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Lexie Hennelly

Mrs. Pettay

English 111, 2A

19 October 2016

Our Future Energy

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) data, in 2015 67% of

electricity generated in America was from fossil fuels, which includes coal, natural gas, and

petroleum. Over the past 10 years the U.S. has increased their consumption of energy. As we

increase the use of fossil fuels, energy sources such as coal will eventually run out. The 2016

Election will be critical in resolving the issue of Americas depleting energy sources. Each

candidate has a different view of how they are going to fix the problem. Hillary Clinton and

Donald Trump both make a plan that will save energy and help our environment; however,

Clinton believes in continuing what has already been implemented, while Trump plans to


Hillary Clintons goal is to continue and build off of unfinished energy plans created by

President Obama. As Clintons campaign website explains, Hillary Clinton believes that we can

tackle climate change by making America the worlds clean energy superpower. Her goal is to

transition from coal to natural gas, which she says will build a clean energy economy. The

pledge President Obama made at the Paris Climate Conference, Clinton plans on continuing

through reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% in 2025 from the original levels in

2005. Her campaign websites states that she will ensure safe and responsible energy production
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through the transition of coal to natural gas. Using the EPAs Clean Power Plan, Clinton says

that the clean energy transition will reduce carbon pollution. She aims to defend, implement, and

extend smart pollution and efficiency standards, including the Clean Power Plan and standards

for cars, trucks, and appliances. Hillary Clinton realizes that the United States fossil fuels,

especially coal, are not going to last forever. She is trying to use alternate energy sources now,

including natural gas, to slow down the depletion of Americas energy. In contrast, Trump is

willing to use all fossil fuels that are available, but is not proposing a full transition to only

natural gas like Clinton is.

Donald Trumps plan is to redesign Obamas existing energy usage strategy. As Trumps

campaign website explains, he believes the U.S. should tap into the $50 trillion of American

unused shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus coal reserves. He says he aims to become and

stay totally independent from importing energy from the OPEC cartel or any other nation that is

hostile to our interests. In order to create millions of new jobs and protect clean air, Donald

Trump plans to make America energy independent. Trump will encourage the use of natural gas

and other American energy resources because these resources will both reduce emissions and the

price of energy, while increasing our economic output. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both

plan on using natural gas for energy resources; however, in addition to natural gas, Trump plans

to keep using the resources that are still available like coal and petroleum.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a plan to regulate Americas energy

resources. Clinton aims to keep building off of President Obamas past energy plans, while

Trump is looking forward to a fresh start. Clinton believes that a total transition to natural gas

would help the United States by reducing carbon pollution and the extending the coal reserves.

Trump plans to keep using the remaining energy resources, including coal, while the U.S. still
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has them, but at the same time encourage the use of natural gas. The candidates have a tough

decision to make revolving around energy resources. Their decisions on the use of energy will

affect many laborers who work in coal mines. Coal mining jobs will be lost with the decrease in

the use of coal, but there will be an increase of jobs in the natural gas industry with the energy

transition. However, job growth will remain unchanged if the U.S. is using the same resources

as they are now. The use of energy in the future will also be transformed. If Clintons plan is

implemented then the United States could be primarily using natural gas for energy in the future,

but if Trumps plan is applied then the U.S. will be using up the remaining fossil fuels. With the

continuing depletion of fossil fuels, Americans should be informed about which candidates

policy would be best fit for the future usage of energy resources.
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