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Times Recorder of Timor

Times Recorder is a widely circulated weekly magazine founded in 1900 by Mr.
Sebastiano Echavez and has been noted as a strong advocate of the freedom of the
press in Timor. After the death of Mr. Echavez, Mr. Enrico Martinez assumed the
presidency and editorship of the magazine. A certification election, duly supervised
by the Ministry of Labor Relations, was held on the premises of the Times Recorder
of Timor. The purpose: To determine the will of the employees as to which of the two
unions- the Times Recorder of Timor Labor Union headed by Rami Carvalho and the
Times Recorder of Timor Employees Association headed by Eduardo Falcao- will
represent Tmes of Timor employees in collective bargaining with management.

Time Context
The conflict between the two unions arises sometime in November 1960.

View Point
Ramil Carvalho the President and Founder of Times Recorder of Timor Labor Union

Major Policy Statement

Earlier in 1960 the Times Recorder of Timor has no existing union that will represent
their employees. It was then that Carvalho Saavedra establish their union the
Times Recorder of Timor Labor Union and on that same year Falcao Conceisao also
establish his own union the Times Recorder of Timor Employees Association. The
company policy is the there should be only one union to represent its employees
and worker. Under the law, a company union is illegal and it is also stated that
under the law breaking an independent union is also illegal.

Current Business Policy

Labor Unions are legally recognized bodies that work for the rights and demands of
the employees or workers. Labor Unions are usually formed so that large number of
employees can come together and voice out their grievances and request to the
company. Unions are also in charge of for negotiating the workers right and their
benefits. They work continuously to protect the workers and even the employers by
making various policies and regulations. They also served as the mediator between
the management and the employees/workers. Labor Unions have many advantages
if their power and authority is used in the right way. If they are using their power to
demanding more than what they deserve, then the unrest in the union and the
employees can actually slowdown. The production process and can even bring it to
a standstill. The labor union leaders are very influential and have a strong say too. If
the leader is fair and just then the employees will benefit and so will the employer
as all the employees are content and happy which in turn increases the productivity
and lower the employee attrition rate. V. Statement of the Problem

Who amongst the two Time Recorder Unions really represents the employees and
the worker best interest?
The will of employees whether what union will represent the Times of Timor
employees in collective bargaining with management.

Statement of the Objectives

Be able to identify the Union that really cares for the best interest of the workers
and to understand they true existence.
1. The Times Recorder of Timor must meet its cost of production.
2. Timorese magazine must increase its circulation from 8000 to 15000 within 3
months period.
3. Solve the conflicts between union of TRT.
1. To keep the Times Recorder in business, that is, a profitable business
2. Making Times Recorder of Timor the number one widely circulated weekly

Alternative Courses of Actions

1. The 2 existing union (TRT Labor Union and TRT Employees Association) join

SWOT Analysis
Strength| Strength| Weakness| Weakness|
| * The employees will have better benefits and pension. * There will be
someone who will represent them against the company. * They will be able to
voice out their grievances through the union. * A better salary/wages will be
given to them. * Better protection under labor laws * They will have a greater
access to information; the union will provide them about their rights and what
kind of benefits they deserved. | * If you go against your union you could
possibly lose your job. * If you join a labor strike the union cannot guarantee
that will still have your job after the strike. * Incentives are largely
determined by the union officers and the seniors. * You are required to pay
union dues. * Majority rules, the majority makes decision for everyone. | |
Opportunities| * You can possibly raise your demand regarding your work and
the benefits you would like to have. * A specially design benefits that will suit
you as an employee of the company. * Someone will represent your
grievances.| * You might lose your job to company strikes. * Incompatibility
between the union officers. * Difficulty in getting promotions.| Threats| |
Opportunities| Threats| |

Advantage and Disadvantages

The advantage of joining the two unions is that there is frequently greater
strength in numbers. In other words, a company will normally pay more
attention to a group of employees (whether in a union or not) than it will to
an individual employee. On the other hand, the disadvantage of it will cost
money, and spend time and effort for implementation and execution.

Conversion of Weaknesses to Strength

In the business context, expecting for a higher revenue or income needs a

higher investment and shall extend extra effort. Therefore, the Time motion
and the money that will be spent are worth of spending as long as the
company can afford to do so. Moreover, it plays a decisive role in the process
in achieving its goal.

Conversion of Threat to Opportunity

Negative allegations are always negative. Hence, transforming it into positive

a approach will help the company to prove more and extra effort to trans
mode the situation.

2. Compromise. Discuss the conflict between the two unions and make
assumptions about other point of view and willingness to compromise with
each party to avoid a much bigger conflict in the future. 2. Be magnanimous.
In truth, most conflict is over matters of little substance and often it is mostly
pride or status that is at stake. Consider conceding the point to your
3. Form another union.
Advantage and Disadvantages
The advantage of forming another union there will be new management and
leadership in the union. Therefore, employees can have a new working
environment and they will get higher wages and better benefits packages. On
the other hand, the disadvantage of it will cost money, and spend time and
effort for implementation and execution.

Conversion of Weaknesses to Strength

In business context, creating or forming a new union you should exert effort
especially on time and financial aspects.