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Tense Meaning Form Examples:

To show: Positive: I jump.

a repeated action Subject + infinitive / infinitive + s He jumps.
how often something happens Negative: I don't jump.
Present Simple
one action follows another Subject + don't/doesn't + infinitive Do I jump?
things in general Interrogative: Does he jump?
Do/does + subject + infinitive
To show: Positive: I jumped.
a finished action in the past Subject + infinitive + ed
an action happened in the middle of Negative: I didn't jump.
Past Simple
another action Subject + didn't/ + infinitive
Interrogative: Did I jump?
Did + subject + infinitive
To show: Positive: I have jumped.
an action has just finished or has a Subject + have/has + past participle He has jumped.
connection to the present Negative: I haven't jumped.
Present Perfect
an action started in the past and Subject + hasn't/haven't + past participle He hasn't jumped.
continues up to the present Interrogative: Have I jumped?
Has/have + subject + participle Has he jumped?
To show: Positive: I will jump.
predictions about the future Subject + will + infinitive
you decide to do something at the Negative: I won't jump.
future: will
time of speaking Subject + will not (won't) + infinitive
1st conditional sentences Interrogative: Will I jump?
Will + subject + infinitive
To show: Positive: I am going to jump.
When you have already decided to Subject + be (am, is are) + going to + infinitive He is going to will jump.
do something Negative: They are going to jump.
what you think will happen Subject + be (am, is, are) + not + going to + infinitive I am not going to jump.
future: going to Interrogative: He isn't going to jump.
Be (am, is, are) + subject + going to + infinitive They aren't going to jump.
Am I going to jump?
Is he going to jump?
Are they going to jump?