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Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

No 1) Is a city small? 1) This

No 2) Is London a village? 2) Tongue
No 3) Is Master Brown a girl? 3) Clothes
No 4) Is your pen under the table? 4) Those
Yes 5) Is the table in front of you? 5) Where
No 6) Is the teacher standing on the table? 6) That
No 7) Are you taking a pencil from the floor? 7) Which
No 8) Am I opening the window? 8) Doing
No 9) Are you sitting on the floor? 9) There
No 10) Are there six vowels in the English alphabet? 10) Leg
Yes 11) Is the letter g before the letter h? 11) Name
No 12) Is the letter b after the letter i? 12) Hand
Yes 13) Is the letter e between d and f? 13) Them
Yes 14) Are the walls behind us? 14) Her
No 15) Do we use the word some in interrogative sentences? 15) Coat
No 16) Fifteen plus thirty equals twenty-eight. Is that right? 16) How much
No 17) Are there a thousand students in this room? 17) Neither nor
Yes 18) Are you here? 18) Mouth
No 19) Is Athens the capital of Russia? 19) Dress
No 20) Am I writing in a book? 20) How many
No 21) Is India in Europe? 21) My
Yes 22) Is e the fifth letter of the alphabet? 22) Meaning
No 23) Are the people of Scandinavia short? 23) Handkerchief
No 24) Is i the first letter of the alphabet? 24) Our
No 25) Is y the last letter of the alphabet? 25) Pronounce
No 26) Are you giving me a book? 26) Body
Yes 27) Are you answering a question? 27) Wrist
No 28) Is the plural of foot foots? 28) Back
No 29) Have you ten fingers? 29) Wrong
Yes- 30) Are you a person? 30) Touch
No 31) Are you coming from the window? 31) Nose
Yes 32) Have Mr and Mrs Brown two chins? 32) Arm
No 33) Is it right youre the teacher? 33) Ear
No 34) Are you going to the door? 34) Hair
No 35) Do we use tall and short for things? 35) Remaining
No 36) Are there any chairs on the table? 36) Suit
Yes 37) Am I asking you a question? 37) Country
Yes 38) Have you two shoes? 38) Translate
No 39) Has Mr Brown two heads? 39) High
No 40) Is the wall low? 40) Who
Whats this?/ Its a light./ The table/ is not short,/ but it is long./ A village is small,/ but a city is large./ Where is the light?/
ceiling./ Master White/ is standing/ in front of the house,/ but Mrs. Green/ is sitting behind it./ He is not Mr Low,/ but Mr B
doing?/ You are taking the book/ from the table,/ opening it,/ and putting it/ on the floor./ Who is she?/ Shes Miss Brown
man/ is men./ Those women/ are closing the windows./ Which pencil is green?/ This pencil is.
ht?/ Its on the
Mr Black./ What am I
wn./ The plural of
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

Yes 1) Do we use the Present Simple for an action we do generally? 1) Side

No 2) Do you generally sit completely still during the lesson? 2) Walk
No 3) Do the people in Germany speak the same language as the people in Japan? 3) Married
No 4) Are you wearing the teachers clothes? 4) Tell
No 5) Are you moving up and down? 5) Friend
Yes 6) Do we call the thing we wear on our heads a hat? 6) Smell
No 7) Is fifteen half a hundred? 7) By car
No 8) Is there a map hanging from the ceiling? 8) Kind
No 9) Are both your eyes closed? 9) Nothing
Yes 10) Does the preposition generally come last in an English sentence with an interrogative pronoun? 10) During
Yes 11) Is the word translation a noun? 11) Silver
No 12) Do we use the word in for a thing that moves from one place to another? 12) Bag
No 13) Is the back of your hand like the front? 13) Gold
No 14) Do sixteen minutes make an hour? 14) Key
Yes 15) Can you see anything in this room? 15) Think
Yes 16) Do you go out of the room after the lesson (or lessons)? 16) Instead of
Yes 17) Are some students bad at learning languages? 17) Outside
No 18) Are you carrying any clothes? 18) Do
No 19) Is there any difference between I have a pen and I have got a pen? 19) Many
No 20) Do we hear with our eyes? 20) End
No 21) Can a man without hands drive a car? 21) Begin
No 22) Do we wear a clock on our wrist? 22) Made of
No 23) is the word mine a possessive adjective? 23) It will be
Yes 24) Is iron a metal? 24) It was
No 25) Is Tuesday the fourth day of the week? 25) Building
No 26) Do you want to break your pen? 26) Fewer than
Yes 27) Is there any food inside our stomachs after a meal? 27) Knife
Yes 28) Is the word some the plural of the word a? 28) South
Yes 29) Do you drink water? 29) Much
No 30) Do you hate all food? 30) Child
No 31) Do we use the word little for things we can count? 31) Love
Yes 32) Are there few people in a small village? 32) Meal
Yes 33) Do most people eat more bread than meat? 33) Less
No 34) Is London the city with the least people in England? 34) The fewest
Yes 35) Is the word bottom the opposite of the word top? 35) Paper
No 36) Do most people work on Sunday? 36) Stone
No 37) Are you short enough to stand under the table? 37) Glass
No 38) Can you hear well with your fingers in your ears? 38) Wood
No 39) Are your shoes cheaper than your handkerchief? 39) Badly
No 40) Are your socks (or stockings) the most expensive thing youre wearing? 40) Plate
There are about/ thirty pages in that book./ He doesnt go home/ after the lesson./ They dont
speak French, but English./ Are there any pictures/ on these walls?/ Yes, there are some./ Im
neither asking nor answering./ a question,/ but Im reading a book./ Tall and short we use for
people,/ high and low we use for things./ Who is coming to you?/ Shes putting her finger/ into
her mouth./ Weve four hands/ and two heads./ Their eyes are blue,/ but their hair is brown./ Is
that right?/ No, it is wrong./ This part of my body/ is my foot.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

No 1) Does twice fifteen equal a hundred? 1) The latest

No 2) Can we cut bread without a knife? 2) Happy
No 3) Is the river in London as long as the longest river in the world? 3) Better than
No 4) Do you take your hat and coat off when you go out in winter? 4) At the beginning of
No 5) Is your stomach empty after a very large meal? 5) The farthest
No 6) Have we as many feet as fingers? 6) Three times
No 7) Does January come at the end of the year? 7) Below
No 8) Have you as much money as the Bank of England? 8) Old
No 9) Do you leave your shoes in the classroom after the lesson? 9) Sleep
No 10) Do most people think Paris is a worse place to live in than the North Pole? 10) Land
No 11) Is it right to say Im watching a picture on the wall? 11) Above
No 12) Is Paris beside the sea? 12) Either or
No 13) Are there very many people in a small village? 13) Cool
Yes 14) Does our hair cover the tops of our heads? 14) Taste
No 15) Does it generally snow very much in warm countries? 15) Weather
Yes 16) Must we study a lot if we want to learn a language well? 16) Deep
Yes 17) Are you holding anything in your hand at the moment? 17) Look at
No 18) Do you know if it will rain, tomorrow? 18) Besides
No 19) Does it snow everywhere in the world? 19) Dark
Yes 20) Do we use our months for both eating and speaking? 20) Next
Yes 21) Does Thursday always follow Wednesday? 21) Sky
Yes 22) Were we here two minutes ago? 22) Over
Yes 23) Are you in this room together with other people? 23) Date
No 24) Does a street connect two towns together? 24) Very much
No 25) After drinking two bottles of whisky, can you walk in a straight line? 25) Another
Yes 26) If you arrive at the station too early, must you wait for the train to arrive? 26) Flat
No 27) Does the sun ever shine during the night? 27) Road
No 28) Can you sit at the corner of a round table? 28) Christmas
No 29) Has each chair in this room only got three legs? 29) Shake
No 30) Were you here a hundred years ago? 30) To depend on
No 31) Can a man in Europe have two wives? 31) Cloud
Yes 32) Is Easter sometimes in March? 32) Remember
No 33) Can you write as quickly as you can speak? 33) Nearly
Yes 34) If you want to eat in a restaurant, must you have some money? 34) Seldom
No 35) Do you think its a bad idea to go to England, if you want to learn English very well? 35) Understand
No 36) Is it very often hot in Finland? 36) Along
Yes 37) Did you move any part of your body during the last lesson? 37) Way
Yes 38) Did last season last about three months? 38) How often
Yes 39) Do you agree that smoking is bad for the health? 39) Jump
Yes 40) Do we add the letters ed to form the past tense of regular verbs? 40) Cup
We eat our lunch/ with a knife and fork. / On the table we can have wine,/ milk, bread and
butter,/ and sometimes flowers./ Yesterday was Tuesday./ Tomorrow will be Thursday./ The
lesson lasts fifty minutes./ Steel is not an ugly metal,/ but not beautiful./ The time by my
watch/ is a quarter to twelve./ It costs a lot of money./ Parents are mother and father./
Relations are uncles, aunts, cousins etc./ I like tea, but I dislike coffee./ Why does nobody
speak Greek here?/ This is the only address I have./ My husbands brother is Russian,/ but
his wife is Spanish.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

No 1) Was there a ball in one of the corners of this room last lesson? 1) Then
No 2) Do most people prefer to die young? 2) Help
No 3) Are boys generally physically stronger than men? 3) Away
Yes 4) Are you quite sure youve got two feet? 4) Turn
Yes 5) Do some students make a lot of mistakes in their dictations? 5) Earn
No 6) Do you eat when you feel thirsty? 6) Death
No 7) Do you bring any animals with you to school? 7) Life
No 8) Is it generally easy to get people to give their money away? 8) Again
No 9) Is your pen worth as much now as when you bought it? 9) To be pleased
Yes 10) Will it rain next year? 10) To be sorry
No 11) Shall we be here in three hundred years time? 11) Perhaps
Yes 12) Do doctors generally suggest that people stop smoking if they want to live a healthy life? 12) Sound
Yes 13) Do most people feel tired if they work a lot? 13) Had
No 14) Could you live until you were two hundred years old if you wanted to? 14) Fail
Yes 15) Will there be anybody in this room in two minutes time? 15) Hope
Yes 16) Are cities noisier places to live in than villages? 16) Believe
Yes 17) Are most people sorry when they must work very hard? 17) Age
No 18) Could you walk quickly when you were a baby of three months old? 18) Sat
Yes 19) Will the light be hanging from the ceiling next lesson? 19) Average
Yes 20) Has a pen any use? 20) Seen
Yes 21) Do people sometimes succeed in getting what they want if they try hard enough? 21) Hard
Yes 22) Will you have to wait for the lesson to begin, if you arrive too early at the school? 22) To be angry
No 23) Are you a complete beginner in English? 23) Pull
No 24) Is it right to say I have spoken to him yesterday? 24) Push
Yes 25) If the people eat too much, do they sometimes become ill? 25) Bore
Yes 26) Is a piece of paper thinner than a pen? 26) Among
Yes 27) Is the room bigger than the table? 27) Hole
Yes 28) Do you agree that its bad for the health to keep eating after our stomachs are quite full? 28) Therefore
Yes 29) Does one want to eat when one is hungry? 29) Swam
Yes 30) Have you ever been to the cinema? 30) Lost
Yes 31) Are you going to try and answer the next question? 31) Each other
No 32) Is it right to say I have gone to Scotland this week? 32) Known
No 33) Can you fly like a bird? 33) Taken
Yes 34) Do we use the word thin for people and things? 34) Kept
Yes 35) Do the countries of the world play football against one another? 35) Find
No 36) Have you been able to speak English all your life? 36) Great
No 37) Do you know whether itll rain tomorrow or no? 37) Else
No 38) If you went to bed early tonight, would you feel tired tomorrow morning? 38) Fast
No 39) If you swam in the sea in the North of Europe in middle of winter, would you find water warm? 39) Done - feito.
No 40) If you sent a letter to a friend and forgot to put the address on it, would it arrive? 40) Just
I thought she was ill, / so I went to see her,/ but, when I reached her house, / I receive the
news/ that she was well again./ The fact is/ that they ate/ and drank a lot./ This is the worst ball
game./ Ive ever played,/ but yesterdays was the best./ last night was very warm and the
moon was full,/ so I got up early,/ washed and dressed/ and walked in the heavy rain/ to the
next town,/ where my friends daughter lives./ Last summer was hot,/ so I went to live by the
sea./ I lifted it up at once.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

Yes - 1) Ought we to study hard if we do not wish to fail exams? 1) Wake up

No - 2) Is Napoleon still alive? 2) Lie
No - 3) Has this exam finished yet? 3) Through
No - 4) If you were the teacher, would you be taking this exam? 4) Cross
Yes - 5) Is this sentence wrong: Ive been here since two hours? 5) Dangerously
No - 6) Have you been in this world since 1890? 6) That is
No - 7) Does the subject do the action when the verb is in the Passive Voice? 7) Although
No - 8) Is this sentence in the Active Voice I am pulled by him? 8) Such as
Yes 9) Does this sentence express a willingness: I will do your exercise for you? 9) Bone
No - 10) Does this sentence express a polite request: Shall I open the window? 10) Cook
Yes 11) Is there a mistake in this sentence: We dress ourself? 11) Belong
Yes 12) Ought one to wash oneself when one is dirty? 12) Throw
Yes 13) Do people usually have accidents if they do not drive carefully? 13) Drop
Yes - 14) Must we study in order to learn? 14) Win
Yes 15) Might one see the Thames if one went to London? 15) Useful
Yes 16) Ought we to pay back what we borrow? 16) Whod be
No - 17) Does it take longer to fly to Scotland than to go by train? 17) Ice
Yes 18) Is it right to say, He gave me further information? 18) Mix
Yes 19) Had you had anything to eat before 9 p.m. yesterday? 19) Pour
Yes 20) Has this exam already started? 20) Unite
No - 21) Will you still be answering these questions at 2 a.m. tomorrow? 21) Care
No - 22) Does the word hourly mean every day? 22) Hurry
Yes 23) Is there a pen anywhere in this room? 23) Plenty
Yes 24) Are you in the habit of eating each day? 24) Found
Yes - 25) Do children usually look like their parents? 25) Lend
No - 26) Is it right to say I will remember you to keep the appointment? 26) Run
Yes 27) Will there be even more people in the world in tem years time than now? 27) Murder
No - 28) Is it right to say I am going at the station? 28) Prison
No - 29) If you had not come here today, would you be taking this exam? 29) Root
No - 30) Do we usually put an apostrophe and the letter s after a plural noun ending in s in order to form its possessive case? 30) All right
Yes 31) Do you usually write with your own pen? 31) Safety
Yes 32) Is the Word badly an adverb? 32) Wet
Yes 33) Is one of the reasons for tiredness too much work? 33) Thoroughly
Yes 34) Is eating bad food one of the causes of illness? 34) Prize
No - 35) Do you know the origin of all the flags in the world? 35) Quietly
Yes 36) Is Europe a mixture of countries? 36) However
Yes 37) Is Shakespeare dead? 37) At least
No - 38) Do we usually use the word still for something that has finished? 38) Nice
Yes 39) Do people generally clean their shoes when they are dirty? 39) Notice
Yes 40) Are most people afraid of death? 40) Owe
I do not possess anything/ that is useless./ The man must have been mad:/ he has driving the car/
at a devil of a speed,/ round a blind corner/ in a snowstorm./ I doubt whether/ we shall find anything
else./ We did not hear him shout./ All we could hear/ was the sound/of the church bells/ coming
from the other side/ of the lake./ His grave was covered over/ with sand/ and in it someone had
printed/ his name./ Once I was able to swim/ like a fish./ We walked through the narrow streets/
until we came to the tower.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

No - 1) Can we say Yes, I want as a short answer, exactly as we say Yes 1) Join
No - 2) Is the following sentence a sentence of Direct Speech? Mr. Brown said that the room was large. 2) Here they are
No - 3) Is this sentence grammatically correct? You can tell whoever you please 3) Statement
Yes - 4) Can we shorter a coat by cutting a piece off the bottom? 4) Fight
Yes - 5) Should we look both ways before crossing the road? 5) How tall
Yes - 6) Do we usually feel tired when we overwork? 6) Fell
No - 7) Do we use the word let to form the imperative for all persons? 7) Undercook
No - 8) Is a host the person we invite to our house? 8) Sick
Yes - 9) Have you been doing this exam for the last two minutes or more? 9) Roof
Yes - 10) Will you have been studying English for at least two weeks by the end of this month? 10) Pity
Yes - 11) Can we write by means of pen? 11) Wherever
Yes - 12) If the main part of a sentence is positive, is the Tail Question negative? 12) Miss
No - 13) Is this sentence correct? He speaks English, speaks he? 13) Burn
No - 14) Have we the legal right to say whatever we like about people in public? 14) Cruel
Yes 15) Do most people have their hair cut at the hairdressers? 15) Rope
Yes 16) Do most people go to the cinema every now and again? 16) Court
No - 17) Is this sentence right? Tell to them the same story that you told me 17) Judge
Yes 18) Is this sentence right? Tell him to come here 18) Widen
Yes 19) Do we use the verb say for Direct Speech? 19) Ache
No - 20) Is it right to say that people gain money each week for the work they do? 20) Rough
Yes 21) If you walked from here to the next town in heavy rain without an umbrella or a raincoat, 21) Let it fly
would you be wet by the time you got to the town? 22) Charge
No - 22) Can you speak English as well as the teacher? 23) Clear
No - 23) Is it right to say Mary is elder than her sister Ann? 24) Ridden
Yes 24) Is the word thinnest spelt with two n s? 25) Flown
Yes 25) Is a kings wife called a queen? 26) Draw
Yes 26) Can we say There are no books on the table? 27) Ruler
No - 27) When we listen, does it always mean that we hear something? 28) Earth
Yes 28) Is there any difference between mind and brain? 29) Grew
No - 29) Are people glad when they have to do unpleasant work? 30) Matter
No - 30) Do people always tell the truth? 31) Expect
Yes - 31) If you fell from the second floor of a building, would you hurt yourself? 32) Purpose
Yes 32) Will the teacher have spoken for more than five minutes by the end of this exam? 33) Allow
Yes 33) As soon as you close your eyes, do you stop seeing the things around you? 34) Power
Yes 34) are you supposed to answer these questions with a simple yes or no? 35) Member
No - 35) As people get older and older, do they generally become more and more beautiful? 36) Save
No - 36) Is this sentence grammatically correct? Who are you giving the book to? 37) Rescue
No - 37) Is it right to say Instead of to take? 38) Trade
Yes 38) Can we use the auxiliary verb do in positive sentences? 39) Degree
Yes 39) Will the teacher ask you the next question within the next three minutes? 40) Mark
No - 40) Do you get up out of bed before waking up?
The blackbird/ flew round and round/ and came to rest/ on the back of the sheep./ The lives
of great men/ have often been full/ of great difficulties./ Despite the pain/ is his arm,/ he kept
on working,/ even though/ he was told to stop./ I do not wish to remind you/ of the fact/ that, if
you are late again,/ I will have to/ inform your parents./ I read all about it/ in the daily paper./
There was a piece of wire/ tied round the brick,/ which cut his skin./ I am sorry,/ I have
already thrown it away.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

No 1) Do we begin a personal letter with Dear Sir? 1) Realize

No 2) Can we make a horse drink if he does not want to just by ordering him to do so? 2) Rat
No 3) Do people get wounded in car accidents? 3) Lead
No 4) Is a non-defining clause essential to the meaning of a sentence? 4) Eventually
No 5) Are you at a very advanced stage of English? 5) Supply
Yes 6) If one does not stir ones tea, will the sugar settle at the bottom of the cup? 6) Sink
Yes 7) Is the word herself in the following sentence an Emphasising Pronoun? 7) Drown
She made the dress herself 8) Float
No 8) Is a female film star a man? 9) Conquer
No 9) Is a cup of tea a cup without tea? 10) Tide
Yes 10) Does a rocking-chair move backwards and forwards? 11) Empire
No 11) Are you about to answer question five of this exam? 12) Adopt
No 12) Does the word unless mean if possible? 13) Tax
No 13) Can a man ride on the back of a horse race? 14) Press
Yes 14) If someone said to you Shall we go to the theatre?, would he be making a suggestion? 15) Step
No 15) Is homework the work a housewife does in the home? 16) Bill
No 16) Do we ring a front-door bell after entering someones house? 17) Used to
No 17) Is a plain uniform composed of many different colours? 18) Trial
No 18) Is this correct as a question put into Indirect Speech? Mary said to John what he was doing 19) Introduce
No 19) If you hated your neighbours, would it mean you got on well with them? 20) Pride
Yes 20) Is there anything wrong in this sentence? He goes always to the cinema on Saturday 21) Adventure
Yes 21) Has this building got a ground floor? 22) Abroad
No 22) Would the clothes of a child of five fit you? 23) Bear
No 23) Had we better wear thin clothes in order to keep warm in winter? 24) Account
Yes 24) Can we say Which subject do (or did) you find the dullest at school? 25) Race
Yes 25) Is sight one of the five senses? 26) Sign
No - 26) Is the answer to this question correct? Can he speak English?- Yes, he can so. 27) Size
No - 27) If we took something that was ours, would we be guilty of stealing? 28) Navy
No - 28) Is a determined person a weak person? 29) Temple
Yes 29) Would you mind if you were kicked hard by a horse? 30) Dare
No - 30) Is this correct? Will he come tomorrow? No, he shant. 31) Matter
No - 31) Is it waste of money buying useful things? 32) Choose
Yes 32) Is this sentence incorrect? He was glad meet you. 33) Bow (n.)
Yes 33) If you look upwards, would you see the ceiling? 34) Apple
No - 34) Have you ever known your country to go throughout a whole year without any rain? 35) Draw
No - 35) Is this right? Did you run far? Yes, we run far. 36) Youth
No 36) Is kind behaviour unpleasant behaviour? 37) Holy
No 37) Were you able to look after yourself when you were six months old? 38) Birth
Yes 38) Is it correct to say I have laid the table. 39) Shore
No - 39) If a man claimed he could jump higher than this ceiling, would you believe him? 40) Pretty
Yes 40) Could we finished a speech by saying and now finally I would like to say?
In some countries a black cat/ is considered lucky./ I suppose that, if I were/ really very thirsty,/
I would prefer to drink just water./ I am not very good at describing people,/ but I know I would
be able/ to recognise him again/ the moment I saw him./ His job is selling tickets on a bus./
The man was hit/ very hard in the mouth/ and cut both his lips./ Life today can be fairly
pleasant/ for many people./ The main difficulty/ is how to avoid making a loss./ You have to
guess the date/ on the coin.
Yes No Quiz STAGE 8 EXAM
Yes-1) Is this actually the first question? Vocabulary Test
Yes-2) Is there any difference between to sail and to row?
No-3) Can a small child be trusted with a gun? 1) Envelope
Yes-4) If you were charged three pounds for something you bought in a shop and 2) To look forward to
you gave the shopkeeper a five-pound note, would you charge be two pounds? 3) Chance
No-5) Is this sentence correct? - When he will go to England, he will pay your aunt a visit. 4) Due to
Yes-6) Can we sometimes use the word idle in place of lazy? 5) Mostly
No-7) Is the answer to this question right? Must you go to see him tomorrow?- No, I mustnt. 6) Argue
No-8) Is it usual for people to retire at thirty? 7) Discuss
Yes-9) Can we split wood with an axe? 8) Quarrel
Yes-10) Were you conscious of what you were doing yesterday? 9) Powder
Yes-11) Does so far mean until now? 10) Furnish
No-12) Does so as mean etc? 11) Human being
No-13) Do people dress as they please for formal occasions? 12) Seize
No-14) S-h-i-p Am I spelling the word sheep? 13) Rush
Yes-15) Is there any difference in meaning between I used to sleep and I am used to sleeping? 14) Fox
No-16) Is the past of bind- Bounded? 15) Wages
No-17) Is sensitive the opposite of stupid? 16) Steady
No-18) Is it correct to say The honest is the best policy? 17) Leaf
Yes-19) Is it correct to say Milk is good for the body? 18) Loaf
Yes-20) Is it correct to say The horses in that field are very strong-looking? 19) Shelf
No-21) Do we pack our suit-cases when we arrive home after a holiday? 20) Deck
No-22) Do people get angry when they are amused? 21) Climb
Yes-23) Is there any difference in meaning between a yard and a courtyard? 22) Search
No-24) Do we hit a hammer on the head with a nail when fixing up a picture? 23) Support
Yes-25) Is it correct to say He doesnt dare? 24) Declare
Yes-26) Does the Thames flow through London? 25) Raise
Yes-27) Is there any difference in meaning between these two sentences? -He sent me the books, 26) Advise
so I did not need to write him and He sent me the books, so I need not have written to him? 27) Knowledge
Yes-28) Is there any difference in the meaning of need when used as a normal verb 28) Rail
and when used as a defective verb? 29) Employ
No-29) Does everyone do their fair share of the work in the world? 30) Drum
No-30) Is a spoilt child one who is well disciplined? 31) Cry
Yes-31) Is would more polite than will? 32) Harbour
No-32) Is a moving event something that moves from one place to another? 33) Masculine
Yes-33) Are you attending to what I am saying? 34) Waiter
No-34) Is this sentence right? He will ought to go there tomorrow 35) Landlord
No-35) Does everybodys suit always suit them? 36) Widow
Yes-36) Is this sentence correct? They worked hard, but could not finished the job in time. 37) Nephew
No-37) Does this sentence I am to go and see the boss- mean that, if I wish, 38) To Land
I can go and see the boss whenever I want to, and if I do not wish to, it does not matter? 39) Loyal
Yes-38) Would one attract attention by walking down the main street of a city without shoes and socks on? 40) Spread
Yes-39) Is this examinations correct? What books these are! No-40) Is it correct to say "na European"?
He rode the bicycle/ so badly that he kept falling off it./ Of course,/ if you join the army,/ you will be
expected/ to fight with guns,/ so you had better decide now,/ because later/ you will not be able to
change your mind./ The temperature rose slowly/ and then suddenly fell./ The speaker was very
glad/ when his speech was over,/ as he had been felling/ a little sick recently./ The wind had made
a large hole in the roof,/ which was not easy to repair./ The report stated/ that they had caught the
enemy off guard.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

No 1) Can we cut bread with the thick edge of a knife? 1) Tin

No 2) Can we say usefuller when forming the comparison of useful? 2) Sympathy
No 3) By the background of a picture, do we mean its main subject? 3) Entertain
Yes 4) Do dogs bury bones? 4) Somewhat
No 5) Do ten pennies make a shilling? 5) At all
Yes 6) Is the word sadder spelt with two ds? 6) Run over
No 7) Does tea with sugar taste bitter? 7) Knelt
No 8) Is it correct to say The thief robbed my watch? 8) Mystery
Yes 9) Must we handle eggs gently? 9) Forbidden
No 10) Do horses have paws? 10) View
Yes 11) Does a disorderly crowd usually scatter when the police arrive? 11) Hid
No 12) Does one turn a tap on clockwise? 12) Detail
No 13) Is it easy to read a book upside-down? 13) Shape
Yes 14) Do we throw worn-out things away? 14) Neat
No 15) Is this sentence correct They were never see their home again? 15) Ill at ease
Yes 16) Is a bar of gold heavier than a bar of iron of the same size? 16) Escape
No 17) Is it nice to be deceived by people? 17) Clever
Yes 18) Do some people faint with excitement? 18) Tip
No 19) Do peoples stomachs grow inwards as they get older? 19) Hut
Yes 20) Do we get water when ice melts? 20) Otherwise
Yes 21) Do we run risks when we cross the road? 21) Perform
No- 22) Are there 100 degrees in a right angle? 22) Trick
Yes- 23) Is a miner a person who works in a mine? 23) Envy
No- 24) Is a tough person faint-hearted? 24) Advice
No 25) Are tigers harmless creatures? 25) Row
Yes 26) Can we use the word do with who? 26) Rub
No 27) If you bought something for more than its value, would you be getting a bargain? 27) Beneath
Yes 28) Ought we say Excuse me, please when we wish to pass between 28) Give way
two people who are speaking to each other? 29) Feather
No 29) Do we screw nails into wood? 30) Monkey
Yes 30) Are our eyebrows above our eyelashes? 31) Couple
Yes 31) Does water in a pan boil faster with the lid on? 32) Cage
No 32) Is the weather at the North Pole mild? 33) Pick out
No 33) Is straw dried grass? 34) Scent
Yes 34) Can pills relieve certain kinds of pain? 35) Work out
No 35) Are tight clothes comfortable? 36) Weapon
No 36) Is it correct to say She came from a near town? 37) Bare
No 37) Is it healthy to live in a damp house? 38) Witness
Yes 38) Do most students have gaps in their memories? 39) Get rid of
Yes 39) Do people light candles when there is a failure in the electricity supply? 40) Upset
No 40) Do you like thieves and liars?
A fence and a hedge/ went round the pool/ to protect it from the wind./ We wandered up the
path/ towards the ancient-looking house./ I was sweating from the heat,/ and the bottoms of
my feet/ felt very tender / from our long walk./ Inside the hall of the building/ everything was
very untidy/ with heaps of old torn cloth / scattered about. The lock on the door was badly
worn/ and needed mending,/ and one of the door-posts/ was leaning inwards./ Someone had
scratched/ a notice on the door/ warning people to lower their heads/ as they went in.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

No 1) Is the temperature higher in the shade than in the sun? 1) Nest

Yes 2) Is gold a rare metal? 2) Smart
No 3) Can we say that we hire a house for a holiday? 3) Beat
Yes 4) Can one feel lonely in a crowd? 4) Disappoint
Yes 5) Do we tie a parcel with string? 5) Ashamed
Yes 6) Can we send messages via pigeons? 6) Rubbish
Yes 7) Does a brain surgeon need to be highly skilled? 7) Luggage
No 8) Does water change from a liquid state to a solid state at ten degrees centigrade? 8) Fever
No 9) Is it correct to say Its time we have something to eat? 9) Shock
No 10) Was there a cure for all diseases in the past? 10) Beyond
Yes 11) Is coal a raw material? 11) Sauce
Yes 12) Do we put a dot above the letter i? 12) Yield
Yes 13) Can we make the flesh on our bodies firmer by exercise? 13) Drag
Yes 14) Does rotten meat smell? 14) Bit
No 15) Are bedsheets made of wool? 15) Crush
Yes 16) Does one need a lot of self-confidence in order to perform in public? 16) Slight
No 17) Do we hear the thunder before we see the flash of lightning? 17) Fade
No 18) Is a slip longer than a slide? 18) Annoy
Yes 19) Does food become scarce during a war? 19) Clap
Yes 20) Are dull people boring? 20) Rude
Yes 21) Is a razor blade flat and thin? 21) Overcharge
Yes 22) If we rubbed our thumb on the edge of the table, would we eventually get a sore thumb? 22) Spare
No 23) Do you enjoin pain? 23) Puncture
No 24) Are tame animals harmful? 24) Fool
No 25) France and India are countries. Is the former in Asia? 25) Split
Yes 26) Do the police use roadblocks when tracking criminals? 26) Whip
No 27) Are all stains easy to remove? 27) Team
Yes 28) Are stairs composed of steps? 28) Spot
Yes 29) If we stick a pin in our skin, do we bleed? 29) Arrange
Yes 30) Do bees sting? 30) Unfasten
No 31) Do funny people make us feel sad? 31) Steer
No 32) Does a crossword puzzle consist of many little pieces of wood or 32) Border
cardboard of different shapes and sizes? 33) Pattern
Yes 33) Is breathe a verb? 34) Ruin
Yes 34) Does the verb to strip mean the same as to undress? 35) Whisper
Yes 35) Does a boxer use a towel for wiping the sweat off his face? 36) Stiff
Yes 36) Do ditches have to be dug when fields get flooded? 37) Slap
No 37) Is coughing a sign of good health? 38) Awkward
Yes 38) Does iron rust in a wet atmosphere? 39) Cupboard
Yes 39) Does a car need to have its brakes on when standing on a steep slope? 40) Decrease
No 40) Do people wrap up well in summer?
The fellow kept telling poor jokes,/ which he thought were hugely funny./ The horses were
saddled up/ and led out onto the track./ We poured the juice of the overripe fruit/ into a shallow
bowl./ The earth sank/ and formed a hollow in the land. The chief blame for the crash/ must
rest with the careless driver./ The queue or cars/ stretched round the bend of the road/ and
over the horizon./ One bite of the plum /was enough to tell me it was sour./ Through the crack
in the side of the hut/ came a ray of sunlight.
Yes No Quiz Vocabulary Test

Yes 1) Is a leaflet something one hands out in the street? 1) Reduce

No 2) Do we get frost-bitten in warm weather? 2) Scenery
Yes 3) Are artists sometimes ahead of their time? 3) Torch
Yes 4) Is a drum a musical instrument? 4) Beak
No 5) Can one sew without a needle and thread? 5) Pump
Yes - 6) Do some people have to carry out instructions given by others? 6) Tune
Yes - 7) Is a glance a quick look? 7) Bet
No 8) Is it nice to get the sack? 8) Labour
No 9) Is stale air good for you? 9) Recipe
Yes 10) Are we obliged at some time in our lives to fill in a form? 10) Moustache
No 11) Does the word uneasy mean difficult? 11) Range
Yes - 12) Would a carpenter feel somewhat out of place at a medical conference? 12) Fee
Yes - 13) Do people feel tense when they are scared? 13) Handbook
No 14) Do people like to be kept hanging about when theyre in a hurry? 14) Image
No - 15) Is dusk before midday? 15) Scheme
Yes - 16) Is a degree a unit of temperature? 16) Sleeve
No 17) Is gossip always true? 17) Available
No 18) Does the head move from side to side when we nod? 18) Vary
Yes - 19) Are people relieved when they are out of danger? 19) Weep
No 20) Do people frown with pleasure? 20) Purse
No 21) Are the numbers 2,4,6,8 odd? 21) Dumb
No 22) Do we always get back that which we lend? 22) Leak
Yes - 23) Is a van a vehicle 23) Glow
No 24) Does a blunt knife cut easily? 24) Bride
Yes- 25) Is a shed similar to a hut? 25) Sppeal
No - 26) Is it correct to say turn out the radio? 26) Mount
No - 27) Do people yawn when they feel awake and alive? 27) Bullet
No - 28) Is it easy to believe the incredible? 28) Purchase
No - 29) Do we enlarge something by shrinking it? 29) Feature
Yes - 30) Is sailing a leisure activity? 30) Engage
No 31) Do people feel pretty good when they score low points in a game? 31) Gangway
No 32) Is a feeble excuse easily acceptable? 32) Dash
No 33) Does one come around and survival a fatal blow on the head? 33) Tan
Yes - 34) Is it an offence to plot against a head of state? 34) Rag
Yes - 35) Can we moisten our lips with our tongues? 35) Dessert
Yes - 36) Do cops sometimes have to chase robbers as part of their job? 36) Soul
No 37) Is fiction true? 37) Unique
No 38) Do people usually remain friends if they dont make up after a row? 38) Splash
Yes - 39) In a queue do people object someone being served out of turn? 39) Dash
Yes - 40) Is exercise good for working up an appetite? 40) Layer
The rear column of trucks/ had fallen behind / It was announced that/ a new source of funds/ would
have to be found. / The vase was stuck together with glue/ and placed upon a stone pillar. / Their
yawning showed/ they were not keen on the project. / The engine stalled/ as I reversed the van into
the shed. / The trip was awful; / our team scored no goals; / but the food provided was delicious. /
We pursued the enemy for miles/ until we hit dense fog. / The entire text/ was very humorous. / The
tiny particles of dust/ floting in the atmosphere/ made us sneeze.