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1.11 Maintenance of structures Maintenance plan - based on risk

1.12 Light survey Light survey

1.12 Emergency lighting tests Inspection register of emergency lighting or emergency generator

1.13 Air conditioner inspections Inspection register of air conditioners

1.13 Extraction systems inspection Inspection register of extraction systems

1.13 Air quality monitoring Dust survey / airflow survey / monitoring of air quality

1.14 Hygiene facility inspections Inspection register for changerooms / canteens and toilets

Pollution risk management

1.15 Pollution management action plan

1.21 Demarcation standard Demarcation standard

1.22 Stacking inspections Stacking inspection checklist

Audit of waste removal

1.24 Documentary proof of audit / Waste mass balance

Colour codes - pipes and

1.25 Colour code standard - general and for pipelines

1.26 Resource conservation Resource conservation standard. Mass balance of conservation objectives and targets. Results of conservation activities

2.10 Equipment maintenance Maintenance plan - based on risk

2.11 Machine guarding Inspection of machine guarding - (document)

Identification of electrical
2.12 Diagram of all electrical installation. All panels labbeled (front and rear) where necessary
switch gear

Identification of critical
2.13 Lay-out plan indicating all critical valves and switches as indicated by your internal risk assessments

2.13 Piping and electrical diagrams Diagram of piping and channels on the premises

2.14 Portable ladders Inspection register (According to your own determined frequency)

2.14 Fixed ladders Inspection register (According to your own determined frequency)

2.14 Scaffolding Inspection register

2.15 Load tests certificates Load test certificates

2.15 Lifting equipment Inspection register

General condition of lifting

2.15 Inspection register - Lifting tackle, e.g. Slings, chains, hooks, fibre ropes, etc.

2.15 Lifting gear and tackle Inspection register

2.15 Hydraulic lifts or jacks Inspection register

Pressure tests of pressure

2.16 Pressure test certificates

2.16 Air compressors Inspection register

2.16 Refrigiration plants Inspection register

2.16 Oxy/acetylene equipment Inspection register

Revision of Hazardous
2.17 List of all hazardous chemicals, and proof that it is revised every three months
Chemical Substances

2.18 Motorised equipment Daily vehicle checklists

2.18 Load lifting tests certificates Load test certificates

Driver and equipment

2.18 Register of inspection of drivers licences. Proof that licences are checked regularly
operator licences

2.21 Portable electrical equipment Inspection register

2.22 Earth leakage tests Inspection register

2.23 General electrical installations Inspection carried out by qualified person of general electrical installation and his report must be available

Flame and explosive proof

2.23 Inspection register
electrical equipment

2.30 Hand tools Inspection register

2.30 Pneumatic tools Inspection register

2.31 Ergonomics Ergonomic study and action plans to alleviate identified ergonomic stress factors
2.40 Respiratory equipment Inspection regtister (self contained breating aparatus)

2.40 Gas masks Inspection register (Only for cartridge type respirators - not for dusk masks)

2.41 Safety belts Inspection register

2.41 Audiometric tests Audiometric test cards - to be confirmed with doctor

2.50 Notices and signs Standard for symbolic signs and notices - specific reference to notices at electrical installations

3.01 Fire risk management Fire risk plan, covering safety, health and environment. Also preventative actions, actions during a fire and post-fire activities

Fire equipment visible and

3.02 Standard for the display of symbolic signs indicating location of fire equipment and emergency exit doors

Maintenance of fire
3.04 Service documents and certificates of service

Inspection of fire sprinkler

3.04 Inspection certificate

3.04 Fire equipment inspections Inspection register

Storage of flammable,
3.05 explosive and hazardous Licence for storing explosives. HCS compatibility study, Standard for storing any hazardous materials.
chemical substances

3.06 Alarm tests Inspection register - record of tests

3.07 Fire fighting training Training attendance lists and certificates. Proof of fire figting drills. Proof of spillage clean-up simulations. Evacuation drill excercise - proof.

3.07 Evacuation drills Documentry proof e.g. Roll call registers, post mortem report

3.08 Security system Proof that security personnel have been trained in basic SHE and how they are involved in reporting unsafe acts and conditions to the SHE department

3.09 Emergency plan Written emergency plan based on the identified risk profile. Proof of safety, health and environmental simulation excercises.

4.11 SHE Incident register Standard for the recording of all SHE incidents. Record (a list) of all accidents/incidents - including damage, accidents, and complaints from third parties.

Internal investigation of Appointments for all incident investigators. Training certificates for all incident investigators. Incident/accident investigations for all recorded
incidents incidents/accidents as per the register (list) mentioned under 4.11

4.13 SHE Incident statistics Incident/accident statistics. Trend analysis of incidents/accidents form the statistics

Cost analysis of incidents and

4.13 Cost statistics of all accidents Month and year to date figures

4.12 SHE Risk financing Cost analysis of incidents/accidents and action plans to address areas of identified losses

Incident recall, making employees aware of the causes of incidents/accidents that happened on the premises - in order to prevent similar accidents/incidents
4.23 Incident recall
from occuring again

5.01 Revision of SHE policy Formal appointment of most senior manager responsible for SHE. Letter of appointment should indicate his duties.

Standard - general risk assessment requirements. SHE risk profile. Occupational hygiene reports. HCS / Fire / Health / Process / Task / Waste / Point-of-
5.02 SHE Risk assessments
operation risk assessments. Aspect and Impact study.

SHE risk management Emergency plan, SHE Training analysis, First aider training, Task observations, Maintenance system, System review, Objectives and Targets, SHE plan,
strategy Inspection frequencies, etc. - based on the assessed risk profile

5.03 Revision of legal register Up to date legal register. Proof of updating service of legal changes

Revision of corporate
5.04 Up to date copies of Corporate standards. Corporate standards customised for the unit.

Revision of objectives and

5.05 Minutes of meetings and documented objectives and targets - risk based

Monitoring of objectives and

5.05 Minutes of meetings and documented corrective action plans

5.06 SHE plan and actions Minutes of meetings and corrective action plans

5.07 SHE system review Minutes of meeting of revision commitee (To include top management)

5.11 Revision of all appointments File with all appointments up to date

5.13 SHE committee meetings Minutes of meetings (Central commitee meetings to be available for auditors)

5.14 Communication Standard for internal and external SHE communication (Employees and interested and affected parties)

5.15 Inspection of first aid boxes Inspection registers of first aid boxes. Clinic records and treatment protocols, staffing, legal requirements for the clinic.

5.16 First aid training First aid training certificates. Proof that training includes specific training based on the SHE risk profile of the organisation

5.21 Rotating of SHE posters Rotating schedule and register of planned rotations

5.21 Internal SHE newsletter Copies of internal news letter - Check for SSMA articles

5.21 SHE competitions Evaluation results of internal competitions

5.21 SHE videos Attendance registers

SHE experience board up to

5.22 SHE experience board display SHE statistics and are up to date. Statistics for the previous 12 months that were displayed

5.22 SHE system grading Action taken on previous audit report

5.23 Suggestion scheme SHE suggestion scheme is in place and actively used. Record of accepted suggestions. Reward system for accepted suggestions.

A SHE reference library with reference resources applicable to the organisation's activities. Acces to the internet for research. Complete file of MSDS for all
5.24 Reference resources
HCS on the premises, Legal references - SHE

5.25 Annual SHE report Annual report of unit and/or corporate entity

3.30 Training needs identified Training needs analysis. (Not only a training matrix) How was a lack knowledge and skills identified and how was it addressed (Risk based)

3.30 Training - proof of training Training attendance lists and copies of certificates

Man-job-specifications for all job categories. Calibration of medical equipment, e.g. Audiometer, employee assistance programme. Involvement in SHE
5.32 Medical services
commitees and hygiene inspections

Medical examination schedule. Record of visists to the clinic. Hearing consrvation programme. Management of medical waste. Preventative medical practice.
5.32 Medical services
Involvement in risk assessment and emergency drills

Man-job-specifications for all job categories. Psichometric testing for suitability for the job. Career path development programmes with specific emphasis on
5.33 Selection and placement

Documentary proof of all monitoring (results of monitoring) - Micro monitoring (occupational hygiene surveys) and Macro monitoring - (Environmental
5.39 Environmental monitoring
monitoring), e.g. Water, smoke, etc. Calibration certificates for all instruments

Inspection register for each SHE rep. (Can be in areas) The inspection must be a "general" inspection and cover SHE as well as actions - not only physical
5.40 SHE Rep inspections

Two internal audit reports and action plans. Including scoring of the audit. Apppointment of all internal auditors. Training records of auditors on auditors
5.41 Internal SHE system audits
course. Audit team include management and SHE specialists

Documented standard for this element. Design specifications for all projects. Procedure for manufacturing of "home-made" tools. Pre-acceptance checklists
5.42 Design specifications
for structures and equipment before commissioning.

Standard for this element. Contractor selection based on SHE performance. Contractor involvement in SHE programme. Contractor doing own inspections
5.43 Contractor control
according to risk profile.

1. Identification of hazardous tasks. 2. Job safety analysis of hazardous tasks. 3. WSWP based on-the-job safety analysis of the hazardous tasks. 4
5.50 Written safe work procedures
Employees trained on the WSWP.

Planned job observation schedule and proof of all the planned observations. Plan must cover all hazardous tasks as well as all employees who perform the
5.51 Planned job observations
hazardous tasks, at least once a year

Identification of dangerous work that requires authorisation before the work may be performed. Pre-inspection and post-inspection after work has been
5.52 Permit to work systems
completed. Appointment of person authorised to issue work permits.

5.60 Off-the-job SHE Off-the-job SHE programme. Proof of activities to promote off-the-job SHE

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