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Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns with Prepositions

Group 1 A

abashed by (adj) advise sb of sth (v) (= inform appeal to sb (v)

abide by (v) sb about sth) apply to sb for sth (v)
abscond with sth from (v) advise sb on sth (v) (= give appreciative of (adj)
absent from (adj) suggestions) apprehensive of / about (adj)
absorbed in (adj) affectionate towards (adj) approve of (v)
absorption by (n) (= action of affinity with (n) aptitude for (n)
being absorbed by) afraid of + noun (adj) (spiders, argue about sth (v) (= to
absorption in (n) the dark etc) disagree about sth)
(= fascination for) afraid to + verb (adj) (look, argue for/against sth (v) (=
abstinence from (n) swim etc) give reasons why/why not sth
abstain from (v) age of (n) should be, happen etc)
abstraction of sth from sth (n) agree on (v) (= to reach a argue with sb (v)
abuse of (n) decision with others) arrest sb for sth (v)
acceptable to (adj) agree to (v) (= agree to do sth arrive at (v) (a fixed address, a
access to (n) or allow sb else to do sth) small place, conclusion)
accompanied by (adj) agree with sb about sth (v) arrive in (v) (a large area,
accord with (v) agree with sth (v) (= to country)
according to (prep) approve of sth) ashamed of (adj)
account for (v) agreeable to (adj) ask (sb) about (v) (= ask for
accuse sb of sth (v) ahead of (adj) information about sth)
accustomed to (adj) aim (sth) at (v) ask (sb) for (v) (= say that you
acquaint sb with sth (v) allergic to (adj) want sth)
acquainted with (adj) allusion to (n) assault on (n)
acquit sb of sth (v) amazed at/by (adj) assigned to (adj)
act for (v) (= on sb's behalf) amenable to (adj) associate (sth/sb) with (v)
act of (n) amount of (n) assure sb of (v)
act on (v) (= as a result of sth) amount to (v) astonished at / by (adj)
addicted to (adj) amused at/by (adj) attached to (adj)
addition to (n) angry at (+ gerund) (adj) attempt on (sb's life) (n)
adequate for (adj) angry with sb about sth (adj) attend to (v)
adhere to (v) animosity towards (n) attendance at (n)
adjacent to (adj) annexe to/of (n) attitude to/towards (n)
adjust to (v) annoyed at/about sth (adj) auxiliary to (adj)
admission of (n) annoyed with sb (adj) averse to (adj)
(= confession) answer to (n) aversion to (n)
admission to/into (n) antipathetic to (adj) avoidance of (n)
(= permission to enter a place, anxious about sth (adj) aware of (adj)
join a group, club etc) anxious for sb (adj) awkward at / with (adj) (at
admt to (v) apart from dancing etc / with one's hands
advantage over sb (n) apologise to sb for sth (v) etc)
(= better position than sb) apparent in/from sth (adj)
advise sb against sth (v) apparent to sb (adj) (= clear,
(= advise sb not to do sth) obvious)
Group 2 - B
back out of (v) begin by (+ gerund) (v) book into (v)
bad at sth (adj) begin with (+ noun) (v) bored with/by (adj)
bad to sb (adj) belief in (n) borrow sth from sb (v)
bags of (n) believe in (v) bother about/with (v)
ban on (n) belong to sb (v) bottom of (n)
barter for (v) benefit from (v) breach of (n)
base sth on (v) benefit of (n) break into/out of (v)
bash in/up (v) bet (sth) on (v) brilliant at (adj)
basis for/of (n) beware of (v) bump into (v)
bear with (v) bit of (n) burst into (v)
bearer of (n) blame sb for sth (v) (but: put busy with (adj)
(make a) beeline for (n) the blame on)
beg (sb) for (v) boast of/about sth (v)

Group 3 C
campaign for (n) choice between (two things) (n) consent to (v)
capable of (adj) choice in (a matter) (n) consist of (v)
care for sb/sth (v) (= choice of (a number of things) (n) consistent with (adj)
look after) things) (v) consult sb on/about sth (v)
(take) care of (n) clever at (+ gerund) (adj) consumption of (n)
care about (v) (= be clever with (adj) (hands, tools content with (adj)
concerned about) etc) contrary to (adj)
(in the) care of sb (n) close to (adj) contrast with/to (v)
careful about (adj) (= coax sb into (v) contribute to (v)
when doing sth) coincide with (v) control of/over (n)
careful of (adj) (= avoid collaborate with sb on sth/in + convert to/into (v)
danger to oneself, e.g. gerund (v) convince of (v)
of the dog) collide with (v) cope with (v)
careful with (adj) (= comment on (v) correction of (n)
not to do harm to sth) communicate with (v) correspond with (v)
careless about/of (adj) compare with/to (v) count on sb for sth (v) centre
of (n) complain to sb about/of sth/sb cover in/with (v)
certain of (adj) (v) crash into (v)
challenge sb to sth (v) compliment on (v) craving for (n)
change in/to (v) (= be comply with (v) crazy about (adj)
sth else) concentrate on (v) crime against (n)
change sth for sth (v) concern about (n) crowded with (adj)
(= replace with) confidence in (n) cruel to (adj)
changeable towards (adj) confident of (adj) cruelty to (n)
characteristic of (adj) confine to (v) cry about (sth which has
charge at (v) (= rush) confusion about (n) happened) (v)
charge sb with (v) (= congratulate sb on sth (v) cry for (sth you want) (v)
accuse of) connected to (adj) cure of (v)
cheque for (money)(n) connection between (n) curious about (adj)
conscious of (adj)
Group 4 - D
dabble in/at sth (v) deputise for (v) discussion about (n)
damage to (n) derive from (v) disgruntled at/about (adj)
damaging to (adj) descended from (adj) disgusted at/by/with (adj)
danger of (n) deserted by (adj) dislike for (n)
(make a) dash for (n) desire for (n) dismiss sb from (v)
date from (v) despair of (v) displeased with (adj)
deaf in (adj) (one ear) destined for (adj) dispose of/with (v)
deaf to (adj) (sb's arguments destructive to (adj) disqualify sb from sth (v)
etc) determined about (adj) disregard for/of (n)
deal in (v) (= have a business detrimental to (adj) dissatisfied with (adj)
involving particular things) deviation from (n) distaste for (n)
deal with (v) (= manage sth) devoid of (adj) distinguish between (v)
dear to (adj) devotion to (n) distracted by (adj) (a distur-
death by (n) die from (v) (a wound) bance)
decide about (a plan etc) (v) die of (v) (illness) distracted from (adj) (what one
decide on (an object, e.g. differ from sth (v) is doing)
which car to buy) (v) differ with sb on/about dither about sth (v)
decline in (n) sth (=have a different divide sth among(v) (more than
decline to (v) opinion) 2 people/ things)
decrease by (a certain difference b/n (2 divide sth between (v) (2 people/
amount) (v) more things / people) things)
decrease in (n) difference of (n) divide sth by (v) (another
decrease in (v) (size, number) different from (adj) number e.g. divide 4 by 2)
dedicate to (v) difficulty in (n) (+ing) divide sth into (v) (parts e.g.
deep in sth (adj) difficulty with (n) (+n) divide the cake into 6 parts)
default of (n) diffident about (adj) divisible by (adj)
defer sth to sth (v) diligence in (n) do sth about sth (v)
deficiency of/in (n) direct (sth) at/towards doubtful about/of (adj)
deficient in (adj) disadvantage in (n) dream about (v)
delay in (n) disadvantage of (n) dream of (v) (= imagine)
delight (sb) with/in sth (v) (+ing or noun - drive into / from / to / at / in /
(= entertain/amuse sb with) weakness, etc) with / against / in / about / for
delight in (v) (take pleasure disagree with sb on/ etc (v)
in) about sth (v) due for (adj) (= deserving sth)
delighted with (adj) disappointed with/by due to (adj) (= because of, e.g.
demand for (n) disapprove of (v) due to bad weather)
demand sth from (v) disbelieve in (v) dust (sth) off (v)
depart from (v) discharge from (v) dwell in/at (v) (= live in/at a
depend on/upon (v) discourage from (v) place)
deposit in (v) (the bank) discrimination against dwell upon/on (v) (= think
deposit on (v) (the ground) discrimination in about)
favour of

Group 5 E
(at the) expense of (n) emanate from (v) encourage sb in sth (v)
eager for (adj) embark on/upon (v) end with (v)
economise on (v) embroil (sb) in (v) engaged in (adj) (= busy with)
efficient at/in (adj) emerge from (v) engaged to sb (adj) (= promised
eject (sb/sth) from (v) emphasis on (n) to marry sb)
elated at/by (adj) empty sth out of/into/ engagement to (n)
eligible for (adj) (v) onto sth (v) engrossed in (adj)
elope with (v) encounter with (n) enlist (sb) in/for (v)
entice away from (v) excellent at (adj) experienced with (adj) (tools,
entitle (sb) to (v) excellent with (adj) weapons)
entranced by/with (adj) weapons, etc) experiment on (v) (animals etc.)
entry into (n) exception to (n) experiment with (v) (methods
entwine (sb/sth) with (v) excited about/by (adj) etc.)
envious of (adj) exclaim at/about (v) expert in/at/on (adj) (activity)
envy of (n) exclude (sb/sth) from expert with (adj) (tool, weapon,
equal to (adj) exclusion of sb from etc.)
equivalent to (adj) excuse for (n) explain sth to sb (v)
escape from (v) excuse sb for sth (v) exposed to (adj)
essential to/for (adj) (=forgive sb for sth) expressive of (adj) (one's
establish oneself as sth (v) excuse sb from sth (v) mood)
(= take position/office) (=let sb not do sth) expressive with (adj) (one's
establish oneself in (v) exempt from (adj) hands, voice etc)
evacuation of (n) expel sb/sth from (v) exult at (v)
evocative of (adj) experienced in (adj)

Group 6 - F
fabric of (sth) (n) fidget about (v) flow of (n)
faced with (adj) fight with about/against fond of (adj)
failure in (n) sth (v) forget about (v)
faith in (n) filled with (adj) forgive sb for sth (v)
faithful to (adj) film of (n) fortunate in (adj)
fall from (n) (a height) fine sb for (v) fraternise with (v)
fall in (n) (prices, popularity) finish (sth) off (v) fraught with (adj)
famed for (adj) finish by (v) (+ gerund) free sb from sth (v)
familiar to (adj) (=known by) finish with (v) (+ noun) freedom from (n)
famous for (adj) (one's ac- firm (sth) up (v) (chains, problems)
tions) fish for sth (v) freedom of (n)
(speech) famous in (adj) (a country) fit for/to (adj) freshen (sth) up
fatal to/for (adj) fit in/into (v) (be comfortable fret about (v)
fatten (sth/sb) up (v) with people etc) friendly to (adj) (a cause)
favourable for/to (adj) fit into (v) (go into a friendly with (sb) (adj)
fear of (n) space) frightened of/by (adj)
feature at (v) (the cinema) fixation on (n) frown at sb/sth (v)
feature in (v) (a magazine) flair for (n) frown with (v) (anger,
feature on (v) (TV) flake off/away from (v) confusion etc.)
fetch sth for sb (v) flee from (v) full of (adj)
feud with sb over sth (v) flirt with (v) furious with sb about sth
fiddle around with sth (v) flock of (n)
fidelity to (n) flow from/out of/into (v)

Group 7 G
(be a) genius at (n) (subject) gargle with (v) generous with sth (adj)
(be a) genius with (n) (tools garnish with (v) gibe at/about (v)
etc.) gash in (n) giggle at (v)
(have a) genius for (n) gasp at (v) glance at (v)
gain by/from (+ gerund) (v) gather round (v) glare at (v)
gap between (n) (2 things) gaze at/upon (v) glee at (n)
gape at (v) generosity to (n) glisten with (v)
glitter with (v) graduate from (v) grumble to/at sb about/over
gloat about/over (v) graduate in (v) (subject) sth (v)
glower at (v) grapple with (v) guaranteed against (adj)
good at sth (adj) grateful to sb for sth (breakage etc.)
good for sb (adj) (= good grief at/over (n) guaranteed for (adj) (time
influence on sb) grievance against/with period)
good to sb (adj) (= kind to sb) grieve at/over (v) guess at (v)
gracious to (adj) grudge against sb (n) guilty of (adj)

Group 8 H
(be in the) habit of (n) harmful to (adj) hesitate about/over (v) (doing
haggle with (v) harmonise with (v) sth)
hand on/over (v) hazard to (n) (e.g. ice hesitate at (v) (the door etc)
handy for (adj) is a hazard to motorists) hinder sb/sth from (v)
hanker after (v) heap sth up (v) hiss at (v)
happen to/upon (v) (= come hear about/of (v) (=get honest about (adj)
across by chance) information about) hope for (v)
happy about (adj) (situation) hear from sb (v) (=get hopeless at (adj) (maths etc.)
happy in (adj) (a new house a letter, a phone call) hopeless with (adj) (a gun etc.)
etc.) heat sth up (v) huddle up to (v)
happy with sth/sb (adj) heir to (n) hunch up (v)

Group 9 I
identical with/to (adj) increase in (v) (size, number) intent on (adj)
ignorant of (adj) increase sth by (v) (amount) intention of (n)
impact on (n) indebted to sb for sth (adj) interest in (n)
impatient for sth (adj) (= ea- independent of/from (adj) interested in/about (adj)
ger for sth to happen) indifferent to (adj) interfere with (v)
impatient with sb (adj) indignant at/about (adj) invest sth in (v)
(= intolerant of) indulge in (v) investment in (n)
impolite to (adj) inferior to (adj) invitation to (n)
impressed by/with (adj) injurious to (adj) invite sb to sth (v)
impression of (n) innocent of (adj) involve sb in (v)
improvement in (n) (condition, inoculate sb against (v) involved in/with (adj)
situation, e.g. health) inseparable from (adj) irrelevant to (adj)
incapable of (adj) insist on (v) irritated by/with (adj)
include sb/sth in (v) inspired by (adj) isolate sb from (v)
increase in (n) (size, number) insure sth/sb against (v)

Group 10 J
jam sth/sb in/between sth (v) join up (v) (= be a member judgement of (n) (court,
jam-packed with (adj) of ) judge, etc)
(informal) join up with sb/sth (v) judgement on sb (n)
jealous of (adj) (= become partners with) punishment for sb)
jest with sb about sth (v) joke with sb about sth (v) juggle with (v)
jinx on (n) jostle against (v) justification for (n) (+ noun
join in (v) (= take part in) judge sb/sth by/from (v) or gerund)
join sth onto sth (v) (= attach judgement about (n) (action,
one thing to another) crime etc)
Group 11 - K
keen on (adj) kind to (adj) know of/about (v)
key sth into sth (v) knock at/on (v) knowledge of/about (n)
key to (n)

Group 12 L
label (sth) as (v) lecture sb for/about sth (v) (= live in (v) (a small street)
lace (sth) up (v) scold/warn sb) live for (v) (a particular time,
lack of (n) legislate for/against (v) person, thing)
laden with (adj) lend (sth) to sb (v) live with (v) (person, emotion,
lag behind (v) liable for (adj) memory etc)
lap (sth) up (v) lie to sb about sth (v) long for/to (v)
lather (sth) up (v) limit (sb/sth) to (v) look about/around (v)
laugh about (v) (sth) line (sth) with (v) look at (v) (= view)
laugh at sb/sth (v) listen for (v) (= listen carefully loyal to (adj)
laze around/about (v) e.g. telephone, lukewarm about (adj) (= not
lean on/towards/ doorbell) eager)
against/over (v) listen to (v) (radio,music etc)
leave for (v) live at (v) (an address)
lecture on (v) (= give a live on (v) (a big street)

Group 13 M
(in the) mood for (n) mention to (v) mock at (v)
mad at/with (adj) militate against (v) moon around/about/over (v)
make of (n) mingle with (v) (+ noun)
malevolent to/towards (adj) misinform about (v) motion to/towards (v)
married to (adj) mistake sb/sth for (v) mould sth into sth (v)
marvel at/about (v) mistaken about (adj) mourn for/over (v)
mastery of (n) (wrong in opinion) muddle (sth/sb) up (v)
mean to sb/with sth (adj) mistaken for (adj) (= mutiny against (v)
meddle in (v) believed to be sb/sth
mediate between (v) else)
mistrust of (n)

Group 14 N
nag at (v) negotiate (sth) with sb (v) nod to/at (v)
name sth/sb after/for (v) nervous of (adj) nominate sb as (v)
(= give a name to sth/sb) (+ noun/gerund) nominate sb for (v)
name sb for/as sth (v) new to (adj) (an area, one's noted for (adj)
( = nominate sb for a position) experience) (take) notice of (n)
naturalise sb/sth in (v) news of (n) notify sb of (v)
necessary for/to (adj) next to (adj) notorious as (adj)
necessity for/to (n) nibble at (v) notorious for (adj)
need for (n) nice to (adj)
negligent of (adj) niggle about/over (v)
Group 15 0
obedient to (adj) omen of (n) outlet for (n)
object to (v) onslaught on (n) outlook for (n) (= forecast,
objection to/about (n) ooze out of/with (v) prediction, e.g. weather outlook
obliged to sb for sth (adj) operate on (v) (person) for the weekend)
oblivious of/to (adj) operate with (v) outlook on (n) (= opinion of,
obsession with/about (n) instruments) e.g. outlook on life)
obtain sth for sb (v) opinion of/about (n) outlook onto/over (n) (fields,
obvious to (adj) opposed to (adj) towns etc)
occur to (v) opposite to (adj) outskirts of (n)
offence against (n) optimistic about (adj) overburden sb with sth (v)
(= breaking of a rule or law) originate in/from (v) owing to (prep)
offence to (n) (= insult) oust sb from sth (v)
ogle at (v) outlay on (n)

Group 16 P
pale with (v) portent of (n) prevail against (v) (= to work
part with (v) pose for (v) against)
pass by (v) (= go past. e.g. possessive with/about prevail in/among (v) (= to
pass by sb's house, Christ- possibility of (n) exist in/among people, places
mas postscript to (n) etc)
passed by quietly) (im)polite to (adj) prevail over (v) (= to be more
pass on (v) (= to go on from potential as (n) (+n) powerful over)
one thing to another. e.g. Let's potential for (n) (+n) prevail upon (v) (=persuade
pass on to the next question) praise sb for sth (v) sb to do sth)
patient with (adj) pray to (v) prevent sb/sth from (v)
pay by (v) (cheque) pray to sb for sth (v) previous to (adj)
pay for (v) (shopping) preach to (v) pride in (n)
pay in (v) (cash) precaution against (n) pride oneself on (v)
peck at (v) preconception about (n) proclivity to/towards (n)
peculiar to (adj) predisposition towards proficient at/in (adj)
peek at (v) prefer sth/sb to sth/sb prohibit sb from (v)
peeved about (adj) prejudicial against/to prone to (adj)
pelt sb/sth with (v) (adj) proof against (n) (=which
pernicious to sb/sth (adj) prelude to (n) denies claim/secure against)
persist in (v) prepare (sb/sth) for/to proof of (n) (what has been
pile (sth) up (v) prepared by (adj) claimed)
pity about (n) (be) prepared for (adj) propensity for/to/towards (n)
plague (sb/sth) with (v) (= ready to happen) protect sb/sth against/from
plan for (n) prepared with/from (v)
plead with (v) (ingredients) protection against (n)
pleased with/about (adj) present at (adj) (event, protest about/against/at (v)
pleasure in/of (n) ceremony, place) proud of (adj)
pledge sth to (v) present for (adj) (event, provide (sth) for (v)
point at/to (v) present for the parade) pull at/on (v)
ponder on/over (v) present in (adj) (place) punish sb for sth (v)
popular with (adj) present sb with (v) puzzled about/by (adj)
Group 17 Q
qualify (sb) as/for (v) (have/ quality of (n) quick as (adj) (= comparison)
give required abilities, qualifi- quarrel with sb about/ quickat(adj) (+gerund or noun)
cations etc) over sth (v) quiet sb/sth down (v)
qualify (sb) for (v) (have/give quest for (n) quote (sth) from (v)
right) queue up (for) (v)

Group 18 R
race against (n) redolent of/with (adj) resignation from (n)
radiate from (v) (= originate reduction in (n) (size etc) resort to (v)
from) reduction of (n) (amount by respected for (adj)
radiate with (v) (happiness which sth is reduced) respite from (n)
etc) refer to (v) respond to (v) (question,
rage at/against (v) reference to (n) stimulus etc)
raid on sth (n) refrain from (v) respond with (v) (= reply
rally round (v) refuge from (n) by doing sth e.g a smile)
rant at (v) regard to/for (n) responsibility of/for (n)
rave at/against (v) regardless of (prep) responsible for (adj)
reach for (v) reign over (v) result in (v)
react against (v) (= act rejoice at/over/in (v) result of/from/in (n)
opposite to sb/sth) relapse into (v) resulting from (adj) (=
react to (v) (= take action as a related to (adj) arising from)
result of sth) relationship between/with (n) resulting in (=leading to)
readjust to (v) relative of (n) reticent about (adj)
ready for (adj) release from (n)/(v) retire from (v) (one's job)
reason for (n) relief from (n) retire to (v) (a place)
reason with (v) relish for/in (n) reverence for (n)
rebel against (v) rely on/upon (v) reverse of (n)
receipt for (n) (proof of having remark on/upon/at (v) revert to (v)
paid for sth) remedy for (n) revolt against (v)
receipt of (n) (sth being remind of (v) revolve around (v)
received) reminiscent of (adj) rhyme with (v)
receive from (v) remorse for (n) rich in (adj)
recipe for (n) remote from (adj) rid of (adj)
recipient of (n) remove from (v) rise in/of/out (n)
recite sth to sb/from sth (v) reply to (v) risk of (n)
reckless of/about (adj) reply to/from (n) rival for (sb's affections)
recoil from/at (v) report on/to (n) rival in (a competition etc)
recommend sb/sth to sb/for repulsion for (n) roar at (v) (object)
sb (v) reputation as (n) (+ noun) roar with (v) (pain)
recovery of sb/sth from sth reputation for/of (n) (+ gerund) room for (n)
(n) request for (n) rude to/towards (adj)
recruit to sth/for sth (n) research into (n)

Group 19 S
sad about (adj) satisfied with (adj) scowl at (v)
safe from sth/sb (adj) save sb/sth from (v) search for (v)
safeguard (sb/sth) scared of (adj) secret from (adj)
against/from (v) schooled in (adj) secret from (n)
sated with (adj) scorn for (n) sensible about (adj)
sensitive to (adj) sorry about sth (adj). sub for sb (v)
sentence sb to sth (v) sorry for sb (adj) subject to (adj)
separate from (adj) spatter sth on/over (v) (e.g. submit (sth) to (v)
separate sb/sth from (v) spatter paint on the wall) subsist on (v)
sequel to (n) spatter sth with (v) (e.g. substitute for (n)
serious about (adj) spatter the wall with paint) subversive of (adj)
set of (n) speak to sb about sb/sth (v) succeed (sb) in/at (v)
sever sth from sth (v) specialist in (n) successful in/at (adj)
share (sth) with (v) spend (money) on (v) successor to (n)
share in (v) spend (time) in (v) (+gerund) succumb to (v)
shelter (sb/sth) from (v) spend (time) on (v) suffer from/with (v)
shiver with (v) split sth into (v) (pieces) sufficient for (adj)
shocked at/by (adj) split sth up (v) (= break sth up) sufficient for/to (adj)
short of (adj) sprig of sth (n) (usu plant) suitable for (adj)
shot at (n) spy on (v) suited for/to (adj)
shout at sb (v) squabble with sb about/ supplicate for sth (v)
shout for sb (v) over sth (v) support for (n) (e.g. The fans
shout to sb (v) (to squint at/through (v) showed their support for the attract
attention) squirt (sth) out of/into/around team.)
shriek at (v) (object) etc from sth (v) support of (n) (e.g. Money was
shriek with (v) (fear) stack (sth) up (v) collected in support of Green-
shy of/with (adj) stamp about/around (v) peace.)
sick about/over (adj) stare at (v) support sb in (v) (a plan, deci-
(situation) stash (sth) away (v) (informal) sion etc)
sick with (adj) (e.g. steal (sth) from (v) support sth with (v) (money)
sick with fear) stimulus to/for (n) sure of (adj)
sidle up/over to (v) stock of (n) surge in (n) (rise in)
sigh with (v) story about/of (n) surge of (n) (people, the sea,
similar to (adj) straighten (sth) up/out (v) etc)
skilful at/in (adj) (job) strain of (n) (= quality. e.g. surprised at/by (adj)
skilful/skilled with/in There is a strain of unkindness surrender (sb/sth) to (v)
(tool, weapon, etc) in him.) surrogate for (n)
skilled at/in (adj) (job) strain on (n) (= exertion on sth. suspect sb/sth of (v)
slow at (adj) e.g. Buying that car will be a suspicious of/about (adj)
smile at sb (v) strain on our resources.) swill (sth) out/down (v)
smitten with/by (adj) streak of (n) swipe (out) at (v)
sneer about (v) (sth) stricken with/by (adj) swoop down on (v)
sneer at sb/sth (v) strip (sth) off/down (v) sympathetic to/towards/with
snipe at (v) strive for/after/towards (v) (adj)
snoop about/around (v) struggle for sb/sth (v) (= fight sympathise with sb about/for
snuggle up to (v) for, e.g. struggle for breath) sth (v)
solace sb with sth (v) struggle with sb/sth (v) (= sympathy with/for (n)
solicitous for/about fight with)
soluble in (adj) strum on sth (v)

Group 20 T
talent for (n) team with (v) threaten sb with sth (v)
talk to sb about sth (v) terrified at (adj) throw sth at sb (v)
tamper with (v) thank sb for sth (v) throw sth to sb (v)
taste in (n) (clothes, etc) thankful for/of (adj) tinge sth with sth (v)
taste of (n) (food, etc) think about/of (v) tingle with (v)
taunt sb with sth (v) thirsty for (adj) tinker at/ (v)
team up with (v) thoughtless of/about (adJ) tired of (adJ)
tolerant of (adj) trip (sb) up/over (v) tuck sth into sth (v)
trade in (v) trip over sth (v) tug at/on (v)
traitor to (n) triumph over (v) turn (sth/sb) around/over
transition from sth to sth (n) (make) trouble for sb (n) tussle with (v)
translate sth from sth into (have/be in) trouble with/for tutor sb in sth (v)
sth (v) (n) He was in trouble with the type of (n)
treatment for (n) police for stealing a car.) typical of (adj)
tribute to (n) trust in (n)

Group 21 U
unaware of sth (adj) unjust to sb (adj) upset about/with (adj)
unconcerned with (adj) unmindful of (adj) upwind of (adj)
uneasy about (adj) unqualified as/for (adj) use of sth (n)
unequal in (adj) (size, etc) unreasonable about (adj) used for/as (adj)
unequal to (adj) (in (e.g. He was unreasonable used to (adj)
comparison with sth else) about paying his share.) useful to sb for/as sth (adj)
unfaithful to (adj) unreasonable of sb (adj) (= to (e.g. This wood will be
unfit for (adj) behave a in particular way) useful to me as a table.)
uninterested in (adj) unswerving in (adj)

Group 22 V
valid for (adj) (use) view of/to (n) visitor to (n)
valid in (adj) (a place) visible from (adj) (somewhere) void of (adj)
valued at/for (adj) visible to (adj) (sb) votary of (n)
variation in/of (n) visible with (adj) (an instrument vote for/against (n)
vary in (v) etc. e.g. The moon is visible to vote for/against (v)
vault over (v) planet with the naked eye.) vouch for (v)
vexed at/with (adj) visitation of/from (n) vulnerable to (adj)

Group 23 W
wage sth against/on weak at/in (adj) worried about (adj)
sth/sb (v) weary of (v) worry about (v)
wail about/over (v) whiff of (n) worthy at (adj)
wait for (v) whittle away at/sth down (v) worthy of (adj) (a reward,
wallow around/about in sth win at (v) recognition etc) (v)
wince at (v) wrestle with (v) warn sb of/about sth (v)
wink at (v) write to sb about sth (v)
warrant for (n) wish for (n)
wary of (adj) wish for (v)

Group 24 V
yearn for (v) yell about (v) (a problem etc) yen for (n)
yearning for (n) yell at (v) (a name, in pain etc)
Prepositions with Word Phrases
Group 26 - At
at .. km per hour at hand (= close) at the age of
at a cost at heart (= basically) at the beginning (= when sth
at a disadvantage at home started)
at a discount at last at the end (= when sth finishes)
at a distance at least at the expense of
at a glance at length at the front of (= in the most
at a guess at liberty forward position/place)
at a loss at night (in the night) at the last possible time
at a moment's notice at noon at the latest (= time)
at a profit/loss at odds with at the moment (= time)
at all costs at once at the point of (= at that particu-
at all events at one's request (= lar time)
at an advantage because sb wishes it) at the present time
at any rate at peace/war at the same time
at breakfast/lunch at present at the time (= at a particular
at church/school at random time)
at ease at risk at times (= sometimes)
at first hand at sea at work
at first sight at speed

Group 27 - By
by accident by hand (= using the hands) by profession
by all accounts by heart (= from memory) by request (= as a response to
by all means by land/sea/air sb's wish)
by appointment by law by sight (e.g. know sb by sight
by auction by luck (= luckily) only, not as a friend)
by birth by marriage by surprise
by bus/train/plane/car by means of by the dozen
(but: in my own car, on by mistake by the end (= before sth finishes)
the o'clock train) by name (= using a name) by the side of
by chance by nature by the time (= before reaching a
by cheque by now certain point)
by day/night by one's side by the way (= incidentally)
by degrees by oneself by virtue of
by far by order of
by force by post/airmail

Group 28 - For / From

for a change for fear of (= in case sth happens) for short
for a moment (= for a for good (= forever) for the moment (= for now,
short time) for granted for the time being)
for a visit/holiday for hire for the sake of
for a walk for life for the time being
for a while for love (= out of love) from memory
for ages (informal) for nothing from now on
for breakfast/lunch/etc for once (= on one occasion) from time to time
for certain for sale (= to be sold)
for ever for sb's sake
Group 29 - In
in a (good/bad) mood in favour of (= supporting) in sight (of) (= within one's range
in a hurry in favour with (= liked by) of vision)
in a mess in fear of (= afraid of) in some respects (= in some
in a way in flames ways)
in action in focus in stock
in addition (to) in front of in summer/winter
in advance (of) in future in tears
in agony in gear in the air
in agreement with in general in the beginning (= originally)
in all in good/bad condition in the case of (= in the event)
in answer to in hand (= being dealt with) in the dark
in any case (= anyway) in horror of in the end (= finally)
in arrears in ink/pencil in the flesh
in bed in length/width etc in the habit of
in blossom in love (with) in the meantime
in brief in moderation in the mood for (= wanting to do
in case (+ clause) in mourning (for) sth)
in case of (+ noun) in name only (= not really) in the morning
in cash in no time (= very quickly) in the mountains
in charge (of) in one's free time in the name of (= on sb's behalf)
in code in other words in the news
in comfort in pain in the nude
in common (with) in particular in the right/wrong
in comparison with in person in time (= early enough)
in compensation for in pieces in time of (= during a particular
in conclusion in place of time)
in confidence in possession of (= owning) in touch
in control (of) in practice/theory in town
in danger in principle (= theoretically) in tune (with)
in debt in prison/jail in turn
in detail in private/public in two/half
in difficulty in progress in uniform
in disguise in return in use
in disorder in safety in vain
in doubt in sb's interest in view of (= because of, taking
in exchange for in sb's opinion into account)
in existence in season in vogue
in fact in secret
in fashion in self-defence

Group 30 - On
on a ... day on average on foot
on a diet on bail on good/bad terms with
on a farm on balance on holiday
on a journey on behalf of on impulse
on a trip/cruise/excursion on business on leave
on a(n) afternoon/evening on condition that on loan
on account of (= because of) on credit on no account (=under no
on an expedition on demand circumstances)
on an island on duty on one's mind
on approval on fire on one's own
on order on strike on the other hand
on paper on the agenda on the outskirts
on principle (= according to a on the air on the phone
particular belief) on the contrary on the point of (= about to)
on purpose on the front/back (of on the radio/TV
on sale (= reduced in price) a book, jacket etc) on the trail of
on second thoughts on the increase on the way
on sight (= as soon as sth is on the job on the whole
seen) on the one hand on time (= at the correct time)

Group 31
Out of
out of breath out of pity out of the ordinary
out of control (=uncontrolled) out of place out of the question
out of danger out of practice out of town
out of date out of print out of use
out of debt out of reach out of work
out of doors out of respect for
out of fashion out of season
out of hand out of sight (= beyond
out of luck sbs range of vision)
out of order
out of stock

off colour off school/work off the road
off duty off the record

under age under one's breath under the impression
under arrest under orders under the weather
under control under pressure under discussion
under repair

with a view to(= intending to) with regard to without fail
with difficulty with the compliments of without success
with luck (= hopefully) with the exception of without warning
with reference to without delay

round the corner

to one's astonishment to sb's face
to one's surprise to this day