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(Accredited by NABL, Govt. of India. & INTERTEK Testing and Certification (ASTA BEAB), U.K)

ERDA Road, GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara390 010, India
Tel. +91(0265) 2642942, 2642964, 2642377,
3043128-3043131, Fax: +91 (0265) 2638382, 2644923;;

Navi Mumbai
R- 336, TTC Industrial Area, Near Rabale Railway Station, Navi Mumbai 400 701
Tel.+91 022 27606212-14;; Web:

Registered Office Delhi Office Sonepat Site Rajahmundry Site Savli Laboratory

Brabourne Stadium, F-28, Pankaj Central 1410, HSIIDC Plot No.5; K-V2/A, GIDC,
87, Veer Nariman Road, Market, Local Shopping Industrial Estate, RAI, House No. 78/13/5, SBI Savli, Manjusar,
Mumbai - 400 020, Complex, IP Extension, Sonepat - 130 129 Colony, Shyamala Nagar Dist. Vadodara
Telefax: (022) 22820622, Patparganj Area, Haryana Rajahmundry - 533 103 Phone:02667 264347/49,
22815376, Delhi - 110 092 Telefax: 0130-2236302 Ph: 0883-2421431 Fax. 02667 264348
E-mail: Telefax: (011) 42175634, E-mail: E-mail : E-mail:


ERDA has recently established temperature-rise test facilities up to 20kA, Time-current characteristics up to 40kA, Electrical endurance
test up to 2.5kA at 690V, Mechanical endurance test for HT Circuit Breaker up to 145kV, 24kV Impulse Generator, Feeder Load Unit (3
Switchgear test facilities for type tests and certification of various electrical products are accredited by Intertek testing and certification,
(ASTA), UK for Indian customers & for the export of electrical products worldwide. ERDA's switchgear laboratory is also accredited by
National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL), Govt. of India and recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards
ERDA has one of the largest IP 40 ton test facilities in Asia.
ERDA has also established an Online Short Circuit Testing Laboratory for 120kA, 575V at Savli and 50kA, 500V at Makarpura, for testing
of Switchgear & Controlgear products, Distribution Transformers, Current Transformers & Cables.

Intertek Testing and Certification Ltd., (ASTA-BEAB),UK Utilities of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh,
Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh
Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) , USA
and Chhattisgarh etc.
National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration
Laboratories (NABL), Govt. of India, Dept. of Science &
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
Govt. of India, Ministry of Scientific & Industrial Research
Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Revenue
Govt. of India, Director General Factory Advice & Labour
Govt. of Gujarat, Chief Inspector of Steam Boilers and Smoke
Govt. of Maharashtra, Charity Commissioner
Govt. of India, Petroleum Explosive and Safety Organization,
20kA High Current Source

Major Infrastructure
Short circuit making & breaking capacities 120 kA, 570V and Ring wave cum current surge generator. Current surge -
50 kA, 525 V for Switchgear products 3000A,8/20 sec, Ring wave - 250A,0.5 sec 100 kHz
Short time withstand current test 120 kA for 1 second or 70 Computerized Single phase & Three Phase Relay testing kit
kA for 3 second at Savli and 50 kA for 1 Second, at Makarpura Feeder load unit 3 Nos. (Each with 8 ways outgoing feeder)
20kA & 10kA, stabilized High Current source for temperature Environment (Humidity) chamber: - 40C to +180C, Size: 950
rise test mm x 1000 mm x 950 mm
Time current characteristics up to 40kA, 40V Cold chamber : - 65C, Size : 580 mm x 550 mm x 1120 mm
Mechanical endurance test set up for HT circuit breaker upto IP test ( Degree of Protection ): 40 Ton, Size: 6.8 Mtr x 5.8 Mtr. x
145 kV class 5.0 Mtr
170 channel computerized temperature scanner a) Impulse Test 1600 kV, 80 kJ
Electrical endurance and Making & Breaking setup, 2.5kA at b) High Voltage one minute power frequency test
415V, 2 kA at 690V, 1 kA at 415V, - 200A at 415V
dry & wet 700 kV, 350 kVA
24kV, 1.2/50s Impulse generator

Electrical Research & Development Association, Vadodara

Products Covered
Sr. Standard Title / Product IS / IE CStandard
1. Specification for low voltage switchgear and control gear Circuit breakers IS/IEC:60947- 2- 2003
2. Specification for low voltage switchgear and control gear switches, disconnectors, IS/IEC:60947- 3 -1999
switch disconnectors and fuse combination units
3. Specification for low voltage switchgear and controlgear contactors and motor starters IS/IEC:60947- 4 -1- 2000
4. Specification for low voltage switchgear and controlger Control circuit devices and IS/IEC:60947- 5 -1- 2003
switching elements
5. Electrical accessories - Circuit breakers for over current protection for household and IS/IEC:60898 - 1-2002 & 2 -2003
similar installations IEC:60898-1& 2- 2003
6. Residual current operated circuit breakers without integral over current protection IS:12640 -1- 2008
(RCCB) IEC:61008-1-2012
7. Residual current operated circuit breakers with integral over current protection (RCBO) IS:12640 - 2-2008
IEC:61009 -1-2012
8. Low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies IS:8623 -1,2 & 3 -1993
9. Carriers and based in rewirable type electric fuses for voltages up to 650V-specification IS:2086-1993
10. Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Particular requirements for bus IEC:61439-6 -2012
bar trunking systems (bus ways)
11. Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Particular requirements for IEC:61439-3-2012
low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies intended to be installed in places
where unskilled persons have access for their use - distribution boards
12. Low -voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Particular requirements for IEC:61439 -4 - 2012
assemblies for construction sites (ACS)
13. Specification for high voltage fuses-current limiting fuses IS:9385 -1- 1979
IS:9385 -2-1980
14. Specification for alternating current disconnector (isolators) and earthing switches for IS:9921-1- 1981, IS 9921-2- 1982,
voltages above 1000 V - General and definitions IS:9921-3-1982, IS 9921-4- 1985
15. Specification for alternating current switches for voltages above 1000V - General and IS:9920-1- 2002, IS 9920-2- 2001
16. Specification for electric power connectors IS:5561 : 1970
17. Classification of degree of protection provided by enclosure of electrical equipment IS/IEC:60529-2001
18. Degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP code) IEC:60529-2001
19. Degrees of protection provided by the intergral design of rotating electrical machines IEC:60034 -5- 2006
(IP code) classifications
20. High voltage alternating current circuit breakers IEC:62271-100- 2012
21. Alternating current disconnectors and earthing switches IEC:62271-102-2013
22. AC metal enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1kV and upto IEC:62271-200-2011
and including 52kV
23. Specification for electrical relays - Insulation tests IS:12083- 2-1-1986
24. Basic environnemental testing procedures Dry heat IEC:68 - 2 - 2- 2007
25. Basic environmental testing procedures Damp heat cyclic IEC:68 - 2 -30-2005
26. Specification for low voltage fuses for voltages not exceeding 1000V ac or 1500V dc IS:13703 -1- 1993,
IS:13703- 2-1&2-1993
27. Fire hazard testing - Glow wire test apparatus and common test procedure IEC:60695-2-10 -2000
28. Switches for rated voltages above 1kV and less than 52kV IEC:62271 -103-2011

Electrical Research & Development Association, Vadodara

Some Important Visitors
Mr. Sung Puay Kiang of M/s. Sunlight Electrical Pte Ltd., Mr. Sami Farraj, of M/s. Farraj Trading & Manufacturing Co.,
Singapore UAE
Mr. Kullakavandar of M/s. Pacific MK Corporation, Malaysia Mr. V.M.Kareem Gani of M/s. ETA-PCS SWITCHGEAR
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dien of M/s. DUY HAO Engineering Co., MANUFACTURING L.L.C.,UAE
Ltd., Malaysia
Mr. Darren Ng of Furutec Electricals SDN BHD, Malaysia
Mr.Maximo S. Espino of M/s. Industrial Electrical Project,
Mr. Omar Salem of M/s. Arabian Gulf Industrial Co. Kuwait
Mr.Bui Hong Phuoc of M/s. HONG THINH Jont Stock Company,
Mr. Khalid Hashem of M/s. ABB Arab, Egypt
Mr. Rajesh K Lakhwani of Al Rebou Elct. Switchgear, Abudhabi
Mr. Thiagarajan Ponmani of M/s.Alfanar Electrical Systems,
Riyadh, K.S.A
Mr. P. K. Kashyap of Matrix Switchgear Industries L.L.C., Sharjah
Mr. Prakash of M/s. Safety Electrical Trading Co. W.L.L., UAE
Mr. K. Shrinivas of Powertech Switchgear Industries F.Z.E., UAE
Mr. Adrian Sheridan of Powerbar Gulf LLC RAK Factory, UAE
Mr. P. K. Basu of Al Ishraf Electrical & Sanitary CONC. Co. L.L.C.
Humidity Test Chamber
Export of Electrical Products
ERDA's test facilities can be utilized for certification of products to be exported to European and Middle East markets, under the ASTA
mark. Intertek testing and certification, UK has accredited ERDA test facilities for testing of electrical products for issuing ASTA-BEAB
Major Testing Facilities

40 TON IP Test Facility, a Unique Facility 40kA High Current Source

4kA Electrical Endurance Test Control Room 24kVp Impulse Test Facility
For more details, please contact:;