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WHAT THE?!!!!!

Chapter 1

There are three brilliant minds living under the same roof. Each one of them is very
articulate, extremely professional and is actually quite ingenious (and you know this just
by meeting them). One is a Scientist, one is a Curator and the other one is an Agent. They
are all at the top of their game, does a great job in the said careersbut when they come
together at the computer to work on a special project, no one seems to understands
anythingzipnotta nothing! Yep, their minds go totally blank and the spirit of stupid
is very present in the room. You have to see it to believe it. Its the truth and it always
sounds something like this:

The Agent would be sitting at the computer writing a new short story and if she needs
the assistance of the curator (to read from the dictionary the correct spelling and
definition of a specific word), she asks her to do so. The curator does just that with no
problem at all, perfecto! Only then she begins to ask questions about things that are
absolutely irrelevant to whats happening now pertaining to the story the Agent is writing
about. And if the Agent furthermore needs her help with anything else that is computer
related, thats when old stupid, that SPIRIT shows up. AND ITS A REAL MOMENT
FOLKS and IT LAST A WHILE. The Agent now calls the Scientist into the room to try
and make some sense out of whats going on. Yeah, hes sure to figure and fix the
nonsense. So we hoped.
The scientist comes in, walks over to the computer where the Agent and the Curator is
working and joins in on the conversation, only to find him confused by the two. With his
expertise, he quickly tries to resolve the miscommunication by doing something technical
and si-fi duh! Only thing is that we dont understand, because he works too fast for
anyone to see and to learn exactly how hes doing that. Oh my! So the three are talking
very loud to one another and the Agent is getting angry. ITS A REAL MOMENT
FOLKS and IT LAST A WHILE. Let the noise began.
Blas, Blas, and Blas everyone is saying to the other. No one knows what they are
doing and the very thing that needs to be done is so-o-o simple. The Agent is just trying
to design the book cover and then upload the book to her page on the online bookstore,
thats it! (She only has two, maybe three fans). The Scientist always does beautiful
graphic designs for the short stories along with numbering the pages to each book, and
centering them, etc. But he does not follow the advice of the Agent when shes telling
him exactly how she wants things done. And he does it his way. Hallelujah.
The Curator, the Scientist and the Agent are happy with the finished work and are now
ready for uploading the story. Only to find out that it didnt go through on the web and
its not showing for the readers to see it. (This makes the Agent livid). And heres the
spirit of stupid again!

Chapter 2

What happened? the Agent asked. I dont know, dont look at me, I didnt do it the
Curator replied. Did you do what she asked says the Curator to the Scientist. Yep, she
just dont understand how these things work, that all He said. Just give it a moment; its
going to show up, ok? the Scientist continues. The problem is on their end Yep, thats
right, the problems on their page the Curator agrees. The Agent relaxes only for two
seconds and yells Every time Im doing something good that stupid devil tries to mess it
up! I know one thing; no ones better not be messing with my work, so where is it?

Its up there, give it a sec. says the Scientist. Then suddenly the literature appears on
the site and the Agent isnt satisfied with the font. She wants to makes some changes to
her work, but the Scientist along with the Curator are trying to convince her that its as
good as its going to be for free anyway. (Shes not paying them for their collaboration
on the project), however she does credit them for their work in every edition she writes.
When I make money, yall make money shes always assuring them about their million
dollar future. The three of them are now discussing the changes to be made: The Agent
says I like this one, and decides to have the script in lager print something fancy and
more flattering to the audience. Yep, I want to get their attention, BAM!
The Curator looks at it and says Ooh, the color is too bright You might want to tone
it down a bit Its nice and all, just a little too bright The readers are going to say
whoa Ha-ha, she giggles. The Scientist adds (you get it? a play on words) if you show
that to people, theyre going to think youre crazy so he starts to choose the designs he
like. And #@&^! What the?!!!!! (Everyone disagrees about everything) God, I hate
working with you two Yall dont know what yall are doing He says frustratingly.
Look Im just going to design this my way, because I know what youre trying to say
you talk funny, nobody talks that way and Dont ask me to do this anymore Im not
doing this for you anymore, ok yeah, yeah, yeah, just until the next time I ask you
replies the Agent. The Curator leans closer to the computer and says Are you done yet?
Making sure that she (the Agent) doesnt press the wrong buttons and mess things up,
shows her how to do this and also asks Is this a safe web site? Then the trio starts to
talk very intelligent: What button did you touch? That one, why? Is that the one I
asked you to click? Yep How is it that this thing shows up? I dont know Whats
it for anyway? I dont know, never saw this before, just read it follow the instructions
and figure it out, youre smart Yeah ok, yall are something and what are you
doing? Checking to see if everythings alright with my computer I have to run a scan,
Im sure are you done yet? Hurry up, its dinner time. Im ready to eat my dinner
just a minute, let me do this and were done Now what happened? I dont know
hmmm thats weird looks like their page isnt working properly. O Lord!

Chapter 3

Ok, maybe we have to upload it again yeah lets try that all I know is this one
thing; no ones better not be messing with my work Nobodys messing with your work,
Agent You should calm down Scientist do that again and wait before clicking on to
anything Listen to the Curator, she has a good point there sure she does ha!, shes not
even paying attention and besides this was only supposed to take a few minutes to do
why does it always have to be total chaotic? Because you dont understand how
technology works, you think everything is magic abracadabra, its done

I do all the work its your job silly and just because you do all the work, doesnt
mean that you dont have to explain to us, what exactly is it that you doing yeah, we
want to learn it too Thats right, get over here and pay attention put the phone down
and watch what hes doing, I say turn the volume down on the television, quiet please,
and focus now Ok, Im getting ready to upload the book again and I want you two to
get over here and lookyou see and click now its uploading wait for itwait for
it Yes! Its done, thank you Jesus! Now are you satisfied? Do you like it?
Its perfect, wow, and its pretty you are a great artist Yes, its nice, I also like it
are you done yet? Just about, got to do one more thing put it on social media so that
everyone may view it yeah, millions, when I make money, yall make money Ok, but
you have to put tags on it, so it shows up easily in the search engine thats how that
works I dont like putting up tags you dont want any views then nobodys going to
know who you are unless you do that If you want people to see your commercial, you
have to do this the right way did you do the audio recording? Yes
Bring your phone and the wire in here How long is the recording? A few seconds
Ok now pay attention to what Im doing I going plug this wire from your phone into
my computer, select the video and upload it You saw that? Im not touching
anything else Now I am going to upload it and your commercial is ready for the world to
see oh boy, working with yall are something Yall dont understand technology
and we dont have to, thats what youre here for you know, anyone else would be
paying to do this not me, I already give you everything and you too You spoiled
brats let me reassure you of you future, when I make money, yall make money Now
both the advertisement and the new book is available, thanks yall did a good job. I
rebuke that stupid spirit!.

I dedicate this little book to my ingenious kids Perry and Nadia, whom I love being the
boss of forever.

To all my readers
God bless and prosper,

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