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Top 10 Colleges KWL

Directions: It is quite possible that you will qualify for the college application fee waiver; in which case, you will be able to apply to four
UC campuses and four CSU campuses for FREE. This will be the expectation; so, choose your top four UCs and CSUs as well as two
additional schools and fill in the name, what you Know, and what you Want to know about each of these campuses on the chart
below. On this list highlight one reach school, one reasonable school, and one safe school. For each of these three schools you will
complete a College Research worksheet and then fill in the Learned box on the chart.

Top 10 Colleges K W L

1. UC: Santa Barbara Tuition costs 13,968 What are their majors? I learned 35.9% get
The tests required for Do they offer intramural accepted to UC Santa
admission are the SAT sports? Barbara.
and the ACT.

2. UC: Davis Located in Sacramento What is their acceptance rate? I learned the average
Mascot is the Mustang GPA is 3.95

3. UC: San Diego The mascot is a Triton How many students Their tuition is $30,286
attend UC San Diego?

4. UC: Los Angeles Mascot is a Bruin What is their I learned they offer
Found in 1919 undergraduate intramural sports

5. CSU: Sacramento I know it is a public What is their I learned their mascot is

university located in acceptance rate? a hornet
Sacramento I learned they have 21
varsity sports

6. CSU: Stanislaus I know this college is What year was this I learned 8,614
located in Turlock school found in? undergraduates attend.
This college has a high What majors are This university offers
acceptance rate. offered? 133 bachelor's degrees.

7. CSU: Cal Poly Located in San Luis What is the I learned the
Obispo undergraduate tuition acceptance rate is
One of the harder and fees? 29.5%
CSUs to get into Their total enrollment is
Low acceptance rate 20,944

8. CSU: San Jose Their in-state tuition is What is the average Was established in
about 20,000 gpa of incoming 1857
The student to faculty freshman? Campus enrollment is
ratio is 18:1 What test requirements 37,773
do they have?

9. Other: Santa Clara What is the tuition? I learned some of the

University Both ACT and SAT are What clubs are offered? majors they offer such
required as biology and
It is a private University biochemistry

10. Other: UC Irvine is a public What is the student to I learned their mascot is
university located in faculty ratio an anteater
Irvine How many I learned the average
Part of one of the ten undergraduate students gpa is 3.93-4.22
Universities of are enrolled?