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Shubh Castings (An ISO 9001:2008 Organization)

Add: 2, 13/88, Ambabhavan, Prabhat Colony, Road No.6, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400055, Maharashtra, India
Work: Gat 139B/2A, Village-Shivare, Behind Divgi Metalwares, Taluka Bhor, Pune-Satara Highway, Pune 412205

About Us:
We are one of the Fastest growing ISO 9001:2008 Organization supplying Gravity and Pressure Die Cast
Finished Integrated Aluminum (Aluminium) Castings and Zinc (Mazak or Zamak) Castings, All kind of
Engineering Components, Shafts, Sheet Metal / Press Parts and Sintered Products with facilities in Pune
(Maharashtra) and Valsad (Gujarat), India. Our 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience backs strongly to our
capabilities in Industry and beyond. We are Capable to Develop Products right from Conceptualization to
make Delivery right to your door step with precision in Quality and Time. We cater for every Domestic and
International Finished Metal needs.
With State of Art Machines, Infrastructure, Strategic Location of foundries, Latest Technological know-how,
Experienced Workforce, Exporting Capabilities and Strong Quality System in place, we consider our self
proficient to deal with todays Global Gravity and Die Casting and Engineering Industry Challenges.

Our Competency:-
Designing (2D and 3D)
Tool Manufacturing
Die Casting
Engineering Components
Sintered Bush
Sheet Metal / Press Parts
Painting or Powder Coating
Logistics and Delivery
B ei n g Strongly Customer Focused and believing in Strong Customer Vendor Relationship we pride our self
in 100% Customer Satisfaction. We believe in Quality First and Every Time
Become a Global Leader and Trend Setter in satisfying Customer needs by providing them Reliable Quality
Products On Time and thereby having Equilateral Customer, Organization and Social growth.
To strengthen our core competency of Manufacturing Integrated Products (Engineering Products and
Castings) with Continually Improvising and Innovative Methods, Simplifying Jobs, Reducing Process and
Product wastage along with Building Strong Customer-Supplier Relationships to address todays Customer
Needs Efficiently and Effectively.
Shubh Castings, India 2

Services Offered:
Finished Aluminum and Zinc Gravity and Die Casting
x We cater to the Casting needs with the Quarter Century Experience. Being our core
competency, we are competent to provide best quality Castings with Prime Focus on
Aluminum and Zinc Pressure Gravity and Die Cast Components.
x Casting Capabilities
From 5 grams to 5 Kilograms.
From 80 Ton to 400 Ton Machine Capability for Die Casting
From Small Square Plates to Complex Valve Body & Aesthetic Reflector Cover of
Automobiles our capabilities are Endless.
x Materials we work with:
Aluminum Alloys Castings:
Japan Standards : ADC 1, ADC 3, ADC 6, ADC 10, ADC 10Z, ADC 12, ADC 12Z
China Standards : Y102 (YL102), Y104 (YL104), Y112 (YL112)
USA Standard : A360, 380, A380, 383, A384, 413, A413
British Standards : LM4, LM6, LM9, LM20, LM 24, LM25
German/Europe Std. : AC-43400, AC-44300, AC-46000, AC-46100, AC-46500
Zinc Alloys Castings : Mazak 3, Mazak 5, ZA 8, ZA 12, ZA 27
x We provide complete tooling solutions for Gravity and Die Casting Dies (Moulds) and Press Tool
Development with Shot Guarantee, Jigs and Fixture for Machining and Assembly
All Engineering Parts
x Sheet Metal and Press Parts
x Shafts
Sintered Products
x Bushes
Conceptualization to Delivery
x From Concept to Delivery our Development and Manufacturing capabilities for Castings are
always Innovative, Cost Effective, Design for Functionality and Satisfying Customer Needs.
Rapid Product Development
x With Rapid Prototyping, Benchmarking and Reverse Engineering capabilities our competency
to design and develop products are matchless and On Time.
Product Design Improvements
x We are capable of Designing Products to Reduce Cost, Improving Functionality and ease for
Manufacturability and Improving overall effectiveness with Skilled and Experienced Designers.
Minimal WIP Cost and High Quality Standards
x Innovative and Efficient R&D, Designing (2D and 3D), Prototyping, Tool Manufacturing, Casting,
Machining, Testing, Validation, Painting or Powder Coating, Assembly, Packaging, Logistics and
Stringent Quality Standards (ISO 9000:2008, Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies, etc.) help us
beat customer expectation in terms of Inventory Holding Cost, Lead Time and Quality .
Small Lead Times
x With in-house capabilities and strategically located we deliver goods with Ease and Shorter
Lead Time to both Domestic and International Market.
Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Ingots
x We cater to the Aluminum Alloys and Zinc Alloy needs of New and Existing Customers.
Shubh Castings, India 3

x Ventures and Strategic Alliance with Suppliers & Vendors to be part of Global Teams
x Maintain On Time Delivery (OTD) to 100%
x Maintain ZERO Safety Injuries and Hazards
x Become Lean Organization by December 2013
x Inculcate Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodologies in Product Development cycle by 2013
x To Reduce Internal and External Rejections to 4 Sigma level (99.4% - Non-Rejection) by 2014
x ISO 14000, TS 16494 and OHSAS 18001 Compliant by 2014
x Improve (Overall Equipment Efficiency) OEE through multiple KAIZEN.
x Look for other Cleaner and Eco-Friendly Energy Alternatives for Energy needs of Organization.

Current Research and Developments (R&D):

x Developing Design of Experiments (DOE) using Six Sigma Methodology to understand the different
parameter interactions on the 5Ms and thereby avail efficiency in Resource utilization.
x In House Development of Simple Plunger Lubrication System.
x New Product Design for Current products to enhance productivity and Cost Benefit to Customers.

x Automobile Industry
x Electricals and Electronics Industry
x Agriculture industry
x Medical industry
x Railways Industry
x Instrumentation and Control
x Industrial Mfg. Industry
x Fan Industry
x Cookware Industry
x Hydraulic and Pneumatic Industry

Future Plans:
x Simulation in Die Casting and Tooling Process
x Real Time SPC (Statistical Process Control)
Shubh Castings, India 4

Equipments List:
Description Make

400Ton Cold Chamber PDC Machine Buhler, Switzerland

250Ton Cold Chamber PDC Machine Buhler, Switzerland

180Ton Cold Chamber PDC Machine Shunde Huada

120Ton Cold Chamber PDC Machine Herbert, England

80Ton Cold Chamber PDC Machine Shunde Huada

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

Belt Sander Machine

Belt Grinder Machine

Buffing Machine

Hand Press

Drilling Machine

Boring Machine

Tapping Machine

Shaping Machine

Mold Flow Analysis from Industry Experts

Light and Heavy Duty Lathe Machines

Milling Machine

Grinding Machine
Hardness Testing Machine
1Ton Capacity Melting Furnace, Valsad

Metal Testing Spectro, Next Door

Shubh Castings, India 5

Registered Address:
2, 13/88, Ambabhavan, Prabhat Colony, Road No. 6, Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400055, Maharashtra, India

Administrative Office:
Shubh Castings
B-55, Station Plaza, Station Road, Bhandup (West), Mumbai 400078, Maharashtra, Indi Ph: 022-67102835

Pune Works:
Shubh Castings
Gat 139B/2A, Shivare Village, Behind Devgi Metal Wares, Taluka Bhor, Pune 412205, Maharashtra, India

Vasai Works:
Shubh Die Castings Pvt. Ltd. (Unit I)
C/15-16, Arihant Indl Estate No. 2, Survey No. 45, Dhumaal Nagar, Waliv, Vasai (E), Mumbai 401 208, India

Khalapur Works:
Shubh Die Castings Pvt. Ltd. (Unit II) (Projected Start- 2013)
Village Dheku, Khalapur, Dist Raigad, Maharashtra

Sister Concern:
Bhikshu Trading Co. Trading in Non-Ferrous Castings and Raw Material
2/88, Ambabhavan, Prabhat Colony, Road No. 6, Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400 055, Maharashtra, India
Emaar Metal Industries Die Casting Foundry
Abrama Village, Off Dharampur Road, Behind ST Depot, Valsad 396001, Gujarat, India

Mr. Ramesh Shah

Mr. Kamlesh Shah

Head Sales, Marketing and Operations
BE (Prod)

Mr. Deep Shah

Head Quality & Business Development
Six Sigma Black Belt, MS (IE), BE (Prod)