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First Friday Thanksgiving Mass June 2,2017

Entrance: Come to the Table We will eat this living bread, we will Agnus Dei: Lamb of God (Light from
drink this saving cup a-and fee-eel Light)
Come to the table Your presence, O Lord.
Enter His presence Lamb of God, You take away the sins
Feast with thanksgiving Chorus: As we offer this bread and as of the world
And celebrate His love (2x) we bring You this wine, bless them, Have mercy, have mercy on us. (2x)
Lord Jesus,
This is the house of the Lord Feed us now, give us life. Lamb of God, You take away the sins
The ga-ates are o-open wide Send us Your spirit, the source of our of the world
Sinner and saint, stro-ong and faint lives, and together we will serve You Grant us peace, grant us peace
Are welcome to co-ome inside with love.
(Optional yung pag-ulit ng chorus) Communion: Pag-ibig Ko
Come to the table
Enter His presence Sanctus: Holy (Light from Light) 1. Hindi ka kailangang magbago
Feast with thanksgiving Kahit itoy mas ibig ko
And celebrate His love Holy, holy, ho-oly, Lord God of hosts Hindi ka kailangang magsikap nang
Come to the table Heaven and earth are full of Your husto upang ikay ibigin ko
Enter His presence glory, full of Your glory
Feast with thanksgiving (3x) Ho-osa-anna in the hi-ighest (2x) Koro: Iniibig kita, manalig ka sana
And celebrate His love Blessed is He who comes in the Akoy kapiling mo kahit ikaw pa may
name__ of the-e Lord mapalayo
Alternate Entrance Song: Come, Let Ho-osa-anna in the hi-ighest (3x)
us Sing (Lester Delgado) Ho-osa-anna in the hi-igh-est
2. Kailan magwawakas ang iyong
Chorus: Come, let us sing Acclamation: When We Eat This pagtatago
Let us pra-aise the Lord Bread Akoy naghihintay sayo
A-and gather in His altar Lumapit ka lamang, ang puso koy
To worship His name When we eat this bread and drink this hagkan
Come, let us pray, cup, we proclaim Your death, O Lord Pag-ibig koy walang hanggan (Koro)
Let us open our hearts Until You come again, until You come (Optional yung pag-ulit ng chorus)
To rece-eive His blessings again, we proclaim Your death, O
And to fee-eel His love Lord. Recessional: Give Thanks to the
Lord (Lester Delgado)
Let us bow down and thank Him Great Amen: Amen Papal
For all that Hes done Give thanks to the Lord and exa-alt His
For all of the blessings in our lives A-amen, a-a-amen, a-amen, a-a- name
(Chorus) amen, a-amen, a-a-amen,a-amen, a- Give thanks to the Lord, let us sing
amen, a-a-amen (2x) songs of praise
Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia Papal Shout with one voice and procla-aim
Pater Noster: Our Father (Light from His words
A-alle-ellu-u-uia, a-alle-ellu-u-uia Light) Give thanks to the Lord all our days
A-alle-lu-u-uia, a-alle, a-allelu-u-uia
(2x) Our Father who art in heaven, (Transposed)
Hallowed be Thy Name Sing alleluia-a, si-ing your song
Offertory: Lord, We Gather Today Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done Rejoice and be glad, let us da-ance
on earth as it is in heaven with joy
Lord, we gather today Give us this day our daily bread For Christ is our Lord, our savior and
In Your house, we kneel down and And forgive us our trespasses king
pray As we forgive those who trespass Give thanks to the Lord____ for He is
We ask for Your mercy as we open our against us our God
hearts to receive Your forgiveness, O And lead us not into temptation Give thanks to the Lord all our days__
Lord. But deliver us, deliver us from evil Give thanks!
Lord, we lift up to You all these gifts
we offer for Your glo-ory