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Mother of All JD

Dear All,

Sharing the Mother of all JD Template, compiled by me.

This Job Description Template is result of 10s of man hours work done by me in searching and
downloading about 29 different JD formats from various countries resources available on internet
including India, Canada, Australia, Singapore & UAE and bring the essence & unique features of all
29 JDs in a single JD.

It might look lengthy, but as JD being the starting point of various HR activities, so the more the clarity
and right direction in the beginning, the more success & effectiveness can be achieved.

If you wish a copy in editable word format than pm me with your email id.

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Template Designed & Developed by Nitin Jain ,, Mobile 9737353999

Job Description Form

NOTE: This job description does not form part of the employees contract of employment but is provided for guidance. The
precise duties and responsibilities of any job may be expected to change over time. Job Holders should be consulted over any
proposed changes to this job description before implementation.

Name of Job holder: Job Type : Permanent / Contractual / Casual / Full Time
/ Part Time / Intern / Apprentice / Fixed Term / Temporary

Job Title: Job Code:

Division / Department: Level / Grade:
Reporting to (Position): CTC / Budget (PA): Min. Max.
Age Criteria: Gender Preference (Without Discrimination):
Date of Writing / Updating JD: Location :

Understood By (Job Holder), Date Approved By (Immediate Supervisor), Date

1. PURPOSE :- (A paragraph summarising the job as a whole. What is the general nature, level, overall broad purpose and
objective of this position (why does the position exist, what the job is to accomplish, what are the major end results and how
it contributes to the overall mission/objective of the department / organisation?)


responsibilities & required activities (write in descending order of weightage), necessary to achieve the basic purpose and
end results / goals of this role and the estimated % of time spent on each duty. At least 3 and max 8 major duties, each
sentence beginning with an action verb setting out the primary expectations or deliverables from the jobholder (e.g. to
ensure, to provide) avoid the use of loose terms such as to assist or to liaise. Use gender neutral language such as she /
he. Explain not only what is done, but why also. Refer to objectives rather than detailed tasks. Use qualifiers to clarify the
task where, when, why or how often for example instead of greet visitor to the office use greet visitors to the office in a
professional and friendly manner. Avoid words that are open to interpretation for example instead of handle incoming
mail use sort and distribute incoming mail. The last one should be something along the lines of to undertake any other
duties as appropriate within their competence, as required by their Head of Unit or any management representative from
time to time. Add additional sheet if required.

End Results / Weight % of

Sr. Function Responsibility Activities Goals age % time






Total = 100% 100%

Template Designed & Developed by Nitin Jain ,, Mobile 9737353999

Who is responsible for performance management / appraisal of this post? ..........................................................................
To whom the person reports? ................................................................................................................................................
Title & Number of Superiors assigning work assignments........................................................................................................
Note down direct superiors as well as direct subordinates only.

An indication of the size of the job in relation to direct control over e.g. budgets, staffing numbers, or equipment.
4(a). Title & Number of people supervised:-
4(b). Does this position have access to confidential information? Yes _____ No _____ If yes, please explain:
4(c). Does this position have access to or handle company funds? Yes _____ No _____ If yes, please explain:
4(d). Any other details:-
Describe the contacts made with others to perform the job. It includes both internal contacts (co workers, colleagues) and
external contacts (vendors, other institutions, external agencies).

Contacts (Use Designations, not

Sr. names)
Nature / Reason For Contacts Frequency of Contact






Are there particular working conditions associated with this position that should be noted (i.e., working environment, hours of
work, work odd hours, overtime, working on height, Shift work, travel requirement, work space, non-metropolitan location
etc.)? Yes _____ No _____ If yes, please explain:

6(a). Does the employee work near moving mechanical parts; in high, precarious places; and in outside weather conditions?
______Yes ______No
6(b). Is the employee exposed to fumes or airborne particles? ______Yes ______No
6(c) Travel required? Yes ( ) / No ( ), Local City ( ), District Level ( ), State Level ( ), National ( ), International ( )
Identify the minimum knowledge, skills, abilities and values required to competently perform the job duties and to be
successful in this role. What kind of work experience (including length of time), training, abilities and/or minimum level of
education is necessary for this position? Include any preferred areas of study and professional certifications. Distinguish
between minimum level of experience and desirable or preferred skills sets and expertise.

Preferred job specifications may be used to enhance success in the search of the candidate. These specifications do not
disqualify candidates without taking them from consideration. Avoid breaching the Sex, Race and Disability Discrimination
Acts. Remember the skills to undertake the role successfully may be different from those of the present post holder.

Sr. Description Minimum Essential Desirable

1. Educational / Vocational Qualification
2. Related experience in years
Related Experience of specific
position/s and nature of work
4. Trainings

Hindi Read ( ) Write ( ) Speak ( )

5. Language English Read ( ) Write ( ) Speak ( )
Local Language Read ( ) Write ( ) Speak ( )
Specialised Intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office
6. Computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and

Typing speed 30 WPM 40 WPM

7. Skills Technical

8. Aptitude

DISC Behavioural Dominance ( ) Influence ( )

Trait Required Steadiness ( ) Conscientiousness ( )
Requirements by Licenses
10. Law or Company Certifications
policy Registrations

8. COMPETENCIES: List the on-the job behaviours a successful person in this role must demonstrate.

SL Competencies (Sample given below vary from position to position) Proficiency Level
1 Problem Solving
2 Analytical Ability
3 Leadership Skills
4 Lateral Thinking
5 Strategic Planning,
6 Organised and able to meet deadlines

Template Designed & Developed by Nitin Jain ,, Mobile 9737353999


If the job is physically demanding, attach Analysis of Physical Demands of Position form so that the
interviewer or physician performing the pre-employment physical examination (if required) can determine
whether the person is physically fit to perform the duties successfully without injuring themselves or others.
Note: For most office positions, the statement Work is primarily sedentary in nature, no special demands are
required. is sufficient. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to
perform the essential functions.
Analysis of Physical Demands of Position
1. Check the frequency and number of hours a day the worker is required to do the following specific types of activities:
Continuous / % of time / Describe job responsibilities that
Sr. Activity
intermittent time in hours require this physical demands
1. Sitting
2. Walking
3. Standing
4. Bending
5. Climbing
6. Kneeling
7. Twisting
8. Lifting
9. Crawling
10. Speaking
11. Hearing
12. Seeing
13. Color vision

Activity 0-10 kgs. 10-15 kgs. 15-30 kgs. Over 30 kgs.


2a. Hand manipulation required? _____yes (if yes, complete b,c,d,e,f) _____no
2b. Repetitive hand movements? _____Yes _____No
2c. Simple Grasping? Right Hand Yes_____ No_____ Left Hand Yes______ No_____
2d. Power Grasping? Right Hand Yes_____ No_____ Left Hand Yes______ No_____
2e. Pushing Pulling? Right Hand Yes_____ No_____ Left Hand Yes______ No_____
2f. Fine manipulation: Right Hand Yes_____ No_____ Left Hand Yes______ No_____

3. (a) Does the job require worker to reach or work above the shoulder? Yes / No, Frequency___________
(b) Reaching at or below shoulder level? Yes / No, Frequency (Once in a while)
4. Does the job require use of his/her feet to operate foot controls or _____Yes _____No
for repetitive movement?
5. Are there special visual or auditory requirements? _____Yes _____No
Describe: (Working with computer terminal)
6. If person with disabilities is suitable : Deaf ( ), Dumb ( ), Blind ( ), _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _( )

7. If person with pre-existing disease is suitable : Low BP ( ), High BP ( ), Sugar ( ), _ _ _ _ _ _ _( )

Template Designed & Developed by Nitin Jain ,, Mobile 9737353999


What are the problems, if any, you face in relation to your job responsibilities?
(Co-ordination, authority, communication, decision making, etc). Please give your suggestions to overcome


(Indicate below any other information you think would be helpful to someone trying to understand the nature, scope and
purpose of this position)


Ideally, a job description should be reviewed annually and updated as often as necessary.


I have received a copy of the Job Description and have read and understand its contents.

___________________________ ____________________________ ______________________

Employee Name Employee Signature Date

___________________________ _____________________________ ______________________

Immediate Superiors Name Immediate Superiors Signature Date

Template Designed & Developed by Nitin Jain ,, Mobile 9737353999