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1. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word.

1. The with him is that he never listens to anyone elses advice.

2. It looks a good plan but it remains to be seen whether they can it out.
3. The crash was the other drivers ..; not mine.
4. We are living in the .. of computer.
5. The skirt and sweater make a perfect .. .
6. I trusted you; I never expected you to break your . .
7. What a(n) of luck! The sun came out just as we were leaving.
8. He said that he just wanted to say a few words but in the end he spoke at
on the subject.
9. The children .... with laughter when the clown fell down.
10. In theatre, they say theres no business like .. business.
11. Im sorry to let you know at such .... notice.
12. Im an average size so I usually find clothes that are .... to wear.
13. I must draw your .. to a serious error in the programme.
14. I know biting my nails looks bad but I cant seem to the habit.
15. His teaching methods are out of ... .
16. Do you recognize that sad in the background?
17. The collection is on .. at the National Museum.
18. He was in a bad temper and seemed determined to a quarrel with him.
19. Its a good .. that the teacher didnt see you making a face at her.
20. Theres a good film on at the Odeon if you .. like coming.
21. Hes been held in prison on a(n) .. of fraud.
22. Youll find the shop in the .. Street.
23. I dont know where Ive put it but Im not going to .... any sleep over it.
24. Im sorry but this sentence doesnt make ... .
25. Theres no in arguing with him; he wont listen.
2. Match the two columns to make correct collocations.

1 as a A a straight face
2 fire B an apology
3 free C at home
4 make yourself D by chance
5 mind your E escape
6 point F fault with sb
7 there is G doubt
8 to be in some H in wait
9 to belong to a political I no doubt
10 to come J of charge
11 to find K of view
12 to have a head L off the record
13 to keep M ones temper
14 to lose N own business
15 to meet sb O party
16 to owe sb P result
17 to pick Q start over sb else
18 to speak R to court
19 to take sb S to power
20 to lie T wild flowers

Write your answers here:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

3. Are the following collocations right or wrong?

1 to do everything in my 11 to treat sb like a slave
2 a cats life 12 on my view
3 to open fire 13 to set a date
4 to make a crazy guess 14 all over the space
5 to come to terms with 15 to begin a fire
6 to make yourself at house 16 to be open to suggestions
7 to go to a lot of problems 17 to pick a quarrel with sb
8 a show of force 18 to lay in wait
9 to make damage 19 beyond the shade of a doubt
10 from beginning to finish 20 to read through the lines