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School:Gompers Preparatory Academy

Administrator: Director Vincent Riveroll

Gompers Preparatory Academy San Diego, CA
Class of 2018 Class Rank: 1
GPA: 4.33 SAT: 1050
Honors/AP Courses: AP Chemistry, ACT: Pending
AP English Language and Composition,
AP Spanish Literature, AP US History, Pre-Calculus

Honor Roll, Summa Cum Laude (2011-2017)
Golden Pyramid Award (2011-2017)

Construction/Landscaping San Diego, CA 2014-2017
Digging, carrying, measuring, cleaning, using tools, teamwork, problem solving, precision,
handling cement, wood, pavers and other materials, as well as listening to instructions and orders
are a few responsibilities and skills needed for this job.

Knowledge of cleaning protocols
Bilingual in English and Spanish
Great leadership skills
Responsible, punctual, organized
Dependable & hardworking
Excellent multitasker
Great time manager
Great helper
Quick learner

Soccer,10-11 grade
Played in Junior Varsity
Played the position of goalkeeper
Won most improved in soccer

Crew, 10-11 grade

Rowed all year
Joined a tournament and competed
Learn teamwork and coordination skills

Adventure Club, 10-11 grade

Learned many helpful life skills
We go out to places and explore
We get to know our peers better
Help conserve the environment and bring awareness
Learn teamworking skills

Tennis 11 grade
Learned eye-hand coordination
Teamwork when playing doubles
Experienced how to focus and have a positive mindset
Played many matches and joined a tournament

Recycling Club, 6th grade
Im school 5hrs/week for 20 weeks
Learned many skills
Learned how things are recycled
Learned to reduce, reuse, recycle
Visited a place where they recycle cans

Volunteered at Gompers Preparatory Academy, 9th grade

Came during the summer and helped teachers for 2 hrs
Decorated and organized classrooms
Provided students with a better environment in class
Volunteered organizing and set up special school events

Volunteered at the Encore Program at Gompers Preparatory Academy, 9th grade

Volunteered at Encore with the BE BOLD summer program 25hrs/week for 4
Volunteered at Encore with the middle schoolers
I barbecued, organized, and helped the staff members to keep the program
advancing and move forward with other activities planned

GPA Carnival 2017, 11th grade

Took initiative in many game stands
Demonstrated leadership throughout
Helped the PTSC program with the setup and cleanup as well as the planning of
the carnival
Helped the entire day and was on top of many things such as volunteers, foods,
and games.

Puneet Gill
(559) 974-4348
1005 47th St, San Diego, CA 92102

Gerald Carroll
1 (619) 847-8399
1005 47th St, San Diego, CA 92102

Jose Mendoza
(619) 254-3604
1005 47th St, San Diego, CA 92102

Kristie Chiscano
(619) 767-8277
1005 47th St, San Diego, CA 92102