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Mega Trend Slow Fashion

Macro Trend Slow Futures

Micro trends- Raw Minimalism, Sculpted Volume, Retro futuristic

Slow Fashion represents all things eco, ethical and green in one unified
movement. It was first coined by Kate Fletcher, from the Centre for Sustainable
Fashion, when fashion was compared to the Slow Food experience. Carl Honor,
author of In Praise of Slowness, says that the slow approach intervenes as a
revolutionary process in the contemporary world because it encourages taking time
to ensure quality production, to give value to the product, and contemplate the
connection with the environment.

Slow Futures

Slow Futures is a trend about the stripping away of excess, where new is not necessarily better,
and as lives speed up and time feels scarce, inspiration will be found in moments of boredom
and joy in moments of slowness. Design and technology will merge more seamlessly together
creating a rustic minimalism that will combat overconsumption and allow a stealthy product
evolution to emerge.

Slow Futures focuses on the importance of basics, but with a more luxurious approach. As demand
grows for long-lasting essentials, fabric assumes a new importance. In this trend, basic no longer
means ordinary. Quite the contrary: wardrobe staples are becoming more lavish and desirable

Minimalism is a key influence in the Slow Futures trend, but moves away from its purist roots to
embrace strong silhouettes, clever cuts and added texture. The trend for raw edges becomes more
tactile with all-over finishes, and slubbed fabrics use silks and jerseys, adding interest to simple
designs with elevated details. Shapes become more structured, as sharp edges and circular silhouettes
become more important in tailored and volume items.

Micro trend arid desert landscapes, rustic finish, transparent and light, muted
metallic effects, structured volume dressing, architectural influences, historical
details(streamlined silhouettes are mixed with elaborate sleeves and slashed
backs), minimalism


Volume dressing is more structured: there is a slight move away from fluidity towards a sharper look.
Sculpted volume draws on subtle historical references, with cinched waists and outsized sleeves.
Circular shapes also add structure, while retaining a soft, relaxed look

Metallics become more muted: futuristic references step away from 1960s-style polished surfaces
towards more brushed, dulled down metallics
Architectural influences are key: Brutalist architecture inspires some wonderful silhouettes, which
offer a new take on functional dressing when mixed with minimalist utility details. Flat patch pockets
and intricate panels are a perfect match for the clean lines of this direction

Historical details are reinvented: elements of classical Chinese dress and historical costumes are
reimagined in a modern way. Streamlined silhouettes are mixed with elaborate sleeves and slashed
backs, blurring the line between fussy and refined

Color palette defined by adaptability

Solid Basics

Basics take centre stage to become the majority of the wardrobe, creating a pared-back but well-rounded
closet. Brands such as Creatures of Comfort champion this direction. Layering and textured surfaces are
key, with knitted rib stitches become chunkier, making a subtle statement.

Drop: Spring Transitional

Market: Women, Young Women

Raw Minimalism

Minimalism moves away from its clean and pure roots towards simple forms with a rustic finish. The strong
raw-edge denim trend moves into cotton, as seen at Gentle Monster , and jersey fabrics are seen with
frayed edges and rough textured surfaces.

Drop: Spring Transitional

Market: Women, Young women

Sculpted Volume

Volume dressing has had a sense of fluidity in the past, but forms are more structured and sharp for S/S 18.
There is a sense of looking back to look forward, with hints at historical details such as cinched waists and
leg-of-mutton sleeves, as seen at Mother Of Pear l. These are combined with strong tailoring and cropped
wide-leg pants.

Drop: Spring Transitional

Market: Women
Rounded values

Simple forms become more circular and rounded for a softer take on clinical volume and minimalist style.
External seams create a slightly deconstructed look, and simplicity comes with grown-on circular sleeves.
Wide-leg trousers sit higher on the waist, creating a more fitted form.
Drop: Spring Transitional
Market: Women

Mercury rising

Surface is key in this story, with mirrored and polished chromes taking on a softer aesthetic that appears to
be more brushed. The use of reflective finishes has a futuristic industrial feel, and feels faintly space-age.
Clean and structured fabrics appear to have a liquid quality.

Drop: Spring Transitional

Market: Young Women

Retro futuristic

In the past, retro futurism came from a 1960s viewpoint, but a tougher, more graphic vision is emerging,
influenced by Brutalist architecture and military styling, as seen in the designs of Kumann Yoo Hye Jin .
Technology plays a part here, with embedded fibre optic and light particles, inspired the work of Clara
Daguin .

Sci fi Safari

Safari looks are a perennial trend, but in this story they are less about lush rainforests and game reserves
and more about survival, with post-apocalyptic undertones. Biker jackets are updated with longer lines and
sleeveless styling, as seen at J. Apostrophe, classic playsuits are updated with shorts and long sleeves.

Drop: Spring Transitional

Market: Women, Young Women

Traditions reformed

Looking back to look forward is one of the S/S 18's biggest messages. This story offers a modern take on
historical styling from Asia Pacific. Chinese brand Ms Min is a strong influencer here. Exaggerated sleeves
have a fit-and-flare silhouette, and skirts are pleated and ankle-skimming, with both high and dropped waist
Drop: Spring Transitional
Market: Women

Rules of abstraction

Negative space is embraced in designs, exposing modest flashes of skin. This direction follows the success
of cold-shoulder styles and evolves in the form of obscure backless details and zip-through splices. These
details work well for knitwear and woven tops.

Drop: Spring Transitional

Market: Women