels are not provided.

Informal letter

Dear Sophie,

You asked me in your last letter to suggest some ideas for your next holiday. I'm enclosing
some information about an organisation that rents out interesting old cottages. We stayed
in one last year and it was marvellous.

One disadvantage is that you have to pay (45) . three months (46)
. Also, they only accept English (47) . but you can use a credit
card. Don't book unless you are sure because if you cancel they will not (48)
.. your money, unless you cancel (49) .. three months before
you intend to go, or unless the road to your chosen cottage has become (50)
because of bad weather. It would be (51) . to take out
cancellation insurance.

Remember that you have to (52) after 4 p.m. On the first day and (53)
before 11 a.m. On the last day so that the housekeeper can get the
cottage ready for you, and the people who (54) . . It will be (55)
. for you to take your dogs but don't let them (56) on the furniture.

Remember that the (57) . people who may sleep in the cottage are those
whose names are On the booking form. The Trust takes this matter (58) . .

You can (59) .. to all the properties, so you can take with you whatever
you need. You will have to take (60) . sheets and towels in any case. I'm
sure you will have a wonderful time if you decide to go, but it is wise to read the booking
conditions carefully.


Staff In-Service Training Scheme

14 - Day Adventure Course in North Wales

Activities include mountaineering, caving, canoeing, abseiling, scuba-diving

Suitable for complete beginners - full training given

Emphasis on developing leadership skills
All equipment provided but you must bring your own boots

Places are very limited. Apply before January 31st. Application forms are available at Reception. Staff who
attended this course in March cannot re-apply.

There is no charge for this course

Attending this course will improve the chances of employees who are thinking of applying for 'promotion within the
company. Staff who reach an adequate standard on the course will receive a certificate. The course must be taken
as part of your annual leave entitlement. The company will receive a full report on the physical and mental qualities
that staff have shown during the course, including their ability to work under pressure and motiva4e others to
achieve goals.

26 January 200-
Dear Caroline,

Since you have been away this week at the sales conference, I thought I should
write to you about al1other course the company is offering. It's only for people
who are already (45) the company. It's a course in North Wales
which lasts a (46) and includes a lot of (47)
activities. You don't need any (48) . because you can learn things
from scratch. Everything (49) .. for the activities is provided
except boots. There are only (50) . places and you must apply
before (51) of this month. You haven't (52)
. , have you? There was one (53) . year and
staff who went on that can't (54) . With this letter I have (55)
. an application for you to fill in and return. The course is
completely (56) (which is good, isn't it? I think it normally
costs about 800). The reason I thought you might want to know about this is
that, as you told me, you are interested in applying for promotion. It seems that
attending this course will be an (57) for anyone hoping to be
promoted. You also get a certificate if you are (58) and the
company is told (59) .. you did on the course. Unfortunately, going
on the course means (60) two weeks of your holiday. Do you
think it is worth it?

Best wishes,

Superdog Shot in Mouth - But Survives!

Thugs licked by plucky Alsatian
The rustic peace of the quaint old village of Petersham, in
leafy Surrey, where the posh folks live, was shattered
yesterday. Two armed raiders, brandishing a shotgun and
revolver, burst into the post-office, run by Mr Walter Wall, 52,
and demanded cash. Customers quaked with fear, but plucky
guard dog Zorro dashed out from under the counter, bared his
fangs and sank them into the leg of one of the raiders, who
screamed with pain. His cowardly companion then blasted
hero-dog Zorro at point-blank range - BUT THE BULLETS

Non-plussed, the raiders fled empty-handed. Police caught

them after a high-speed car chase. A pall of fear now hangs
heavy over the strife- torn village that was once Petersham.
Local residents, quaffing pints in the 'Frog and Shovel', said
'We never thought it could happen here. Our dream has
turned to a nightmare. They were like animals.'
Wonder-dog Zorro was whisked off for emergency treatment.
A top vet said, 'He's going to be all right.'

Dear Jack,

You'll never believe what happened here at the end of last week. I'm enclosing a press
cutting for you to look at. It's the sort of thing you expect to happen in the inner City rather
than here in the (45) . , Maybe they thought that because the people who live
here are
quite (46) . ,there would be plenty of money to steal. I was in the Post Office
myself at the time, talking to Mr Wall the (47) .. ,when suddenly two men
rushed in. (48) .. had a gun, which he (49) . about. I was really
scared and some of the other customers were so frightened they were (50) . Mr
Wall began to (51) .. the money, which they had told him to do, but at that
moment, Mr Wall's doc, Zorro, who had been quietly lying on the (52) .. ,
jumped up and (53) . one of the robbers, Causing him to Scream in agony. The
other robber then pointed his gun at Zorro and shot him at very (54) range. Amazingly, the
bullets bounced off Zorro's (55) .. ! It's almost impossible to believe but I saw it
myself. The robbers were extremely (56) . by this and ran out of the Post Office
without (57) . . They (58) but a police car forced them to stop. Zorro was (59)
taken to a vet for treatment. Apparently, he (60) . soon, which
is good news, isn't it?

Best wishes,

Grade II Listed Building
Newly Offered
Bolingbroke House
Suitable for use as Hotel, Private School, Health Farm, Conference
Designed by the renowned architect, Sir John Vanburgh in the early
18th century, this elegant building possesses the architectural features
of a bygone age. Victorian additions almost doubled the size of the
house. Fully restored, refurbished and modernised, it is offered for
immediate use.
85 rooms. Room for further expansion. Large car parking area. Set
in 3,000 hectares of well- maintained gardens and parkland. Cinema,
lecture hall, seminar rooms, closed circuit television, public address
system. Indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts. Dining
hall, modern kitchens. Modern security systems

60 kilometres from central London, local station 2 km 25 km Heathrow

Well-placed for motorway connections
Guide price:

TO: Sir John Hawkwood
FROM: Thomas Middleton
DATE: 16 June
RE: Conference Centre

As you know, our company has been in need of its own centre for conferences and
short in-service training courses for some time. I believe that I have now found the
ideal location. It is a Grade II listed building which has just come onto (45)
. It was designed by the famous architect Sir John Vanburgh. The
main house (46) to the early eighteenth century but (47)
.. the present building (48) Victorian times.
There is (49) for the company to spend more money on
improving the house as it is offered in (50) . . There are (51)
.. a hundred rooms, with (52) of adding more, should
this become necessary in future years. There is (53) .. space to
park cars. A considerable amount of (54) . is included in the price.
Obviously, the house has the appropriate roams and (55) needed for conferences.
In addition, members of staff attending courses and conferences will be able to
(56) taking advantage of the many opportunities for physical
exercise that are available. The house is (57) . against intruders. It
is easy to get to from central London and Heathrow Airport, both by (58)
.. and by (59) .. . The price is 2,500,000 but
there may be room for (60) . .

Dear Mr Collins

On the instructions of my client, Mr Philip Knightly, I am writing to you

with regard to your rental of 'Sea view Cottage' Coombe Lane, Lyme
Regis, Dorset during the period 1-15 August this year. Mr Knightly, the
owner, inspected the cottage after the departure of you and your three
companions, and was very distressed at the appalling condition in
which you had left it. To begin with, the key had been left in the front
door, which was open, and not, as stated in the rental agreement,
returned to the caretaker, Mrs Anne Parker, who lives in close proximity
to the cottage and who admitted you to the property on your arrival.
Furthermore, Mr Knightly reports that a large amount of crockery was
cracked or broken and a great deal of cutlery was missing. By checking
the inventory, he discovered that some blankets were also missing. He
formed the impression that no cleaning had taken place during the
time that you occupied the cottage.
Consequently, he has had to employ, at his own expense, a
professional cleaning service in order to restore the cottage to a state
that will be acceptable to future tenants.
In view of these matters, Mr Knightly expects compensation of 400.
Please forward a cheque for this amount to the address at the top of
this letter, to arrive on 30 September at the latest. Otherwise, further
action may be taken.
Yours sincerely
Philip Cheetham

Dear and Jack and Steve,

I've just got a letter (0) about that cottage we rented for those in
August. The guy it .. has complained to his solicitor and hes sent
me a nasty letter. Apparently, when Mr K had a the cottage after
we left, he thought it was in a . . He says the front door wasnt
and we hadnt given the key to the .. who lives
.. , the one who . in when we arrived. He also says
that a lot of the . are broken and several knives and forks are
missing. He checked the list of things in the cottage and says that some blankets
are missing too. Mr K. says the cottage was . (I thought we agreed
to tidy up, etc., on the last day?) and he had to employ cleaners to start everything
out so that the next tenants wont .. . As you know, I left the day
before you and the others, so what happened? Mr K. wants us (or me, since I
signed the form) to 400 and to do this before the . of
this month. What do you suggest? If we dont pay, this problems wont go away.
Best wishes,

Extract from letter to a friend

A week ago, I parked my car in the street which I don't

normally do, instead of in the car park where I work. On that
day I wanted to make a quick start to my journey home. At 5
o'clock, when I got to my car, I couldn't believe it - someone
had smashed into it. Actually, the damage wasn't too bad - it
wasn't a write-off - and the car wouldnt still go. Then I
spotted an envelope tucked under the wipers. At first I
thought it would contain the name and address of the driver
who had done the damage but I was mistaken. There was a
note saying sorry and two tickets for the best seats at that
musical thats been sold out for months. The tickets are like
gold dust so I wasn'tcomp/aining!/v1ary and I went the next
night and we had a great time.

When we got back home, we found that burglars had robbed

us of thousands of pounds worth of valuables and left a note
saying, Hope you enjoyed the show.' Clearly, they knew we
would be out and had made the most of the situation!

Extract from letter to insurance company

On 12 December, contrary to my . practice, which is to park my car in the

car park, I left it in the street next to the car park. On that particular day I
wished to commence my homeward journey without . At 5 p.m. I left my office
and walked to the car. To my . , it had, while parked, been involved in a
with another vehicle. There was some damage, fairly .. , to the front
of the car, but it could still be . .

I observed, under the windscreen wipers, a white envelope. My assumption that

it would contain the name and address of the driver who had damaged my car proved to be
. . There was no name and address but there was a note of .. and, as
compensation, two tickets to a popular musical- for which tickets are almost
. These tickets seemed a suitable recompense for the damage to the car. The next
evening I attended the theatre, accompanied by my wife, and enjoyed the show very much.

You can imagine our horror when, on home late at night, we found that our
house had been burgled and thousands of pounds' worth of valuables had been stolen. There
was also another note, obviously from the burglars which said, 'Hope you enjoyed the show.'
Clearly they had taken of the certain knowledge that we would be out of the
house in order to perpetrate this crime.


THESE exclusive leisure retreats are more than me: holiday homes. They are time
ownership homes, exclusively reserved for those individuals who have bought the
weeks they want to use, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the whole property.


The weeks are their property in perpetuity. To enjoy, rent to friends, sell or even
pass on to future generations.


FROM Its spacious terrace each lodge has its own unique perspective over the
sparkling blue waters and unruffled surface of Loch Lomond. In the supremely
spacious living room, you will discover inviting leather sofas adorned with colourful
scatter cushions. Even the Bang and Olufsen stereo and CD player are skilfully and
discreetly housed in an elegant oak unit.

IN the stylish Allmilmo kitchen there is everything you need from microwave and
food processor to exclusive Gaggenau appliances. Discover too, the irresistible
opulence of the master bedroom. The elegance of gold-plated fittings and marble
surrounds in the bathroom. The indulgence of whirlpool bath and impulse shower.
The sheer pleasure of your own private sauna.

WHEN you consider the superb attention to detail lavished on these exceptional
lodges, you might expect such luxury to be outside the price range of all but a
fortunate few. Yet prices start from a not excessive 3,250 up to 22,950 per week,
according to your selection. A small price indeed when you consider the pleasure
of owning a share in one of the world's most exclusive country resorts. For
Extract from letter to a friend

Weve been in Scotland for a week at our timeshare lodge its not just a holiday
cottage. It was to buy a week than we thought and we can rent it
to other people since we own our week . . in fact we can even leave it
to our .. . Our lodge has a .. over the lake, which is very
blue and .. at this time of year. The living room is surprisingly
. and as soon as I see the sofa I want to . . The stereo
system is good and fitted so that you cant . . In the kitchen, there is
nothing .. and it is good-quality stuff. You wouldnt believe how
the bedroom is and we really enjoyed having our own sauna. You
might think these lodges are beyond the reach of .. but the prices
range from about 3,000 up to 23,000 per week depending on .. of
week, which is , dont you think? Im enclosing the brochure for you
to have a look at.


I'm sorry to give you this bad news, but I thought you'd like to know straightaway.
Our trip to Canada is off. It seems that the travel agency which had the job of
putting it together has closed down. No one has a clue where the owner is and
there's nothing left in their bank account! I had a word with the local police -
they're trying hard to find him so that he can answer a few of their questions. They
told me that if the agency has already handed over any money to airlines or hotels
we may be able to get it back, some of it at least, but dont raise your hopes too
high - it looks like we've lost the lot.
Our insurance policy doesnt cover this sort of thing - it's tough luck. If you want to
know any more details, give me a ring. I'm sending an official letter to all our


Dear ...

I (0) inform you that the study tour to Canada arranged by the Geographical Society can no
longer (62) . . We have discovered that the travel agency (63) the organisation of
this tour is no longer (64) . . It is (65) . where the owner of the agency,
Mr Michael Daly, is at this moment but it seems that large sums of money (66) . .

In my role as secretary of the Geographical Society, I have been in (67) .. the

police, who are making (68) . to establish his whereabouts so that he can help
them with (69) . . It seems that if any money was paid (70) .. to
airlines or hotels by the agency, we may be able to obtain a (71) . . However, it
must be said that this is extremely (72) . We must accept the fact that, almost
certainly, we have lost (73) money. Regrettably, our insurance policy does not
(74) in these circumstances.

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully
Richard Hakluyt
Secretary, Geographical Society


1. Complete the following formal sentences.

A. You dont have to pay for this service.

The service is available . .

B. Note down anything you need doing and if youd like someone to help
you with.
List your and any services for which you would
... .

C. Youre not forced to do a particular job if it doesnt fit in with your

You are under to undertake a specific task if it is
.. at that time.
D. You can use the vouchers for a year. After that, you have to give
those you havent used back to the Secretary.
Vouchers are only for a period of one year, at the end of
which .. vouchers must be .. to the Secretary.

E. Nothing in the system is against the law and you dont have to pay tax
on it.
No transaction in the system is . or .. tax.

F. We must get the message across to our customers and give them the
right stuff about our projects.
It is important that our customers should be ... the
regarding our projects.

G. Shes passed all her exams and done the same job before.
The candidate has the appropriate .and .
.. .

H. He talks well and can say what he thinks, feeling hes on the same
footing with everyone, from the boss downwards.
He has excellent and is able to express himself on
.. at all levels within the firm.

I. If a fire starts, decide whether it is safe for you to try to put it out.
In the . an outbreak of fire, decide whether it is feasible for
you to attempt to .. it.

J. If youre working when you hear the alarm, stop any work youre doing
and leave the office as quickly as you can.
. be at work when the alarm sounds, cease
you are .. and vacate the building by
the safest route.

K. Dont use the lift whatever you do and if you see smoke on the stairs,
go to the fire escape outside.
Do not . of the lift under . If the
is blocked with smoke, youre your exit by means of the
. fire escape.

L. Once youre outside, it doesnt matter what you need to do, dont go
back to your office again until the fire officer says its OK.
Once you have reached . , do not .... to your
office until to do so by the fire officer, . it
may appear to be.
M. If you like theatre, youll relish the Aykbourne series on now at the
Theatre . will .. the Aykbourne season
.. running at the Metropole.

N. You should send all complaints straight to the makers.

All complaints are to be in writing directly to the

O. There is a 10% off for anyone who signs up for our magazine for a
A 10% . is available for members who .. to the
publication for a period of . .

P. If the milk has gone off, throw it away dont drink it!
Should the sell-by date on the milk have , the product must be
. , not . .

Q. As he couldnt pay his bills, Mr. Salter asked the bank to lend him
Being .. meet his financial commitments, Mr. Salter
.. a bank loan.

R. We ask the audience to keep their mobile phones off while the film is
Patrons . to have their cellular phones switched off during

S. Free samples of the new shampoo were given out to people in the
street to find out what they thought about it.
Market researchers free samples of the new shampoo to
.. in order to test public to the product.

T. Tonights speaker, Mr. Tideman, knows everything there is to know

about marine biology, so Im sure you will learn a lot from his talk.
Tonight we have as our speaker Mr. Tideman, who is a on marine
biology and whose .. should prove most .. .

U. We are sorry if the transport workers strike has caused difficulties for
the travelling public.
We for any caused to the commuters by the
transport employees industrial action.

V. if the weather is good, the second children will go on a day-trip next

. , the pupils will . in an excursion on Saturday of next

W. All profits from the bazaar will be given to the Sunshine Home for
Disabled Children, to buy sports gear.
All . from the bazaar are to be to the
Sunshine Home for Disabled Children to sports equipment.

X. In reply to your letter, we are looking into the matter of your lost
umbrella and will contact you as soon as we have any news.
In to your communication, the .. of your umbrella
is being .. and we will contact you in due course.

2. Complete the following informal sentences.

A. The first payment will become due immediately and each subsequent
payment must be made punctually on the due date.
You have to pay the first month . and every month
. you must pay on the date it says.

B. The agreement will be terminated if you fail to comply with this

The agreement will come . if you to meet that

C. The tenant undertakes to pay a deposit of 100 against the cost of

breakage of effects occurring during the tenancy.
You have to put .. 100 .. you break anything
.. .

D. The tenant must ensure that no disturbance is caused to neighbours

by undue noise levels after the hours of darkness.
You have to you dont . the neighbours by
making a row .

E. I must apologise for the delay in replying to your letter.

Im . Ive taken .. time to answer your

F. Owing to pressure of work, there is a considerable backlog in our

Weve been working . that weve . with the
G. The Department Head has applied for additional staff to overcome the
The Boss has put in for .. help to .. the problem.

H. However, I am of the opinion that, by the time approval is obtained,

we will either have solved the problem by our own efforts or the work of
the whole Department will have come to a standstill.
All the same, . that, by the time they give the
to that, well either have got . of the problem
by ourselves or the work of the whole Department will have ground to
.. .

I. The remainder of the day will be overcast with some rainfall, although
temperatures will be unreasonably high.
The of the day will be . with scattered
, although it will be warm for the time of the year.

J. The process of gaining access to my documents was fraught with

It was .. for me to . of my papers.

K. No admittance is permitted beyond this point except for authorized

personnel from this sector.
Only .. from this area are . go . this

L. Global warming is a pressing contemporary environmental problem

which needs to be confronted with determination.
We have to . decisively the serious .
environmental problem of global warming.
3. Certain established phrases are used repeatedly in the language of forms,
travel conditions, regulations, advertisements and notices. Rewrite each of the
following in simple English as if you were explaining the meaning to someone.

Example: Not transferable. (rail ticket)

No one else is allowed to use this ticket.

Parental consent required if under 16. (holiday conditions)

Children under 16 must have their parents permission.

a Subject to alteration. (timetable)

b For further information see over. (timetable)

c To be retained and produced on request. (rail ticket)

d Enter maiden name, if applicable. (official form)

e This portion to be given up. (theatre ticket)

f Complete and detach bottom section. (bank form)

g Affix recent photograph here. (application form)

h Liable to alteration without notice. (timetable)

i See notes overleaf. (passport application form)

j Insert correct amount only. (notice on automatic machine)

k All offers subject to availability. (chain-store gift catalogue)

l Services in bold type convey sleeping-cars only. (rail timetable)

m Delete where applicable. (official form)

n Enquire within. (notice in ship window)

o Special rates available for parties. (theatre conditions)

p Not valid on underground train services unless specifically stated. (travel ticket)

q Indicate marital status by ticking appropriate box. (official form)

r Non-refundable deposit payable at time of reservation. (travel agents


s Expiry date.... . (one-week travel ticket)

t Insert full name of spouse. (official form)

u No gratuities to staff. (museum notice)

v Patrons are requested not to smoke. (notice in cinema)

w The management reserves the right of admission. (notice outside pub)

x All rates subject to VAT. (car hire conditions)

y Smokers are requested to occupy seat at the rear. (notice in bus)

4. Rewrite each of the following in simple English as if you were explaining to

Example: You will be asked to show that adequate funds will be available to meet
the cost of fees, your own maintenance and that of any dependants during your
(immigration regulations for students studying in Britain)

Theyll ask you to show that you will have enough money to pay your college fees
and to support yourself and any other members of your family you bring with you.

a Should there be any defect in this appliance, consult the supplier. (note with
washing machine)

b Follow the instructions on the reverse of the form.

(official form)

c No liability can be accepted for events beyond our control.

(travel firms rules)

d It should be noted that possession of the minimum entrance requirements does

not guarantee admission.
(university entrance regulations)

e Should you wish to extend your rental beyond the agreed terminating date, it is
imperative that the renting station is advised immediately.
(car hire conditions)

f The Post Office does not undertake to deliver mail to the addressee recipient on
(Post Office regulations for Registered Delivery)
g Normally the bank asks for seven days notice of any withdrawals from a Deposit
Account, but in emergencies you can draw immediately. (bank conditions)

h You will receive four tickets. Should you require more books than this at any
time, extra tickets will be issued on demand.
(library rules)

i Possession of such a letter is not obligatory but should greatly facilitate entry.
(immigration regulations)
5. The information below is given as if spoken informally. Rewrite each item as it
would appear formally in the notice, form, printed regulations, etc. indicated in
brackets. Suggested beginnings are given for the first few items.

Example: Youve got to understand that we accept students only if theyve got
permission to study from the Home Office.
(college regulations)

Students should be aware that they will be admitted to the college strictly on
condition that they have obtained leave to study from the Home Office.

a If you want to complain, you must write a letter to the tour operator. (travel
Any complaints should be ...

b If you buy anything during the sale, we dont give you your money back if you
later decide you dont want it.
(shop notice)
We regret that no refunds ...

c Children can come in free if theyre with an adult.

(museum regulations)
Children will be ...
d If, by chance, theres a fire, dont panic. Just leave quietly. The exits are marked
on the plan at the bottom of the notice.
(notice in public hall)
In the event of ...

e You should go to, or phone, your embassy if you have any problems. (advice for
Travellers are advised ...

f Please dont smoke. (notice in cinema)

Patrons are ...

g Its important to remember that youve got to have an up-to-date visa. You can
get one from the consulate.
(travel regulations)
Please note that you ...

h Its cheaper if you get a Certificate of Posting when you actually post you letter
(the counter clerk will fill it in). You can get one later but its more expensive.
(Post Office regulations)
A Certificate of Posting may be obtained at the time of ...

i Theres more information on page 14.

(official regulations)

j You can use this ticket on trains that leave after 7 in the evening.
(rail ticket)

k These arrangements may have to be changed, particularly if the weathers bad.

(travel conditions)

l Please keep this receipt. You may have to show it later on.
(official receipt)

m The firm cant promise to send the goods you order until you send them the
whole price.
(business letter)

n You can do several sports here. Ask at reception if youre interested. (hotel

o If you want a Certificate of Attendance, youll have to show your Admission Slip.
Its not absolutely necessary for you to have a teachers note saying you come
regularly, but itll make things a lot easier.
(college rules)
Specialized Vocabulary
Formal Words

The three passages below are written in formal English. They contain words and
structures which are often found in notices, regulations and formal letters but
which are not common in ordinary everyday conversation.

1 Put each of the following formal words in its correct place in the notice

enquire facilitate stating seek produce

obligatory attend admitted leave


If you wish to obtain certificate of registration you will be required to (a)

your admission slip. A note from your teacher (b) ______________ that you (c)
______________ your class regularly is not (d) ______________ but will greatly (e)
______________ matters. If you (f) ___________ advice, please (g)
_______________ at the office. Overseas students should be aware that
students are (h) _______________ to the college only on condition that they
have obtained (i) ______________ to study from the Home Office.
2 Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the
passage below.

provide terminating notify in possession of

additional further desire in excess of
held retain locations prior

Conditions of Car Rental

Drivers must have (a) ______________ a valid driving licence for a minimum of
three years. Overseas visitors should be (b) ________________ British or
International licence.

Cars rented from our London office may only be returned to our other offices
(Manchester, Bristol, Oxford) by (c) ________________ arrangement and on
payment of
an (d) ___________________ charge.

If a driver fails to return a car to us by one week after the agreed (e)
_________________ date, we will be obliged to inform the police.

Special rates are available for periods (f) _________________ three months.

Drivers who (g) ________________ to (h) ____________ the car for a longer
duration should (i) ________________ the company as soon as possible.
We also have offices at a number of (j) ________________ Scotland. Our London
office will be pleased to (k) ______________ (I) ________________ details.
3 Instructions as above.

funds commencement ensure in duration

departs commences prior to undertake
assist attire appropriate requested


The tour is fourteen days (a) ________________ and (b) _______________ on
Saturday 11 June, when our luxury coach (c) ___________________ from our
London office. The price, which should be paid at least ten days (d)
_________________ the (e) ________________ of the tour, is inclusive of all
transport, meals and accommodation, but travellers should (f)
__________________ that they take with them adequate (g) _______________ for
extra expenses.

In the event of the cancellation of the tour we (h) _________________ to refund

the complete amount paid. The tour group will be accompanied by a courier,
who will (i) _________________ members of the group at all times.

Travellers are (j) _________________ to wear (k) ________________ (I)

________________ for visits to churches and other holy places.
4 Make the following phrases more formal by replacing each word or phrase
in italics with a word or phrase from one of the groups in the above three
exercises. In some cases it is necessary to make a small change in, or
addition to, the words or phrases.

e.g. the train leaves at 07.15 the train departs at 07.15

we agree to do the work we undertake to do the work

(a) ask at the station (I) they'll give more information

(b) to make things easier (m) you must have a valid


(c) before our arrival (n) the tour will end in Paris

(d) a previous engagement (o) they go to a primary school

(e) she will help us (p) he was allowed to enter

(f) more than 100 (q) the regulations say that...

(g) more information (r) if you want information

(h) tell the company (s) he has permission to be absent

(i) the beginning of the course (t) show your driving licence

(j) sufficient money for expenses (u) make sure you have permission

(k) keep your ticket (v) you are asked to be punctual


Dear Sarah,

Just a note to let you know my new address, though Im afraid it may be a
temporary one! My brother fixed up this accommodation for me while I was away,
as you know, but I dont suppose he had time to look the place over very thoroughly
and of course the landlord didnt mention any problems! Anyway, it was quite a
shock when I arrived the carpet in the living room is dirty and stained, one of the
kitchen taps drips all the time, a window pane is broken and, worst of all, theres a
smell of gas from the cooker, which could be really dangerous. Im writing to the
landlord to let him know whats wrong and ask him to sort things out as soon as
possible. If he wont agree, the only thing I can do is contact the local council.
Wish me luck!



Top Floor Flat, 25 St Helen's Road

Dear Mr Stubbs,
I have recently moved into the above property and I'm writing to (0) inform you of a number of
problems which require urgent (62) . . Although my brother (63) ..
.. the flat on my (64) , he obviously wasn't (65)
.. these problems and, if they had been (66) . out to
him, he certainly would not have signed the rental agreement.

The two most important problems are the gas cooker, which appears to have a gas (67)
. and therefore represents a potentially serious (68) .
hazard, and a broken window pane which needs (69) for reasons of security.
In addition, the carpet in the living room needs (70) , and there is also a tap in
the kitchen which drips (71) .. .

I trust you will (72) . the necessary repairs without (73) . .

If not, I will have no (74) .. but to contact the local council.

Yours sincerely.


Dear Debbie

Just a note to let you know that I cant come to the AGM next Thurs. Sorry about this, but my
mums got a few problems at home and I need to go and help sort things out.
You did say that if I couldnt make the meeting, you wouldnt mind standing in for me and I trust this
is still OK. Its basically just a question of taking notes and saying a few words about the
conference we organized in the summer.

Ill let the Chair know what weve arranged and Ill also mention my feelings about a couple of the
items on the agenda. As you know, Im dead against the idea of bumping up the annual
membership fee for next year I think wed just lose members. On the other hand, Ive no
objection to bringing in a rule to stop people smoking at meetings.

Many thanks for helping out in this way.



Dear Madam Chair,

I regret to inform you that I will be (0) UNABLE to (62)

the Annual General Meeting which is to (63)
on Thursday 27th, owing to the fact that I have
some urgent family (64) to deal with.

My colleague, Deborah Brandon, has kindly (65)

to take my (66) at the meeting and to give a brief
(67) on the summer conference.

I should like to take this opportunity to comment on two of

the agenda items. Firstly, I do not (68) .. the
proposal to (69) . the membership fee for the
coming year. It (70) . me that such a move would
certainly (71) a (72) . in membership
numbers. I am, however, fully (73) of the move
to (74) . a ban on smoking at meetings.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Carl,
How about organizing a photography competition for the magazine? We could get a
few people who are well-known in the field to decide on the best shots. Im sure Mary
Thorpe would agree to help, for example shes a friend of my mothers. As 1st
prize, we could offer a copy of that new camera manual we were sent and maybe
some useful equipment (say twenty pounds worth?) for the 2nd prize.

If you agree, lets print an official entry form so people have to buy the magazine!
There could be several categories but I think we should set a limit for each entrant of
3 photos altogether, however many categories they enter. Youll need to decide
when entries have to in by, and what the smallest size for prints should be. Tell
people to send a SAE of the right size if they want their photos back, and add a note
to say they cant blame us (or claim compensation) if anything happens to their
photographs. We could put the results (and some of the best pictures?) in a future


Entries are invited for the Photograph of the Year competition for one
(0) OR MORE of the following THREE categories:
1. Town 2. Countryside 3. Wildlife

Entries will be (62) by a panel of (63) . , including

Mary Thorpe, editor of 'You and Your Camera', and the best
photographs will (64) . in next month's magazine.

. First Prize: 'Complete Guide to Photography' by Martin Webber.

. Second Prize: Camera equipment to the (65) .. of 20.

1) Entrants may submit no more than three photographs in (66)
.. .
2) Photographs can be in colour or black and white and must be of a
(67) .. size: 10 cm x 14 cm.
3) All entrants (68) .... the official entry form printed on
page 26.
4) The (69) ..for entries is 31st December.
5) Photographs cannot be (70) .. unless they are (71)
.. by a stamped addressed envelope of (72) ..
6) Prize-winners will be (73) .. in next month's magazine.
7) No (74) . can be taken for any loss or damage to


Thanks for agreeing to write up our new leaflet. Here are the notes for
Don't keep your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers, where
thieves can see it. Keep it in a jacket pocket - better if it's a
pocket you can do up.
If your credit card is stolen, tell the card company as soon as
possible, (as well as contacting the police) so that they can give
you a new one.
Don't waste any time in letting them know it's been stolen.
The thief could buy things over the phone or on the Internet
using your card number.
Never carry your Personal Identification Number with you. Try to
remember the number, and don't tell anyone - this includes
Cut up your old cards when they run out.
Never keep your cheque book and card together - a thief needs
both to write a valid cheque.


A wallet kept in a back pocket is (0) VISIBLE to thieves, making you an easy target. Wallets should
be kept in a jacket pocket, (62) .. one that can be (63) . in some way.


In the (64) . a theft, (65) . the card company immediately, (66)
.. to contacting the police.
You will be (67) .. with a replacement card. If you delay (68) the loss, it
could result in a (69) being made in your name.
Your Personal Identification Number should be (70) and should never be (71)
anyone, (72) .. friends. Old cards should be cut up when the (73)
. has passed.
Your cheque book should always be kept (74) your card. Without the card, a
cheque is unlikely to be accepted.


I just dropped by on the off chance. Anyway, here I go again. I know you
hate computers but Ive just tried out some programs from a company which
has made computers fun to use for everyone even you! Theyve created
lots of interesting things. You can play golf when it is pouring down outside,
find out about music, art and history, be a pilot or an astronaut. They also
have two programs which help teach children to write and draw, even when
they are as young as yours. They have also taken all the difficulty out of
using a computer so you can use it at work, too. And its no use saying you
cant afford it because computers are cheaper now. So lets go and get a
computer and these programs. Youll be able to use your new computer as
soon as you switch on.


PS. If youre still not convinced, let me you give a demonstration on mine.



Computers are an opportunity for everyone, and because we're doing things here at Super
Software (1) computers easier and more fun to use, we mean everyone.

That's why we've (2) .. up with so many interesting things you can do on your
personal computer. You can play golf on a (3) .. day, increase your knowledge of
music, art and history, (4) .. a plane or walk in space. Software like Super Software
Young Writer or Young Artist helps your children (5) .. express themselves with (6)
and pictures at a very early (7) .. .

And since Super Software Screen makes it (8) to use a personal computer that
everyone can use one, you, too, can use all these interesting programs at the (9)
and in the home.
So, now that computers are more powerful and less (10) . , everyone can discover
the exciting world of computers from the (11) they switch theirs on.


Dear Frank,

Leave space for another notice. Britannia Rescue are going to give us a discount for our members only.
They say theres no other breakdown service as fast and theyll never let you down. Theyve got more than
540 agents! And theyll come at any time on any day all you need to do is call them.

There are three different types of protection. First, theres Standard. They wont sort out major problems
with this type when youre traveling, but they will take you, your car and a maximum of five passengers
home or to where youre going. The second type is called Comprehensive. It includes everything in
Standard and if you cant get your car going at home, theyll take it to a garage in your neighbourhood but
youll have to pay the repair costs yourself. Thirdly, theres Deluxe. Its great because theyll give you
another car or put you up in a hotel if they cant repair your car on the same day. (By the way, you dont
have to pay ten pounds to join if you pay your subscription through a bank. If you want information or
application forms, theres a number to ring. I dont know it yet but Ill send it in the fox).

Give it a good spot in the magazine because we want as many members as possible to join.


The Federation has negotiated a (1) discount with Britannia Rescue - "arguably (2) ..
breakdown recovery service that you can (3) .. in time of crisis." (4) .. over 540
recovery agents around the country to respond rapidly to your call for (5) .. Britannia Rescue
is just one Free link-line (6) .. away, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are three levels of

STANDARD - roadside assistance for (7) . problems; recovery to your home or (8) .
or to a garage for repairs (including driver, (9) . 5 passengers and trailer.)
1 vehicle - 46.35 (monthly premium 4.75)
2 vehicles - 69.50 (monthly premium 7.00)

COMPREHENSIVE - roadside assistance, recovery, and housecall. If your car will not (10) ..
at home, it can be transported to a (11) . garage (repair costs not (12) ..)
1 vehicle - 61.20 (monthly premium 6.25)
2 vehicles - 91.80 (monthly premium 9.25)
DELUXE - roadside assistance, recovery, housecall, replacement car or hotel (13) if the car
is irreparable on the day of the breakdown.
1 vehicle - 74.80 (monthly premium 7.50)
2 vehicles - 112.20 (monthly premium 11.25)
Rates applicable 1996. Save the 10 joining fee (14) by Direct Debit. (15)
information and application forms call 0800 591563, quoting your Federation membership number.

Many drivers are anxious about hiring or buying a car in order to travel
across the country as they are unfamiliar with driving in remote areas and
are unsure about costs. We recommend you bear the following points in

Many backpackers prefer to buy a cheap car to explore the country

and then sell it again before leaving for other destinations. This has
its advantages such as greater freedom of route and if you buy a car
at a reasonable rate, it can be cost-effective if you are planning to stay
for a length of time.
We suggest you share the driving, when possible, amongst all the
travellers in the car to avoid exhaustion.
There are many places where a cheap car can be found, ranging from
private sales through the local newspaper to car auctions. However,
you should beware of buying a car in a small town and then trying to
sell it in a big city where prices and demand are considerably lower.
As the roads can be rather treacherous due to broken surfaces, there
is a speed limit on the open road of 100 kilometres per hour, with a
lower speed of 50 km for the city and built-up areas.


Hi Alex,

Glad to hear youre coming over and dont worry that youre not
driving long distances!

If I were you, Id buy a car and have a around the country

that way before you .. for Asia. One for doing
this is that itll you quite a bit of money in the
as it works out as more of a than buying
loads of bus tickets. Having your own car also mean you can
yourself where you want to go. If theres a group of you
coming over, you could always take so no one gets too tired
driving and doesnt see any scenery.

There are .. of places where you can pick up a car but it would
be best to re-sell it out in the countryside where you can get a ..
price and where decent cars are in short .. .

Finally, dont forget that the roads outside the city are a bit
so keep it under 100 kph to be on the safe side!
See you soon,


Can you draft a notice to give to all department heads? Staff
performance is pretty good as usual but we need to remind them of a
few things, such as -
- we don't allow smoking in the offices.
- staff need to wear the right kind of clothes to work (dark colour suits,
etc.) and tell them it doesn't matter what the occasion is - it isn't
possible to wear casual clothes!
- ask them to get to work at 9.00 at the latest! And to get back on time
from breaks.
- if anyone's ill,. they should phone their head of department and let
them know. This would be best before 8.30 am.
- if they're away from work for 3 or more days, they have to get a letter
from their doctor. - if they see anything they think might be dangerous
or harmful, they should tell their head of department as soon as
Finally - just thank the staff for doing all this. It makes them feel
appreciated! .

We would like to remind staff of the following points:

Smoking has been banned from all offices.

Dress code:
All staff should be (62) . in either dark blue, grey or
black suits.
No member of staff will (63) .. to wear casual clothes
under any (64) .

Staff are (65) to arrive at work no (66) 9.00
am. We would also like to remind staff that they need to return (67)
. from coffee and lunch breaks.

Should any employee be ill, they must call the office (68)
.. their head of department, (69) before
8.30am. For (70) .
of three days or more, a letter from the doctor must be (71)
Health and safety:
If any employee becomes (72) . a health risk, please
bring it to the (73) of the head of department.

We appreciate your (74) . in all these matters.




Good news! You know I wrote and asked Steve Peterson to open
the childrens park well, hes agreed! Were bound to get loads
more people coming along now all wanting his autograph
probably. Anyway, can you write to him and say thanks from all
of us? Remind him that we want to make about 3,000 on the
day (the money, of course, is for buying more stuff for the
Activities Hut like binoculars for bird-watching, notice boards for
the kids pictures, etc.). Mention that we have 2 things in mind:
first, Katy Mardsen has agreed to take photos all day long and
cheaply too. Then, theres the huge amount of stuff the local
businesses have given us for the prize draw. Maybe you could
Steve if hed mind picking out the winning ticket? And tell him
how grateful we are for everything hes doing for us!




The Green Project

Stapleton Grange Heathfield E. Sussex
Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am writing to thank you on behalf of all the members of The Green Project for agreeing to open the new
childrens park next month.
We are certain that your .. of our invitation will mean a great number of people will now
attend the event. As I believe our director Lizzie Brent mentioned to you in her previous letter, we are
hoping to .. a considerable amount of money on the opening day which will
. to purchase further .. for the Activities Hut. Our target is 3,000 and we
two events which we hope will enable us .. it.

Firstly, we have for a photographer from the local newspaper to spend the day taking
professional portrait shots of families for a .. . Secondly, we are asking local businesses to
for a prize draw and so far, the response has been . We were
.. whether you would also enough to draw the winning ticket for us.

Once again, I would like to .. appreciation for your support and encouragement.

Yours sincerely,

John Carter
(Social Secretary)



Could you write a reference for Karen Adams, please? Shes applying
to the Kingsland Hotel as assistant hotel manager. I cant see she
couldnt do the job shes got a bit of experience now and shes
always shown shes very good at whatever she does and shes been a
hard worker. Ive had a quick look in her file and noted a couple of key

October 1998: started work here as junior receptionist

Duties: checking in guests and taking bookings on the phone
Comments: she did her well + had a positive attitude
January 1999: we asked her to take over as Reception Manager
Duties: sorting out customer problems and doing the schedule
for her team
Comments: not much experience but did a good job anyway
January 2001: went away to do course + exam in Conference
Organisation and passed it.
Duties: now helping our conference manager
You could also mention that she gets on well with everyone she
works with and listens to what the other staff tell her.


To whom it may concern:

Karen Adams has been employed by the Forest Hotel since October 1998 and has
considerable experience in various aspects of working in and running
a hotel.

Karen started work as a junior receptionist on the front desk which involved checking
guests into the hotel and handling . . She carried out her work
both efficiently and .. and when the reception manager retired, she
.. to this position. As a reception manager, her responsibilities
included .. with customer complaints and queries and the
work schedule for a team of five people. Despite her of experience, she
quickly adapted to this new role and demonstrated excellent interpersonal and
organizational skills.

Karen held this position of two years before she took two months .. to
retrain as a conference organizer. On the of her course, she
returned to the Forest Hotel where she became our current conference

During the time Karen has worked at the hotel, she . herself to be a
highly capable and hard-working member of staff. Although she is certainly
ambitious, she has been prepared to co-operate as part of a team and
... the comments and suggestions of her colleagues.

I am confident that Karen would be able to meet the challenge of working as

assistant hotel manager and I have in recommending her for the position
she is seeking.