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May 2015


Pose and render
a sci-fi character

Harness Cinema 4D and
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Star warS
vfx movie
How to become the next J.J. Abrams!
o A rn to

n d pa

A S ge 6

Start your VFX movie career here,
by doing it for yourself!

Star Wars has inspired countless artists Future rebel

Alexey Vasilyev mixes
over the years and with the next movie textures in his beautiful
near-future rebel
on the horizon, continues to do so. The character, on page 34

original trilogy was a hotbed of VFX talent,

mavericks who pushed the boundaries
SubScribe &
SAVe up to 59% of their passion to create a new movie
Now you can get the experience. Inspired by this, on page 44,
best of both worlds!
Subscribe to 3D World cover artist Nicolas Brunet has created
and get both the print
and digital editions. a series of homemade VFX movies, and
Turn to page 28!
this issue he shares some of his insights,
techniques and experiences including
making his own mocap studio. The sci-fi
influence continues as Paul Massey models
a mech in ZBrush and Cinema 4D (page 54)
and Alex Farrell creates a Blade Runner-
inspired scene in 3ds Max (page 72).

Ian Dean, editor sc
issu al
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3D WorlD May 2015 3

Issue 194

Contents Our complete line-up for this

digital months 3D World
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20 The BIg Issue
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The making of Le Gouffre New creative work from the CG community Oscar nominees and winners offer advice Method Studios explain their VFX work
34 In focus
Texturing a sci-fi character

40 artist Q&a
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44 sTar Wars: DIY VfX
50 PIerre DroLeT on sTar Trek
53 tutorials
Improve your CG skills 34 In focus: reBeL
Texturing and rendering a sci-fi rebel
80 3d maker
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technology and trends

91 develop
Theory, research and reviews

28 suBscrIPTIons
32 Back Issues
61 neXT MonTh
90 coMPeTITIon
Win an Apple Watch 40 arTIsT Q&a 44 sTar Wars: hoW To Make Your oWn VfX MoVIe
Your software queries solved by our experts Nicolas Brunet shares his advice and insights into DIY mocap and matchmoving

3D WorlD May 2015 4

Full details on page 90
54 MoDeL a reaLIsTIc Mech
How to take a mech from concept
through to final render
62 Learn cgI for aDVerTIsIng
Explore the creative process behind
an inspirational advert
64 renDer a surreaL IMage
Create an intricate illustration
64 renDer a surreaL IMage in LightWave 3D
Create an intricate illustration in LightWave 70 MakIng MoTIon graPhIcs
Use Cinema 4D and X-Particles to
create abstract animations
72 MoDeL a BLaDe runner scene
Create a rainy, neon-lit scene using
3ds Max and V-Ray

54 MoDeL anD renDer a reaLIsTIc Mech 72 BLaDe runner scene 3d prw
Paul Massey shows how to take a mech from concept through to final render Model a rainy, neon-lit scene in 3ds Max sectioint
3d maker
80 coPYrIghT LaW eXPLaIneD
How to navigate the perils of 3D
printing and copyright law
86 PrInTIng ProPs for fILM
Artem discuss work for Ex Machina
87 auToDesks MeMenTo
Make a print-ready model in minutes
88 3D PrInT a raYgun
80 coPYrIghT eXPLaIneD 86 PrInTIng ProPs 88 3D PrInT a raYgun How best to use print services
The perils of 3D printing and copyright law How 3D printing helped make Ex Machina The trials of getting complex models made

92 sIMuLaTe a MeTeor crash
How to create a realistic VFX shot
that will get the world talking

95 123D scuLPT+
Sculpting on the move just became
easier with Autodesks update
95 zBrush characTers
95 123D scuLPT+ 96 ThInksTaTIon P900 & creaTures
Sculpting on the move just became easier Lenovos latest workstation is a beauty
3D Total Publishings latest collection
of tutorials grabs our attention
96 LenoVo ThInksTaTIon P900
Powerful and easy to use, is this the
best workstation on the market?
97 noTa effecTor 1.0
Create motion graphics with ease
97 cosMIc Pack 3D (Pro)
The latest advance 16K texture map
pack for planet lovers

92 creaTe a VfX shoT 97 cosMIc Pack 3D (ProfessIonaL) 98 MY InsPIraTIon

Peter Stulz on Lebbeus Woods
Simulate a crashing meteorite Can this 16K planet texture map from Digital Heavens bring your universe to life?

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extra process art for these projects:

3D WorlD May 2015 8

Tamas Medve
3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

Tamas Medves Caribbean Tongue is so

I enjoy watching VFX sumptuous and engaging you can almost feel
the warm waters lapping at your toes while you
breakdowns of movie scenes sip on a pina colada and watch the sunset. Its
a move away from Tamas usual works, which
as Im always interested in include everything from shiny new cityscapes
to more organic visions of dilapidated houses.
the technical background Tamas day job is as an architectural
visualiser, but Caribbean Tongue was
created in his spare time. I spent two weeks
brainstorming and collecting references, he
explains. The technical part, from opening
3ds Max to applying the finishing touches to
the final image, took eight or nine days.
It was an opportunity for Tamas to
experiment with new rendering techniques.
The background buildings were created with
Ghost Town, the 3ds Max plug-in, which can
be used to create immense cityscapes at the
click of a button but weve never seen them
deployed among a tropical forest. In addition,
Phoenix Fluid Dynamics were used to create
the crystalline waters of the Caribbean.
Tamas takes inspiration from anything and
everything, citing his concept artists, movies
and colleagues as influences. I enjoy watching
VFX breakdowns of movie scenes as Im always
interested in the technical background.
View more of Tamas' work at

3d world view

An unusual mix of
software and plug-ins
makes this sunny
scene even more
interesting. I love the
feel of sun and light
that plays across the
3D PARADISE whole environment.
Tamas was able
to experiment with darren phillips
new rendering Art editor

3D WorlD May 2015 9


I knew from the start that I wanted

to feature BMO with strong light
sources coming from the back

bmo sKateparK
Mathieu Grenier
software 3ds Max, V-Ray,
Photoshop, After Effects

Quebec-based 3D artist Mathieu Grenier

created this adventure time inspired portrait
as a personal project. Starting off with a
character sheet, he puts all the main elements
into place, including basic studio lighting,
correct displacements and standard grey
shaders for key contrasts to ensure its a
project he wants to continue with. I knew
from the start that I wanted to feature BMO
with strong light sources coming from the
back instead of the front, he explains. This
way I could generate some nice speculars
on his side while keeping the front panel in
the shadows, emphasising his luminous and
reflective face.
The original wireframe excludes the cavities
for the face, buttons, speakers and letterings,
as theyre pushed by displacement maps and
3d world view crafted with insane precision. I discovered
that blurring parts of the image creates more
The lighting cast or less pronounced bevels of incredibly
on BMO really fine quality. This method saved me a lot of
brings Mathieus modelling time and made it easier to edit
interpretation of this small details in a back and forth process.
popular animated After many tests with a mix of SSS & V-Ray
character to life in shaders for BMOs body, Mathieu finally opted
a realistic, almost for a standard V-Ray material giving a slight
everyday manner. impression of translucency. It was hard to
tweak to perfection, but in the end it saved a
ian dean lot of rendering time.
Editor For more information on Mathieu visit

3D WorlD May 2015 10


Victor Hugo
software 3ds Max, ZBrush,
Photoshop, V-Ray and Ornatrix

As a freelance 3D artist, Brazil-based Victor

Hugo specialises in 3D rendered portraits that
are often popping with colour. S.P.E.W. (or the
Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare)
is a personal project that took him about a
month in total to complete.
Her cloth is a mix of 3ds Max cloth
simulation with some ZBrush detailing for the
smaller folds, he says, explaining the model
is also fully rigged for animation.
The concept for the piece was originally
created by illustrator and Disney animator
Cory Loftis, with Victor explaining, The cool
thing about it was the painting creation
process. Im not a good painter, so I made a
3D version of it and tweaked it in Photoshop,
so it looks like a painting.
Inspired by pop culture namely comics,
books and video games S.P.E.W. was crafted
through Victors nerdy side. Everything that
makes my nerdy side happy inspires me a
lot, he says. I really enjoyed the character
research part getting to know her personality
was a lot of fun.
To see more of Victors work visit

3d world view

Starting from such a

fantastic illustration,
Victor has managed
to bring the scene
Getting to know to life wonderfully.
Its a subtle, fun and
her personality perfectly realised
comic scene.
was a lot of fun feliCity barr
Production editor

3D WorlD May 2015 12


ViKing life
Ben rc
software 3ds Max,
mental ray, Photoshop

Before working as the art director at

Milkpresso, Korean-based 3D artist Ben rc
(sic) worked in the games industry for almost
15 years, creating characters for a wide range
of genres. Inspired by just about anything:
So many things this world is just great,
he says excitedly. The square-headed
vista of Viking Life took him a few weeks to
finish. Keeping the techniques as simple as
possible, Ben favours 3ds Max, mental ray and
Photoshop for most of his projects. I start
with thumbnail sketches, he explains. Then
continue onto references, concepts, modelling
and texture/shaders. 3d world view
Packed full of geometric imagery and a
popping colour scheme, Viking Life touches Ben may keep things
upon the traditional practices of the Nordic simple but the results
ancients, from fishing over the side of majestic are complex! Viking
longboats to the mighty god of Thunder, Thor, Life is a wonderful
looking down from above. I really enjoyed blend of styles and
creating funny poses for each character, textures that grabs
Ben continues. As well as interesting life your attention.
situations, like the chicken losing the egg and
the warriors training. darren phillips
You can see more of Bens work by Art editor
fyi visiting

3D WorlD May 2015 14


pursuit drone
Paul Massey
software Cinema 4D, Camera
Calibration, Octane, Photoshop

Beginning his career in 3D as a packaging

designer, Paul Massey started to learn how
The biggest game-changer for me has
to make 3D visuals for clients. It was basic,
simplistic work compared to what Im doing been the implementation of OTOYs
on a daily basis now, he explains. But it
was enough to get me hooked on what is Octane for C4D plug-in
achievable with 3D imagery. Now an award-
winning 3D artist, Paul works in the Motion
Graphics department of McCann Manchester,
producing TV advertisements and working on
anything from video editing and compositing
through to 3D modelling and character
sculpting and animation.
REK/R Pursuit Drone is a concept image
for a near future auto/drone law enforcement
pursuit bike. I utilised a great deal of Vitaly
Bulgarovs Black Widow and Black Phoenix
kit parts, which was the whole point of the
creation, says Paul, who reveals he used
MoGraph while modelling to apply objects
along the surface. Fracture can be handy
for breaking up a complex part to make
it ready for editing, he continues. The
biggest game-changer for me has been the
implementation of OTOYs Octane for C4D
plug-in. Real-time rendering and the quality I
can achieve in a very short time has inspired
me to create more.
For more information on Paul visit:

3D WorlD May 2015 16

fo ls uto ge 54
pa Ch t to p
m e T ur

ll ne ri a
ow w l
Designed for high
speed reconnaissance,
this bike utilises
spokeless mag-lev
wheel hubs and hybrid
powered 2WD

3d world view

Pauls mechanical
work is a brilliant
mesh of conceptual
ideas and forms. I
was also interested
to read of his use of
the Octane for C4D

ian dean

3D WorlD May 2015 17


Community News and views from around the

international CG community

22 red giants Old/new 24 dreamwOrks hOme

Seth Worley discusses new software How Apollo helped this alien invasion

20 get yOur animatiOn made 26 shOrt cuts: le gOuffre

Oscar nominees and winners offer advice Lightning Boy Studio shares its process

GET publiShEd
Email yOur CG arT TO

Visit the online Vault to download

extra process art for these projects: 30 making the ambitiOus wOrlds Of Jupiter ascending 34 in fOcus: rebel
Method Studios Philippe Gaulier and Olivier Pron explain their VFX work Texturing and rendering a sci-fi rebel

3D WorlD May 2015 19

Communit y
The big issue

The big issue

How to get your project greenlit

Need to persuade others of your genius? This years Oscar nominees
reveal the secrets of their success to Tom May

hen it comes to selling your twice as long as students were usually head on saying, can we actually do it?
ideas to others, who better to allowed. So there was a lot of tension, So she had to convince them. In
ask for advice than this years she says. A lot of the tutors felt that my conclusion, Daisys advice is: Stick to
Oscar nominees for Best Animated technique would make no difference, what you want to do and believe in it.
Short? We begin with Daisy Jacobs, that Id essentially be taking resources But also make it clear to others, with a
who had a real mountain to climb when from others that it didnt really merit. good storyboard, clear designs, and
initially pitching her film, The Bigger To win them over, she created a lots of tests so people can see it
Picture, about two brothers responding two-minute test animation that actually working.
to a death in the family. showed how the technique would work Patrick Osborne is the director of
Not only was Daisy still a student at in practice. And then she just kept Feast, the tale of a dog with a healthy
Londons National Film and Theatre going. It was difficult, she says. But appetite which won this years Oscar
School, but her animation idea was a Im basically someone who doesnt take and has been playing in support to Big
radical one: painting 2D, life-size figures no for an answer. Hero 6, which is currently in cinemas
on a studio wall and mixing them in The Bigger Pictures producer, Chris and available on DVD and Blu-Ray 25
with 3D elements. Hees, calls Daisy unstoppable and May. When pitching to big studios, he
I got very extreme pays tribute to her determination. says, its best to have a number of ideas.
reactions, she recalls. Some At every step we were Dont put all your eggs in
said: Whats the point? Why questioned as to why the one basket, he advises.
are you doing this? characters should be life Spread out your time and
Her proposed technique was so size, he explains. Dont get energy. That lets those youre
labour-intensive, it required use of the me wrong, the school could see the pitching to get a better idea of you as
schools largest studio for six months potential. They just had this practical an artist. Its important for them to be

3D WorlD May 2015 20

Feast won this years
Oscar for animated
short, but pitching
it to Disney was a
drawn out process

indusTry insiders
Thoughts & opinions from the experts

Patrick OsbOrne tOrill kOve JOris OPrins

Animator, Walt Disney Animation director Director
Animation Studios and illustrator and writer

My best piece of One gets wrapped With a small studio

advice is to make up in the whole you can do a lot.
your story simple and Oscars process; its You just have to
clear. I like stories quite a long process have the right idea
that leave gaps for and rather a strange and then work pretty
the audience to fill one. I think its fast to get it done in
in their own lives in really important to the time you have to
the middle. Theres remember that film spare. With that
this urge when youre is not a competition: kind of way of
first directing to want its not why we do working making
to make it really what we do. Its great it anyhow even if
smart, to have some when it happens, you dont have the
kind of message. But but whenever I win money you dont
it becomes this thing an award or get really need anyone
where if it isnt iconic nominated Im not else, so its pretty
and simple enough, 100 per cent at ease easy to start. You
people just dont with it, because I only need time,
understand what's know there are so thats all. So I
happening. You leave many other films that think the best
that gap there and are equally or more advice would be: if
confident in your storytelling ability. Kove originally needed to get her the audience fills deserving. I think its you think you have
Often, the bigger the organisation, short, Me and My Moulton based it in with the best just important to find got a good idea,
the more often you need to pitch. But on her childhood relationship with possible answer a story that you really just make it.
rather than see it as a chore, use it to her embarrassingly modern parents from their own life. care about because
your advantage, Osborne advises. greenlit by the National Film Board of They connect a little youre going to have
In my case, I first pitched Feast in Canada. But Ive worked more with those to live with it for a
November and was meant to pitch to with them off and on since stories than stories long time!
John Lasseter in December, he recalls. the early 90s, so I didnt need that are spoonfed
But because Frozen was really busy, it really to pitch in that sense, to them. You leave
kept getting pushed back, and every she smiles. I basically told them I have some things to figure
time I would pitch to someone else. this story and would you like to read it? out, to engage an
And they liked the story immediately, audience.
My best advice would be: so in that sense it was easy.
And of course, theres always the

if you think you have a good option of not pitching to anyone at

all, but just funding the whole thing
yourself. Which is exactly how Dutch
idea, just make it directors Marieke Blaauw, Joris
Oprins, and Job Roggeveen went
Joris Oprins, director, A Single Life about making their two-minute
Oscar-nominated short, A Single
By the time I got to John, I felt it was Life an amusing story about a
pretty smooth and I wasnt so record player that resets time
nervous. So practice really does whenever the needle jumps.
make perfect. You really just have to have
It might seem strange to think of an idea and work pretty fast
Osborne whos worked on to get it done in the time you
Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled and Bolt have, says Joris. So my best
getting nervous, but Feast was actually advice would be: if you think you have a
his first gig as a director. Once youve good idea, just make it. Dont spend
a few under your belt, though, getting too much time on finding money or
your ideas accepted can get a little those kind of things.
easier, says Norwegian director For more information on this year's Director of The Bigger Picture, Daisy Jacobs, had to work hard to
Torill Kove.
Fyi nominees, visit persuade people her unusual animation technique would bear fruit

3D WorlD May 2015 21

Communit y
New software


Substance Designer 5
gets a release

engine 2.0
Substance Designer
has become the
leader in PBR
texturing and the
new engine will push
Substance Designers
power of expression
New Software to new heights. The
app can be bought on

When old becomes neW

a new rent-to-own
basis ($19.90/indie
monthly), and you
can pay in chunks.

Red Giant celebrates its latest release with a new short,

Alice Pattillo talks to director Seth Worley

ed Giant is further pushing the through Old/New. This tool gives digital footage the
boundaries of great filmmaking authentic look of real motion picture film by emulating the
with its new short, Old/New. photochemical process; from the film negative, to colour
The film showcases the developers grading, film grain, vignettes and print stock. Footage can Pixel
new software, Magic Bullet Suite easily be given a modern or vintage film treatment, hence ProceSSor node
12 both thematically and visually. Old/New. Its a rich bag of tricks that cinematographers Substance Designer is
The short is just another example have had at their fingertips for years. a node-based texture
of the companys inspirational and Seth has worked on previous Red Giant shorts, compositing tool that
passionate approach to film, and a including the Webby award-winning Plot Device, and allows you to create
testament to how Red Giant intimately he was excited at the prospect of trying out yet another substance files or
understands filmmaking and the value Red Giant innovation, From the second I find out about bitmap textures. The
of storytelling. Its a great the new prototype I freak out like a fanboy, I dive in and pixel processor node
Seth Worley dialogue between filmmakers experiment with it the new Skin Type Slider (Magic allows you to read
Seth is co-writer and and developers. You find that Bullet Mojo) is incredible. input images and
director of Old/New great products get great by apply any custom
and has previously being used, says Old/News Showcasing the new suite effect or treatment
collaborated with Red director, Seth Worley. For Old/New, Seth constructed a quirky time-themed using visual
Giant for six short films. The new Magic Bullet Suite 12 is a narrative that displayed the importance of both old and programming.
He has also directed set of seven tools for colour correction, new, by invoking a style he calls Disney Goodfellas, a mix
projects for JJ Abrams finishing, and film looks. The suite of whimsical vibes and Scorseses style of flying through
Bad Robot Productions. introduces the new product, Magic scenes. The story also displays the ease and subtlety at Bullet Film, the tool showcased which Magic Bullet Film works, Were always going from
something happening, towards something happening,
including sudden switches from vintage to modern.
The final result is a fun and fresh short that tells the story
Seths impressive of a man obsessed with the new from testing every new
short Old/New gadget available, and never wearing one outfit more
was created to than once, he suddenly becomes just as captivated with tri-Planar
demo Magic the old. Packed full of both subtle and expressive VFX, Projection
Bullet Suite 12 the short seamlessly flies through both narrative and Another new feature
visuals producing an entertaining and impressive Tri-planar projection,
showcase for the new suite. allows any image to
Magic Bullet Suite 12 is available now. For the full list be applied to a mesh
of new tools and features available then go to with no visible seams, helping to control the
To watch the Old/New short from Red Giant, visit scale and rotation of
FYI the projection.

3D WorlD May 2015 22

Communit y
Industry interview

tHAt Work

Animation awarded
two technical
awards by the
The two core software components of Apollo, Academy of Motion
Premo and Torch, mean Home is a quantum Picture Arts and
leap forward in the world of animation Sciences

Fantastic Foliage
IndustRy InteRvIew DreamWorks foliage
system grabbed one

Welcome Home Apollo

of the awards. First
developed for 2001s
Shrek, it has been
further developed to
provide the greatest
artistic flexibility in
Alice Pattillo discovers how Apollo helped bring the alien invasion rendering foliage.

ome is where the heart of We can use Cintiqs to animate. The whole
DreamWorks leading edge lies. Jason Reisig system has been designed around drawing, its
The animated film has been built Jason is Homes head drawing based, so you can draw over [the
with the help of Apollo DreamWorks of character animation, models]. Dont get me wrong, all that data
new propriety platform, which debuted working on the film youd be used to is there working behind the scenes, but
on How to Train Your Dragon 2. for three years and co- Apollo makes animating easier, it feels more tactile, more
Apollo enables artists to control and developing Apollo with like stop-motion puppetry, expresses head of character
manipulate data in an effortless and DreamWorks. As well as animation, Jason Reisig. Apollo means you can focus on industRy
intuitive way, creating an end result that animation, he also has the character, you can push it around and explore how standaRd
is visually richer and greater in scope extensive experience with you want it to behave. And you can do this right from the The second award
for the audience. live-action visual effects. blocking stage, which makes a huge difference as went to OpenVDB, everyone involved can get a feel for the scene at an early an open source data
Apollo is one of the most stage. Jason co-developed Apollo with the aim to make
it as user-friendly as possible, he continues: We pushed
structure and tools
that help manage

revolutionary software the software so hard on this movie the design is simple
and clean, light in style but heavy on geometry.
VFX storage created
by DreamWorks
VFX supervisor, Mahesh Ramasubramanian engineers. Fast
changes Ive been through Mahesh says the challenge with Home came from becoming standard
RaMasubRaManian emoting in this movie acting drove the in the industry it was
Mahesh Ramasubramanian Mahesh has been with lighting. The aliens in the movie change used in the making
DreamWorks since 1999 colour depending on their mood, but the simple idea of several Academy
Premo, the core component of Apollo, and was visual effects soon became complex; flat colours looked too sharp Award nominated
is the animation tool enabling artists to supervisor on Home. Hes and lost a lot of the humour, and changing lighting films for Best VFX,
work with characters in real time on their also worked on films such would change the mood of the colour a soft light on including Dawn of
tablets with a stylus. Artists can work at as Shrek, Madagascar a yellow character would change mood when lit with Planet of the Apes.
the speed of their imagination, sculpting and Over the Hedge. a new light source. In the end it took six months to get
rather than managing a complex web of the right blend of colour and lighting. hP honouRs
curves and spreadsheets. Hewlett-Packard also
Revolutionary software received a Technical
This issue, however, was made much easier to solve with Achievement Award
Apollo. From my perspective it makes lighting easier for its HP DreamColor
It took six months to and quicker. We can setup lights in a scene and LP2480zX
get the right blend of immediately see how it will be affected. Lighting can Professional Display
shading and lighting just go into a shot, set the lights and go, Mahesh monitor, created
comments, Apollo is one of the most revolutionary in collaboration
software changes Ive been through. Animators can now with DreamWorks
animate a whole scene in context, they can see what has Animation engineers.
happened before and what is happening after, and its
all in real time. Its really easy to scrub and very hands on,
more like animating with marionettes. Its hard to imagine
how they worked before.
Home is out now in cinemas, for more details visit

3D WorlD May 2015 24

Communit y Pulldownit is a highly
Advertorial effective plug-in to
make things realistically
break and shatter


New tools for

Pulldownit v 3.x

Preview mode
Enables you to edit
by point-cloud for
finer control over
originating breaks,
and add several pre-
shatter parameters
onto the same item.

VFX soFtware

Fast and stable destruction Clusters Panel

For finer control you
Dynamics solver Pulldownit should be in everyone's pipeline can group together
selected pieces of
the shattered mesh,

f youre working in visual effects, or in. The plug-in is designed to create all alter the surfaces of the fragments define the hardness
enjoy making things shatter and manner of destruction, from collapsing for even more realistic results, of the clustered items,
splinter in a realistic way, then you buildings to shattering glass, and as a converting flat geometry into rough force of the breakage
need to consider adding the Pulldownit sole purpose plug-in its a cracker. faces and twisted edges. Its that and when in the
plug-in for 3ds Max and Maya into your Easy to use, Pulldownit has a simple to achieve great results. simulation they
workflow. Already a firm favourite at straightforward workflow. Beginning will break.
studios such as Cinesite and Naughty with defining your parameters, you Impressive capabilities
Dog, Pulldownit is breaking new ground. then hit the Shatter It! button to break The easy workflow ensures Pulldownit
Many built-in dynamics solvers your object, so the fracture bodies can can focus on what it needs to do:
are designed to simply push objects be defined and calculated. Then you breaking and shattering. The rigid
away and can often be found wanting define the items they will interact with, body solver inside Pulldownit
when you need to compute fracture such as ground, splines and meshes, is designed to handle massive
accurately. Thats where Voronoi- and press Play to simulate. simulations too, meaning thousands
based pre-shattering and rigid body In addition, the Pdi Jagginess of objects in contact.
dynamics software Pulldownit comes deformer plug-in enables you to And its fast, for example
the Pdi solver computes in real CraCkers window
time for scenes made up to 100 Plenty of options
objects and takes only minutes to and a separate
simulate thousands of contacts. menu means
Its controllable too; fractures can dynamic cracks are
be defined by setting the frame in easier than ever
which they will begin and it offers and can be defined
interaction with force fields, such as and controlled for
wind for more impressive results. accurate results.
So, if youre looking for a one-stop,
easy and quick solution to shatter
geometry and compute dynamics
seamlessly, then let Pulldownit for
Shatter It! uses various cutting 3ds Max and Maya break apart
styles, Uniform, Local, Path based, your worlds.
Radial and Wood Splinters Learn more about Pulldownit at

3D WorlD May 2015 25

Communit y
Short Cuts

short cuts

lightning boy studio build get published

a bridge to success
email your short to

Thomas Chrtien explains how a team of three friends

created their award-winning first short, Le Gouffre

Thomas ChrTien
Montreal-based Lightning
Boy Studios first film, Le 1
Thomas is one of the co- Gouffre, is a testament to
founders of Lightning Boy perseverance. The shorts
Studio. Hes co-director animation was the product of a small
and head of storyboards team of three friends, working part-time
and visual effects on their for six months before quitting their
first film, Le Gouffre. jobs to realise their dream. Their tale is reflected in the films narrative: The
plot ended up being about friends
who were ready to do anything in order
to achieve their dreams, even if the
vital adventure to get there seemed crazy
statistics and impossible, explains co-director
and creator, Thomas Chrtien.

What were the shorts influences?

Team We tried to come up with a short that
Directors would be different from what we usually
Carl Beauchemin, see on the web. Story-wise, we wanted
Thomas Chretien, to avoid a fight or a chase and go with
David Forest
Animation & Rigging
Carl Beauchemin
We were refused every
Art Direction &
Animation time we applied for grants
David Forest
VFX & Compositing for this movie
Thomas Chretien
Foley & Sound Design more of a story-driven approach. We The huge amount of characters to rig, computers to do all the films renders,
Mark Donis tried to create the kind of story you shots to animate and matte paintings so we couldnt afford to have global
Music would find in a feature film, and make it to produce were probably the biggest illumination or final gathering. We used
Dan Cullen, Deryn fit in 10 minutes. Visually, we wanted to challenges we faced. very simple shaders, like surface shaders
Cullen find a new take on the painterly art and lamberts. Most of the details on
Final Sound Mixing style, adding a twist to differentiate What was your pipeline like? the characters and sets were painted by
Jean-Pierre ourselves from the other studios. We We used Softimage as our 3D software, hand, directly in the textures. We even
Bissonnette tried to avoid using other shorts as since it was both Carl and Davids faked subsurface scattering in some
Voice Actors influence and make something that was favourite program for doing animation. cases, for example how we painted the
Nicolas really our own style. Our pipeline was pretty straightforward. middle of the ears with a reddish tint.
Charbonneaux, We would record video references,
Charles-Andre What did you do on the short and what place them in our editing program Did everything go to plan?
Gaudreau, Elisabeth was the hardest job? Sony Vegas, then begin animating We were refused every time we applied
Forest On top of directing the film together, the shots. Once the animation was for grants for this movie. We learned
Online we each also had particular aspects done, David would do a painting that later that its very rare that you get
Birck Fulham of the film to take care of. Carl was would be projected on the background selected if its your first film, so hopefully
in charge of rigging and most of the of the shot. We would then render it wont be a problem in the future.
CounTry animation, David was our art director various passes and do the compositing However, when making Le Gouffre
Canada and matte painter, and I was in charge in After Effects. there was a point where we desperately
of the visual effects, as well as most of needed that support and it was a big hit
sofTware the films compositing. What was the most impressive when we got rejected. Good thing our
Autodesk Softimage, Its hard to point to a single aspect technical aspect of the project? Kickstarter campaign was successful,
Photoshop, After that was the hardest. The worst part The most impressive technical otherwise we would be buried under
Effects, ZBrush, was probably the huge quantity of aspect behind Le Gouffre is probably debts right now.
Sony Vegas work that was required to complete the that it was done with a very simple Watch the full animated short at
film with a team of only three artists. technical approach. We only had four

3D WorlD May 2015 26

1 The renders of the 2 We used ZBrush to 3 After Effects was 4 We did a single rig 5 For particle
movie were kept very add extra details to used for compositing. for all the villagers. simulations, we used
quick using simple our 3D models. It We often had more With a control panel, the Softimage plug-in,
shaders and basic was especially than 100 layers we could swap SlipstreamVX. It was
lights. A few hours a useful when creating per scene which different heads and used to render the
night was enough to the fold details of allowed us to adjust clothes to do all the mist, rain, fire, smoke
render a whole scene. the clothes. everything separately. villagers in the film. and flare effects.

2 3

4 5

6 Dont stop them now

It took us six months of part-time work to come up with the story
and finish the storyboard. During that time we each had a job,
and we would work on Le Gouffre every spare second we had.
When we felt we were ready to begin production, we each quit
our job and began working full-time on our film. It took us two
full years to finish! With Le Gouffre, the goal was to prove that
our team could make good films and gain credibility in front of
big players in the movie industry. We are currently working on
our next project, and it will be much bigger than our first one
hopefully something like a feature film, for example.

6 Clothes and hair 7

simulations were
pre-calculated and
transformed in
caches. Its easier to
make generic cycles on
a static object first.

7 To achieve most
backgrounds, textures
were projected directly
from the camera onto
simple geometry, to cut
render times and give
a more 2D look.

3D WorlD May 2015 27

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3D WorlD May 2015 29

Communit y
Industry interview sc
issu al

industry interview

Raising the baR on

vfx woRld building
From pre-production to the final epic scenes,
Beren Neale meets Jupiter Ascendings artists

hilippe Gaulier had been living
the nomadic life of a freelancer,
working here for MPC, there for
Double Negative, when his old pal
offered him a steadier gig.
I was lured into Method
PhiliPPe GAUlieR Studios by my old friend
Philippe is the lead Olivier Pron, nearly four years
concept artist at Method ago, with the promise of
Studios. Hes worked on designing some crazy sci-fi
Jupiter Ascending, Iron environments, he recalls. Needless
Man 2 and Thor: The to say, he didnt cheat me on the
Dark World. merchandise as the project in question was Jupiter Ascending.
Olivier had been art director at
Method Studios London since mid
2010, when its art team consisted of
only three people. Through Dan
Glass Methods chief creative officer
and The Wachowskis VFX supervisor of
choice since The Matrix he worked on
the project early on. A year later and it
was clear this was for The Wachowskis
next film, taking place in the heart of a
massive ancient galactic empire. With a

Reveal of the
building on Orous

3D WorlD May 2015 30

useR inteRface
Creating a convincing 3D universe is
often in the detail. Territory created
some intricate pieces, designing the
user interface for monitors featured
as part of the navigation systems in
a number of the films spacecrafts.
Taking working physics and
An early concept of embellishing them, Territory was given
Orous orbitals rings. freedom to explore concepts and styles,
Work on Orous making them familiar, yet out of this
spanned the film cycle world. We spent a lot of
time exploring how best to
use isometric lines normally
joint CV that boasts work on Guardians idea of a world of such a massive scale used to describe weather
of the Galaxy, The Avengers: Age of forced us to rethink our approach on a fronts, to represent gravity and other
Ultron and Cloud Atlas, the French few occasions, says Philippe. To go invisible forces, creative director David
friends were well placed to create some 3D straight away would have been a Sheldon Hicks explains. We finally
stunning art work for the film. mistake as we first wanted to explore devised a way to animate organic forms
They both worked on one of the as many compositions and ideas as that would be read to reveal ships
biggest areas in the Jupiter Ascending possible in 2D. de-cloaking or the fabric of space being
universe Orous, or the cradle of folded to create a wormhole.
mankind, as it was known in the Creative process When The Wachowskis saw the initial
studio. Both had met Andy and Lana Philippe sketched on the train to work, tests of wormhole animations, they
Wachowski in Berlin before art firing up Photoshop and SketchUp wanted to feature them throughout.
pre-production had kicked off, 3D in the office for an 8am start. On Senior motion designer Nick Hill says:
and the filmmakers had described, the concepts that I collaborated with We used Cinema 4D for
A vast multi-cultural world Olivier, I used a render that he created simulations, modelling
OlivieR PROn with hundreds of thousands in Vue 3D, Philippe says. Id need and rendering, and After
Olivier is the art director of years of history, with to work slightly differently in order to Effects for UI animation and
at Method Studios. His technology so advanced that match the more photo realistic nature compositing. We used C4Ds MoGraph,
credits include Jupiter our world in comparison could be of the Vue render. particles and hair modules to create
Ascending, Cloud Atlas, described as primitive, says Olivier. For Olivier, he worked with Maya the organic wormhole structures. C4D
Guardians of the Galaxy The specifics of the style brief and SketchUp to create rough 3D is a great tool for getting good results
and Iron Man 3. was open, however, and they armed geometries, Id then shade, light, and quickly. The team developed UI styling themselves with reference ranging from render them in Vue 3D, he says. I and 3D assets based on concept art,
the Baroque and Art Nouveau, to sci-fi bring the issuing renders in Photoshop incorporating them into 20 second
art from Chris Foss, John Harris and to grade, add textures, and mix with looping animations. Once we were
John Berkey. Having to convey the photos. One of his secret weapons happy we had the story points and
loops nailed, wed hop on a golf
Having to convey the idea of a world of buggy, memory card in hand, and
head over to set to see how they

such a massive scale forced us to rethink looked once projected.

Territorys graphics were tested on set
by projecting onto physical glass panel
our approach on a few occasions screens a technique they previously
used on Prometheus.
Philippe Gaulier, lead concept artist, Method Studios Due to the complex and compact
nature of the beautifully crafted sets,
when working on Jupiter Ascending some of the projectors were positioned
was the voxel shader in Vue 3D. It at such extreme angles to the screens
allows you to create ruined cities, they were shining onto that we had to
strange semi-organic worlds and compensate for this in our graphics.
complex space stations in no time, with This proposed a challenge, reveals
very little modelling required. Nick, Once wed calculated the
Spanning 2D and 3D, the pairs amount of skew in the projections we
work on Orous also spanned the then re-rendered everything with the
whole film cycle. The Orous creative corresponding offset so it would project
journey continued to the very end of back at the right aspect ratio.
post-production, says Olivier, where Nick and motion designer Ryan
we worked with our in-house VFX Hays, would be perched with laptops,
supervisors Stephane Naze and Simon designing, animating and rendering
Carr, and created the concepts for the literally as Mila [Kunis] and Channing
final shots themselves. In actual fact, we [Tatum] were being shot, explains
had come full circle on this one. David. The end result was a clever
See more at merge of 3D set design and
fYi and
animated projections.

3D WorlD May 2015 31

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Communit y
In Focus

The skin was the hardest

part, and the most crucial
for me. It was very hard
to get it to react to light
in a realistic manner


Maya, ZBrush,
Mari, V-Ray,
Photoshop, Headus,
Marvelous Designer


ProduCtion time
Six months

3D WorlD May 2015 34

issu al

in focus

making a Sci-Fi Rebel FighteR

Alexey Vasilyev explains his process for making
Rebel, his realistic sci-fi character

s he began work on his 2015s UV tools for fast UV mapping more realistic light distribution and
character illustration, recent and Marvelous Designer for cloth reflections that I wanted, he says.
graduate Alexey Vasilyevs simulation. Alexey then reveals that My approach to skin was similar.
approach to his work adapted. Rebel while working on shading he realised Two layers of fast SSS material and a
is the artists graduation project, a the regular approach to materials separate V-Ray material for the
chance to produce a production- would not give him the results he glossy reflections.
quality character study inspired by wanted: First I created a shading Alexey adds hes most proud of the
real-life events and pictures network using the V-Ray blend material. characters skin: This was the hardest
artiSt Profile from the Guardian magazine It gave me control over the physical part, and the most crucial for me. It
Alexey Vasilyev is a where they portrayed properties of the different aspects of was very difficult to get it to react to
recent graduate of TTTC members of one of Central the material. This way I could have a light in a realistic manner. It took me
in Vancouver, where Africas militias, says Alexey. He different material for dust, dirt or the three attempts, each time reworking
he studied character soon found his preconceptions of the metal under the peeling paint. the textures from scratch. I also had an
modelling and texturing way he wanted to work shifting as he The next step was to create a insufficient amount of workable source
for production and games. became more involved in the image. custom fresnel node that allowed images to base it on. Alexey says his core techniques were Alexey to place real-life mathematical Download Alexey's process images at
pretty standard, he used Maya values. This technique gave me the

1 geneRal appRoach
and pRepaRation
Many parts of this project had to be revisited
and readjusted in later stages of the process. So
a linear non-destructive workflow was the key
feature of my approach. I didnt have concept art
so I made a bunch of rough sketches and collages
in Photoshop in order to get the main idea. The
next step was collecting references. I cant stress
enough the importance of references. I gathered
everything I could. From skin to leather, metals,
various kinds of dirt, scratches and blemishes,
poses and ethnic iconography.

2 blocking out the chaRacteR

I started from blocking and dynameshing a sphere
into an A-pose in ZBrush. From there I took it to Maya for
retopology. This is the stage where I also set the proper
scaling for my mesh. All of the hard surface was modelled
in Maya as well. I find that having proper topology on hard
surface models is crucial for preventing texture stretching
and unwanted artefacts later on at render.

3D WorlD May 2015 35

Communit y
In Focus

3 detailing and poSing

I sculpted all the large and
midrange forms as well as details like
wrinkles and veins in ZBrush. After
finishing the modelling I assembled
all the pieces in Maya and sent them
back to ZBrush, where I tested some
poses with the Transpose Master.

4 5

4 cReating
the uVS
Properly laid out UVs are

5 WoRking to hi-ReS
crucial for a non-linear
workflow. They allow the use
of procedural and tileable
As this character is high
textures and masks, saves a resolution for production, it
lot of time in rigging and had to bear scrutiny at a close
makes detail projection from range. I ended up having 38
one object to another
possible. Luckily for me, UV tiles, which resulted in a
Maya 2015 came out at total of 140 4K maps.
about that time. The unfold
3DUV tools were very handy
and a real time saver.

3D WorlD May 2015 36

6 id mapS and
textuRing 7 textuRing
and Shading
The first thing I did was create
ID maps for my materials. The
I now make the diffuse,
robotic arm alone is a mix of glossiness, specularity,
dozens of objects and 18 roughness and many
different materials. Breaking other maps. Some of
them into IDs was the only way
I could manage that. Mari was the finer details, like
my tool of choice for texturing. pores and fabric surface
It has the ability to paint detail were painted in
different channels on multiple
tiles and preview the result in Mari as displacement.
real time. I grouped my UVs I painted many black
and Mari layers by materials. and white masks for the
This allowed me to reuse and
transfer layers and masks easily
V-Ray blend material.
while texturing. It allowed me to use
different materials on an
object in one organised
shading network.


8 deVeloping
the look
This was the most time
consuming task. I built
a shader for each material
and separated materials for
the dust, dirt and grime.
For each element I
collected a reference photo
set. The most tedious part
was comparing the
materials to the references
and trying them out under
different light set-ups.

9 Final RendeR and

Once all the maps were created I could finally pose the
character and get it ready for a final render. I rigged and
posed it using the Maya Rapid Rig plug-in. I used a
simple three-point lighting setup and an HDRI image as a
fill light. My passes include AO, z-depth, reflection,
refraction and SSS, and were rendered using V-Ray. Once

all the passes were done, I comped them in Photoshop.
In terms of post-production, I ended up sharpening the
image and strengthening the reflections. I also added
lens blur, film grain and some minor colour correction.

3D WorlD May 2015 37

CG awards
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Call for nominations

We invite you to join us for the CG Awards 2015,
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Nominate now at
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The CG Awards are a reminder the Categories

The 3D World CG Awards 2015
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CG animated short of the year
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Arch-viz animation of the year
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CG video game of the year: in-game

he 3D World CG Awards thinking. Recognising the CG video game of the year: promotion
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Starting now you can nominate mirrors of our time in order to Plug-in of the year
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Visual artists and technicians so please join us by suggesting
have always been the backbone of your nominations today! 3D print innovation of the year (new)
the entertainment industry, says You can then vote for your
renowned matte painter and one favourites from 29 May. The final
of the CG Awards shortlist judges, winner will be decided by a panel Community award
Milan Schere. of industry experts and unveiled
They continue to amaze us with on 11 November. Live Event of the year
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FYI at 3D World Hall of Fame

Taha Alkan
Taha is founder
of Volumetrik
Creative Workshop.
An award-winning digital artist, he
creates artworks for commercials.
Your software queries solved
by our CG experts
Francesca Forzoni
Frankie is a 3D artist
and visualiser in London.
She has recently moved
from working in post-production
to branding and packaging.

Kevin Kleyla
Kevin has been working
as a 3D artist for 15
years. He currently
resides in New York and works for
creative studio, Piranha.
Clint Rodrigues
Clint studied 3D How do I create effective lighting and
at Vancouver Film ExpErt tip
School and Media shading for an imagined scene? How to light in a more
Design School. He has worked as an controlled manner
environment artist at EA Canada.
Daniel Barrett, UK To avoid confusion when lighting, once finished with one
light shut it off completely and
Leandro Silva Clint replies move to the next. Once all lights
Leandro is the co- I created a background for are complete turn them on and
founder of architectural the main scene, which I later tweak each individually. This
visualisation studio altered, but the principles works for me perfectly and
LS ROOM, which seeks to deliver remained the same. I I usually more or less get
high-quality 3D images. understand when working on fantasy the desired result. and other whimsical projects or
artworks, its easy to bend the rules,
but dont forget the basic anatomy
that actually drives the medium. I
recommend reading Jeremy Birns book
on lighting and shading before starting,
which details the emotions involved
when lighting a particular scene or
subject. I cant stress enough to throw

I cant stress enough to throw

your first idea in the bin its
likely to be the most average
your first idea in the bin its likely to
be the most average. Keep exploring
with lighting and shading. Heres the
link to my lighting and compositing
GEt in touch breakdowns: www.thepipersalley.
EmAiL Your quEstioNs to I used V-Ray to render the entire image. Ive been very impressed with the CLiCk to PLAY VidEo
render engine but still believe every new

3D WorlD May 2015 40

ExpErt tip
Quick fog
rEsourCEs Fog effects are
an important part
iN thE VAuLt of atmospheric
images. For a quick fog effect, render a
z-depth pass, invert
stEp-by-stEp advIce to LIghtIng a scene wIth ease the colours, and
composite it into
onE KEy liGht or sun liGht your image.
This is the most important light in the
scene, giving the image a sense of
direction and purpose. It doesnt have to
be the brightest light but it often is. Here I There are three components to this snow effect:
used two key lights for the foreground and the lighting, falling snowflakes, and drifts of snow
background: the V-Ray Rectangular and
V-Ray Sphere lights. Spend time setting up
your key light, as once you set the tone for
the main light the others will follow. mAYA
two KicKEr liGht or rim liGht How can I create a snowy
Probably my favourite light, it gives shape to
scenes or subjects. Its perhaps the hardest atmosphere in my renders?
light to control but once mastered, produces
great results. When I started lighting I never
Jack Spinks, US
understood what it did but getting exposed
to various lighting techniques I now cant
do without a kicker light. I used the V-Ray Taha replies
Sphere light as my rim light. I usually place Atmosphere is one of the most
the light diagonally opposite the key light. important aspects of a successful
render. My first piece of advice is
thrEE Fill liGht or bouncE liGht to gain a good understanding of
This completes the image and adds touches lighting theory. Render engines come with some
to the final render. The bounce light gives presets for exterior lighting, but for a custom
the subject an environment and adds to the atmosphere, like a snowy evening, you need
realism, but is hard to get right so I usually custom settings. In the project shown above,
use bounce card to reflect light back onto three elements were necessary to create a
the subject. I use V-Ray Rectangular lights as snowy atmosphere: the lights, the drifts of snow
bounce lights, along with Global Illumination on the objects in the scene, and the snowflakes.
(Irradiance Map and Light Cache) to ease the For the lighting, I created an HDRI map for the
process. For this image I used two filler lights. sky and used it as a dome light (create a sphere
surrounding the scene and assign the HDR
Four compositinG in nuKE x v8.01 image to it. You can find instructions for how
Once my image (render from Maya) is to do this in the Maya online user guide if you
complete, I move to compositing. V-Rays search for Render finitely distant illumination
great at spitting out passes quick and and reflection). This is responsible for all of
easy, with minimal effort. My final render the ambient light in the scene, and affects
per minute was 11 (1080p Full HD) with reflections and refractions. It really helps to
eight passes. The passes are Diffuse, Raw integrate your model into the atmosphere. I also
Global Illumination, Raw Light, Reflection, used an additional directional light to emphasise
Refraction, Specular, Shadow and z-depth. I shadows and specular highlights.
used Nuke to composite my final image. The next step was to create the snow sitting
on top of the objects. This is a bit complicated,
because its essentially a dynamic calculation.
artist should learn mental ray, which is a your artwork doesnt convey the right Mayas nParticles toolset may help you here.
great foundation for all the other render message, so always ask your peers for If you make your object a Passive Collider
engines out there. opinions. The key light constitutes most (for instructions, search the online user guide
I usually follow the basic three-point of the light that hits the scene; its the for Making nParticles collide with their
lighting setup, or Rembrandts lighting most important light and gives direction environment) then snow particles will stick to
technique and tweak my way through the to the image. Once happy with my key it. Once happy with the result of the simulation,
process. One major mistake many artists light I shut it off or hide it and start with select Modify>Convert>nParticle to Polygons
make when they start lighting (especially my kicker (or rim) light. For buildings and to turn the particles into geometry. For realism,
in 3D) is to add one too many lights. The environments its a lot different to lighting I modified some of these geometries in ZBrush,
results end up looking average too a character, but they follow the same especially those nearest the camera.
much control is not good and often it principles. My kicker is almost diagonally Finally, you need to add the falling snowflakes
ends up confusing the artist. I like to opposite my key light and its another in the air. Again, I used nParticles for this, creating
keep things simple and clean. Name your light that gives shape to the image. several snowflake models, then instancing them
objects (every single one of them) and Once satisfied with my kicker light I to my nParticle system. The falling snow should
the same with your lights. move to the bounce or filler lights to fill be rendered separately to the rest of the scene.
For this image I started with the key in the gaps and dark areas. I usually end To do this, keep all the objects in the scene but
light (V-Ray Rectangular light). Once my up using at least two fill lights but theres assign a pure black material to them. Keep all
camera was fixed, I focused where my no particular rule to lighting it depends the lights and hit render. By blending this pass
eye direction would lie. Audiences notice on the image. Your first attempt might with your other render passes during post-
the slightest mistake without actually not be great but eventually you will production, you should be able to make it fit
knowing whats wrong with the image. understand how you want to light a perfectly with your composition.
Theyll often find something amiss if particular image.

3D WorlD May 2015 41

Artist Q&A

Good lighting isnt a matter of

preset parameter values. Find
the setup that works best for
your individual image

ExpErt tip
Use references
Good photographic reference
is crucial to achieving good
lighting schemes. The closer
you get to the real world,
the better it will be.

3ds mAX | V-rAY stEp-by stEp optImIsIng LIghtIng

How can I create a realistic onE liGht balancE
In order to balance lighting quickly and
lighting set-up for arch-viz? effectively, I start by assigning a neutral
grey VRayOverrideMtl material to every
Amancio Salazar, Portugal object in the scene. However, I dont
do this with the glass objects. This
helps me to quickly see if the lighting
Leandro replies is consistent with the geometry of the
Lighting is an essential part of creating an project. Once this is finished, I usually
architectural visualisation. As well as being a reassign the actual materials and refine
compositional tool, it helps to create the mood the lighting.
of the image, communicating certain emotions
to the viewer, and establishing narrative intent. two contrast
In our studio, we follow an inductive process for Always keep in mind the correct hierarchy
lighting, though we approach it in an intuitive way. When between light intensity and colour
rendering, we look for things to improve, like the intensity temperature. To get more contrast, I
of the lighting, position of the shadows, and amount of usually play with the gamma setting of
contrast in the image. Rather than concentrate on settings the VRayHDRI map. A lower value will
or parameters, we focus on the accuracy of the final result give more contrast, which means a bigger
when compared to real world reference images. difference between light and shadow,
Its difficult to translate this approach into a series of and more saturated colours. For realistic
precise instructions that you can follow, since you cannot results, I wouldnt go below 0.75, although
use the same parameter values for two different scenes. this depends on your HDRIs.
Your main priority should be to find the lighting scheme
that works best for your own scene that shows the thrEE camEra
Setting up your V-Ray Camera correctly is
Find the lighting scheme that shows your an important part of lighting a scene. Find
the best viewpoints possible, and keep as

own building in the most appealing way, close as you can to aspect ratios used in
real world photography. Often the key to
this kind of lighting workflow is to change
as close as possible to the real world the HDRI as little as possible, and build
your camera settings around it. The image
building (or the environment, or a key detail on which you above shows my f-number, white balance,
want to focus) in the best and most appealing way, as shutter speed and ISO settings.
close as possible to the real world.
In this project, the Axis Viana Hotel, the main issue Four rEalism
was replicating the lighting scheme from the references In our studio, we always try and
and still achieve the desired moods. We used an HDRI reproduce the natural behaviour of light.
map inside a V-Ray Dome light, using Peter Guthries So look around you to see how the light
1313 Cloudy and 0917 Dawn HDRIs (www.peterguthrie. bounces off objects, how that light
net), combined with a V-Ray Sun to get soft shadows and casts shadows, and what the colour
warm highlights in the two conceptual views. of those shadows are. Try to follow a
To avoid grain, we set Subdivs (the lights sampling very basic guiding principle, which is
subdivisions) to 64 for a smoother result. We didnt link that every light in your scene should be
the light with the V-Ray Sun in order to avoid emphasising placed where a light would be in the
the shadows given the mood we wanted to create. real world.

3D WorlD May 2015 42

ExpErt tip Mapping geometry
created by a loft is a
ExpErt tip
Build all the details Save some time
Try to model all aspects great solution, which Using a mapped loft is
when youre working is often overlooked a great way to create
with liquids, whether its a base material for
bubbles, foam or even the your Unwrap UVW
meniscus. The more realistic template.
your build is, the more
you will have to play
with when you come
to the texturing
and lighting.

This realistic glass of

champagne can be
achieved in three steps

CiNEmA 4d
How do I create a realistic
glass of champagne in C4D?
Kerrie Daniels, Australia

Francesca replies
I would do this in three steps: create
the glass, then the liquid, and finally
the fizz! Find a front on photograph
of a champagne glass, draw a Bezier
curve from the middle base point, along and up
the outer edge of the glass, over the rim, down 3ds mAX
the inside and back into the middle of where the
champagne would sit. This creates the profile How can I map a linear pattern on geometry
spline you need to apply a lathe to, which will
create a basic spin to form the glass. Do the with compound curvature?
same process with the liquid, but make sure
when drawing your spline the liquid outer edge
Helm Phelps, USA
overlaps with the thickness of the glass (so in
terms of lines from left to right, you should have
glass inner, champagne outer, glass outer). Kevin replies while then select the path and click the
Apply a standard glass texture to your Mapping linear patterns, or Get Shape button. This will most likely
champagne flute. For the liquid texture in textures on complex geometry yield the best results.
your Transparency channel, add a pale yellow can be difficult. Your mapping Keep the loft selected and open the
to the Colour and Absorption Colour and technique depends a great Modifier tab on the control panel. Simply
add some Naki noise in the texture here. Add deal on your base geometry, and of click on the Apply Mapping selection
Reflectance and a slight Bump to add a bit of course the texture you wish to use. within the Surface Parameters drop-down
movement to the liquid. If your texture is a simple base material, menu. This will allow you to adjust the
Add lots of bubbles! I just modelled various you can probably get away with a UVW length and width repeat of the textures
sphere shapes and sizes for the bubbles. I made Map. However, if its a complex linear you are using.
them 100 per cent transparent but these didnt texture, which is dependent on the When adjusting the length and
seem to pick up the light as much as I wanted. shape of the geometry, you may need to width repeat, you are basically tiling
So I added a new layer into the Relectance use an Unwrap UVW. Since I am not the your textures in the U and V axes,
channel (just a standard Beckmann) and strongest at unwrapping textures, I while following the path of the lofted
removed the Default Specular. This reflected the will always try and find a quicker or geometry. Go ahead and input the
Physical Light and liquid a lot more, which adds easier solution first. necessary numbers in order to achieve
that sparkle to the champagne. Mapping geometry created by a your desired result.
For the fizz rim at the top of the glass, that was loft is a solution that I think is usually Keep in mind that this is powerful, but
an additional model that just sat on top of the overlooked, with regards to complex not as robust as a UVW Map or Unwrap
liquid. The texture for this was a sub-surfaced geometry. I personally only use a loft UVW you can only control the length,
material, with a bubble material Bump map on, because of its built-in mapping abilities. and with repeat. Therefore, if your texture
and I used a gradient within the Transparency First, create your loft geometry and is rotated 90 degrees you will have to re-
channel so the fizz blended into the liquid. apply your desired material. If you are save your textures after rotating them in
new to the loft, or have not used it in a your favourite image editing software.

3D WorlD May 2015 43


spec ue

Author profile
Nicolas Brunet
Nicolas Brunet is a
self-taught 3D and
VFX artist who has
previously created
CG commercials
and shorts, and is
now focusing on
becoming a director.

3D WorlD May 2015 44

Create your own

Nicolas Brunet shares his workflow to
create ambitious homemade VFX

he director speaks: Darius Versus: The Way to Shadow is a
is a Jedi on the run, maybe 41-minute-long Star Wars fan film
even the last of his order directed by Nicolas Santini, and
which was reduced to nothing I have been in charge of all the
by what we now call the Empire. VFX. The film contains 415 VFX
Like everything which is rare, shots, from which 77 needed to
hes tracked relentlessly by the be matchmoved. For complex
rebels who send their best agents shots I installed markers on set
FOllOw to bring him to their cause, by the (light coloured ping pong balls).
Empire and their numerous clone Only two shots were impossible
The VideO troops, by a mysterious bounty to matchmove because of the
hunter, and by a powerful Sith actor covering the whole frame
if you see the Play icon, click the link! warrior. When Darius resurfaces, and too much motion blur.
all of these forces with opposite To fix this, the actor was
interests surround him and they rotoscoped (thanks to Ben
clash violently. McEwan for his help on these

DArius vs Clones
The world he was born in
doesnt exist anymore
TM & Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

CliCk TO PlAY VideO

3D WorlD May 2015 45


Process: Fix an impossible matchmove

one Fix an imPossible matchmove two seParate elements

Try as you might, some of your shots simply wont be able to be matchmoved: First, roto out your character and all moving objects you want to keep in
theres too much motion blur, weird camera compression artefacts and the final frame. Then replace the background with a digital one. Take a lot
moving elements filling the whole frame. After crying for a few days you can of pictures of the different environments while on set, you can then stitch
start thinking of a creative way to help sort the scene out. Here is a trick for them together and use the result as a texture. Then camera map on a low
how to fix an impossible matchmove poly surface that matches your scene.

three blend elements Four add elements

Now you have the two main elements, you can manually animate a CG Finally add your CG elements, such as lasers and lens flares. Luckily this
camera in your camera mapped environment, the rotoscoped actor linked to shot had to look a lot more chaotic than the original footage. More than a
the camera. Its a hard task to match camera motion by eye, so decompose few patches of CG grass, a lot of debris, moving Clone troopers and a huge
the original camera motion starting with its position then moving onto its amount of lasers were added, and this helped a huge amount, to blend the
rotation. Now add your CG elements; lens flares are your friends! original live action with the replaced background.

shots) and the background was

exPert tiP replaced by a digital one. On set, 3D sCene
Checking the motion
Shooting a rain scene I could capture some elements
Use waterguns on set to be used in post so as to create capture results on
to wet the actors and a 270-degree background video. the CG model
elements, this will help Then I manually animated a
to blend the footage camera, which tried to match the
with digital effects motion of the camera on set, and
when in post. finally I filled the shot with CG
elements. As these shots were
full of action with tons of lasers, it
worked pretty well.
As we had planned to use
entirely digitally created clone
troopers in this film, we definitely
needed to use motion capture.
At first I used the rotomation
process, based on videos, front
and side views of the actors, I
keyframed the rigs to match the
sources. The terrible result of that
process is visible in the very first
teaser of the film.
After digging for solutions
I discovered the concept of
video-based motion capture, and
then started the long stage of
testing and suddenly, one day:
Shooting a rainy scene during a bout of we had an animation test which
very hot weather what a challenge! finally worked!

3D WorlD May 2015 46

DArius vs Clones
on set
AdViCes On wOrkFlOw
Take time to organise yourself
Director: Nicolas
can you please add a
few CG elements to In a long post production project,
fill the shot? every opportunity to avoid time
wasting is one worth grabbing.
You dont need to always unwrap
your models at 100 per cent,
some can use basic box mapping,
only your hero needs the full
treatment. Set yourself a quality
target to achieve most of the
time technology and workflows
evolve during a project, so try
to keep a homogeneous look
throughout your mission.

DArius vs Clones EARLY

post proCesseD pRoDUCTIoN
The fleeing soldier on Look
the left represents the
CG artist himself


Mo-CAp tiMe
We shot 317 animations with
four mini DV cameras. Nicolas, i used ipisoft Desktop
Eat your heart out, the director, played each clone
Andy Serkis! Digitally
created heart, that is
troopers motion, and each motion capture, with
session represented about one
shooting hour. We placed the the help of Kinect for
cameras on the corners of a 30m
room, each accompanied with
blue LED lights, and trackers
the scene where Darius
were covered with reflective
tape this way we could clearly
is fighting troopers
see bright blue dots in the video
to simplify the tracking process.
The tracking process of each
tracker was the longest and the
most tedious task throughout the
entire experience.
When that stage was thankfully
completed I exported animated
3D point clouds to external 3D
software and linked the clone
trooper rig controllers to these
specific points.
At the end of the post
production process new tools
were released, like iPisoft
Desktop Motion Capture. I used
this to create animations, with
the help of Kinect for the scene The placement of trackers represents a
where Darius is fighting troopers. clone body lying on the floor

3D WorlD May 2015 47


exPert tiP DArius nightMAre

on set
Organise your
materials Rainy scenes were
Managing thousands shot on cloudy days
of bitmaps can become and at dusk
tedious, especially for
an army of troopers.
Creating a library that
contains each armour
part variation will
save your life.

everything was manually DArius nightMAre

post proCesseD
painted. my eyes stopped This helped for
the blend in the
working for a week compositing process

after the 14th variation

of each armour element

DArius vs Clones
Here are the different
passes of a typical
clone trooper shot:
Beauty, environment
and light effects

shADer tests
Checking how mental
ray shaders react to
environment HDRI.
The world was not
ready for the wooden
clone troopers

For specific animations, such as all these grungy and damaged no experience in global
clones being killed and falling on armours, everything was illumination, final gathering or
the ground, I couldnt ask Nicolas manually painted. My eyes even displacement. Thats why
to perform these stunts any more stopped working for a week the CGI in the original teasers
(we needed him to finish the edit once I reached the 14th variation looked so old. A more advanced
and release the film!) so I used of each armour element, so I render engine was definitely the
dynamic simulations to generate thought that was enough. way to go, consequently I moved
these animations. Regarding the rendering to mental ray to get renders as
When it comes to texturing, process, here again things photo realistic as possible.
there was no DDO or Substance evolved through time. At The compositing stage wasnt
Designer at the time I created the very beginning I had really complicated. The easiest

3D WorlD May 2015 48

Process: maKe your oWn mocap stuDio

one video based motion caPture two shooting

Using a motion capture studio is expensive, but there are many low cost Some basic principles to follow. Shoot indoors to get a nice light setup,
motion capture solutions on the market. For this project I used video-based ideally in a grey or black painted room. The mocap suit needs to match the
motion capture with four digital cameras, a DIY mocap suit and a fairly background. High frame rate cameras are better if you shoot fast action. We
large capture area for the actors. These days, most of the matchmoving decided to shoot in a dark environment, the only light sources came from the
software available offers the mocap options. blue LED under our cameras, or what we called infrared cameras of the poor.

three markers Placement and size Four other solutions

If you have only four cameras, its important to place your markers on the You cant afford a full rig of quality cameras? There are other ways, so dont
front and on the back of your mocap suit, this way youll avoid the mistake worry. ipisoft DMC is one of your best options and also its a markerless
of having nothing to analyse once in front of your tracking software. Choose solution. It works with pSEyes cameras and offers surprisingly good results
the trackers size depending on the camera resolution you use. We had 5cm if you follow all the rules, like getting the capture area size and the light
diameter trackers for our old SD DV cameras. conditions just right.

Five dePth tracking six caPture everything

The other really useful thing about ipisoft DMC is the ability to track motion The great thing about video-based motion capture is youre not restricted
from one or two kinect cameras. The only downside is the restrictive by capturing your motion separately from shooting your film, you can do
capture area, which is definitely not large enough to record long actions like that task on set! Be sure to use visible enough trackers and find places
a walk or a run. However, the software allows you to export animations in a to hide your tracking cameras. of course, youre not forced to settle for
wide array of usable file formats. tracking the human body alone it also works on animals!

shots to assemble were where camera had to make a handled bushes in front of the camera in
Darius is fighting the troopers, pan movement, as the viewer 3D space. Finally, I added a CG
its so chaotic I was able to fill watches clones looking for a camera that moved from left
the frames with many digital character in a forest scene. There to right, with an added subtle
elements such as dust, ground were so many bushy trees and handshake animation.
explosions and dying troopers. clones wandering everywhere I hope you enjoy the finished
With so many CG elements I it make for a complex show. So, short and may have helped you
sometimes didnt have to remove I shot a panoramic on set then feel that sometimes you can
trackers from the set. in post-production I masked manage the impossible.
There was only one truly out vegetation to cover the Download the making of video:
impossible shot to create. The clones, and added out of focus

3D WorlD May 2015 49

artist portfolio
Meet the

Artist portfolio

Pierre Drolet
Developing a virtual tour of his 3D models is the latest
challenge this sci-fi veteran is setting himself
3D WorlD May 2015 50
Pierre Drolet built
the original Star Trek
Enterprise, for the i
prequel series of the issu al
same name, based on
Doug Drexlers design

hen it comes to showing off our 3D
models, most of us are happy to post
some 2D images on our website and
have done with it. But not Pierre Drolet.
Having spent 15 years designing CG
spaceships for shows like Star Trek, Firefly and
Battlestar Galactica, he wants people to see
more of his work than that.
I want people to feel like theyre
arTisT Profile really there, that theyre walking
Born in Canada, Pierre around a spaceship, Pierre explains.
Drolet has worked as So Im using Unreal Engine 4 to
the lead modeller for rebuild the ships and retexture them to make Pierre ended up working on the remainder of Artist insight
Eden FX, Universal it look almost real. And then I want to make it Voyager, its follow-up Star Trek: Enterprise, and Enterprising task
Studios and Pixomondo. so that people can take a virtual tour, like they a number of the movies. Noted contributions Working on the final
He is now freelance. would in a real-life aircraft museum. included his CGI build of the Star Trek series of Star Trek, Pierre
www.pierre-drolet-sci- Perhaps unsurprisingly, its proving a tough Enterprise, NX-01, based on designs by Doug got to build the original task. It almost made me cry, the amount of Drexler (see right), and the CGI Romulan version of the iconic
work he sighs. For one thing, when you build capital city he built for Star Trek Nemesis. He starship in CG
a spaceship for a movie, the inside and the won a VES Award in 2003 for his Star Trek
outside are almost like two different things. work and was nominated for Emmy Awards Over the summer of 2001
Most of the time they dont even match! But in 2003 and 2004. Pierre created what at the
now I need to redesign them so people can This was followed by a series of high-profile time was the most detailed
accurately walk around the ship and then go movies and TV shows, including Battlestar computer generated model
into it. I dont want people to feel like its a set, Galactica and 24. He also redesigned Serenity, in TV history. The Enterprise
but that youre really in the ship. the main ship from cult series Firefly. It looked NX-01 was produced for the
like a cross the way the original one was built, fifth series of Star Trek, a
I want people to take a he says. I tried to extend the neck and bring
the wing back, make it look more aggressive.
prequel to the original 60s
show. It was a dream job
virtual tour of my spaceships, Many strings to his bow
for a CG artist, and Pierre
admits he was lucky to get
Pierres not just a spaceship nerd, though. I it. Rob Bonchune, whod
VItal like they would in a real-life can do a lot of things, he explains. Ive done worked on the show since
StatIStIcS a lot of characters, a lot of monsters, a lot of Deep Space Nine, wanted to
aircraft museum set extensions. On Da Vincis Demons, for build the NX-01. But as the
example, I did a lot of 16th century sets from visual effects supervisor for
One thing Pierre isnt short of is spaceship Italy. But I do prefer to do mechanics. And Enterprise, he reluctantly
Job TiTle models to develop, after a long career creating hes taken full advantage of the opportunities decided it was too big a
Lead CGI modeller, them for popular sci-fi shows. to do so. Ive done around 150 spaceships for job, so I got the privilege
graphic designer Having worked as a video game artist different shows, he smiles. I have a whole one I was very grateful to
and author from 1995 onwards, he was hired as a CGI collection, as well as military vehicles, planes, take on! Pierre took the
modeller at Foundation Imagine in 1999, and boats I have a whole virtual army for myself! designs of veteran visual
noTable crediTs his first independent assignment was a probe A stunning career, then but CG isnt the effects artist Doug Drexler,
Da Vincis Demons, called Friendship 1 for Star Trek: Voyager. only string to Pierres bow: hes just released his and modelled the starship
Mission: Impossible Pierre recalls it being a real make-or-break first sci-fi novel, The Gateway, on sale in print using LightWave 3D. Taking
Ghost Protocol, moment for his career. and for Kindle on Amazon. A time travelling up 200 megabytes of RAM
Snow White and We received a design from the art thriller about a top-secret science project, merely to load, the digital
the Huntsman, department and I really didnt like it, he says. its full of suspenseful twists and turns and is model consisted of 500,000
Fringe, Hawaii So I asked my supervisor if I could come up getting rave reviews. polygons with 156 separate
Five-0, Terra Nova with something different, and he said go for it. It seems like hanging out on some of the images painted on it. Two
I was taking a gamble because if hed hated it, most popular sci-fi shows of modern times versions were created: a
counTry that would have been the last time Id work for must pay off. HD version for the TV series
Canada (now based Star Trek! But thankfully he loved it, and things Find out more about Pierre's work at and a low-res model for
in USA) snowballed from there.
FYI promotional purposes.

Klingon bird of Prey uss Jefferies Vril generaTion fighTer

3D WorlD May 2015 51


Practical tips and tutorials from pro
artists to improve your CG skills

62 cgi for advertising pt2

Experts explain the creative process
For more on your
free downloads
& video training
turn to page 6

geT your
Youre three steps away from this
54 model and render a realistic mech
Paul Massey shows how to take a mech from concept through to final render
64 render a surreal image
Create an intricate illustration in LightWave
issues video training and files

1. Go to the website
Type this into your browsers address bar:

2. Find the Files You want

Search the list of free resources to find
the video and files you want.

3. download what You need

Click the Download buttons and your
files will save to your PC or Mac. 70 motion graphics 72 model and render a Blade runner-inspired scene
Learn to use Cinema 4D and X-Particles Use arch-viz techniques to model a rainy, neon-lit sci-fi scene in 3ds Max and V-Ray

3D WorlD May 2015 53

Modelling a realistic mech

the viDeo
if you see the Play icon, click the link!

Cinema 4D | ZBrush | PhotoshoP | oCtane for Cinema 4D

Model and render

a realistic Mech
Paul Massey shows how to take a mech from
concept through to final render

ts important to consider the single pilot. It could operate in first action is to gather reference
wider story of your model in urbanised areas, so it couldnt materials or to create a mood.
order to give your creation be oversized or too bulky, and I find its better when creating
believability, in this instance its weaponry would be based in the a concept such as this mech, to
a mech walker. If you can set very near future, so I installed limit myself to quick glances
ArTisT profile your model within a wider world recognisable equipment and at reference materials and
Paul Massey and see it working, moving and didnt rely on laser weapons or then put it away and not look
Paul works in motion interacting then you are halfway anything too outlandish. I like at it again. Its very easy to
graphics at McCann to modelling a plausible design. to think of how the machine will accidentally include elements of
Manchester. He mostly I always begin my concepts walk, which devices will need to someone elses designs if youre
works in TV advertising by creating a purpose for the push, pull, or twist, how it will constantly referring to them.
on everything from machine involved. I imagined control itself, and how it will turn. Trust in your own designers
video editing to this mech to be used for infantry Answering these questions eye, and you can come up with
3D modelling and support, not requiring too much from an engineering point of view something that will be yours.
character sculpting. speed or manoeuvrability, simple will guide your concepts final For all the assets you need go to to handle and drive meaning a look. For many illustrators, their

ExpErt tip
Reuse old models
For this mech I began
by modifying a pilot
character I had previously
modelled and had ready
to be installed in a
suitable project. Reusing
old models is a great
way to speed up your
concepting. CliCk to PlaY viDeo

1 Model The pIloT 2 BAlAnce And sIlhoueTTe

In ZBrush, I take a human Base Mesh and dynamesh Its a typical workflow to sketch out your design on
it. I mask off areas and use the extract option to paper and use for reference, or even scan it and
roughly create his padding and armour. With the use as a background to work over in your chosen
Topics covered clip curve and polish brushes I form the hard surface 3d software. I prefer to start at an even more basic
Kit-bashing parts, keeping as separate subtools in case I need to level and go straight into cinema 4d and use simple
PolyPen pose my character. I decimate the model and remove cylinders and cubes, using the symmetry tool to
Rendering the unseen parts, including the rear of the model and sketch out my overall forms. I can then rotate and view
Compositing eventually the legs, which will reduce the polygon my model from all angles and ensure the balance is
Colour Grading count. The models exported using GoZ to cinema 4d. correct before adding any further geometry.

3D WorlD May 2015 54

Model A Mech
There are plenty
of shortcuts to
master modelling
a realistic mech

CliCk to PlaY viDeo sc speci-fi
issu al
3D WorlD May 2015 55
Modelling a realistic mech

MAnAging The
Ensure geometry is easily
adjustable by repositioning
the axis of parts which
may need to rotate

3 sTART kIT-BAshInG 4 ReWoRk Models

I have made extensive use of Vitaly Bulgarovs Black I like to reinvent some of these parts. I can use a
Widow and Black phoenix kitbash models here camera as an engine vent, or a suspension arm
(available from They are as an engine part. Ive made particular use of the
incredibly well designed and can massively speed suspension pistons, and some frames for the body
up the concept process. I add parts purely for their panels. I like the modular look of modern combat
initial shape and to help me sketch out the concept, vehicles, where different equipment can be added,
then I will go back and refine them or completely so I incorporate frames and extruded panels into the
remodel. I find this can save days in modelling time head design of my mech. This adds detail while still
at this concept stage. retaining a simple, clean design.

speed up your
Cinema 4Ds PolyPen can
save a lot of time when
compared to the Box or
Point modelling technique

5 usInG polYpen 6 cuTTInG holes

kitbash parts are lots of fun and can create press [F2] for a top down view, and begin by
ingenious shapes very quickly when used correctly, selecting the polypen, then from the menu bar select
but its not a good idea to let it replace your own create>object>empty polygon. This will allow us
modelling skills completely. cinema 4d R16 has a to draw our required shape. simply click several
new tool that has proved invaluable: the polypen. It points to create a frame-like shape. To complete your
has far too many uses and features to breakdown in polygon shape join your line/point back to the start
a tutorial here, but I explain my modelling workflow point. select your knife tool by pressing [M] and then
for making mech parts in the next steps. [k] on the keyboard, then select Mode>hole. You can
now cut a hole in your polygon.

7 AddInG depTh 8 usInG BeVel

now in polygon mode, select your drawn polygon using the line select tool, click on an inner vertex of
and right-click and select extrude. click and drag on your drawn polygon, right-click and select the Bevel
the object to create some depth. Take into account tool. In the Bevel menu, add several subdivisions
that this is only temporary, so any depth is fine here and set the depth slider to 100%. This will create a
and you dont need to be too careful. smooth curve to your line when you click and drag
on it. now all you need to do is click and drag to
create your desired curve.

3D WorlD May 2015 56

9 cReATInG The FRAMe 10 Boole opeRATIon
Work your way around the model until youve bevelled ensuring that your null containing the cylinders
each corner to create an industrial looking piece intersects with the polygon frame, select Boole from
of frame work. now press [F3] and in point mode, the menu bar. drag both the polygon frame and the
and with select only Visible clicked off, delete your null containing the cylinders into the Boole object.
extrusion so youre left with a flat polygon that retains The polygon frame should be above the cylinder null
the curves youve added. now well punch some bolt in the hierarchy of the Boole. The Boole operation has
holes through our frame. simply create a cylinder made things more difficult to work with, as its created
from the primitives menu and press Alt>G to place it lots of unwanted triangles, which need tidying up. We
in a null. Resize and move cylinder as you wish. can limit this with a simple trick with the polypen.

Quick pArTs
This is a very simple and
quick way to create lots
of industrial looking parts
for your mech concepts

11 TIdY The Mesh 12 cReATe MoRe shApes

press [F2] on the keyboard for a top down view, then using the same Bevel technique as before, round
go back into knife mode [M]+[k] and draw a square off the polyframe edges. In line mode press [u]
hole around each circle. select the polypen and in and [l] on your keyboard to create a loop selection.
line mode, drag one line back over the other while click and drag to create your bevelled edge. using
holding ctrl to snap the lines together. This has the same technique as the cylinders, you can carve
masked and isolated the amount of disruption the into the extruded frame with any shape. experiment
Boolean has caused to the mesh. select the polygon with filleted cubes to create channels in the metal
frame, and in polygon mode right-click and select while varying the depth of intersection. MoGraph or
extrude. ensure the create caps option is activated. symmetry tools create more elaborate shapes.

I create simple
animations to show that
the connectors and
joints are in the
right position

13 pose The Mech

Although Im ultimately creating a still illustration,
I check for unwanted intersections or overlaps and
adjust the design or pose accordingly. If a knee joint
doesnt move correctly, or doesnt appear to be
bearing the weight itll be obvious the mech wouldnt
work in the real world. I create simple animations to
show that the connectors and joints are in the right
position. using symmetry, the mech is beginning to
take shape and the legs are quickly established.

3D WorlD May 2015 57

Modelling a realistic mech


Constant rEndEring
and rEviEw 14 BlockouT desIGn
I knew immediately that I wanted to create a single
seater mech concept with the pilot clearly visible
and the visor/hatch open. once the legs are near
completion I begin work on the pilot module. using
ZBrushs GoZ I import my decimated pilot model and
build around him. I think its important to consider
where he would be seated, while leaving enough
area for mechanical devices around and behind him.
It all adds to the believability of the overall concept.

onE part library

I constantly render my parts
and models during concepting. I
upload them to my mobile device
for quick reviews.

15 deTAIl Vs FlAT AReAs

When designing my mech, I made sure to leave
areas that are not overly detailed. It gives the eye
somewhere to rest and can help make a surrounding,
moderately detailed area look complex. leaving
relatively large areas free from polygon clutter makes
it easier to recognise certain parts. I make sure
to have the knee joints clearly defined, the same
two plan ahEad with the ankle and hip connections. All the detail
I find it highly beneficial to be happens inbetween these areas of free space.
able to study the parts of the
design at a glance, enabling me
to have a clear idea of whats
required the next time I begin
working on my models.

16 poInTs oF ReFeRence 17 ocTAne RendeR FoR c4d

Although I have a figure situated front and centre octane Render is an unbiased, physically based
thrEE it savEs timE of my mech, I also like to give visual clues as to the renderer that utilises the power of your nvidia Gpu.
I also begin to get an idea of the machines real world size. everybody can associate The octane for cinema 4d plug-in works seamlessly
type of angle I want to finally with a handle, so I place a few subtle grab handles within the c4d uI. simply add an octane object tag
render, meaning I wont waste at points that would be used to make access to the to your models master null, then an octane camera
time modelling unseen parts. mech possible. The same issue occurs with nuts and a hdRI environment and you can be creating
and bolts, so I ensure that these are scaled relative beautiful renders in moments, rather than hours.
to the pilots size.

3D WorlD May 2015 58

18 ocTAne shAdeRs
creating a shader for octane within cinema 4d is
straightforward. You can create several shaders and
combine them with a Mix Material. You can add
mix materials to your mix materials! For armoured
vehicles I like to use the dirt shader. I create my base
metal and a simple weathered armour colour, then
combine them in the dirt channel. Then in real-time,
I create edge fall-offs and recreate the effect of wear
and weathering to exposed surfaces.

making sCratChEs
Consider how to use dings
When compositing layers to
be weathered or scratched, its
important to take note of the
form of the area which is to be
detailed. For instance, a scratch or
a ding may travel across several
areas, but its very rare it would
impact any recessed areas. You
can use the layer masking to
paint the scratch out of these
19 ocTAne RendeR areas, or use the AO pass, pasted
I render my mech using a hdRI with similar into a layer mask, to knock out
characteristics to my chosen backdrop: indoors with a your scratch from these bevels.
high single light source. use a rim light and a separate This is important when using the
fill for extra control. Ground shadows are created with shader method rather than a UV
a diffuse octane shader applied to a ground plane map. Applying an overall scratch
with the Matte option checked, giving the option effect can make your image look
of outputting the shadow separately with an alpha unfinished or hurried. Time spent
channel for later compositing. I use the Thin lens here can add real finesse.
camera and have realtime control over depth of field.

ExpErt tip
Select Texture Tags/Objects
A good method for making swift
changes to your textures is to use
the Select Texture Tags/Objects
command. Simply right-click on
the texture youd like to select
and click on Select Texture Tags/
Objects. This will select each part
of your model using that texture.
You can then drag your new
texture to the Material
Slot in the Texture
Tag menu.
20 ouTpuT RendeR
I decided early on with this project that I wouldnt masking in photoshop. I then output the beauty
be making uV maps, as I see this mech as an early passes, including the Alpha channel, an Ambient
stage in the concept design, and my emphasis with occlusion pass, a Zdepth pass and lastly a Material
this project was a good design created within a few Id pass. I find that the Material Id pass is an essential
days. I like to make at least two passes for my main part of the process as I can quickly select a material
materials: one is the overall armour colour, the other and make any changes I wish, such as making all the
has an amplified version of the dirt mapped armour, titanium appear lighter. These are all I need to be
which I can then combine and overlay, giving me able to composite together in the final stage of this
plenty of control of the final piece through layer concept in photoshop.

3D WorlD May 2015 59

Modelling a realistic mech

21 MeRGe pAsses 22 lAYeR MAskInG

In photoshop, I place my render passes into position. I then select each pass while holding shift and then
Finalising If you need to place a render pass over another from command G to group them into a layer group.
another window, simply have both windows open, Renaming the group will help when adding more
click the one you would like to place over the other, elements to the scene. Again, scene management is
then hold shift and drag it to the target window. If vital for a swiftly editable workflow. I then add a layer
Using ColoUr lUt both canvases are identical then your newly placed mask to the mechs own layer group and copy and
Finishing thE mECh image will be constrained and lock into place
accurately. I do this several times with each pass until
paste the mechs alpha channel into the layer mask,
which ensures any work done within the group is
I am happy with my stack. constrained within that folder.

onE ChangE thE tonE

Colour LUTs are a very fast way
of achieving an entirely different
look and feel for your image. I
create a layer folder at the top
of my layer palette and click on
the Adjustments layer icon, then
select Colour Lookup.
23 WoRk WITh lAYeR GRoups 24 WeATheRInG & scRATches
As Ive structured my layer group in order of metal/ I carefully begin to paint out areas of the armour2
reflection, plain armour, armour2, I can add layer layer until I am left with a blend of flat armoured
masks to the two beauty passes. I then look at an areas with sharper, more defined areas (such as
overall blend that combines the two passes and pick corners or edges that are exposed to damage). I
out areas with a soft brush. using a scratch brush, or also add an overall grime layer to my mech using
one with a specked edge, will break up uniform edges softlight overlays and begin to mask out areas
needing fixing. I also begin to colour grade my mech that arent quite as prone to damage, while
to establish contrast. The mech is the whole point of enhancing those that are. (see the boxout on
the final illustration and I want this to stand out. page 59 for more advice on adding scratches.)
two load thE lUt
Click Load 3D LUT, this will create
a dropdown menu. Simply click
the names and your image will
change dramatically. There are
hundreds of these LUTs freely
available on the internet.

thrEE ovErlay in photoshop 25 AddInG ATMospheRe

Once applied they can be mixed once Im happy with my weathering and layer
and overlaid like any other blending, and have added my decals, I then create
layer in Photoshop. Experiment an atmosphere layer group. This consists of dust
with these, and the Photo Filter speckles, fire, smoke, lens flares and noise. I not only
adjustment layer, to achieve your try and achieve an effect of depth with this group but
desired final composition. I also use it to frame my mech much like a complex
vignette. once this important stage is complete I
move onto the overall colour grading (see boxout)
and the mech is finished!

3D WorlD May 2015 60

su day e x t wor
to r n .ly/3
yo w.b

bs to is ld-s
u it

c r g s u e ub
ib e t ! s
Free! e

Issue 195

next month
Master the art of photoreal portraits

Issue 195 on sale 22 aprIl

Nicholas gaul shares his techNiques! subscribe today:
CGI for advertising

LightWave 3D

learn the rules of

CGI for advertIsInG
In the second part of the series Iaki Gonzlez and Salvador Bolarn
explore the creative process behind an inspirational advert

n this second tutorial, were complete photography jobs, but account certain restrictions).
looking at an advert campaign rather to replace them. However, Techniques such as Instancing,
inspired by Saddington Baynes over the years its been proven Bullet Dynamics, Camera
selection of still images, and that photography needs to be Matching and Radiosity
the Framestore commercial, fed from CGI and CGI needs to were all used.
ArTisT profile ArTisT profile Shelter House of Cards. Weve be fed from photography. Instances allows duplicating
Salvador Iaki Gonzlez brought the campaign to sunny objects in your scene when
Salvador is a
Iaki is a CGI artist
who specialises in
Barcelona, Spain, and tried to
approach the techniques we
Over the years its been the rendering is taking place,
freeing up layout resources.
photographer and
CGI artist also
photoreal rendering
techniques who
think the artists involved may
have used. proven that photography Bullet Dynamics are quick and
easy to use, but also powerful,
running CGI, creative
retouching and
runs CGI, creative
retouching and
The reference picture shows
a building made of cards being needs to be fed from and were recently implemented
in LightWave. Both camera and
blown away, with the aim of lighting is matched manually and
photography courses.
Photography courses. alerting people to the UKs CGI and CGI needs to be advanced lighting techniques are
house market collapse and the used to match the background
problem of homelessness in fed from photography plate mood.
London and throughout the The final stage of the process
Topics covered rest of the UK. In this case, different VFX is to split the render into several
Modelling Traditionally, photographers techniques were used to passes. This is in order to
Lighting were afraid of using CGI accomplish the still image, but maintain strong control over the
Shading techniques and decided to keep obviously the same techniques final photograph.
Rendering it away from their tool palette. It could be applied to an animation For all the assets you need, go to
Compositing was not understood as a tool to (though always taking into

3D WorlD May 2015 62

FO RT uTO le 22

PA Is T n sa
L L 3 O R I Ap
A k 19 5 ,

O w F A L r il
shAding conTrol
over insTAnces
Shading and texturing
instances using the Node
Editor allows you to
have control over every
instance in the scene and
also allows you to add the
same texture to a range
1 MODeLLInG 2 TeXTURInG anD UV of instances if needed
Using basic polygonal modelling tools, such as Clone To apply textures in the card model, the geometry
and Move, and different Falloffs, the building to be is unwrapped. When unwrapping a 3D model the
covered is built first. To model the card a basic Box idea is to have the same model unfold in 2D with
is created, cuts are added with Subdivide, and the no distortion, so an image can be applied to it.
borders gets smoothed out using Rounder. Rounder References are sourced on the internet and then
is a powerful tool that makes it easy to add details on retouched using compositing software. Due to having
corners. When you need to mimic real life models, UVs, both sides of the card can easily be textured
having smoothed borders can make a big difference using a single surface. Using instances makes it easier
to the final results. to apply different textures using the same surface.

CGI is synonymous with attention
to detail and so is drawing.
Understanding how a camera
works, how lenses affect
distortion, and a knowledge of
drawing in perspective, will all
make a huge difference when the
real camera needs matching to
the virtual camera. The final still
image should work as a whole,
where every little detail counts
3 CaMeRa MaTCHInG 4 BULLeT DynaMICS and makes it believable to the
When merging CG content with a real background, Bullet Dynamics is used to simulate the blowing viewer. So if the scale of the scene
camera matching the scene well is very important. effect. This allows fast, intuitive, rigid and soft is not right or the lense does not
To do this, the more information we can obtain the dynamics creating a more natural effect. Forces are have the right properties, the
better. Key information such as the date, the camera added and the simulation run. Play around with the final result will vary. Once we
(including its height), metrical real reference from parameters until happy. Saving Transformed Object have ticked off these first steps,
elements taken on set, and most importantly, the allows you to save any object as a different one at the next stage is to observe the
lense, will make a big difference to speeding up this any frame, so once the simulation is finished a frame image: its mood, the quality of
process. Finally, using this information and finding the is chosen and rendered. Having this object separate, the light, and the position of
vanishing point of the image, the camera is set up. small tweaks are done to get a pixel perfect result. the lights casting shadows. We
will need to make a virtual light
matching this and get an overall
pleasant light condition where
the 3D object sits well. Rendering
several layers for the different
lights, using mattes to speed
up selection in compositing or a
Zbuffer to add fog and depth of
field, will all help a lot.

Useful Zbuffer!
A Zbuffer render was
5 RenDeRInG THe SCene 6 ReTOUCHInG used to add depth of
The scene is rendered using a single Dome Light When compositing a render over a real plate, look field to the image in
and Global Illumination. Carefully observing the carefully at the background colour, its black and white compositing and also
image, place the light. a Dome Light is used as it can points, amount of blur, and where its placed. This to add the haze
generate soft shadows in LightWave, and the rays are gives a feel on scale and existing noise on the picture appearing on the
parallel similar to the sun in real life as its so far from taken. Once checked, well be matching all this using Background Plate.
earth. Global Illumination adds environmental light, curves and different colour correcting tools, rendering
filling the areas left in shadow by the Dome Light. The Matte passes to fixed elements based on selections,
colour for the environment is chosen using the Colour and Zbuffer to add depth of field.
Picker and sampling the original background plate.

3D WorlD May 2015 63

Create memorable art

LightWave 11.6 | ZBrush | PhotoshoP FoLLoW

create a
the video
if you see the Play icon, click the link!

surreal image
Lorenzo Zitta explains the process behind
his intricately carved wine cork illustration

reating eye-catching to sculpt the liquid splash instead
illustrations can be fun, but of relying on fluid simulation.
challenging. Over the next Texturing is fast and easy, so
few pages, I will explain how I the most labour-intensive parts
created Old Wine, my CG still life of the work are detailing and
ArTisT profile showing an antique stagecoach lighting. Once this is done, we
Lorenzo Zitta and horses carved out of a wine will render the image in passes,
Lorenzo is a freelance cork. This image is a remake, compositing them and applying
digital artist and adapted more to my style, of an post effects in Photoshop to
award-winning old job I did for a winery. From create the finished image.
photographer. He modelling, texturing, lighting, to In the walkthrough, I will provide
teaches photography rendering and post, it took me an overview of my workflow,
and CGI, and around 30 hours to complete. discussing the key techniques
works as a creative However, the project is less I used. In the accompanying
retoucher. complicated than it seems. All download, you can find a video it needs is a lot of attention to walkthrough covering the most
detail and to the imperfections complex part of the work: lighting
of the models and textures. Well the model in LightWave.
create several of the models As ever, before starting work,
from simple primitives, like you should look for reference
cylinders (the cork and bottle) images, particularly of the most
and cubes (the carriage). Rather complex objects in the scene,
than modelling all of the detail such as the horse and the
inside LightWave, we will sculpt it carriage. You will also need a large
in ZBrush, using the GoZ plug-in image of a suitable cork texture.
to import and export the model. For all the assets you need go to
Later on we will also use ZBrush


Open Modeler and load your reference image in
the background (press [D], select the Backdrop tab,
and Load Image). You can use it as a guide. Create
Topics covered a cube and subdivide it into three vertical sections
Modelling to represent the doors and windows. Select the
Texturing three sets of polygons shown on the front and back,
Lighting then use the Bevel tool [B] to define the openings,
Rendering holding [Ctrl] to constrain the axis. Delete the
Post-production selected polygons to cut holes through the cabin.

3D WorlD May 2015 64

eye-cATching ArT
With the fine detailing
and unusual merging of
objects, Lorenzos work
elicits a closer look


use the Subdivide tool [Shift]+[D] with Subdivision
Method set to Faceted and the Drag tool [Ctrl]+[T]
to move the bottom points on the carriage to give
it its rounded profile. use the Thicken tool to add
depth to the insides. For the wheels, create a disc
with some thickness, add a bevel to define the edge
of the ring, and use this selection to cut a hole in the
centre using the Bridge tool. Centre the ring on the
origin [F2]; use the Array tool to clone the spokes.

3D WorlD May 2015 65

Create memorable art

reference is key
Import an image of
a horse in a standing
pose into Modeler as
a backdrop to act as a
guide when modelling


Continue using the same techniques to refine In the same way as you did with the carriage,
the model and to add the remaining parts of the import an image of a horse to act as a guide when
carriage: the seat, the roof, and so on. The image modelling. Create a rectangle and Subdivide it a
above shows an exploded view of the various few times, this time with Subdivision Method set to
different parts of my own model. Metaform. extrude (press [e]) the neck, tail, head
and legs, then Subdivide again to create the desired
shape, using the Drag tool (or the newer Tweak tool:
Modify>Translate>Tweak), and cutting polygons
where more detail is needed, like the legs.


The next subdivision (again, with Subdivision The image above shows the process by which the
Method set to Metaform) is the decisive one and horse model was refined. Duplicate it to create the
allows you to perfect the anatomy, adding more second horse, adjusting the pose of the duplicate
details and extruding the ears. Change your slightly if you like. For the driver, use the base male
reference image to one of a horse in motion and figure provided with ZBrush (or use a stock model of
trace its shape again. This is still a low-poly object, your own), adding a few details like the hat, and seat
which enables us to repose it by moving and rotating it on top of the carriage.
the legs manually, without having to complicate
matters by resorting to bones or Skelegons.


Create the bottle (Im assuming you can do this on Its easier to sculpt the details on the inside of the
your own) and the cork next. even though the cork is cork in ZBrush than it is to model them in LightWave.
straightforward to create, you should model it with Send the cork to ZBrush using GoZ (built into
its purpose in mind. Create a cylinder and divide it LightWave 11.5 and above). In ZBrush, subdivide
into three parts, as you did with the carriage. Delete the mesh as many times as you need, then using the
the upper central polygons as shown above, and cap Standard brush with a DragRect stroke and an alpha
the hole to reconstruct its surface. To plug the hole map of a rock texture, deform the mesh to get a
select the points in sequential order where we want result similar to that shown above.
to generate a polygon.

3D WorlD May 2015 66

BAck in lighTWAve
Dont make too many
subdivisions: The image
of the cork model on
the left shows the kind
of geometry youre
aiming to create


Before sending the model back to LightWave, again Back in LightWave, create a cylinder 4mm in
using GoZ, you should freeze the mesh. To avoid diameter and 15cm high. This will form the barrel of
slow-downs or crashes, dont raise the subdivision the corkscrew. Position it at the origin. In a new layer,
level too high: all you really need is the displacement create a trapezoid shape as shown in the image
of the mesh, not the micro detail. You should aim for above. This will form a section of the spiral. Position
the geometry as shown in the image above. it on the X-axis in the back view, as shown above.


use the Lathe tool (press [L]) and press [n] to
switch to the numeric controls. Set end Angle to
3000 and increase Sides from 24 to 2000. Increase
the Offset value to create a spiral. You can use the
settings shown in the image above to refine the
form of the screw.


Sculpt the splash of wine manually in ZBrush. Begin
with a DynaMesh sphere, and shape it into the
form shown above using the Move, Inflat (inflate)
and SnakeHook brushes. Once youve finished, use
GoZ to send it to Modeler in LightWave and add
some floating droplets to make the result seem
more dynamic.

3D WorlD May 2015 67

Create memorable art

13 THe CORk TeXTuReS 14 CORk OBjeCTS

Look online for a good photographic texture to Repeat the process for every other object in the
use as a diffuse map for the cork. If it doesnt come scene that needs the cork texture. Adjust the scale
with a ready-made greyscale bump/displacement of the uvs so that the size of the chips in the cork
map, you can create one manually. (Look online for is the same on each model. The remaining objects
tutorials, or use software like nDo: the legacy version in the scene use simple glass and metal materials,
is free from use the Atlas uv which well discuss later in the training.
map type. It creates a messy uv map, but here it
doesnt matter, since the image we are mapping is
just as chaotic.

SElEctivE lighting
Key Render Globals settings
LightWave lets us fool physics.
From the Lights tab in the
Render Globals panel, you can 15 SCene COMPOSITIOn 16 THe CORk MATeRIAL
define a light that affects one Position all of the objects in the scene as shown The cork is a simple material, so the basic Surface
object but not another; or stop it above. (For a large scene, I would load all of the editor [F5] will do here. use both the diffuse and
from casting shadows, creating individual models in Layout and set them up bump map in the Diffuse channel to give it more
specular highlights, or affecting there, but since this scene doesnt have that many contrast. Once you have assigned the uv map for
the diffuse shading. Knowing how elements, I did this directly in Modeler.) Place the one object for example, the shading of the horse
to combine these options opens drops on a separate layer so that you can move is the same as the driver and the cork it will only
up many creative possibilities. In them if they get in the way of the final composition. assign the uvs from the Surface editor.
this project, I used this technique
extensively to highlight details
and parts of the models that
would not be seen using a strict
physically correct lighting setup.
For example, I used the second
Point Light and the Linear Light
to enhance the bump mapping.

ExpErt tip
Dont use Draft Mode
In the VPR, turn off Draft
Mode. Draft Mode only 17 GLASS & MeTAL MATeRIALS 18 PRePARInG FOR LIGHTInG
sees one light bounce, Being the largest and most visible cork element in Place the camera at the position from which you want
so it doesnt really show the scene, the cork itself also needs a displacement to render the scene and establish the framing, so you
the illumination of the map. This is assigned through the Deform tab dont waste time lighting the scene for a different
scene properly. in Object Properties. The remaining materials in view. You need to create a warm atmosphere with
the scene are created using the node editor: the soft shadows, so open the Render Globals panel,
bottle and the wine splash use a Dielectric node switch to the Global Illum tab and check enable
(shown above), while the metal objects use a Radiosity. Increase Indirect Bounces to 3 so that
Conductor node. secondary light rays can reach all of the crevices.
Leave the other settings at the default values.

3D WorlD May 2015 68

CLiCk to PLaY video ExpErt tip
Physically accurate lights
LightWave 11.6 lets you choose
between nine types of lights,
each with its own peculiarities.
Most of them can be made
physically correct by setting
Intensity Falloff to
Inverse Distance2.

For the key light, use an Area Light positioned as a
back light to bring out the silhouettes of the objects.
use another Area Light with a reddish colour as a fill
light beneath the cork to simulate the light passing timE-Saving
through the wine. next, turn off the shadows by trickS
setting Shadows to Off in Light Properties. To light
the interior of the cart, add a Point Light, adjusting
its Light Intensity value so it doesnt blow out.
crEatE a SmokE
bruSh in photoShop

onE SourcE imagE

You can add smoke or fog to your
images quickly in post-production
by creating a custom Photoshop
brush. First, search online for a
suitable image of white smoke
20 FInAL LIGHTInG TOuCHeS 21 RenDeR In PASSeS on a black background.
Add another Point and a Linear Light to create Always render in passes: it gives you the flexibility to
highlights on the profiles of shiny objects like the edit the image. The most common ways to do this in
corkscrew and the glass. Finally, in Modeler, create LightWave are PSD export and Compositing Buffer
a sphere surrounding the scene. Find an HDR image export. You can enable them from the Processing tab
of a warm interior environment like a church or wine of the effects panel. PSD export generates a layered
cellar online and map it onto the sphere. This will .psd file with all the necessary passes to optimise the
give the final render a more realistic look. The image image in Photoshop. I also create Occlusion, Fresnel
above shows the position of all the lights in the and AO passes, and export a Depth pass using the
finished lighting setup. Compositing Buffer export image filter.
two invErt thE colourS
In Photoshop, create a 2,500 x
2,500 pixel document (File>New
and fill in the Width and Height
fields). Paste the smoke image
onto the canvas and invert it

thrEE crEatE a prESEt

22 BASIC POST-PRODuCTIOn 23 FInISHInG TOuCHeS Edit>Define Brush Preset, name
now you can adjust the image to better define the To add some blur, copy the Depth pass and the new preset smoke and press
shadows, specular highlights, reflections and Fresnel paste it into your RGB/Alpha channels. Go to OK. Open the Brush Presets
effects, and to give a feeling of volume. Import the Filters>Blur>Lens Blur. Adjust the settings until you panel. The smoke image is now
render passes you generated into Photoshop as get the desired effect. You can add the smoke an alpha. If you paint with a
separate layers, and add a warmly lit background (the vapour created by opening the bottle), by white foreground colour, you
that synergises with the tones of the image. Dont go painting it in by hand, or compositing in a suitable will only paint the smoke, not
overboard with the shadows and specular highlights, photographic image. Finally, apply a noise>Add the background.
as you can make overall changes to the blacks and noise filter and experiment with the settings to
whites with the Curves and Levels adjustments. integrate the entire composition better.

3D WorlD May 2015 69

Create abstract motion graphics

the viDeo
if you see the Play icon, click the link!

Cinema 4D | X-PartiCles

make abstract motion

graphics with particles
Rob Redman explains how to animate wear and tear, or a change
in the season, using simple techniques with particles

n recent years particles have grips with complex setups easily the material and light but mostly
become more popular than and quickly. Theres many ways it on the spread of particles and
ever, with complex systems and can achieve your goals, from the settings used to skin these
simulations seen in everything Q&A setups to effectors and particles with a renderable mesh,
from TV advertising to big budget dynamics and it's integration into so setting the initial emitter
ArTisT profile Hollywood movies. For those of Cinema 4D is seamless, including properties, then the noises will
Rob Redman us creating these effects times tools for Xpresso. be vital. Theres endless options
Rob Redman is have never been better. Hardware For this example well look at with particles and X-Particles, so
founder of a VFX is more powerful, more cost the basics of setting up a particle experiment and have fun!
and animation effective and the software we use system, to get up and running The scene itself is a very simple
studio, as well as is at its most accessible. as quickly as possible with a white infinity, so the depth will
being a film maker However, particle systems distinctive, attractive animation, come from movement and a little
and trainer. His work can still seem daunting, with which we can render in high depth of field on the camera. You
can be seen in print, complicated workflows, new sets quality. Well aim for an abstract can take the scene file apart to
television and film. of jargon to learn and different swirl of particle motion, which will investigate how it's put together. rendering techniques needed to be skinned to look something like Before you start, install
pariahrob get the most out of the work. coloured liquid or paint moving X-Particles at
X-Particles is a different beast. through the air, with large scale and create a menu for it following
Its hugely powerful and includes noise to drive the overall motion the X-Particles instructions. Add
Topics covered everything from fluid solvers to and some smaller scale turbulence a system to the scene and now
Particles skinners. More importantly, it to give us detail and interest. we are ready to begin.
Controlled chaos does it in a neat, friendly and The trick to an attractive end For all the assets you need go to
Rendering particles logical way, letting you get to result will be partly based on

3D WorlD May 2015 70


Fo bs tu le 22
r o a 4 on s
n E ue 1 9

l l E t o Ap
m 5,

o w x t r i a r il
d a

speed Things up
If your viewport is slowing
down use circles, rather
than spheres as your
particle display type
CliCk to PlaY viDeo


Once youve added a system, look in the Attributes This look is all about movement and there are a few
Manager and add a generator type. To start with ways to get the large scale look, depending on the
add an emitter, but this is also where you will add the final result required. One way is to make the particles
skinner object later on. With the emitter selected a trail and animate the emitter, maybe using a vibrate
you can adjust the type of emitter from a shape or tag for automation. For this example I select the
an object, along with all the controls for the birth of System Object and from the Modifiers menu choose ExpErt tip
each particle (X-Particles is very powerful, so copy a Turbulence. I toy with the settings until deciding on Scene scale
my settings from the download file, see page 6). The what you see here. I also change the display options Try to work to real world
biggest factor here is speed and birthrate. of the emitter to make it easier to see the particles. scales whenever you can.
Not all tools rely on it but
some do and it will really
help you understand
things like noise scales
and depth of field.

3 FInE ADjuSTMEnTS 4 AlPHA X-Particles is a different

Its easy to focus on playing with particles but its best You can continue to add modifiers and adjust settings
to focus on smaller details once the overall motion is
set. Here, I add another modifier; a flocking modifier,
but you can go too far Im adding one more effect. I
wanted to ensure that despite lots of random looking beast. Its hugely
which gives a cohesive feel and makes it look a little
more natural. I lessen the effect of the flocking to
motion, I could control the passage of the particles
across the scene, so I add a wind modifier. Ensuring powerful and includes
make it more subtle and not overpower the look of it doesnt destroy the work already done is a matter
the curly turbulence. I also add an X-Particles material of small tweaks, usually with the Strength and Scale everything from fluid
to the emitter, with Age turned on in the Colour controls. If it looks too uniform add a little turbulence
Channel, to see whats happening. without having to re-adjust the Turbulence modifier. solvers to skinners

geT updATed
The developers often
release updates offering
more than just bug fixes,
so its worth opening the
updater to ensure you
have the latest version
5 SkInnIng 6 FInISHIng uP
With the system selected go to the generators menu You now have renderable animated particles.
and add a Skinner, which creates a mesh around The X-Particle material wont work on the skinned
the particles. use the Skinner settings to refine the object, so create a new standard material, apply to
tightness of the volume and detail generated by the the skinner and finalise scene elements you want.
particles. Remember the scale you work at. A 5cm Here, the floor, lighting and settings are ready, so
polygon might be too big, or small, for your scene. add a camera and youre done. Theres so many
Open the Smooth controls and activate geometry possibilities and I suggest you play with options and
Smoothing within the system, to keep your scene settings. Investigate the Q&A system for fine control
clean and efficient. over your systems.

3D WorlD May 2015 71

Creating a sci-fi street scene

An Arch-Vis
3D Artist Alex Farrell
adopts principles
used in architectural
visualisations to
compose his scene

Artist Profile
Alex Farrell
Alex is a 3D artist at
The Neighbourhood,
working predominantly in
architectural visualisation.
He also produces many
of the scripts that the
studio uses, and is heavily
involved in R&D.

toPics coVered

3D WorlD May 2015 72

issu al

3DS Max | V-Ray | PhotoShoP

Create a Blade
runner-inspired sCene
Learn how to create an atmospheric sci-fi street scene,
and how to master neon lights, with Alex Farrell

ith Blade Runner, Ridley the elements its famous for. But remain a dynamic process, for
Scott created a vision of its important to not just simply example you may alter the camera
the future so rich that it replicate what has been done angle based on the way the
continues to influence and inspire before. There are many 2D and lighting interacts with your scene.
audiences some 30 plus years 3D renderings of Blade Runners I wont go over how the scene Follow
after its release. With the help of iconic locations, but we want to was built poly-by-poly, but I
visual futurist Syd Mead, Ridleys create something new and will provide an insight into my the ViDeo
version of Los Angeles in 2019 push our creativity. workflow, and show you how to
is one of darkness, rain, flying Ill approach the scene in a work in an efficient manner. We if you see the Play icon, click the link!
cars, and neon. way similar to an architectural wont unwrap the UVWs of a single
Over the next few pages Ill visualisation project, starting with object, instead relying on tiled
show you how to model, texture, view exploration before moving to textures and procedural maps.
and light a scene inspired by lighting, shading, then finally post- For all the assets you need go to
this film, incorporating many of production. However, this should

3D WorlD May 2015 73

Creating a sci-fi street scene

CliCk to Play ViDeo


from the outset, its fairly important to have an idea for a landscape as varied as 2019 Los Angeles,
ScEnE SEt-Up of the final image in your mind. You need to think its going to be difficult to contain every cultural
Gamma and Unit Settings about what it should contain, and what compositions
would work best to frame those ideas. I knew I
influence in a single image, so take direction from
what inspires you the most. Im a big fan of art deco
Here at The Neighbourhood we wanted a widescreen, cinematic, ground level shot, design, so I collected images from google and flickr
often work on visualisations for so I collected images that ticked those boxes. I took of places such as the Carbide & Carbon building in
large schemes that cover huge inspiration from Times Square, in particular how Chicago, and the Waldorf Astoria. even if you dont
distances, so by default we work Broadway intersects the otherwise grid-like layout of appreciate the building as a whole, you may take
in metres in our System Unit this dense urban environment. influence from a specific detail.
Scale to keep things consistent.
However, with this project I chose
to work in centimetres, as its
easier to model smaller objects
and add detail to assets close to
the camera. Also, when dealing
with BerconNoise maps it makes
more sense to deal with values
such as 1 and 10, rather than 0.01
and 0.1, the numbers feel less
arbitrary. In my Gamma and LUT
settings I have Enable Gamma/
LUT Correction checked on, along
with Affect Colour Selectors, and
Affect Material Editor. And in my
V-Ray Colour Mapping settings I
have Mode set to Colour
Mapping And Gamma so I can 3 BASe MODeLLIng
leave Display Colour in sRGB Block out your environment. In the top viewport
Space unchecked in the V-Ray draw a spline that will represent the perimeter of
Frame Buffer. your building and add an edit Poly modifier. Select
the polygon that has been created, then select the
Settings button next to extrude, in order to specify
a height. enter a value of 6 metres and click Apply
and Continue. Change the value to 3 meters and
continue to add floors to your building.

ExpErt tip
From the lens backwards
Only modelling what you
see not only speeds up the
production process, it also
helps keep memory free.
This means projects can be
finished quicker, ready for
the next one!


Press [Alt]+[W] while your mouse is over perspective Add a V-Ray Dome Light to your scene and add a
view, to go to full screen. Use Walk Through mode (by suitable HDRI map in the Texture slot. Im using one
clicking the Up arrow) to explore your newly created of Peter guthries HDRIs (1954 Dusk), but there are
city, and find interesting angles that lend themselves many that are freely available at
to your desired composition. If you like a particular and In your V-Ray Camera, turn
view, create a VRayPhysicalCamera then click and off Vignetting, and set the White Balance to neutral.
drag in the viewport, hit [Ctrl]+[C] to align the camera As a rule of thumb, for a dusk shot we should set the
to your current view. Work out the pros and cons of f-number to 8.0 and the shutter speed to 120.0.
each view, before ultimately settling on your favourite.

3D WorlD May 2015 74


window modElling
QUick and EaSy
window crEation
The 3 metre extrusions on the buildings we created In the Material editor create a new VRayMtl with the
earlier have provided an important base for placing Reflect colour set to pure white, and fresnel reflection
our windows. Create extra polys in your geometry by unchecked. Apply this to the ground, or a VRayPlane.
using Connect to keep your windows equal distances Create another VRayMtl with a grey diffuse colour,
apart. When creating extra edge loops for separation and name it override. In your V-Ray settings, check
between the top and bottom of the windows, select Override mtl, exclude the ground geometry, and add
the existing horizontal edges and use Chamfer. Set our override material to the empty slot. The resulting
Segments to 2 if youd like to retain the original edge render will provide a useful reference when it comes onE SElEct FacES
loop to sweep additional detail around the facade. to placing puddles and lights later on. Select the faces that represent your
windows. Extrude these inwards
by 20cm and detach as a separate
object. Select the new object, add a
Push modifer, set Amount to 15cm.

two crEatE FramES

Add an Edit Poly modifier, inset
all faces by 5cm and detach.
Add a Shell modifier and set
8 YUkOn SIgn 9 InTeRnAL LIgHTS the Inner Amount to 4cm to
Use a Bevel modifier on a Text object to create clean Add V-Ray Sphere Lights to the interiors of your make the frames.
3D geometry adding multiple levels to create buildings. for each building use an instanced set of
extrusions. Clone this geometry [Ctrl]+[V] as a copy, lights, this way we can use the V-Ray Light Lister to
and select the outermost faces which make the shape quickly amend multiple lights at once. This is why we
of each letter, invert the selection [Ctrl]+[I] and hit set our override material to grey rather than white, as
delete. Select all faces [Ctrl]+[A] and in Polygon this darker diffuse colour will in most circumstances
Sub-Object mode click flip. Create a new V-Ray be closer to the colour value of the final texture.
Mesh Light, click Pick Mesh, then select your new Turn on Invisible and uncheck Affect Reflections in
geometry. Move the light away, in front of the sign. all internal lights.

thrEE crEatE windowS

Select the windows object, add
a Push modifier, set the value of
-1cm. Add a Shell modifier and
set the Inner Amount to 2cm. Use
X-Ray [Alt]+[X] to see through.

ExpErt tip
Use tileable
texture maps
When possible I try to
avoid unwrapping objects.
10 TexTURIng THe ROAD Unwrapped texture maps
Add an asphalt texture to the bitmap slot of a new for large objects can eat
material and use Photoshop to create the relevant up a lot of memory.
bump and reflection maps. The more contrast you Instead, spend time
have in each map, the stronger its effect will be. creating seamless,
Change the blur value of each map to 0.1 to improve tileable textures.
the texture definition in the render. As the surface
will be wet, set the Rglossiness to .91, unlock the
fresnel IOR value and set that to 3.5.

3D WorlD May 2015 75

Creating a sci-fi street scene

There are many 2D

and 3D renderings of
Blade Runners iconic
locations, but we want
to create something new At the top level of your material create a
VRayBlendMtl (keeping the old map as a sub-map)
and push our creativity and drag-drop the base material into the first coat
material as a copy. In this copy set the Rglossiness
to .99 and the IOR value to 1.33. Clear any maps in
the bump and reflection slots. In the Blend Amount
for the coat material, add a custom map from
Photoshop or a Berconnoise map that will define the
placement of puddles.

taking inSpiration
Sound and Vision
Even when creating a sci-fi scene,
youd be surprised at the amount
of reference material you can
find on your doorstep. Living
in Manchester means I have no
shortage of reference for rain and
puddles! Neon lights adorn the 12 BRIDge DeTAILIng 13 ADDITIOnAL DeTAILIng
shop fronts of many buildings in Intricate looking bridges can be created with few Use the Sweep modifier again to create detailed
the Northern Quarter, and the primitives. Create a line that will represent one of cills and trims around buildings, experimenting with
architecture itself is a mix of old the girders and add a Sweep modifier, then set the custom sections and consulting the images you
industry and new, much like the Built-In Section to Wide flange. Use the Array tool collected as part of the Artistic Reference step.
world of Blade Runner. to cover the girder with rivets I used spheres with Chamfer any sharp edges to create highlights in the
Finding inspiration isnt just Segments set to 12 and the Hemisphere value set to render, and make use of free scripts such as Welder by
about looking for images that 0.5, to preserve the poly-count. Repeat this process JokerMartini to add character to props and objects.
youd like to emulate. For me, for the columns, instead using Angle as the Built-In Its this stage that will define the believeablility of
one of the most effective ways of Section to connect the multiple struts together. your image, and create interest for the viewer.
generating a mental image of the
look and feel of what I want to
create is through music. You can
find the Spotify playlist I created
and listened to through the
production of this image at

ExpErt tip
Use dummy materials
One VRayLightMtl colour 14 MODeLLIng THe neOn 15 ADDIng LIgHT
can be indistinguishable Use the Line tool to trace over any reference images In a new Material editor slot add a VRayLightMtl
from another in the of neon lights. Ive included a video of the complete and set the intensity to 15. Add a falloff map to
viewport. Use a process of modelling a neon light from start to finish, the colour and Swap the front/Side slots. We can
placeholder material in the with this tutorial. Create casings for some letters by already see the effect this will give us in the
design/modelling phase repeating the process we went through in making Material Preview. for a red light, set the RgB value
with plain VRayMtls to the Yukon sign earlier. Mount lights on metal frames of the front colour to 255,42,42, and the side value
improve legibility. that will reflect the vivid colours. To add realism, to 255,0,0. This will give the appearance that there
connect all of the splines together to create one is something inside our lights that provides the
continuous light. glowing effect.

3D WorlD May 2015 76

To model the spinner I used a model from the Create a VRayBlendMtl with the car paint shader in
Sketchup 3D Warehouse as reference. Starting with a the base slot and a yellow Diffuse VRayMtl in the
single plane add an edit-Poly modifier and shift-drag coat slot. In the Blend Amount slot add a black and
edges to create new geometry and maintain a clean white bitmap of your decal generated in Photoshop.
topology. Once a section has been modelled, add Turn off Tiling in both the U and V directions and set
extra edge loops to keep parts of the model sharp, the Map Channel to 2. Add a UVW map to the model
then add a Turbosmooth modifier and set Iterations with same Map Channel, set Mapping to Planar, go
to 2. If the scene is getting too heavy, set Iterations into Sub-Object mode [1] and position the decal.
to 0, and Render Iterations to 2.

18 TexTURIng THe fACADeS

Add a tileable brick texture to the diffuse slot of a
new VRayMtl, add a strong reflection map to both
the reflection slot and the reflection glossiness slots,
set the IOR value to 3.0. These values will make our
material look wet in the pouring rain, and reflect the
colour of the dark, dusk sky back to the camera. Add
a bump map to add some depth to the texture, the
mortar should be a darker colour than the bricks.

ExpErt tip
Dirt and Noise.
Use VRayDirt and
BerconNoise maps where
possible, even for seemingly
clean materials. Even the
most polished surfaces can
have imperfections and
variance in reflectivity
and smoothness.

19 ADDIng DIRT 20 RenDeR eLeMenTS

In the Diffuse slot of your brick shader add a Add VRayZDepth, VRayWireColour, and
VRayDirt map (keeping the previous map as a VRayRawReflection to the list of Render elements.
sub-map), and move it to the unoccluded colour Use a Tape Helper object in the top viewport to
slot, Right-Click>Copy this map. Create a mix map measure the distance between your camera and the
in the occluded colour slot, and paste the brick furthest object from it. Set the z-depth Max value
map into the Colour #1 slot. In the second slot add to this distance. To quickly select all of the glass in
a VRayColor map, set to a dark brown colour. In Photoshop, add a MultiMatteelement, tick isMatID
the VRayDirt parameters set the radius value to 0.2 on, and set the Material ID Channel of your glass
metres. The screen is in the Vault for more detail. material to 1.

3D WorlD May 2015 77

Creating a sci-fi street scene

reflect & refrAct

Using a V-Ray Raw
Refraction pass you can
achieve the opposite
effect, useful for looking
through windows at
oblique angles


In Photoshop, use your VRayWireColour (or Set the Blending Mode of your VRayZDepth to
MultiMatte) element to select the glass in the Lighten, and a gradient ramp going from white
VRayRawReflection. Create a new group with this to black vertically from the bottom of the mask.
selection pasted into a new layer. Set the Blending Add a Levels adjustment layer as a clipping mask,
mode to Screen and fill to 25%, duplicate this layer and move the points to control the distance and
[Ctrl]+[J] and nudge it several pixels to the left/right. density of the fog/mist. Add a Colour fill (again, as a
Doing this will give the illusion that our windows are clipping mask), set the Blending mode to Soft Light
double glazed and make the reflections a lot more and set the colour to a slightly light blue.

23 MAke IT RAIn 24 ADDIng gLOWS

Create three new layers (foreground, Middle- Create a new layer and fill it with solid black [D],
Distance, Distant), and paint rain onto them using one [Alt]+[Backspace] and set the Blending Mode to
of the many available brushes online I sourced mine Color Dodge. Change to Brush [B], and set the
at DeviantArt. Change the Blending Modes to either opacity to a low number, such as 10% [numpad
Colour Dodge or Screen, this is particularly useful for 1]. Sample the colour of a bright area youd like to
rain painted over bright areas, as it appears the drop accentuate [Alt+Left-Click] and gradually paint in
is refracting the light, as opposed to simply being extra light. As a tip, use the square bracket keys
pasted on top. Add Solid Colour fill layers as clipping to alter the size of your brush, so you can be
masks to tint your rain in specific areas. more precise.


Most stock elements (such as fire and smoke) are Tweak exposure by adding a Curves adjustment layer.
provided against a black background. To eliminate The z-depth mist, rain, and glows we added can make
this, set the Blending mode to Screen. I used the our image too bright, so lower the mid-tones while
Optical flares plugin for After effects to produce the preserving the white and black points. Use the Colour
lens flares on the front of the Spinner, but Photoshop Balance and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers to your
has a built-in Lens flare filter (filter>Render>Lens liking and consult the artistic reference from earlier.
flare). Obviously these 2D elements wont be To sharpen the image [Ctrl]+[A], [Ctl]+[Shift]+[C],
visible in the reflections, so duplicate [Ctrl]+[J] and [Ctrl]+[V]. go to filter>Other>High Pass and set
transform these layers [V] to position them correctly. Radius to 1px, and the Blending Mode to Overlay.

3D WorlD May 2015 78

3d printing

3d maker
Exploring the best 3D print art,
technology and trends

get published
email your Cg art to

Visit the online Vault to download

extra process art for these projects:

3D WorlD May 2015 80

news feature

the perils of Copyright

law in 3d printing 3d print
legal issues
Cirstyn Bech-Yagher lifts the lid on copyright law 1 new media
and finds theres yet another lid, and another
New Media Rights is an
independently funded

eading through recent issues of 3D developing in a very different legal climate to non-profit program of California
World, youve probably seen some of the the one that met the emergence of file-sharing Western School of Law. The
amazing things fellow CG artists have services back in the late nineties. best blog by far for 3D printing
produced utilising their modellers and a 3D Intellectual property laws may have changed legal issues and explanations,
printer. And if youre dipping your feet into to meet the copyright demands that come and they provide legal services
the 3D printing pool yourself, youll probably with the illegal sharing of software and to creators, entrepreneurs and
Artist profile have read some of the many 3D printing FAQs entertainment, but personal 3D printing can internet users.
Cirstyn Bech- currently available. have even bigger consequences than a copy
Cirstyn is a freelance
Most of these will take you from pixel to
plastic by walking you through the technical
of ZBrush or a film being shared on a torrent-
site. Why? Because it makes manufacture
2 3d printing
CG artist and educator, basics of prepping and printing your very own, accessible to everybody; right now you can
with over 15 years touchable artwork. What few care to mention already do anything from printing out a coffee The site provides news, reviews
experience in 3D. is the legal issue surrounding 3D printing. cup to a guitar to a copy of your own models. and insights ranging from To be honest, this is no surprise. Personal 3D Home 3D printing is becoming cheap, easy, legal commentary to finding a
printing is an emerging technology, and it is highly accessibleand breach of copy and 3D printer willing to print a
other rights are virtually undetectable. Goatse. Be afraid.
Laws addressing this have been slow in
the making, as manufacturing which 3D
printing is classified as in many countries has
3 legal aspeCts
of 3d printing
even more legal issues attached to it than
file-sharing. They range from what someone A subsite of the European
holding the rights to an item is trying to Parliamentary Research
protect, to who the actual infringer is. Service, its a jump-off point
currently under construction.
But keep an eye on it, it does
have some useful links.

4 sCl - the it law

SCL is the leading UK
organisation for legal
professionals in IT. They carry
When it comes to handling the violation 3D Printing items and discourse.
of intellectual property rights in a 3D print,
many places are still working on whether the
problem is with an items actual creation or its
5 3dprint.Com
physical manifestation. News and views from around
Lego, for example, was awarded a home the world, including coverage
3D printing patent in February 2014. A patent of legal issues.
means that the one holding it gets to control
the creation, usage, and sale of the thing they
invented. Should someone infringe on that
patent, or Legos copyright with a 3D print,
courts in many countries will be asking the
questions mentioned below.
Is it the designs copyright which is being
violated? Is the violation in the digital model-
file which in itself could be classified an

3D WorlD May 2015 81

3d maker
Copyright law

expert tip
Check with the owner
Even though Etsy probably sells
several Pantheons of (biotic)
gods, avoid selling retextured and
tweaked game-engine rips. If you
want to sell 3Dprinted fan art,
contact the company holding the
copyright. When in doubt,
with Legal Question as
the subject header.

3D WorlD May 2015 82

legal terms
to Consider
1 innoCent infringement
Innocent Infringement is when
someone copying your work can claim they
did not know they were infringing. This
means they had no idea that the work was
copyrighted, or had no means of contacting
the owner of the work (An orphan work, in
legalese). Try avoiding this by adding a
Copyright [year of first publication of
the work] [copyright owners name]. All
rights reserved. to your print or render.

2 derivative work
A derivative work is work based on
an existing model. If you, for example, Try to print and sell this cup
create a gun, and then modify it to look design and youre in trouble
like some lumpy mess made by David but you can reprint the coffee
Cronenberg, thats a derivative work. If the in it as much as you like
model is not yours but you have permission
or a license, only your own changes will be
protected by copyright.
original work or the print? Is the similarity is, most countries define Intellectual Property
3 transformational work
A transformative work is something
enough to bring a claim? Who exactly is
infringing? The files creator, by violating
similar to the World Intellectual Property
Organisations: A creation of the mind,
which takes an existing work, and adds copyright, patent or trademark? The such as inventions; literary and artistic works;
value to it by giving it a new shape, distributor? A third party? The store, the designs; and symbols, names and images used
purpose, or meaning. If we changed the printer or the free download site? in commerce.
derivative gun from the example above As you can see, when it comes to creating
even more, cut the barrel in two, and put a physical copy of a digital item, a lot of very Letter of the law
little hooks in it, it would have been difficult questions need to be addressed Lets take a look at how these laws work for
repurposed into key or jewellery storage, and answered before we have clear and someone sharing, or selling 3D prints.
and given new meaning (irony). understandable 3D printing laws. Trademark law is often the most clear-cut
to deal with as in many places it has just one
4 fair use Called to order function: to protect shoppers from confusion
Fair use is an exception to copyright In order to protect your own work, you can as to what it is theyre buying, and from
law. It allows unauthorised use of of course, stick to the old tried and tested whom. Trademark laws do this by protecting
copyrighted works for purposes of gameplan Do not copy, or use for reference anything a person or a company registers
reporting, commenting on, educating if youre not sure, or cant get permission as a trademark, ranging from names, logos
about, or even parodying. One typically together with a side helping of Dont upload and colour schemes to fonts and even store
goes about using unauthorised work under or share if youre not sure. However, we all layouts. This is to set them apart from other
fair use, by using an excerpt of a work, and know its not always that clear-cut, and that companies, so you wont end up buying a copy
giving proper credit while not harming the of 3-DS Max from AutoDesk instead of 3ds
commercial value of the original work. Max from Autodesk.
In a 3D printing context, lets say you scan,
5 dmCa
The Digital Millennium Copyright
or model an action figure from an Avengers
movie. You may have tweaked it a little, maybe
Act (DMCA) is an American set of posed it differently, but in general, you worked
copyright laws freshly created to deal with very hard at suspending any disbelief that this
digital material. Many countries have wasnt the real deal in the render, as a lot of us
similar laws. Broadly, the aim of DMCA is do when we model on reference. Furthermore,
to protect the rights of both copyright lets say you used the Avengers, Marvel,
owners and consumers. When someone there are at least 256 shades of grey in the Kotobukiya, or Warner Brothers trademarked
sees their copyright infringed online, it above statements. logo as well on your figure, without asking.
gives web hosts and Internet service Instead, brush up a little on Intellectual Render wise, you should be fine, most film
providers a safe harbour from copyright Property (IP) laws where you live or sell, and studios and comic franchises are aware of, and
infringement claims, if they implement use those as a rule of thumb. Start by checking dont mind, fan art as portfolio pieces.
certain notice or takedown procedures of how Intellectual Property is defined before you Print it out and put it on your desk or
the infringing item. check trademark, patent and copyright laws. bookshelf, and youre mostly fine in trademark
If youre not sure what an Intellectual Property regard, although probably not copyright.

3D WorlD May 2015 83

3d maker
Copyright law

However, the second you put it up for sale, in across the globe. For example, if youre in the
any kind of marketplace, you may, in addition United States, youd be in trouble, as only the expert tip
to a copyright issue, just have committed a patent-holder can grant permission to use Dont be afraid to create
trademark infringement. Selling items with a 3D printable file of their patented object, Despite the legal issues an
a trademarked logo, but without a formal provided it hasnt expired. So if you upload emerging technology like 3D
license from the people holding the rights to your print-ready copy to Thingiverse, the worst printing presents, artists will
that trademark, is in effect an infringement. case is that you will be distributing patented always want to create original
Unfortunately, if someone owning a items without a license. content, expand on designs and
trademark decides to do more than send you This can land you in hot water, as the patent innovate. The issue is replication
or the website with your item a frank cease owner can claim damages for lost sales on without variation in effect
and desist notice, a court will probably not see patented items, in addition to copyright pirating content, something
your hard, meticulously referenced work and claims which brings us to copyright issues. anyone striving for originality
suspension of disbelief, they will simply see avoids like the plague.
the sale of a fake, logo-festooned replica of
the original product. Theres a phrase for that:
counterfeit goods. In effect, its of piracy.

its patently wrong

This also goes for patents. Patents are about
inventions. A patent holder gets to control
the creation, usage, and sale of the thing
they invented. They can also allow others to
use that patent as a license.
So how can you actually infringe on a
patent, when all you do is model? Well, lets
say you modelled something to spruce up
an arch-viz interior, like one of those double-
walled Presso glasses from Bodum. This glass
is patented. If you modelled a very accurate
copy, including the unmistakable double
walls, selling the model file itself will be a
grey area, as patent laws work differently

Building blocks allow

you to create so many
things but the bricks
will still be copyrighted

3D WorlD May 2015 84

Right now, copyright is the broadest and most
applicable set of laws protecting 3D prints.
use the file, and the printout, but you would
obviously not own the copyright to the 3D plaCes you
Copyright laws, even though they can get
pretty complex, are all about artistic works. In
model file. This therefore means that you
could only use your 3D printout for personal Can sell
most countries, they are defined as paintings,
renders, sculptures, writings, or music fixed
use, as the DAZ3D license forbids anyone
selling their model files at Shapeways or as or share
in any tangible medium of expression, to
quote American law this means set in, or on a
concrete form, like paper, a data-file, Sculpey,
ornaments on Etsy.
It gets a little more complicated when you
create a model on reference like the Presso
your work
or audio/videotape. This, in turn, means that
copyright law protects the creators right to
glasses. Even though the model you made
1 shapeways
copy, modify, publicly display or perform, Store and printing service with content
distribute, and create derivatives of the ranging from drone parts to
original work. Infringement happens when collaborating with Hasbro on My Little
someone does any of the above without the Pony, in addition to forums and
creators permission. tutorials. They sell items for print only,
and items will need to be printed by
fight for your rights Shapeways themselves.
In a 3D printing context, if you were the
creator of an original model, its fairly simple:
you ultimately get to define the conditions of is original, it can still be seen as a copy or
2 turbosquid
use for your creation, whether its a question derivative, especially when made available One of the oldest and biggest model
of other people sharing it for free, or selling it for 3D printing. stores on the web, Turbosquid are
for profit. You could for instance allow people The future could be more open, with digital always looking for new content.
to alter, or create derivatives from your work DNA tracking products and designs, and Searching for 3D printing doesnt yield
in return for a credit, or you could completely enabling derivatives to be made with the many hits, but you get about 9,000
forbid it. Its your call. originator able to take a profit in any reworked when you search for .stl files
As the end-user of that 3D file, the models model. However, your best bet to stay safe in
license defines what you can, or cannot do
with the file and the 3D printout. For example,
the current 3D printing landscape, is to keep
your work as original as possible.
3 Cgtrader
if you just bought a model from DAZ3D, and For more on copyright and 3D printing visit One of the newer brokerages around,
printed it out, you would have a license to
fyi our site: CGTrader let you sell printable 3D
models and is one of the few stores that
list printer compatibility.

4 thingiverse
MakerBots Thingiverse is a community
for sharing 3D printable things. They
encourage all files uploaded to be
licensed under a Creative Commons
license, so anyone can use or alter
any design found on the site.

5 github
GitHub doesnt just house code, it also
hosts over 20,000 free designs, which
you can find by using the .stl extension
when searching, and view in their
new 3D viewer.

3D WorlD May 2015 85

3d maker Artem has started The 3D printer
Industry interview incorporating 3D Artem works
printing into its work with uses ABS
for the film and plastic, which
game industries is particularly

industry interview

Printing out ProPs

Mike Kelt explains how Artem used 3D printing to
create props for Ex Machina and the Halo 4 launch

f you ever wanted an example of a studio or moulding and casting. If necessary, we can
at the cutting edge of technology, Artem introduce electronics, before giving the item a
would be a good candidate. Most recently good finish by hand, often with spray paint and
working on Macbeth and In the Heart of the adding specific graphics. The beauty of CAD
Sea, the 25-year-old company has also created is you can finalise renders for client approval,
special effects for Prometheus, Troy and Hot knowing the finished item will match accurately.
Fuzz; animatronics for the Churchill the Dog
commercials; and in 2012, helped to bring to Combining technologies
life the opening and closing ceremonies of the Artem uses a Dimension SST 1200 3D printer
Olympics and Paralympics. and a Zscanner 700. It suits our needs as its
Lately theyve started to integrate 3D quick, relatively cheap to run, and compatible
printing into the mix, such as when they with the software we use. The 3D printer can
produced a number of props for Ex Machina. produce physical items from a client supplied
These ranged from high-tech card readers, digital file; if necessary we can convert a digital
which were internally lit by a switchable red/ file with our conversion software enabling the
printer to read the relevant information.
You can finalise renders for client The 3D printer produces items that are
approximately within one cubic foot in size, and

approval knowing the finished accurate enough to produce separate pieces

that can be fixed together to produce a larger,
final model. This technique was used when we
item will match accurately made the Halo helmet and costume for the
launch of video game, Halo 4. Our 3D printer
blue diffused LED, to security cameras, which uses ABS plastic, which is very robust, especially
were secured to the walls and the ceiling of compared to the starch used in earlier models.
The design studio created the Halo helmet and the film set. 3D printing was used in the early Mike expects 3D printing to be increasingly
costume for the launch of the Halo 4 video game stages to make quick test models of the props, important to Artem over the next few years,
before producing the real things, explains though its about picking the right pipeline
CEO and co-founder Mike Kelt. and tool for the job. Depending on the
3D printing is generally used for project, it may be appropriate to use our 3-axis
Mike kelt maquettes scaled down models CNC router or our KUKA robot arm. Often
CEO and co-founder of a finished piece, says Mike. a combination of technologies can be used
of Artem, Mike cut his However, for some projects, the 3D within a project for different purposes. Last
teeth in the theatre as a printers also capable of producing the final year we produced a maquette of a whale using
designer and production product, before hand-finishing the details. the 3D printer before carving a full-size 56ft
manager. Before Artem, Generally, theyll get a specification from whale for a film, using our KUKA Robot arm.
he worked on BBC a client, which is often very broad. Next we As people get to know the uses and the
shows such as Doctor draw designs using 3D CAD (Computer Aided limitations of 3D printing, theres no doubt itll
Who and A Hitchhikers Design), to produce visualisations for their be more frequently used.
Guide to the Galaxy. approval. We then bring the design into the Find out more about Artems work at
physical world, whether by 3D printing directly,

3D WorlD May 2015 86

Memento aims to
enable everyone to
capture, alter and
model their world
resources 3d Printshow
in new york

CEO and founder

Kerry Hogarth says

new software

digitising reality for fun

2015 will be big
With increased private
funding, 3D printing is being
viewed as a strong tool in
business and an increasing
number of companies are
Autodesks Memento aims to open the world to a new era looking at integrating this
tech into their activities. 3D
of digital democracy, says Tatjana Dzambazova printing has been around for
years and 2015 is the year
that applications will

peaking with Autodesks product simplest source photos and create detailed really take off!
manager from the firms Reality Capture 3D models. Its a tool that can be used by
and Digital Fabrication division, Tatjana hobbyists, scientists and entertainment CG reasons To visiT
Dzambazova, is an eye-opening experience. artists alike. The app is able to handle two plus This is a fantastic
The ambition of the new Memento app, billion polygon meshes. opportunity to experience
recently launched as a free beta, is notable by the excitement first hand.
its reach and scope. Immediate modelling 3D printing businesses will
The aim is simple: enable anyone, of any skill A typical process to create a 3D print-ready be able to network, dig
level, to convert reality capture input (photos model can take 20 minutes. First, take around deeper into the tech and
or scans) into high-definition 3D models. In 70 photos of an object, import the images to attend inspiring conferences
recent years the proliferation of scanners to Memento and in seconds the app generates delivered by leading 3D
capture data, including photos, and the rise in a model. From here, the Fusion software can printing experts. This years
accessible fabrication has seen a switch in the be used to refine and prepare the model, for features will include a
way the world is recorded and presented: example the Crop On tool designates to only gallery, kitchen, hospital and
I call it the 3D web. The world render a selected area (omitting background lab try it for yourself!
TaTjana goes to the web and the web goes detail), a simple Slice and Fill tool trims the
Dzambazova 3D, says Tatjana. While developing model and sets the base for printing, and The highlighTs
Tatjana is a technology Memento, Tatjana has worked with the Isolate tool is used for more complex All of our exhibitors and
whisperer and has a wide range of people, from 3D print artist cleaning. Finally, a Diagnosis tool speakers are invaluable to us
been a product Cosmo, to museums and scientists all of automatically repairs defects. as they each bring their own
manager at Autodesk whom are trying to capture and digitise the For more detailed work, the model can expertise and contribute to
for over 15 years. worlds they work in for posterity. Memento be exported as a variety of files (including making 3D Printshow an makes sense of these trends, making high- .obj and .fbx) to be taken into Maya, exciting and interactive tech
definition 3D out of any data, Tatjana explains. Mudbox and so forth. event. Adobe has been a key
The aim of Memento is to offer a simple yet Its easy to create rigs, too, says Tatjana. supporter, show contributor
powerful app that can capture data from the But capturing is not just a way to make and exhibitor for us. They
3D entertainment products easier, we are the arts sponsor again
can change the way we design products, this year, making our gallery
Memento can even she continues. ever more exciting! Be
be used to create The Smithsonian have used it to record sure to register online on
high poly models for the artefacts theres no space to show and
animation in minutes design studio UNYQ is creating bespoke
prosthetics, while Tatjana points to the use
of photogrammatery to preserve our history:
Look online, we capture the world around
us every day and those photos can become
digital reconstructions of our world for future
generations, she adds: I say to everyone,
take more photos!
Download a free version of Memento at

3D WorlD May 2015 87

3D print insight

the moDel

3D print inSiGht

3D Printer WorlD shoW sc

Why going to a trade exhibition is vital for i
issu al
a 3D print artist, says Aiman Akhtar

cannot say why you should go to a 3D attendance, along with full three day Aiman believes
printing trade show/expo, but Ill tell you why conference pass holders. There was a lot Trade shows such
Im glad I did. If I describe it in one word, it of printer tech on display, from the top of as 3D Printer World
was invigorating. I spend a lot of my time alone the line 3D systems and Stratasys and well can be hugely
in my head in front of a computer, working known MakerBot and Form1+ to the equally rewarding for
out my plans and projects, marketing and passionate teams from Airwolf 3D, Lulzbot, 3D print artists
Artist profile networking; its solitary and progress seems Deezmaker and many more.
Aiman Akhtar dishearteningly slow.
Aiman Akhtar is a
freelance 3D Artist
Going out to a trade show by contrast is
a completely fluid, mad dash of mingling,
Going out to a trade show by contrast is a
specialising in
characters and based
learning and getting inspired. If the expo is
as well organised as 3D Printer World and completely fluid, mad dash of mingling,
in Los Angeles, CA. His one makes the most of it, the experience is
resolution for 2015 rewarding on many levels. learning and getting inspired
is to become a 3D 3D Printer World was held at the Burbank
printing expert. JW Marriott convention centre, January 29-31. As well as printer retailers, there was also It was organised by Bob Titsch and family, a strong presence from service providers,
who have been in the tech publishing and such as Purple Platypus and Morpheus3D,
events business for several years. They spared filament and material scientists from GMASS,
no expense on the opening night reception educational resources UArtsy and Mold3D,
serving drinks and hors doeuvres for all. and even a Maker Club from Black Pine
Mingling centred on the exhibitors Middle School. For entertainment, attendees
as industry insiders and artists were in got the opportunity to create their own

3D WorlD May 2015 88

f o m A t o r e 22
n e e 19 5

l l n s i A Ap
A i t t u n s al

x ,o

l r il
3D Print Project retro rubber bAnD rAygun
Software: N/A

one Design AnD functionAlity tWo PrototyPing three finDing A 3D hub

I had to ensure the rubber band ray gun would Printing with FDM style printers leaves a lot of With several parts to print in a short time frame,
look cool but also work well. One challenge striations on the models surface and there is I needed a local printing solution. I logged on
was the yellow fins on top. A rubber band is always trouble where the supports attach to the to and uploaded my 21model files,
loaded onto the barrel, stretched between the model. The only way to realise these problem making sure to set my units to mm. I received
two fins and secured onto the gear at the end. areas was to run the print, re-orient, and print an instant quote from all nearby hubs, selected
In a lot of retro ray gun designs the fins are again. In addition, my first trigger broke in Cybertech, a nearby South Pasadena hub and
at the end, but I moved them to the middle to two pieces upon testing. Since I wasnt using submitted my order. In the attachments tab I
allow them to be a sight for the shooter and a a spring loaded mechanism, the trigger model uploaded a render of the intended look for the
guide for the bands. itself had to be changed to achieve the right finished product and was able to specify colours
balance of flexibility. for each part in the comments section.

four PAyment five heADAche DeferreD six collect AnD Assebmble

Israel Pena, who runs the Cybertech hub The merits of this service became clear when Israel handled orientation and print quality
reviewed my order online and accepted, which Israels MakerBot Extruder gave out after on each of my models, as well as generating
auto prompted 3D Hubs to send a text message months of continued usage. He ordered a the necessary supports using MeshMixer
to my phone saying the hub was available and replacement and let me know my prints would and removing them upon print completion.
ready to start my order. I logged back on to my be completed in two additional days. If I were He changed the plastic spools out between
3D Hubs account, paid with a credit card and printing myself, this would have required a lot prints to switch from blue to red, to green and
the models were off to print. We were able to of time and any failed prints and machine issues yellow filament, depending on the colour I had
communicate through the comments section, would have been my headache. 3D printing requested for each part. All I had to do now
and having used Cybertech for my last project I without owning a 3D printer is not only a real was drive over, pick up the finished prints and
knew they were reliable and responsive. possibility, it also has its perks. assemble all the pieces.

personalised action figure through Marvel using 3D systems JetPro 660 printer, and in the ZBrush rock stars presenting and taking part
3DPlusMe, or try and win over a dozen hall for voting on Saturday. First place winners in the live sculpt off. On a personal note, I got
printer giveaways. Paul Liaw (Organic) and Justin Goby Fields to meet several artists I had been following
Several well-known 3D print artists filled (Mech) walked away with the belts and Pegasus and conversing with online and made tons of
the boundary of the expo with their work, Touch SLA 3D printers, while runners up Furio new connections. When one has crammed
including abstract sculptures by Joshua Harker Tedeschi and Rafael Grasseti got Cintiq 13HD their head full of 3D printing knowledge, the
and Kevin Mack, statues by Tim King and Gil tablets courtesy of Wacom. next logical step is going to a trade show and
Bruvel, jewellery and wearable art by Jenny Wu Conference pass holders were treated seeing firsthand how others are putting their
and Igor Knezevic, and even a drone printed to seminars by several early adaptors of 3D knowledge to use.
by students at PVNet. In addition, Gentle printing in the fields of entertainment, jewellery, LA is not the only place to check out a
Giant/3D Systems brought out a host of their toys, special effects and entrepreneurial trade show; Euromold was recently held
high end collectibles featuring properties from business. Courses were structured in two in Frankfurt, CES in Vegas, and 3D Printer
Iron Man, Game of Thrones and Frozen, as tracks: a 3D printing boot camp, which covered World is heading to Texas this October. Louie
well as a 3D printed replica skeleton of Joseph the nuts and bolts of the technology and how Tucci, eCommerce manager at 3D Systems/
Merrick, the Elephant Man. to use it, and the markets and applications Gentle Giant and keynote speaker for 3D
With much of the team attending including track, in which presenters showed how 3D Printer World is fond of saying, The future
Paul Gabourey, Joseph Drust and ZBrush printing could be applied in industry using real is printed. 3D printing continues to be
inventor Ofer Alon, Pixologic took centre stage, examples from their own businesses. adopted by more businesses and consumers
flying in 16 artists from all over the world to The expo was an amazing opportunity for so the demand for the talents of artists and
compete in the live sculpt off. Four competitors mingling and networking, with the chance to designers will likely skyrocket. My question is
went head to head all day Friday vying for the bump shoulders with industry giants such as this: are you ready?
coveted Organic and Mech champion belts. Rick Baker, Steve Wang and Neville Page, as For more on this live event visit
Sculpts were simultaneously printed overnight well as the talented artists on display and the

3D WorlD May 2015 89


Theory, research and reviews plus
industry insights from todays experts

95 characters & creatures 95 123D sculPt+

3D Totals tutorial collection gets reviewed Sculpting on the move just became easier

92 create a vfx shot 96 thinkstation P900 97 nota effector 1.0

Simulate a crashing meteorite Lenovos latest workstation is a beauty Create motion graphics with ease

Get published
email your CG art to

Visit the online Vault to download

extra process art for these projects: 97 cosmic Pack 3D (Professional) 98 my insPiration
Can this 16K planet texture map from Digital Heavens bring your universe to life? Peter Stulz on his hero Lebbeus Woods

3D WorlD May 2015 91

Project insight

project insight

Create a meteor VFX shot

Discover how Digital-Tutors created a fake meteor in After Effects,
and how you can replicate the sequence for your own projects

ts amazing to think about We didnt want to shoot our actual These were our background
how far technology has plates until closer to the date, so plates. After we had our plates,
come over the past couple of the weather in the footage would we used the steps youll find in
decades. With the tools we have look more realistic. However, we this tutorial to create our final
Author profile at our fingertips today, its now took advantage of the extra time meteor shots.
Digital-Tutors easier than ever to create awe by shooting some test shots using A week later, we released
For over 14 years, inspiring effects. cell phones and building out what the videos and within a matter of
Digital-Tutors has been To showcase that creativity our pipeline would look like. a few days they had been picked
an online training site, it doesnt require a lot of fancy up by news outlets around the
run by artists who
are passionate about
equipment. The team at Digital-
Tutors recently created four
With the tools we have at our world, had hit the number two spot
on Reddits homepage, racked up
helping people learn
the skills they need
different VFX shots of a meteor
streaking across the sky, using a fingertips today, its now easier than over 500,000 views and spawned
a variety of creative creations
to create stunning very simple set of tools. from others.
work and pursue their We started our planning by ever to create awe inspiring effects On the following page you can
creative careers. setting the projects deadline. read a short breakdown of how we We wanted to release during the About a week before the Leonid created the meteor sequence, but
Leonid meteor shower in 2014 so meteor shower, four of our team we go into more detail in the video
it would be more realistic. In our members volunteered to get up training accompanying this tutorial,
case, this meant our deadline was a early at exactly the same time and it can be downloaded from this
little over a month away, so we had use their own cell phones to shoot issues online Vault.
plenty of time to do some research in the exact same direction as if Download the video training at
and development ahead of time. capturing an actual meteor.

exPert tIP The Digital-Tutors team

used a simple set of tools to
Instead of thinking
software limitations create their meteor shots
hinder your creativity,
focus on what the
software can do and
find a new approach
to get your result.

issu al

3D WorlD May 2015 92


Process: creatIng a meteor In aFter eFFects

Digital Tutors process for creating a meteor VFX sequence so real it will cause worldwide headlines

Separate the
foreground from
the background
so you can have
the meteor go
behind the house

one trackIng Your shot two addIng Your alPha matte

Import the two sequences in the Project Files folder Add the alphaMatte sequence to the comp and set it
from the Vault at up as a Luma matte for meteorShot01. Then duplicate
Create a new comp with the meteorShot01 sequence the sequences in your comp and use the alphaMatte as
and go to Window>Tracker. In the Tracker panel, with an Inverted Luma matte of the duplicate meteorShot01
the sequence selected, click Track Camera. Let After sequence. The end result is the foreground separated
Effects track the footage, click Create Camera in Effect from the background, so your meteor can go behind the
Controls to make a 3D camera from the tracking data. house in the shot.

exPert tIP
When you think your
shot is done, get
someone else to take
a look. If they notice
something that looks
off, take the time to
go and fix it.

three create the meteors trajectorY Four convertIng 3d trackIng data to 2d

Create a new point light and on frame 0, add a Knoll Light Factory 2.7.2 doesnt support 3D positions,
keyframe at the top left of the frame. Then move the so we need to convert the XYZ tracking data to XY. real or
light across the frame until the light ends up on the Create a comp of solids and parent it to the light so it Fake?
right side at the end of the shot. Your end result will moves along on top of the light. Pre-comp and then
be the light moving across the frame from left to go to Window>Tracker and Track Motion to create a
right. Finally, go back and clean up any 2D track. Finally, copy the XY data to a new Null in Read peoples
unnecessary keyframes. your Master comp. reactions to the
fake meteor CG
sequence on
Animating YouTube:
different light
types at different
times throughout
the shot helps
to make it
more realistic

FIve settIng uP the meteor eFFect sIx creatIng the meteor eFFect
Now that you have everything set up, create a new solid The key to a successful effect is to overlap multiple
for Particular. Hook Particular up to the TailEmitters light types and layers of particles. Always add variation
Light Intensity using the Options of the Particular effect. and dont keep anything at their defaults. You can add Follow
Repeat these steps with a StreamEmitter light and realism by adding slight animation to the different
Particular layer. Finally, add in some Knoll Light Factory effects. Play around with different settings to get the video
lights whose position is driven by the XY data in the different results. Have fun with it! To see our final
Null from the previous step. settings, open 14_End.aep from the Vault.

3D WorlD May 2015 93

Visit FMX 2015 and see how virtual realities and
immersive technologies will revolutionize production,
storytelling and content viewing. Meet pioneers and innovators
from all branches of the industry. Discover how art, technology
and business are being reshaped at Europes most influential
conference for digital entertainment.

20th Anniversary Edition

Conference on Animation, Effects,

Games and Transmedia
May 05-08, Stuttgart, Germany
3D WorlD May 2015 94
Software review

123D Sculpt+
Price Free | comPany Autodesk | website

few years ago Autodesk
released 123D Sculpt, which 123D Sculpt+ brings
Main was followed by 123D 123D Sculpt and
Features Creature. Now theyve merged 123D Creature
these two Apps into one, for iOS together in one app author Profile
and Android devices. Adam Beamish
Easy sculpting Dipping into the app, you'll find A graphic artist who
tools light and material presets as well as has produced artwork
special image effects. There are a for computer games
Simple touch few more light presets than before, and animated cartoons.
posing and mixing with the new material However, 3D sculpting
presets will give you numerous creatures is what he
Portability effects. The material presets range enjoys the most.
from soft and clay to chrome and
shiny plastic. You can now decide
the finished look of your model.
You can export in many ways; which now makes it easier to for the novice user who wants
images can be sent to your photo interact. You can view other user's to dabble and see if they like
album or shared online, and work, easily comment and decide sculpting. Mix 123D Sculpt+ with
models sent to iTunes, e-mailed, or who you want to follow. SketchBook Pro and you can really
exported to Sculpteo, where your 123D Sculpt+ may look like start producing some great images.
3D model is printed for a fee. a simple package compared to An ideal sketch app for the train.
The community section of the professional desktop software,
app has been given an upgrade, but it makes a great starting place Verdict

book review

ZBrush Characters & Creatures

Price $49.99/29.99 | comPany 3D Total Publishing | website

oming in at almost 300
pages, this is a hefty tutorial ZBrush Creatures
Main book from some big name & Characters is a
Features modellers in the industry, including solid collection of
Daniel Bystedt, Bryan Wynia and tutorial projects author Profile
Kurt Papstein. Ian Dean
Free downloads There's certainly plenty to dig Ian is the editor of
into, starting from speed sculpting 3D World. He has 15
18 tutorials tutorials through to two in-depth years experience
projects that take you from WIPs writing about games,
Two full projects to final render across 50 pages film and digital art,
each. While you'll need to have and edited magazines
some knowledge of ZBrush to get on the subjects.
the most from the content, the
clean layouts and progression from
quick sculpts to projects makes it
feel accessible. chapter from Piotr Rusnarczy's videos, .obj files and more a
The main projects are split into female sci-fi character project to handy way to test the projects
categories, including quadrupeds, share this issue. before you buy. We'd have liked
creatures and aliens, and cover Not all, but some tutorials come more DLC, but despite this the
brushes, masking, retopology, with extra content to download for quality on show makes for a great
polygrouping and more. As free from the publisher's website resource for anyone's shelf.
mentioned, the final two projects at
are the stars, and we've got one product_zbrush_cc.html, including Verdict

3D WorlD May 2015 95

Hardware review

hardware review

Lenovo ThinkStation P900

Price 8,615 plus VAT | comPany Lenovo | website

nce upon a time, you couldn't good size for flash memory, and will
get fired for buying IBM. The Lenovo ThinkStation be very quick, there's no secondary
Since Lenovo took over conventional hard disk for general
IBM's hardware business, the
company has been hoping the same
P900 is a powerhouse data storage, though theres three
hot-swap bays free for upgrade.

would apply to them. With the new

ThinkStation P900, it looks like the system in an extremely With 40 virtual cores available,
the P900 cruised through our 2 x 3.1GHz Intel
saying could well remain true. Maxon Cinebench R15 render Xeon E5-2687W
What makes the P900 stand out easy-to-manage form test, with a phenomenal score of v3
is the design. The system is meant 3,043, which only Armari's dual
to be maintained without the use of have 10 physical cores apiece and 16-core Magnetar M36H-AW1200 128GB 2,133MHz
a screwdriver. Red flashes on parts run at a native 3.1GHz. But Hyper- has bettered. The Cinebench R15 DDR4 SDRAM
of the interior show you where you Threading doubles the core count to OpenGL score of 156.15 is also very
can pull, after which ducting and 20 virtual cores each, while there's a good, although we have seen a few NVIDIA Quadro
components then slide out. The 3.5GHz Turbo mode on hand. This higher results. The SPECviewperf K5200 graphics
main ducting over the processors is a Haswell-generation processor, 12 results were some of the best with 8GB GDDR5
author Profile pulls out in this way, then the rear so supports DDR4 memory. Lenovo weve seen, however, with 65.54 in memory
James Morris fan. The power supply has a simple has populated all 16 DIMM slots maya-04 and a phenomenal 107.41 in
James has been unlocking mechanism, and then with 8GB 2,133MHz modules, for a sw-03 and 149.69 in snx-02. 512GB Sandisk
writing about slides out, and the hard disks and healthy grand total of 128GB. For all this power, you pay a X210 solid state
technology for two expansion cards unlock and can be The graphics are high-end. A potent 8,615 plus VAT on par DVD rewriter
decades, focusing removed in seconds. Upgrades and NVIDIA Quadro K5200 is supplied. with whats expected for this
on content creation replacements will be very speedy. This dual-width 3D accelerator specification, with perhaps a small 3 years onsite
hardware and Lenovo's choice for our sample packs in a heady 2,304 CUDA premium. The P900 starts at 1,250, NBD
software. He was was high-end. The P900 is the top cores and 8GB of GDDR5 memory, so theres various options. Overall,
editor of PC Pro model from the new P Series, with offering 192GB/sec bandwidth, the Lenovo ThinkStation P900 is a
magazine for the entry-level P300 and P500 plus and should be up to any modelling powerhouse system in an extremely
five years. mid-range P700 beneath it. The task. The storage provision is more easy-to-manage form. P900 came with a pair of Intel Xeon conservative. While the 512GB
E5-2687W v3 processors, which Sandisk X210 solid state disk is a Verdict

The P900 is a
hugely powerful
workstation, but
its the excellent
tool-free design
that really sets
it apart from
the crowd

ManageMent consultants
The custom chassis design is usually one of the main differentiations between big-name brands like Lenovo, HP or Dell and the home-grown workstation
brands or consumer-grade PCs. However, although we love the designs of HPs latest Z Series as well, Lenovos P Series has one of the best tool-free chassis
implementations we have seen. Its rapid component replacement will get workers up and running again in the case of a failure, in the minimum time possible.

3d World May 2015 96

Software review

NOTA Effector 1.0

Price 60 (68, $44) | comPany Creative Development | website

OTA Effector is an
updated version of the Split text objects into
Main plug-in released by Renato their individual polys
Features and reintegrate over
Tarabella back in 2005. At a basic
level it enables you to emit clones time, controlling speed, author Profile
or polygons from a specific point direction and colour Steve Jarratt
Procedural and have them travel to their final Steve has been
animation system location, as determined by a Cloner, into CG for many
for Cinema 4D R13 Text or host object. These entities years. Hes a regular
to R16 can be animated using spline curves contributor to 3D
to alter the timing, position, scale, World and edited
Comprehensive rotation and shading and in turn the magazine for a
spline-based be altered by other Effectors like period of two years.
controls Delay and Random.
However, NOTA Effector goes
Animate clones much further. You can have the
and polygons via entities travel along a spline path reintegrate poly objects controlled dedicated cache, but NOTA Effector
PolyFX, Fracture and control how closely they follow by falloffs, and generally get stuff to makes a great addition to Cinema
or diverge from this route. Or add move about, largely without using 4Ds MoGraph toolset. Owners of
Entity movement a looping motion, have the entities key frames. You can mix and match v1.0 will also get free access to the
controlled by a oscillate in waves, and even control NOTA Effector with other tools next upgrade, which includes Boids
spline the order in which theyre produced. and see the effects in real time. flocking functionality.
You can create swirling text The documentation is a little
animations, disintegrate or light, and it could do with its own Verdict

Software review

Cosmic Pack 3D (Professional)

Price Price 49.95 (89.95 for the Pro version) | comPany Digital Heavens | website

f youve ever needed to create sc
detailed fictional planet maps speci-fi
Main youll know this can be a issu al
Features lengthy and somewhat tedious task. e
With Cosmic Pack 3D, Digital author Profile
Heavens are hoping to simplify Antony Ward
Creates detailed this by automating the process Antony has been
8K textures, and through a series of detailed provoking pixels since
16K with the Pro Photoshop Actions, and over 5GB the early 1990s. In that
version of source textures. time he has worked for
Once downloaded, installation Cosmic Pack 3D is a some of todays top
Creates city light is straight forward and there are a useful tool for creating studios, and written
maps and huge handful of helpful tutorials to help quick and varied three technical manuals.
gas giant maps get you started. planet maps
In practice, it will take you a
Generates specular few attempts before you start to
and bump maps get used to how the actions work, restarting isnt a major chore. great tool for generating quick
and which of the supplied textures Unfortunately, I found the 3D and varied planet maps to fill any
3D models fits best for the planet you are models which were supplied expanding universe. The only
supplied for making. Adding the wrong texture useless as I dont own LightWave other thing I felt was missing
LightWave and part way through the process or 3ds Max. I would have preferred was possibly the option for a nice
3ds Max will mean you have to restart, but to see a more universal format, animated cloud layer.
luckily generating a planet map can like Autodesks FBX, too. For
usually only take five minutes so the money I found this to be a Verdict

3D WorlD May 2015 97

My inspiration

My inspiration

Peter Stulz
The CEO of xoio explains how one book by Lebbeus Woods changed his life

he works of Lebbeus Woods virtual spaces. I experienced unfortunately leaves too little time
first entered my life while I how strong conceptual works can to operate as a hands-on artist Despite never
was doing an architectural communicate spatial tensions, myself. But I am very lucky to have gaining any
internship in San Francisco, and materiality and light so well if a crew of lovely artists who flocked architectural
discovered his book called Radical done virtuously, as Mr Woods did. around xoio, and who are all doing qualifications or
Reconstruction. I immediately fell Opposed to that, a lot of the built really great work. status, Woods
in love with how he seamlessly spaces that surround us seem void Coming back to Mr. Woods inspired many
blended pencil drawings, of emotion and functional at most. at this point, I also tell my folks designers
photography, blueprints and Realising this, I finally stepped at xoio from time to time that
other traditional means to bring away from an architectural career it's not photorealism that makes
his reconstructed habitats to life. and became a 3D artist a move I
His technique was full of texture
and perfectly resembled the
have never regretted to this day.
Entering CG full time was
Like a boy exploring a derelict
conceptual nature of his designs.
They also endorsed the unfinished
actually fairly easy for me since
I could combine it very well structure, I indulged in the lust to
Peter Stulz character of his schemes living with my architectural skills to
Peter Stulz founded structures in a constant process of design spaces. My architectural dwell in these dystopian spaces
xoio in 2006 as reorganisation. customers valued that I could
a provider of 3D The book was my constant continue their ideas and bring images necessarily better. It's the
visualisation in companion for many years during them to a visually convincing emotional experience and the
Berlin. xoio provides my studies of architecture I result without them guiding me narrative that make us connect
creative imagery and just could not stop studying these every step. Others wanted us to to the scene little imperfections
3D animations for a intriguing spaces full of vertical show some product in 3D and we that tell the story. Sometimes
wide range of clients uncertainty. I was inspired like a provide the right ambience by a sketch or a pencil drawing
including architects, boy exploring a derelict structure conceiving a virtual set that's may leave more space for your
airlines and publishers. I scrutinised his drawings and actually good fun. If you are still experience as a viewer than a indulged in the lust to dwell in fresh in your CG ambitions, please photoreal representation.
these dystopian spaces. consider this: combine your 3D Not long ago I sadly learned that
This highly emotional interests with some other skillset Mr. Woods passed away, in 2012.
experience would have an you are interested in it might in Hopefully his amazing works will
impact on my career in the long fact multiply your market value. continue to intrigue other young
run. Since the day that I bought Currently I am mostly kept artists for years to come.
this book I learned to value the busy running our studio, xoio, For more on Lebbeus Woods,
true quality of the unbuilt the
FYI visit
together with my partners, which

3D WorlD May 2015 98