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The clear blue sky promised weather for the rest of the day.
The twins' hair couldn't have been more different: Jane's was dark and Sue's
was .. .
Ronald didn't think it was of his parents to let his older
brother go out while he had to stay at home.

It gets quite cold in December but the temperature hardly ever

. below zero.
My birthday .. on a Monday this year, so I think I'll spend a long
weekend away in the country.
lf Grandpa starts watching TV after 10 o'clock, he invariably

Colin doesn't know the first about aircraft so why are you going
to ask him?
The . is, how are you going to explain the damage to his car when he
gets back?
Feeling very tired, I decided that a few days off work would be the very
. for me.

The author goes on to describe the events that follow in .

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize was a achievement for the old
With its sandy beaches, the resort is . for sunbathing.

Most elderly women prefer to wear dresses and skirts rather

than those with patterns.
It's quite .. to those who know about environmental matters that
global warming will cause widespread flooding in the future.
Although he'd been a .. boy, he grew up to be a handsome man.

Being as a member of an American street gang normally

involves being beaten by existing members.
Since the winner of the Oscar was not at the ceremony, the director
. the award on his behalf.
Martin has never that he was wrong to treat Clara that way.

When Jackie's father realised she'd taken money from his wallet without
asking, he .. into a rage.
Paul must have been in a hurry because he . past me in the
corridor a moment ago.
The time simply . by while I was on holiday - no sooner had I
arrived than it was time to come home.
After being responsible for two starts, the athlete was disqualified from the
I couldn't understand what Grandma was saying until she put in her
Making a . statement to the police is an offence.

After having to walk up six flights of stairs, the elderly couple were
desperately . of breath.
Marcie's attempt to look younger by dressing like a teenager is nothing
. of ridiculous.
Fortunately, our hotel was just a .. walk from the beach.

Since our sales have fallen recently, we'll be lucky if the company manages
to even this year.
You'll .. Jane's heart if you tell her that our holiday has had to
be cancelled.
Many drivers tend to the speed limit on this long, straight
stretch of road.

A top managerial post will certainly you with a challenge.

Henry's main ambition is to .. his own TV show.
I think they should Albert with something better than a gold
watch on his retirement after forty years' service to the firm.

Walking through the forest, I had an feeling that I was being

Apart from the cold spell, last winter was remarkably mild.
We can't divide the cakes equally between us if there's an
number of them.

The hotel we stayed in didn't . any resemblance to the one in

the holiday brochure photographs.
As you've got no choice in the matter, you'll just have to grin and
.. it.
Not being a person to .. a grudge, he'll soon forgive you for
borrowing his car without permission.

A serious ankle injury forced the sprinter to .. from the event.

As a rule, she prefers to go to the bank on Tuesday to .. the
money she needs for the week.
The couple decided to .. their offer for the house after they
had read the surveyor's report.

You can . yourself lucky that you weren't fired for speaking so
rudely to the supervisor.
All his hard work will .. for nothing if he doesn't complete the
A poor attendance record at work will certainly .. against you
when you apply for another job.

They .. to make a large profit on the shares they have bought.

A female tiger will always her ground to protect her cubs.
Several shops now where the old cinema used to be.

We normally begin our warm-up exercises by running on the ..

for five minutes.
She had a soft . for her little niece.
In my opinion, the perfect for a picnic is high on a grassy hill
with a wonderful view on all sides.

The police do not think there is enough evidence to .. the

suspect with murder.
Since we live outside the village, the local shopkeepers . us
extra when they deliver goods for us.
The bull took one look at the boys crossing the field and decided to
. .

Helen's hair is very .. brown, almost blond.

Doctors usually advise against their patients doing anything but
. work immediately after recovering from surgery.
A .. sea breeze can make a very hot summer day more

Only the managing director has the .. to approve expenses of

over 1,500.
Being an . on primitive religions, he is very often invited to
give his expert opinion in documentaries.
Because the crime was committed in another country, our police force has
no . in the case.

Every morning, pigeons . in the square hoping to be fed by

From what you have told me, I that you would prefer to live in
the countryside.
The experience she will .. in her present job will qualify her for
a far better post in the future.

Most of the offices in this building .. the harbour.

Make sure you do not any important people when you compile
the guest list.
Jack's manager informed him that she'd . his late arrival this
time, but it would be recorded in furor.

Some university courses to be much more difficult than

Having won several gold medals, the athlete felt he no longer had to
himself to anyone.
The easiest way to .. your innocence is to establish a
watertight alibi.

It is alleged that the captain was by no means awake when

the ship struck an iceberg.
It can be a great educational experience to travel far and . .
His original estimate of the cost of the repairs was well of the
mark: the actual cost was twice as much.

As there was one missing, the set of encyclopedias was

The sheer . of work some people take on leads to a great deal
of stress.
Before remote controls, you had to walk to the TV to increase the
.. .

Although her students saw the funny side of their teacher's story, the
accident was no laughing .
We'd been trying to solve the problem all afternoon, but Sylvia managed to
find a solution within a .. of minutes.
Everyone looked upset, but nobody would tell me what the

They formed a .. around the burglar to prevent him from

Although she had lied in the past, her explanation had more than a
. of truth about it.
Moving cautiously around the . , the boxers probed each
other's defence.
He was arrested because he .. to the description of the wanted
I wish I hadn't .. the door when a salesman came to my house
She an advertisement in the personal column and is now
married to the man who placed it.

The guest house offers only half .

The .. of directors have arranged to meet to discuss the
possibility of expanding the business.
Always check the bulletin for situations vacant.

A practical joker, James likes nothing more than to creep up behind people
and make them . .
It's difficult to follow the train of thought of a lecturer who tends to
.. from one subject to another.
Most people would . at the chance of meeting a famous

As there was little margarine left, we had to . it thinly on the

News of the scandal so quickly that by lunchtime everyone
knew about it.
The officers involved in the search for the murder weapon were told to
out while scouring the field.

All the children were in spirits after they had been told about
the trip to the zoo.
After winning the lottery, Margaret was determined to live the
. life and indulge her every whim.
There's no need for you to adopt that .. and mighty attitude with

Henry's publishing company has not yet decided exactly when to

his next novel.
Remember to .. the handbrake properly before you drive off.
If there is new evidence that proves his innocence, it is likely that the
authorities will .. him from jail.

Talks between the two leaders when they were unable to

reach agreement on a peace plan.
The football manager was under so much stress that he during
a game and had to be taken to hospital.
So many people were dancing at the party that the floor .
beneath them.
Farmers have been hard by the recent bad weather and will
probably face financial problems next year.
The driver in front of me almost a pedestrian crossing the
Share prices an all-time low yesterday as they plunged by

Unfortunately, Janice took the road that to the coast and ended
up in the wrong village.
The silver medallist . the race until the last few metres when
he was overtaken by his great rival.
Norma . a quiet life in the country after escaping from the
hustle and bustle of the city.

The road sign in the shape of an inverted triangle means you must give
.. to traffic on the main road.
Elizabeth's father can't refuse her anything so she always gets her own
. .
I don't want you to give me any money for expenses; I prefer to pay my own