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In your advertisement, you will have to come up with an original

concept that will help spread peace and understanding instead of

hate, ethnocentrism or xenophobia.
Step in the Your brainstorming.
1. Empathize: The challenge is to create an advertisement that can
Develop a deep help educate the public about the issue.
of the
challenge A) Who do you want your audience to be?

My target audience will be someone who feels

that they know everything there is to the issue
already and have their bias tattooed on their
forehead. My audience will probably be well
educated on the topic since they have chosen
a side and dont have any interest in hearing
opposing arguments.

B) What will your audience react positively to?

What is the best way to persuade or inform

Since I am trying to persuade people who are not

interested in compromise, I think that it would be
effective to show how both sides have made
mistakes but both are also capable of peace and
reconciliation. Instead of arguing that my audience
is wrong, I think that it would be helpful to
acknowledge that their side has a justification for
feeling the way they do, but also reminding them
that there is another side that deserves to be heard.
2. Define: The problem is that people often do not see any
Clearly possibility for peace because they already have their
articulate the mind made up about the other. You want to help
problem you people understand a complex issue by creating a
want to solve visual message.

Look at the rubric. What are some things you need

to keep in mind as you solve this problem?

1) I need to use information from the tasks, and I

need to cite evidence in my final proposal
2) It needs to be original and creative. It should not
be similar to anyone elses. This is going to be
3) I need to do a good job of communicating my
ideas to my audience. There is a lot of information
to communicate, so I need to be sure that I organize
my proposal in a way that will help me get funding
for my ad
3. Ideate: What might be some possible ways you can create
Brainstorm an original advertisement?
solutions. Inspiration from Tasks:
Select and
develop your 1. What did you think was the most interesting
solution part of the tasks?

Seed idea 1: The West Bank Barrier

Seed idea 2: The European meddling in the

Sykes-Picot agreement

Seed idea 3: The extremists on both sides-

Hamas and the Israeli settler

Seed idea 4: Different solutions?

2. Brainstorm different ways you could turn your

seed idea into an interesting visual message

A) How could you create a visual metaphor or simile?

Could you make a comparison that might be

Hmmm I could take the West Bank Barrier and turn

it into something that would stop separation rather
than cause separation Maybe like a road! Or
wait Even better- a bridge!

B) Could you add anything else to your idea? A

famous quote?

I can search the internet to find a quote that relates

to walls or bridges or something like that.

Searching Hey! I found a cool Isaac Newton quote

about walls and bridges! That looks appropriate.

C) If you are really struggling Is there a topic or

talent that you have that you could use to
make an interesting statement? In the past,
my students have made profound statements
by tapping into their passions (soccer, love of
Maroon 5, makeup, etc

I like teaching So I could make it seem like an old

school teachers chalk board. I could scratch out all
of the failed solutions and focus on one that might

Failed solutions- intifada, West Bank Barrier, Israel is

destroyed, Palestine is completely taken by Israel

Possible solution? 2 state solution?

4. Prototype: Design a prototype to test your solution

5. Test: Is there anything else your prototype needs?
Continue to
improve your Is it too simple?
Is it aesthetically pleasing?

Does it meet the expectations of the rubric?