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May 2017 Sivan 5777 (: ) Volume 51 Number 2

Chag HaSemikhah "

Special Chag HaSemikhah Perspectives from the

Feature Courtroom
Page 6 Page 25
In This Issue
Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Page 3 In Pictures
Rabbis Alumni Yarchei Kallah, Purim 5777, Siyum HaShas in
Theological Seminary Honor of Rav Hershel Schachter 67R and Yom Haatzmaut
5777 in Yeshiva

Richard M. Joel
P R E S I D E N T, R I E T S

Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman

P R E S I D E N T- E L E C T, R I E T S
Yeshiva University proudly presents
Page 4 YU Community News
YU Announces Makor College Experience Program, YU and
Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm Beit Midrash Young Israel of Fort Lee Spring Learning Series, Straus Center
R O S H H AY E S H I VA E M E R I T U S , R I E T S at Stern College for Womens Israel Henry Beren Campus
Exciting Learning Opportunities with
Renowned Yeshiva University Faculty
and CJF Present Pesach and the Future of Jewish Thought,
Joel M. Schrieber HalacHic Observance
in tHe infOrmatiOn age
PrOPHecY in tHe
secOnD temPle era
and a Semester of Community Beit Midrash
Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological
rabbi Hayyim angel
Undergraduate Bible Studies Faculty,
Seminary; Faculty, Sy Syms School of Business
Yeshiva University
and Wurzweiler School of Social Work, YU

This series will examine themes in the biblical books of the Second
Halacha and Torah principles are at the core of our value system Temple Period. Insights into the critical period of restoration and
and serve to guide us as we live meaningful Jewish lives. This the simultaneous decline of prophecy will be developed. Topics
series will explore the relevant and complex interplay between include: EzraA Miracle of History; HaggaiImminent Potential
Halachic and ethical concepts and contemporary society. Topics for Redemption; ZechariahG-d is Hidden, but Ready to Reveal
include: 21st Century Shidduchim, Journalism, Marketing and Himself; EstherWhat they didnt teach us in day school; Ezra and
the Truth, Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, Lashon Hara NehemiahDifferent Models of Leadership; MalachiThe End of

Rabbi Menachem Penner

and Blogs, and Political Campaigns. Prophecy and Transition to the Rabbinate. Learn how strikingly
relevant these books are to our modern age.

Page 6 Feature
10:30 11:30 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 12:45 p.m.

MAX AND MARION GRILL DEAN Course Dates: Wednesdays, February 8, 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15
Yeshiva Universitys midtown campus

RIETS Chag HaSemikhah 5777

215 lexington avenue, new York, nY 10016

R I E T S A N D U N D E R G R A D U AT E T O R A H S T U D I E S Open to men and women

Register online at
tuition: $275

Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander

For weekly sponsorship opportunities or for more information, please contact:
Rabbi Aryeh Czarka or Julie Schreier 212.960.5400 x 6826


Rabbi Zevulun Charlop

Page 20 Chomer Lidrush
Rabbi Yaakov Glasser BAtzeret al Peirot HaIlan
D AV I D M I T Z N E R D E A N , C E N T E R F O R T H E J E W I S H F U T U R E
by Rabbi Meir Goldwicht
Rabbi Chaim Bronstein Joel and Maria Finkle Visiting Israeli Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS

Rabbi Adam Berner Rabbi Binyamin Blau

Rabbi Kenneth Hain Rabbi Elazar Muskin Page 25 Feature
Perspectives from the Courtroom
Rabbi Moshe Neiss Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Rybak
Rabbi Shmuel Silber Rabbi Perry Tirschwell An Interview with Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann 01R 14YY
Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach Rabbi Howard Zack Menahel, Beth Din of America
Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler
Page 27 Lifecycles and Recent Publications


Rabbi Aryeh Czarka

E D I T O R - I N - C H I E F, C H AV R U S A

Ms. Keren Simon


Rabbi Robert Shur

G R A P H I C S A N D L AYO U T, C H AV R U S A Editorial Policies
CHAVRUSA is published by the Rabbinic Alumni of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan CHAVRUSA will consider articles and letters for publication.
Theological Seminary, through the office of Yeshiva Universitys Center for the Books authored by musmakhim that are reviewed by musmakhim will be considered for publication
Jewish Future. Yeshiva Universitys Center for the Jewish Future serves as the
as well.
community service arm of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary
(RIETS). It continues the work of the Max Stern Division of Communal
Obituaries about and authored by musmakhim will be considered for publication.
Services which, for over 60 years, has served as one of the premier service CHAVRUSA aims to maintain the Hebrew pronunciation style of the author of the article.
organizations for the Jewish community. Transliterations follow the authors preference i.e. academic, Ashkenazic, modern Hebrew or the
like. While we will remain consistent within articles, each author will be afforded to transliterate
5 0 0 W e s t 1 8 5 t h S t . S u i t e 41 9 N e w Yo r k , N Y 10 0 3 3 within his comfort level.
21 2 - 9 6 0 - 5 4 0 0 e x t . 6 8 2 6
c h a v r u s a m a g a z i n e @ y u . e d u w w w. r i e t s . e d u / c h a v r u s a CHAVRUSA reserves the right to edit articles received for publication, and will make every effort to
show a draft form to the author prior to publication.
Editorial contributions and submissions to CHAVRUSA are welcome. Contributions may be sent to
This publication accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or In addition to CHAVRUSA magazine, articles and divrei Torah may also be submitted for publication
photographs. All submissions are subject to editing and are used at the in the weekly Rabbinic Alumni e-newsletter. Please e-mail them to
editors discretion. Opinions expressed in this publication do not reflect
official Seminary and/or University policy.

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
In Pictures

Rabbis Alumni Yarchei Kallah

February 27-March 1, 2017 Boca Raton Synagogue

Purim 5777
March 11, 2017

Siyum HaShas in Honor of Rav Hershel Schachter 67R

March 15, 2017

Yom Haatzmaut 5777 in Yeshiva

May 2, 2017

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
YU Community News

YU Announces Makor College Experience Program

Beginning this fall, a new partnership of the staples of Jewish life that are While the program doesnt grant
between Womens League Community readily available on our campus, such a degree, students will graduate with a
Residences (WLCR), a lifespan social as minyanim, kosher food and Jewish Certificate of Completion, a rsum and
services organization, and Yeshiva celebrations and activities. a reference letter for future employment.
University, will make a Jewish collegiate The program is tailor-made for young Residential opportunities will be
experience accessible to individuals with men with intellectual disabilities who addressed on an individual basis during
intellectual disabilities. wish to continue their education after the admissions process.
Called the Makor College Experience, high school; have a strong motivation This is a win-win experience for all
the three-year, non-degree program to learn and gain skills; are excited to involved, said Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander
enables young men with intellectual become involved in campus life; and 86R, Vice President for University and
disabilities to become a part of the YU have a long-term goal of finding gainful Community Life at YU. As a yeshiva and a
community on the Universitys Wilf employment. As such, it will feature a university, it is fitting that we join the ranks
Campus as they gain skills, explore heavy emphasis on vocational exploration of other colleges that offer this type of
opportunities and transition to a life of and opportunities, preparing students to program. We look forward to the mutual
independence. Students in the program take on employment in administrative learning and give-and-take our current
will begin their day immersed in a special environments, retail and food services, students and those we will welcome
Judaic studies program in the Yeshivas and communal work. Students will work to campus through the Makor College
batei midrash, then take self-contained with academic advisors to choose a career Experience will share.
courses in the afternoon that will range in field based on their interests, skills and For many families in our community,
focus from the liberal arts to living skills. abilities, as well as learn how to build a YU is more than just a universityits
The YU Wilf Campus in Washington rsum and manage correspondence. a dream, said Dr. Stephen Glicksman,
Heights is the perfect place for such a Equally important will be an array of developmental psychologist at WLCR.
program, said Rabbi Menachem Penner social opportunities to experience life at This gives a whole new meaning to
95R, the Max and Marion Grill Dean of Yeshiva, as students in the program engage the term letter of acceptancefor our
RIETS. Here, they can have wonderful in chavrusa study with their peers, attend students, this is next step in their growth
opportunities for social integration and events, connect with mentors and avail as young Jewish men. n
enjoy Torah and secular learning. At themselves of job placement options on
the same time, they can take advantage and around campus.

YU and Young Israel of Fort Lee Spring Learning Series

Learning is a life-long endeavor. Yeshiva Perplexed, Dr. Rynhold examined of YIFL, corroborated this point: Our
Universitys Center for the Jewish Future the complexity of reading the Guide, community is particularly pleased to offer
in collaboration with Young Israel of Fort analyzed Maimonides theories of this course in conjunction with Yeshiva
Lee (YIFL) aims to enrich members of prophecy, the purpose of life, and University, an institution very dear to
the community with the opportunity creation ex nihilo. many of us in the congregation.
to learn from renowned YU scholars on The learning series takes place in the In the effort strengthen relationships
the other side of the George Washington fall, spring and summer semesters over with the community, CJF is proud to
Bridge. four consecutive weekday mornings, and partner with the Young Israel of Fort
YIFL had the privilege of hosting has currently launched three successful Lee, and Rabbi Goldberg, in bringing
Dr. Daniel Rynhold, Associate Professor semesters. Community members the scholarship and inspiration of
of Modern Jewish Philosophy, Bernard noted that the program has exceeded Yeshiva University to the Bergen County
Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies. expectations and they look forward to the community, said Rabbi Yaakov Glasser
In the four-week course, Maimonides continued relationship with Yeshiva. 01R, David Mitzner Dean, CJF. n
and his GuideUnderstanding the Rabbi Zev Goldberg 14R, rabbi

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
YU Community News

Straus Center and CJF Present The Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought,
Yeshiva Universitys Center for the Jewish Future and the
Abraham Arbesfeld Kollel Yom Rishon and Millie Arbesfeld Midreshet Yom Rishon present

Pesach and the Future

Pesach and the Future of Jewish of Jewish Thought
Celebrating the publication of the Straus Center's new volume,
Books of the People: Revisiting Classic Works of Jewish Thought

Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik 03R Books of the People as an extraordinary

and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks led a introduction to the full range of Jewish Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik
Director, Straus Center
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
A Guide for the Perplexed at the

discussion on Pesach and the Future of thought as well as a treasure trove of The First Work of Political Thought:
A New Approach to the Haggadah
Seder Night: How Maimonides Can
Help Us Understand the Exodus

Jewish Thought on Sunday, March 26 insights that have been an essential part Sunday, March 26, 2017 10 a.m.
Yeshiva Universitys Wilf Campus
2017 at Yeshiva Universitys Lamport of the intellectual heritage of the Jewish 500 West 185th Street New York, NY 10033

Auditorium. people. Open to men and womenParking available by RSVP only

Register online

In partnership with the Center for Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks,

the Jewish Future, the Abraham Arbesfeld who had been the Chief Rabbi of the For more information, please contact:

Kollel Yom Rishon and Millie Arbesfeld United Hebrew Congregations of

Rabbi Aryeh Czarka, Program Coordinator
Center for the Jewish Future 212.960.5400, ext. 6826

Midreshet Yom Rishon, the event the Commonwealth for 22 years and
celebrated the publication of Books of the was recently named the winner of the
People: Revisiting Classic Works of Jewish 2016 Templeton Prize, is the author, This program provides an
Thought by the Universitys Zahava and among many other books, of A Guide opportunity to enrich the experience
Moshael Straus Center for Torah and for the Perplexed at the Seder Night: How of the Pesach Seder with the insights
Western Thought. Maimonides Can Help Us Understand the and perspectives of two great scholars
Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik, director Exodus. He recently served as Kressel and in Jewish thought, said Rabbi Yaakov
of the Straus Center and assistant Ephrat Family University Professor of Glasser 01R, the David Mitzner Dean of
professor of Judaic studies, describes Jewish Thought at YU. CJF. n

CJF Presents a Semester of Community

Yeshiva University proudly presents

Community Beit Midrash Beit Midrash

at Stern College for Womens Israel Henry Beren Campus
Exciting Learning Opportunities with
Renowned Yeshiva University Faculty
In its fourth year, the Community Beit halachic and ethical concepts and
Midrash program has expanded its reach contemporary society. Topics included HalacHic Observance
in tHe infOrmatiOn age
PrOPHecY in tHe
secOnD temPle era

with over 375 participants from North 21st Century Shidduchim, Journalism, rabbi Daniel Z. feldman
Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological
Seminary; Faculty, Sy Syms School of Business
rabbi Hayyim angel
Undergraduate Bible Studies Faculty,
Yeshiva University

and South Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Marketing and the Truth, Intellectual
and Wurzweiler School of Social Work, YU

This series will examine themes in the biblical books of the Second
Halacha and Torah principles are at the core of our value system Temple Period. Insights into the critical period of restoration and

Queens and the Five Towns. This lecture Property in the Digital Age, Lashon Hara and serve to guide us as we live meaningful Jewish lives. This
series will explore the relevant and complex interplay between
Halachic and ethical concepts and contemporary society. Topics
the simultaneous decline of prophecy will be developed. Topics
include: EzraA Miracle of History; HaggaiImminent Potential
for Redemption; ZechariahG-d is Hidden, but Ready to Reveal

series program is held at Stern College and Blogs, and Political Campaigns.
include: 21st Century Shidduchim, Journalism, Marketing and Himself; EstherWhat they didnt teach us in day school; Ezra and
the Truth, Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, Lashon Hara NehemiahDifferent Models of Leadership; MalachiThe End of
and Blogs, and Political Campaigns. Prophecy and Transition to the Rabbinate. Learn how strikingly
relevant these books are to our modern age.

for Womens Israel Henry Beren Campus In the second session, Prophecy in 10:30 11:30 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 12:45 p.m.

Course Dates: Wednesdays, February 8, 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15

each semester, where participants learn the Second Temple Era, Rabbi Hayyim Yeshiva Universitys midtown campus
215 lexington avenue, new York, nY 10016
from prominent YU scholars over six Angel 95R, instructor of Bible, examined Open to men and women
Register online at
consecutive weeks. themes in the biblical books of the tuition: $275

This semester in the first session, Second Temple era, developing insights For weekly sponsorship opportunities or for more information, please contact:
Rabbi Aryeh Czarka or Julie Schreier 212.960.5400 x 6826

Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman 98R 06YY, into the critical period of restoration and School; Ezra and Nehemiah: Different
Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS and instructor at Sy the simultaneous decline of prophecy. Models of Leadership; and Malachi: The
Syms School of Business and Wurzweiler Topics include Ezra: A Miracle of End of Prophecy and Transition to the
School of Social Work, presented a series History; Haggai: Imminent Potential for Rabbinate.
of lectures titled Halachic Observance Redemption; Zechariah: G-d is Hidden Plans for the upcoming fall semester
in the Information Age, exploring the but Ready to Reveal Himself; Esther: are underway. For general questions about
relevant and complex interplay between What They Didnt Teach Us in Day this program, contact n

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

Chag HaSemikhah 5777


The Yeshiva celebrated 133 Musmakhim from the past

three years, who leave the to be leaders in the
community, .

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

The Musmakhim

Rabbi Moshe Abrams

Pittsburgh, PA
Rabbi Ari Federgrun
Holliswood, NY
Rabbi Ari Lamm
West Hempstead, NY
Rabbi Emmanuel Sanders
New York, NY

Rabbi Joshua Abramson

Dallas, TX
Rabbi Roy Feldman
Bayside, NY
Rabbi Michael Langer
Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Gidon Schneider
Rabbi Arieh Ackerman
Highland Park, NJ
Rabbi Shaya First
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Yaakov Lasson
Baltimore, MD
Rabbi Uri Schneider
Bergenfield, NJ
Toronto, ON

Rabbi Gershon Albert

Montreal, QB
Rabbi Caleb Fischer
Columbus, OH
Rabbi Simcha Lauer
Lawrence, NY
Rabbi Ashie Schreier
Woodmere, NY

Rabbi Jason Allen

Baltimore, MD
Rabbi Aaron Fleksher
Passaic, NJ
Rabbi Hart Levine
New York, NY
Rabbi Elliot Schrier
Woodmere, NY

Rabbi Avi Anderson

New York, NY
Rabbi Adam Friedman Rabbi Eliron Levinson
Highland Park, NJ
Rabbi David Schwartz
Staten Island, NY

Rabbi Jared Anstandig

West Bloomfield, MI
Rabbi Noam Friedman
Teaneck, NJ
New York, NY
Rabbi Avi Libman
Toronto, ON
Rabbi Elie Schwartz
Rabbi Adam Ariel
Saint Louis, MO
Rabbi Jonathan Fruchter
Queens, NY
Rabbi Bradley Lipman
Los Angeles, CA
Rabbi Moshe Schwartz
New York, NY

Rabbi Yisroel Ashen* Rabbi Yechiel Fuchs

New York, NY
Rabbi Ari Lipsky
West Hempstead, NY
Rabbi Shaul Seidler-Feller
Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Mosheh Aziz

Great Neck, NY Rabbi Moshe Genack
Englewood, NJ
Rabbi Michael Macks
Lincolnwood, IL
Rabbi Ely Shestack
Bergenfield, NJ

Rabbi Willie Balk

Cleveland, OH Rabbi Yeshayahu Ginsburg
Columbus, OH
Rabbi Yoni Mandelstam
Jamaica Estates, NY
Rabbi Mordechai Shichtman
Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Eliezer Barany

Hollywood, FL Rabbi Mark Glass
Manchester, UK
Rabbi Joshua Maslow
Cedarhurst, NY
Rabbi Joseph Silverman
Rabbi Sammy Bergman
Elizabeth, NJ Rabbi Raphael Glickman
Cleveland, OH
Rabbi Alon Meltzer Rabbi Moshe SpiraAtlanta, GA

Rabbi Jacob Berman

Edison, NJ Rabbi Daniel Goldberg
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Yair Menchel
Auckland, New Zealand
Rabbi David SteinChicago, IL

Rabbi David Block

West Hempstead, NY Rabbi Noach Goldstein
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Yoni Miller
Jerusalem, Israel
Rabbi Dovid Strauss
New York, NY

Rabbi Jonathan Bloom

Fairlawn, NJ Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein
Monsey, NY
Rabbi Ari Mirzoeff
Jamaica Estates, NY
Rabbi Jason Strauss
Rabbi Abraham Borenstein
West Hempstead, NY Rabbi Yosef Gottesman
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Steven Nemetz
Vancouver, BC
Rabbi Yaakov Taubes
Teaneck, NJ

Rabbi Tuvia Brander

Boca Raton, FL Rabbi Jason Grossman
Lawrence, NY
Rabbi Yechiel Neuburger
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Sam TaylorLondon, UK

Rabbi Natan Brownstein

Portland, OR Rabbi Scott Hoberman
Skokie, IL
Rabbi Alex Ozar
St. Louis, MO
Rabbi Yosef Venoziou
Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Shamir Caplan

Arlington, TX Rabbi Dovi Hochbaum
West Hempstead, NY
Rabbi Elchanan Poupko*
Jerusalem, Israel
Rabbi Eli Wagner
Woodmere, NY

Rabbi Dov Carpe

Teaneck, NJ Rabbi Michael Hoenig
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Mordy Prus
Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Moshe WatsonTeaneck, NJ

Rabbi Bryan Chustckie

East Brunswick, NJ Rabbi Yehuda Israel Rabbi Ari Pruzansky
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Gabi Weinberg
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

Rabbi Shlomo Clark

Bergenfield, NJ
Rabbi Andrew Israeli
West Orange, NJ
Rabbi Yitzy Radner
Detroit, MI
Rabbi Yosef Weinberger
Teaneck, NJ

Rabbi Chaim Cohen Rabbi Yossi Jacobs

Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Rabbi Moshe Rapps
Teaneck, NJ
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Mark Weingarten
Rabbi Dan Cohen
Queens, NY Rabbi Michael Kahn
Skokie, IL Rabbi Alvin Reinstein
Bronx, NY
Rabbi Michael Weingarten
Holliswood, NY
Holliswood, NY

Rabbi Meir Cohen

Oceanside, NY
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Raphael Karlin
Silver Spring, MD Rabbi Sam Reinstein Rabbi Mordecai Weisel
Teaneck, NJ

Rabbi Noah Cohen

Boca Raton, FL
Rabbi Shaya Katz Rabbi Jared Rosenfeld
Scarsdale, NY
Rabbi Elliot Wiesenfeld
Lawrence, NY

Rabbi Yakov Danishefsky

Bergenfield, NJ
Rabbi Joshua Klein
Concord, CA Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig
Queens, NY
Rabbi Siman Tov Yanetz*
Tel Aviv, Israel

Rabbi Yoni Danzger

Woodmere, NY
Rabbi Nuriel Klinger
Columbus, OH Rabbi Yisroel Meir Rosenzweig
Charleston, SC
Rabbi Yosef Yanetz
Ganei Tikva, Israel
New Hempstead, NY

Rabbi Daniel Elsant Rabbi Mordechai Kornbluth

Teaneck, NJ Rabbi David Roth
Newton, MA
Rabbi Yeshaya Zimmerman
Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Joshua Elsant

Woodmere, NY
Woodmere, NY
Rabbi Yosef Kornbluth
Teaneck, NJ Rabbi Willie Roth
Teaneck, NJ
Rabbi Daniel Zuckerman
Silver Spring, MD

Rabbi Yoel Epstein

New York, NY
Rabbi Yehuda Kravetz
Fair Lawn, NJ Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein
Monsey, NY

Rabbi Matthew Faigen

Pittsburgh, PA
Rabbi Shmuel Kresch
Southfield, MI Rabbi Moshe Rube
Hewlett, NY

Rabbi Natan Farber

Cedarhurst, NY
Rabbi Ben Kurzer
London, UK Rabbi Shmuli Sagal
London, UK

*Yadin Yadin
C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

Yeshiva Community Celebrates RIETS Chag


More Than 130 Newly-Ordained Rabbis Celebrate at Triennial Convocation

he streets of Yeshiva
Universitys Wilf Campus
hummed with excitement
as more than 130 new graduates of RIETS
gathered to celebrate their ordination at
the March 19 Chag HaSemikhah.
Together with their families, friends
and Roshei Yeshiva, the musmakhim
danced and sang together outside Zysman
Hall as they marked the continuity of a
beloved mesorah being passed down to a
new generation of spiritual leaders.
In a day filled with festivities and
brimming with pride, the graduates of
the 2014-2017 classes joined more than
3,000 rabbinic alumni who have gone
on to become distinguished Orthodox
rabbis, scholars, educators and leaders
around the world.
In todays celebrants, Yeshiva
hookups in the Harry Fischel Beit musmakhim when he said that a primary
embraces the continuity of our profound
Midrash and YUs Caroline and Joseph impulse in pursuing rabbinic ordination
mission of advancing Torah values, so as
S. Gruss Institute in Jerusalem, and an was the desire to professionalize my
to guide, teach and lead our people and
online webcast. Approximately 1,800 passion for Torah by becoming a rabbi.
the world to a better place, said President
people were on campus for the event, and This fall, he and his wife Miriam will
Richard M. Joel. As musmakhim of
close to 8,000 people viewed it online. become Orthodox Union-Jewish Life on
Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan,
The musmakhim currently living in Campus educators at the University of
you have been trained in leadership,
Israel will hold a ceremony at the Gruss Maryland.
you have been prepared to serve as our
Institute on June 8, 2017. Rabbi Jason Grossman 17R, from
ambassadors of nobility, spreading the
This class of rabbis represents an Lawrence, New Yorkgrandson of the
warmth of Torah by constantly fanning
internationally diverse group, hailing late RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Zerubavel
its flames. Your actions matteryour
from five continents and more than 50 Zelo Schussheim 48R, ztlsought
commitment to Torah inspires people
North American cities. While most of the semikhah because he felt the need to
and elevates the world.
musmakhim will remain engaged in either serve the community at large and help
President-elect Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman
full-time post-semikhah Torah study or in people develop their relationship with
95R, looking out over the musmakhim,
religious work such as Jewish education, God and reach higher spiritual levels. He
said, If you are to be rabbis, you must
the pulpit, outreach or nonprofit is currently working as a chaplain at St.
impart chochmah and exude anavah
management, many will pursue careers Johns Hospital in Far Rockaway.
but you must live with ahavahwith
in other professions, including medicine As they go on to build their careers,
love. If you do so, you will make Gods
and law. the new musmakhim will benefit from the
Name more beloved in this world.
Rabbi Elie Schwartz 17R, unique education they received at RIETS.
The Chag HaSemikhah ceremony
originally from Cleveland and now In addition to intense religious study with
took place in the Nathan Lamport
living in Chicago, spoke for many of the renowned Torah scholars, the seminary
Auditorium at Zysman Hall, with video

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

offers an enhanced Rabbinic Professional prodigious knowledge of Kol HaTorah the greatest description that we can have
Education Program designed to meet the Kula, the open warmth of a rebbe, the of youa lifelong Ben HaYeshiva.
communal and spiritual needs of todays courage of a posek, and the understanding In addition, special
Jewish communities. heart of a gentle man, to enrich our world, acknowledgement was given to RIETS
Students receive extensive training said President Joel to Rabbi Schachter. As alumni whose grandsons received
in topics critical for public leadership a talmid muvhak of the Rav, much of what semikhah at this years ceremony, as well
positions, such as pastoral psychology, you teach others is your understanding as to musmakhim celebrating their 50th
public speaking and community of the legacy of the Rav. How appropriate anniversary. All the musmakhim heard
building, all taught by renowned that your Yeshiva honors our Rav Muvhak divrei bracha from Rabbi Shlomo Amar,
experts and rabbis. Theyre also exposed with the conferral of the HaRav Yosef Dov former Chief Rabbi of Israel and current
to contemporary halakhic issues in Halevi Soloveitchik Aluf Torah Award. As Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.
bioethics, technology and business to we recognize you on the 50th anniversary The Chag HaSemikhah is a singular
prepare them for real-world dilemmas of your serving as a Rosh Yeshiva, and event celebrating Yeshiva, our community
they may face. celebrate you at this Chag HaSemikhah, and our future, said Rabbi Menachem
A new mental health emphasis we invite our young musmachim to savor Penner 95R, the Max and Marion Grill
also provides musmakhim with critical and anticipate how they can impact on our Dean of RIETS and Undergraduate Torah
self-care tools as they manage the world. Studies at YU. Our opportunity to honor
stresses and challenges of a life of RIETS also commissioned the Rav Hershel Schachter and Rabbi Julius
public service. Rabbi Yossi Jacobs 17R writing of a Sefer Torah in Rabbi Berman takes this excitement to an even
pursued semikhah concurrently with a Schachters honor, with events in Los higher level.
psychology degree because he wanted to Angeles; New York City; Passaic and Following the ordination ceremony,
be able to integrate the two in order to Teaneck, New Jersey; and the Five Towns RIETS held a Gala Evening of
help people by empowering their Torah to enable Rabbi Schachters talmidim to Celebration honoring Rabbi Schachter
understanding while also helping them participate in the process. and Rabbi Berman at the Grand Hyatt
face their challenges in life. Chairman Emeritus Rabbi Julius Hotel. In addition, philanthropist Dr.
During the ceremony, RIETS Berman 59R was honored with the Eitz David Arbesfeld was presented with
honored Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Chaim Award at the Chag HaSemikhah. the RIETS Service Award. The dinner
Kollel Rabbi Hershel Schachter 67R, You have spent your life championing raised more than $1 million for RIETS.
Nathan and Vivian Fink Distinguished the causes of the Jewish people, To learn more or to support RIETS, visit
Professorial Chair in Talmud, with the President Joel told Rabbi Berman. The n
HaRav Yosef Dov HaLevi Soloveitchik Eitz Chaim Award, our Yeshivas most
ztl Aluf Torah Award. prestigious honor given to a lay leader,
You bring the rigor of Talmud, the affords us the opportunity to recognize

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

Chag HaSemikhah Remarks

Richard M. Joel

President, RIETS

oday marks the fourth one. face, and G-d says no. But then G-d says
and final opportunity I And almost 85 years ago, our first stand beside me.
have to address a Chag president, Dr. Bernard Revel ztl, stood at Rav Sampson Raphael Hirsh explains:
HaSemikhah as Yeshivas president. It has this podium and said the following, Out there is a place next to
been a sacred privilege. of the portals of this sanctuary of the Me. One and only one point of view exists
Today, we celebrate over 130 spirit shall come a Jewish leadershiplay as the highest goal to be attained by the
young men of extraordinary quality and spiritualconscious of its unique highest human mind, even for Moses, only
and character who I have seen grow heritage, striving to develop in this land one legitimate point of view, and that is not
in learning and in middos and in a Jewish life, culturally creative and to try and get a sight of God, but, elevated
professionalism. spiritually satisfying, based upon the by God, and godliness, to look at men and
And today, I know that you join eternal foundations of the Torah, helping the human condition from a height, next
me in celebrating the extraordinary our communities to fuller self-expression, to God, near to God, from Gods point of
Roshei Yeshiva and Hanhala of Yeshivas and richer contribution to the cultural view, to understand and appreciate all men
Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan whom I and spiritual values of our society. and all conditions of human life.
have had the pleasure to partner with. So I stand here today on the This master insightthe human
In todays celebrants, Yeshiva shoulders of those who came before me, being is not supposed to see G-dits
embraces the continuity of our profound and I contemplate, what can I possibly not our realm. Our goal is to stand beside
mission of advancing Torah values, so as to add to this discussion? To this continuing God. Our role is not to see G-d, but to see
guide, teach and lead our people and the conversation? as G-d sees, and strive to do as G-d does.
world to a better place. Almost 40 years To me, parashat Ki Tisa offers a Beloved musmakhim: Hear the
ago, President Norman Lamm stood at this precious perspective on how we, klei message from four presidents of this
podium and shared the following message: kodesh, and lay kodesh, are to lead our Yeshiva, and consider that:
Scholarship and piety are necessary, lives, a message that has been a defining Be a caring role model;
but they are not sufficient. A spiritual insight for my life and I think for that of Believe in the Jewish People;
person is one whose ideals and practice my wife and children. Dare to make a difference in the world;
transcend his self-interest, whose Perek lamed gimmel details an And strive to see as G-d sees and do
deportment and, indeed, very presence amazing discussion between Moshe and as G-d doesvehalachta bdrachav.
symbolizes the values of Torah. the Ribbono Shel Olam, culminating with As musmakhim of Yeshivas Rabbeinu
Years before that, at an earlier Chag Moshe beseeching God to let Moshe see Yitzchak Elchanan, you have been trained
HaSemikhah, his predecessor, Dr. Samuel G-ds face, Hareini na es kevodecha. G-d in leadership, you have been prepared
Belkin ztl, shared the message that, responds to serve as our ambassadors of nobility,
There is one thing we must remember
spreading the warmth of Torah by
always. Just as we have faith in God, And He said, You will not be able to see My constantly fanning its flames. Your actions
and just as we have faith in the Torah of face, for man shall not see Me and live. matteryour commitment to Torah
Moses, so let us have faith in the Jewish
inspires people and elevates the world.
people, in the continuous miracle of its And the Lord said: Behold, there is a place Esther and I are entrusting our
rebirth. Let us have faith in the miracle of next to me, and you shall stand on the rock. children and our grandchildren to
spiritual unity between G-d, His Torah Such a dramatic momentMoshe you. Partner with them and with all
and His people, which is summed up in wants to see G-ds face. As close as Moshe our children to advance the Torah and
the sayings of our Sages, Israel, the Torah was to the Ribbono Shel Olam, he was advance the world.
and the Holy One Blessed Be He, are hungry for more. He wanted to see G-ds Vcheyn yehi ratzon. n

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

What Does it Take To Be a

Transformative Rabbi?

Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman95R
President Elect, RIETS

ver the course of the last few Talmudic teaching. The Torah command to love God. As such it
months I have had the great commands: Love the Lord your God applies to each and every Jew. Rambam,
pleasure to meet a number (Deuteronomy 6:5). While this verse however, prescribes this teaching as
of Yeshiva Universitys fine rabbinical appears straightforward, the Gemara a requirement for a person of great
graduates. Allow me to share the story of (Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 86a) cites a wisdom, and places it specifically in the
one particular encounter. rabbinic interpretation that points to an context of the mitzvah of kiddush Hashem,
A number of weeks ago, I was additional layer of meaning. the sanctification of Gods Name. The
introduced to a young man and I asked It is taught: Love the Lord your notion of a sliding scale of behavioral
him to tell me a little bit about his time God, such that the name of God should expectations, depending on how learned
in the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological become beloved through you. one may be, is part of a larger theme in
Seminary. He replied by recounting to me How can a mere human being make Rambams works. But for the moment I
a very difficult situation that arose in the Gods Name even more beloved? The wish only to highlight that according to
course of his family life several years ago. Gemara continues: Rambam, the sage is not only required to
Even with the distance of time it was clear One should read Torah, and study adhere to a higher standard of conduct,
that this situation was too emotionally Mishnah; serve Torah scholars; and be he is also distinguished by a unique set
charged for him to describe in great detail. pleasant in all ones personal interactions. of opportunities. In this case, the one
But whatever the exact circumstances, Follow this tripartite formula, the who is recognized as a chakham, a sage,
the situation required expert halakhic Talmud advises, and the name of God will possesses an extraordinary opportunity
guidance. So he approached his teacher, become more beloved in the world. to sanctify Gods Name in this world.
one of the senior roshei yeshiva in this There is a debate among the People judge religion by its adherents.
institution, explained the situation, and Talmudic commentators over how Their experiences of Judaism, Torah
asked him for his counsel. to interpret this teaching. The simple and God are shaped and inspired by
Do you know what his response reading of the Gemara, which appears their interactions with His messengers.
was? the young man asked me. to be accepted by all of the medieval On some level this applies to all of us
My rebbe began to cry. It was one of authorities who simply cite it verbatim, who are clearly identified as Jews, but it
the darkest moments in my life. There was is that it comprises part of the general applies even more so to rabbis. As such,
not much that anyone could give me. But
he gave me his tears. My family and I look
back on that difficult time with much grief
and regret. But completely intertwined
with that experience is the memory of
a rabbi who both answered my halakhic
question and honored my pain. We will
never forget that as long as we live.
This is the story of a person whose
life was transformed by his encounter
with a rabbinic leader and it raises a
broader question. What does it mean to
be a rabbi? What does it take for a rabbi
to be a transformative force in this world?
The answer may lie in a crucial

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

the very idea of receiving semikhah, the words of Matthew Arnold, to the with thoughtful professionals, sensitive
rabbinic ordination, carries with it great thoughts which make the furniture of parents, and people of substance with a
consequences. For each of you today their minds, and directly relate to the wealth of experience. They have much to
who are being publicly recognized as specific challenges and opportunities offer and much from which you can learn.
musmakhimordained rabbisare not of our times. Now this may sometimes Take advantage of their insight. Learn
only being rewarded for your years of require you to challenge some elements from their life lessons. They are not just
Torah study, but are also being granted an of contemporary culture. But to be an your parishioners, they are your partners.
enormous opportunity to fundamentally effective and respected countercultural You will need to lead and speak with
alter the world in which we live. voice as opposed to one who is written wisdom, but also approach your new role
How can you best capitalize on off as simply out of touch you will need with the humility to learn from all those
this opportunity? How can you most to acquire a deep familiarity with the around you. Impart chokhmah; exude
effectively utilize your strengths to intellectual and cultural milieu of our day. anavah.
sanctify Gods Name in this world? Using In this context, in order for one to The Gemaras third and final
the Gemara as a homiletical guide, allow speak with chokhmah, one needs to have suggestion is to behave with ahavah, with
me to suggest a three-pronged strategy. deep insight into both Torah and reality. love: Be pleasant in all ones personal
First, you must speak with The Gemaras second suggestion is to interactions.
chokhmahwith wisdomand to do act with anavahwith humility: Serve I only began genuinely to understand
this you must learn deeply: Read Torah Torah scholars. the possibility of loving someone outside
and study Mishnah. Know what you know and know what of ones family as oneself after working
Your greatest resource is the Torah; you do not know. As the Mishnah says, as a rabbi, for my community became
your greatest strength is that you the wise man is not the one who knows my extended family. Working with them
represent a 3,000-year-old tradition. everything but the one who continuously day and night building our synagogue,
You must be sure to do so judiciously learns from others. Be secure enough in facing deficits and challenges, formulating
and authentically. And so you must be yourself to seek advice and counsel. ambitious plans for expansion and
learned. You have already succeeded in This is of course true in respect to success; grieving with them over the loss
completing a rigorous process of semikhah your rabbis, teachers and peers. You have of a loved one, adding a name to a sick
that required you to have displayed a a large support network here at Yeshiva child who suddenly fell perilously ill or
mastery of Torah. But you must continue University that will always be ready to celebrating the birth of a child to a couple
your studies. The vistas of Torah are vast, assist you. I myself, all throughout my who previously thought that they would
and you must explore them with great years in the rabbinate until today, have never have children. I thought of them
passion and vigor. been deeply blessed with the ability to in my personal prayers, spent sleepless
But more than just developing as turn to my rabbis and teachers at Yeshiva nights considering ways to ease their
lamdanim, as rabbis you also need to University as resources and guides to troubles, and felt true joy upon hearing
develop a deep understanding of the help me think through challenges of great of their triumphs. This, too, is what you
broader world and modern reality. You complexity and consequence. But it is have learned by example from your
will need to speak directly to the hopes also true of your lay leadership, parents, rebbeim and teachers at Yeshivathat the
and concerns of this generation, in and students. Our community is filled responsibility of the rabbi, educator and

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

Personal engagement with Torah and

mitzvot, living a life that accents service
over entitlements, giving as opposed
to receiving, and a life in which one
participates in the incredible unfolding
story of the Jewish people and
seeks the betterment of the broader
societysuch a life is filled with great
meaning, purpose and true joy.

spiritual guide is to love ones students adversaries, but of partners and potential words of benediction that in the girsa,
and congregants, to be moved by them partners. It is the rabbi who when faced or textual version, of the medieval
and inspired by them. with a halakhic dilemma responds not commentator, Rosh (R. Asher b. Yechiel),
If you are to be rabbis, you must only to the question but also to the serve as the coda to our Gemara. The
impart chokhmah, exude anavahbut person; who not only has the depth of Gemara concludes this section with the
you must live with ahavah, with love. knowledge to know the answers but also assurance of what will happen if one
And if you do so, you will make Gods the humanity to cry. It is the rabbi who is behaves with chokhmah, anavah and
Name more beloved in this world. not fueled by fury or self-righteousness ahavah.
You our dear students have an but by love, care and concern. What will humanity say of such
enormous gift and opportunity, and this is It is this kind of rabbi who is deeply a person? Fortunate is his father, his
especially true today. There are those who needed in our world. mother, and his teacher who taught him
think that in todays climate of nihilistic This is your gift and this is your Torahsee how pleasant are his ways,
individualism, in which claims to opportunity. You as rabbis, educators, how proper his deeds. It is about such a
authority or transformative leadership are and spiritual guides can show by word one as this that the Lord says, You are my
mocked, the role of the rabbi, educator and deed that personal engagement servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified
and spiritual guide is diminished. But in with Torah and mitzvot, living a life that (Isaiah 49:3).
truth the opposite is the case. These roles accents service over entitlements, giving May the praises of the prophet be
are even more necessary today. People as opposed to receiving, and a life in said about you as well, our dear talmidim.
naturally seek meaning and purpose; which one participates in the incredible May you continue to be a source of great
they will always find their role models unfolding story of the Jewish people pride to our Yeshiva and to your families,
and sources of inspiration. The question and seeks the betterment of the broader May you be a blessing to all those with
is whether they will find it outside of our societythat such a life is filled with whom you come into contact. And
tradition or within our tradition. The great meaning, purpose and true joy. through your actions May Gods Name
rabbi is certainly needed, but what kind of You can bring God into this world, become even more beloved in this world.
rabbi? What does it take for a rabbi to be sanctify His name and sanctify the lives of We need you. The world needs you.
a transformative force in this world? those around you. Alu ve-Hatzlikhurise up, and find great
Today, perhaps more than ever What a berakhahwhat a blessing! success. n
before, it is to embrace this formula of Ashrekha! What an inspiring and
This speech was originally published in
chokhmah, anavah and ahavah. It is the meaningful manner in which to channel
Tablet magazine, at, and is
rabbi who speaks with sophistication your energies and to which you may
reprinted with permission.
and humility; who views the Jewish devote your unique talents and skills.
world not through the prism of allies and Allow me to close, then, with the

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

Of Yeshivot and Grandparents

Rabbi Ari Lamm 15R
Special Remarks from the RIETS Annual Dinner Evening of Tribute

confess to some cognitive the Gemara in Menahot assert that
dissonance in paying simply reciting the Parshat HaChatat
simultaneous tribute to the pesukim describing the chatatis
both my grandfather, Rabbi Dr. Norman sufficient substitute for bringing the
Lamm 51R, and our Yeshiva. After all, offering? Surely R. Yishmael recited
for all that my grandfather is inextricably korbanot every morning, so why would
bound to this institution, in many ways he he feel the obligation to bring a fresh
represents its opposite, or at least its stark korban in the Messianic Era?
counterpart. The Emek Halakhah ultimately
For instance, our Yeshiva is the answers by referring to the halakhic
institutional personification of Lithuania, principle kohanim okhelim bealim
with all the cerebral, academic precision mitkaperin. According to this dictum, a
of that tradition. My grandfather, by chatat, even if formally valid, does not
contrast, represents the heritage of Galicia achieve atonement for its bearer unless Rabbi Ari Lamm
with all its witty, whimsical creativity. the meat of the chatat is consumed
Our Yeshiva taught us the majesty of by the kohanim, by the priests. Now, human consequences. Will a kohen
tzvei dinim, two concepts underpinning simply reciting the Parshat HaChatat, who might in another era have served
a rabbinic dispute, while my grandfather according to Rabbi Baumol, is equivalent in the Temple have something to eat
always marveled at the possibilities of solely to the act of sacrificing the chatat. today, or will he go hungry? While you
shivim panim, of Torahs seventy faces. The But since such a recitation provides no may formally discharge your obligation
foundation of our curriculum in Yeshiva sustenance to any actual kohanim, it by reciting these pesukim, realize that
consists of the Gemara and rishonim does not result in genuine atonement. R. this decision may dramatically impact
the raw material out of which halakhah Yishmael therefore resolved that when the daily existence of a living, breathing
and halakhic values are shaped. But the opportunity presented itself in the human being. There are kohanim who
whenever I learned with my grandfather, age of the Third Temple, he would bring may not eat on account of our having
we would study teshuvotthe literary a new, more effective korban from which discharged our obligations merely
culmination of the halakhic process. he could provide meat for the kohanim, through mouthing the Parshat HaChatat.
Is there not then some unresolvable notwithstanding having already recited And herein, I believe, lies the
tension at the heart of this evening? the Parshat HaChatat. coherenceeven the necessityof
A resolution may emerge from the In other words, we may conceive of honoring both our Yeshiva and not just
very first teshuvah my grandfather and I reciting the Parshat HaChatat in two ways. my grandfather, but all our grandfathers,
ever studied together, a teshuvah by his First, it is an abstract act with conceptual and all of our families. That is, for Torah to
grandfather, R. Yehoshua Baumol ztl, consequences. Has a theoretically valid thrivefor our religion to become not just
the Emek Halakhah. Therein, the Emek substitute korban been offered or not? The a dull habit, but an acute feverwe require
Halakhah wonders how the Gemara answer is the same no matter who brings both a Yeshiva and our grandparents.
could relate that R. Yishmaelhaving the korban, and whether or not a kohen We require our Yeshiva for the
transgressed on Shabbosrecorded has eaten from it. This sort of analysis treats purpose of treating us all equally. Our
in his ledger that upon the Temples all people equally. Yeshiva teaches us that no matter who we
rebuilding he would bring a korban But in addition, reciting the Parshat are, we all must learn the same Rambam,
chatat, a sin offering. After all, doesnt HaChatat is a particular action, with the same Milchamot, the same Ketzot.

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

By doing so, our Yeshiva transforms us who must eat from the korban. They our Torah. They remind us that Torah has
from individuals into a united collective. remind us of the human element of Torah. not just metaphysical consequences, but
Into Klal Yisrael writ large. Our Yeshiva They remind us of the beautifully unique world-historical consequences.
represents the formal korban itself. individuals whose contributions shaped May it be Gods will that as we go
But our grandparentsand in my life, our personal journeys through the peaks forth into careers of Avodat Hashem,
my grandfather especiallyalways remind and valleys of halakhah. And they remind we bring pride and nachat to both our
us of the reverse. They are the kohanim us of all the souls that are impacted by Yeshiva and our grandparents. n

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C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

Ve-Haarev Na:
The Transgenerational Kinyan Ha-Torah
Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig 14R
Special Remarks from the RIETS Annual Dinner Evening of Tribute

he rishonim are puzzled by the name of Rav Yochanan, the berakhah
two aspects of ve-haarev na, is in fact patterned after Rav Yochanans
the second berakhah of the derashah in Bava Metzia 85a:
birkhot ha-Torah we recite each morning.
First, as the Baal ha-Maor (Rif Berakhot
5b) observes, why do we have multiple
berakhot for the single mitzvah of talmud
Torah? Why isnt the first berakhah, la-asok , .
be-divrei Torah, sufficient? .
Second, as Rabbenu Manoach notes Hashem says, if you can secure three
(Hilkhot Tefilah 7:10), ve-haarev na is generations of talmidei chakhamim, Ill
typically interpreted as a request that guaranteeani areivyour family a
the experience of talmud Torah should perpetual legacy of talmidei chakhamim
be pleasant or sweet. But where do we for future generations as well. This Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig
ever find a berakhah asking for a maaseh Gemara is the source for ve-haarev na.
mitzvah to be pleasant? Imagine if, in The Sefer ha-Manhigs grounding or sweeten. Rather, it should be
addition to al akhilat matzah, we made of ve-haarev na in Bava Metzia 85a has understood in the manner that it appears
a berakhah asking for the matzah to be two important ramifications. First, as the in that Gemara in Bava Metziaani arev
tasty? Further, as some achronim press, Manhig himself contends, the proper lekha be-davar zehas guarantee. We
doesnt the request of ve-haarev na girsa of the berakhah should read ask Hashem that if we succeed in securing
infringe upon the principle of mitzvot lav . Since the three generations of talmidei chakhamim,
leihanot nitnu? whole import of the berakhah is about he should guaranteehaarev naa
To address these questions, let us securing three generations of talmidei family legacy of Torah for future
examine the nature of the berakhah of chakhamim, the berakhah ought to generations.
ve-haarev na. specify three generations. But what is the significance of three
The Sefer ha-Manhig (Dinei Tefilah Second, as R. Yehudah ben Yakar generations? And why should it feature so
no. 19) argues that ve-haarev na is actually points out (Peirush ha-Tefilot ve- prominently in our birkhot ha-Torah?
a berakhah on securing three generations haBerakhot le-Rabbenu Yehudah ben Yakar The Maharal, in his commentary to
of talmidei chakhamim. Although ve- II, pg. 22), the word ve-haarev should Bava Metzia 85a (Chidushei Aggadot s.v.
haarev na is introduced in Berakhot 11b in not be interpreted as make pleasant

RIETS celebrated the semikhah of eleven musmakhim whose grandfathers are also musmakhim of RIETS
Rabbi Tuvia Brander 15R and Rabbi Aaron Brander 59R Rabbi Shlomo Clark 14R and Rabbi Matthew Clark 56R
Rabbi Yakov Danishefsky 16R and Rabbi Dr. Chaim Danishefsky zl 46R Rabbi Noam Friedman 17R and Rabbi Abraham zl Insel 45R
Rabbi Noach Goldstein 17R and Rabbi Dr. Noah Goldstein zl 53R Rabbi Jonathan Grossman 17R and Rabbi Zelo Schussheim zl 48R
Rabbi Ari Lamm 15R and Rabbi Norman Lamm 51R Rabbi Elchanan Poupko 16R and Rabbi Baruch Poupko zl 42R
Rabbi Itamar Rosensweig 14R and Rabbi Bernard Rosensweig 50R Rabbi Ashie Schreier 17R and Rabbi Max Schreier 52R
Rabbi Yaakov Taubes 17R and Rabbi Chaim Schulman zl 52R

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777

kol she-hu), explains that talmud Torah,

au fond, is not a personal endeavor but
The maaseh ha-mitzvah kinyan ha-Torah some sixty-seven years
ago when he received his semikhah
a transgenerational enterprise: A kinyan of talmud Torah would here at RIETS, under the tutelage of his
ha-Torah is only achieved by securing three esteemed rebbeim, Rav Moshe Shatzkes,
generations of talmidei chakhamim. A be incomplete if it didnt ztl, and the Rav, ztl. He was then
grandfather can fulfill li-lmod, becoming prospectively aim towards marbitz Torah, first as a mara de-asra in
a talmid chakham himself, but this does Toronto and later in New York, and also
not constitute a kinyan ha-Torah. A securing a kinyan ha-torah as president of the Rabbinical Council
grandfather can further accomplish li-lmod of America, where he worked closely
u-lelameid, raising his children to become
over three generations. with the Rav in navigating American
talmidei chakhamim, but this too does not Without the perspective of Orthodoxy through the high seas that
constitute a kinyan ha-Torah. A kinyan ha- threatened to overwhelm it.
Torah is only achieved when a grandfather ve-haarev na, talmud Torah My grandfather passed that mesorah
imparts his Torah to his children and those
children pass it forward to their children:
would be a sterile enterprise to my father, Rabbi Michael Rosensweig
80R, shlita, and sent him to study with
li-lmod u-lelameid, and that le-lameid that withers and decays his rebbe, the Rav, under whom my father
kindles a further le-lameid. received his semikhah some thirty-seven
This is why the berakhah of la-asok with the passage of time. years ago. My father then sent me and
be-divrei Torah is complimented by ve- my brothers to study with his rebbe,
haarev na. The maaseh ha-mitzvah of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein ztl, in Eretz
fail to produce grandchildren who are
talmud Torah would be incomplete if it YisraelAnd Ive now spent the last nine
also talmidei chakhamim? The Gemara
didnt prospectively aim towards securing years studying in my fathers shiur here
answers, because the grandfathers didnt
a kinyan ha-Torah over three generations. at RIETS. Such is the transgenerational
recite the berakhah of ve-haarev na (see
Without the perspective of ve-haarev enterprise of talmud Torah, rebbe to
Rashi s.v. she-ein). They didnt study with
na, talmud Torah would be a sterile talmid, father to son.
the perspective of securing a kinyan ha-
enterprise that withers and decays with Todays Chag HaSemikhah is the
Torah over three generations.
the passage of time. realization of that transgenerational
Tonight we are celebrating the
It is this very idea that the Gemara kinyan ha-Torah our grandfathers began at
realization of a kinyan ha-Torah that was
in Nedarim 81a has in mind when it their Chag HaSemikhah three generations
initiated at a Chag HaSemikhah three
maintains: ago. As for me and my chaveirim, we
generations ago, a kinyan ha-Torah that is
look forward to the day when we can
realized tonight through the securing of
stand here and witness the realization
three generations of talmidei chakhamim
. of our kinyan ha-Toraha kinyan we
in one family.
The Gemara asks, why is it the case commenced at the Chag HaSemikhah
My grandfather, Rabbi Bernard
that talmidei chakhamim, by and large, today. n
Rosensweig 50R, shlita, initiated his

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777: Meet the Muskmakhim

Rabbi Andrew Israeli 17R and

Rabbi Michael Hoenig 14R
Bring Passion for Torah to Local Musmakhim

High Schools
he Yeshiva community
celebrated the ordination
of more than 130
musmakhim at its Chag HaSemikhah
Convocation on March 19, 2017. While
most will remain engaged in either
full-time post-semikhah Torah study
or religious workJewish education,
the pulpit, outreach or non-profit
workmany will pursue careers in other
professions, including medicine and law.
Its no accident that Rabbi Andrew
Israeli and Rabbi Michael Hoenig, two
new rabbis who just celebrated their
semikhah, find themselves back in the Rabbi Andrew Israeli 17R Rabbi Michael Hoenig 14R

classroom; from a young age, both were

driven to teach Torah and inspire others. undergraduate in Yeshiva College, I had chachamim who have tremendous love
I want to spread a love of Torah, a met many of the rebbeim, and continued for Torah and an outlook on life that
love of ruchniut, a love of Hashem and those relationships into semicha and teaches you how to be a kiddush Hashem
mitzvot and our beautiful tradition and beyond, said Rabbi Israeli. I also knew in the world, said Rabbi Hoenig. YU
heritage. I want to help my students in that I wanted to learn in Eretz Yisrael, semicha is the whole picture, not only
their everyday lives by empowering them and the Gruss Kollel on the YU Israel in terms of the learning but also in
to feel good about themselves as people, campus was a perfect place for me to terms of fully preparing you for all the
and by being a good role model for them, continue my learning while spending responsibilities you face as an educator
said Rabbi Hoenig, who is a rebbe and time in Yerushalayim. The friends that I or rabbi. If you take advantage of this
chessed coordinator at Torah Academy of made in the beit midrash over the years program, youre ready to go, energized,
Bergen County in Teaneck, New Jersey. were also unparalleled. To spend time inspired.
Rabbi Israeli, a rebbe at Yeshivat with guys who were extremely motivated For Rabbis Hoenig and Israeli, the
Frisch in Paramus, New Jersey, felt richly and motivating was such a crucial factor close relationships they were able to
impacted by the Judaic studies teachers in in my time at RIETS, which really pushed build with rebbeim at RIETS have been
his own life and wanted to pay it forward. me to take advantage of everything it had especially important to their careers
I have had exposure to many rebbeim to offer. as mechanchim. There are rebbeim I
over the course of my life and have really What RIETS offered was more than speak to all the time for my own family
been influenced by them. I want nothing just high-level textual Judaic studies and and students, said Rabbi Hoenig. Rav
more than to have that same influence on close mentorship from Roshei Yeshiva Eliakim Koenigsberg 92R, Rav Baruch
my students, he said. it was preparation for every aspect of Simon 89R, Rav Zvi Sobolofsky 91R
To accomplish that, Rabbi Israeli Jewish communal leadership. I chose to theyre lifelines in every sense of the
knew he had to immerse himself in study at RIETS because it was the most word. The advice they give me, I pass on
intensive, full-time Torah study. RIETS well-rounded program, with incredible to my students. They taught me how to
was the perfect place to do it. As an rebbeim and world-class talmidei live, give advice, be a thinking person, a

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chag HaSemikhah 5777: Meet the Muskmakhim

calculated person. Life is tough, and thats Education and Administration. Dr. texts that I remember sitting one-on-one
why I think the rebbeim at RIETS are an Pelcovitz in particular was unbelievable with my rebbeim and learning. We have
incredible compass on how to behave. his advice, wisdom and the Jewish values the ability to pass on the mesorah in an
As an undergrad I spent he brought to his course were incredible, authentic and genuine way. When I look
six semesters learning with Rav and the teaching modeled by Dr. Ilana at my rebbeim and what they have been
Koenigsberg, said Rabbi Israeli. As I Turetsky was very eye-opening and able to accomplish with their talmidim,
continued into semicha, I went to learn informative, said Rabbi Hoenig. I am immediately impacted and feel a
in the Gruss Kollel where I spent two full responsibility to push myself to be the
years learning with Rabbi Dovid Miller When I look at my best rebbe I can be.
71R and Rabbi Assaf Bednarsh 97R. I Rabbi Hoenig and Rabbi Israeli
also had the zechut to develop very close rebbeim and what are joined by many other accomplished
relationships with Rav Hershel Schachter they have been able RIETS musmakhim making an impact
67R, Rav Mayer Twersky 85R and at yeshiva day schools and high schools
Rav Zvi Sobolofsky throughout my six to accomplish with around the world.
summers in the NCSY Kollel. their talmidim, I am The spiritual and professional
The two also benefited from the journeys of RIETS rabbinic alumni do
diversity of their fellow musmakhim. immediately impacted not end here, said Rabbi Yaakov Glasser
Theres such a range of hashkafot and feel a responsibility 01R, David Mitzner Dean, Center for the
and personalities in the program, Jewish Future. It is strengthened as they
and thats also a beautiful thing, said
to push myself to be the participate in Rabbinic Yarchei Kallah
Rabbi Hoenig. Its incredible how best rebbe I can be. programs and continuing education
RIETS accommodates a wide range courses. These innovative and substantive
of philosophies and everyone walks Armed with that holistic preparation, programs provide our Rabbinic alumni
out equipped to serve their own mentorship and deep familiarity with with resources and skills that enable them
communities. I dont think you could find Torah studies, Rabbi Hoenig and Rabbi to continue making a positive impact on
that anywhere else in the world. Israeli have both quickly become beloved their communities and schools. n
In addition to their rabbinic training, at their schoolsand the feeling is
Rabbi Hoenig and Rabbi Israeli sought out mutual. This section is a continuation of the
the most advanced teaching techniques Being in chinuch, I find my days to Musmakhim profiles that appeared in the
and knowledge in Jewish education as be overflowing with meaning, said Rabbi Adar 5777 Chavrusa. To request a copy
they earned their masters degrees at Israeli. I have the ability to sit one-on- please contact
YUs Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish one with students and engage and analyze

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chomer Lidrush

BAtzeret al
Peirot HaIlan
Rabbi Meir Goldwicht
Joel and Maria Finkle Visiting
Israeli Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS

T he Gemara (Megillah 31b)

teaches us in the name of R.
Shimon ben Elazar that Ezra
decreed that Bnei Yisrael read the
klalot of Sefer Devarim before Rosh
Perhaps we can find a distinction
between Pesach and Shavuot when we
explore a verse in Devarim:
): (
The Torah compares Man to a
HaShanah, and those of Sefer Vayikra tree: for man is the tree of the field. Mans
before Shavuot, in order to finish the mission in life is compared to a tree,
year and its curses. As we turn a new as we say in Birchat HaTorah,
page in Jewish history, it is understood , He planted eternal life within
that the curses be completed before Rosh us. Unlike a seed, which must rot in
HaShanah. However, reading the klalot order to produce a new plant, a tree
before Shavuot in order to finish the year remains kayam, intact and alive, even as
and its curses is puzzling. In what way it produces fruit. So too, Man remains
is Shavuot compared to the beginning kayam as he produces peirot, both in
What does it mean that on Shavuot
of a new year? To answer this query, the bringing life to the next generation and
we are judged regarding the peirot
Gemara cites a Mishnah (Rosh Hashanah being productive on behalf of Klal Yisrael.
hailan? The judgement will determine
16a), which explains that on Shavuot we Furthermore, when the Torah says that
how much siyata dishmaya Man will
are judged regarding the peirot hailan. Hashem created Man in the image of
have in Torah from this Shavuot until the
The Holiday of Shavuot, Chag HaKatzir, G-d, the Vilna Gaon points out that the
next Shavuot, and whether or not he will
celebrates the harvesting of the first fruits gematria of is .
produce abundant peirot this year. For
of the season. In its own way, Shavuot Similarly, every tree consists of three
this reason, before Shavuot we read the
brings about a new beginning, and is parts: roots, trunk, and fruit. There are
klalot, in order to put them behind us as
considered to be a Rosh HaShanah. also three parts to the service of G-d:
we start a new blessed year.
As each year comes to an end, we Tefillah, Torah, and Maasim Tovim.
This analysis helps us understand a
wish to leave behind all of the curses and These three elements of avodat Hashem
Rashi at the beginning of Bechukotai:
start the coming year with blessings. parallel the three parts of the tree: Tefillah
; -

Even with this in mind, the Gemaras corresponds the roots of the tree because
.): (
answer remains perplexing. After all, the it is through tefillah that we attach
Rashi writes that following G-ds
same Mishnah that equates Shavuot to ourselves to HaKadosh Baruch Hu; Torah
statutes means that you must toil
Rosh HaShanah (for peirot hailan), also corresponds to the trunk, because Torah
( )in the study of Torah. If Rashis
admits that Pesach is a Rosh Hashanah is the pillar that holds up the world;
goal is to explain pshat in the pasuk, then
for grains. Why is it that we dont read the Maasim Tovim corresponds to the fruit of
how does the pshat here refer to ameilut
klalot before Pesach? the tree.
in Torah?

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
Chomer Lidrush

Chukim only refer to statutes. When a child is born, the Gemara in to be Shetulim bveit Hashem. As long
comes from the word , and Gittin says that there is a custom to plant as the shatil (plant) grew up in the house
therefore, it refers to an engraving. one type of tree for boys and another of Hashem, you can be sure that it will
Becoming a person in whom the Torah is type of tree for girls. When the children succeed on the outside as well.
engraved, that he and the Torah are one, grow up, we use the branches of these On Shavuot we are judged based on
requires tremendous ameilut. This is the trees to hold up the wedding canopy. The the extent that we are rooted in the house
symbolism behind - , which prominent role that trees play in every of Hashem. For the favorable outcome of
ultimately leads to new beginning is meant to serve as a this judgement, we will merit to blossom
] (e.g., Man[ reminder that every time a person starts in the Chatzrot Elokeinu. As the next
.): something new, in order for it to blossom, verse continues, we further merit:
For this reason, we find trees grow, and succeed, he must remember (
associated with every new beginning in how his avodah relates to the three ):
the history of Am Yisrael. Immediately aspects of the tree; thus encouraging him They will continue to be fruitful in their
after Yetziat Mitzrayim and the splitting of to be serious about Tefillah, Torah, and old age, they will be full of sap and richness.
Yam Suf, the Torah says, Maasim Tovim. May we internalize these lessons and
(... ...
... Every Shabbat we say, live by the pasuk:
.): :) ( .
Those ): (
Hashem showed him [Moshe] a tree planted in the house of Hashem will blossom And he shall be like a tree planted by
and the waters became sweet. in the courtyards of our L-rd. streams of water. n
When the Jewish people enter the Beit Hashem is the Beit Midrash;
Land of Israel the Torah commands them Chatzrot Elokeinu is where one goes after This article was compiled by Rav
to plant trees. he leaves the Beit Midrash. In order for Goldwichts students.
( everything to blossom and be successful
.): in the Chatzrot Elokeinu, one first needs

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Chomer Lidrush


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leading centerVital
its approach
and vibrant
tradition, the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary is the
Western Hemispheres leading center for Torah learning and training for the rabbinate.
The Yeshiva has trained more than 3,000 of the worlds Orthodox rabbis, scholars and teachers. With their rich grounding in the
full spectrum of Yeshiva has trained
our hallowed more
tradition, than 3,000
graduates of the
assume worlds
a broad Orthodox
range rabbis,
of leadership scholars
roles in the and teachers.
community while ensuring the
With their rich grounding
perpetuation of Jewish scholarship. in the full spectrum of our hallowed tradition, graduates assume a broad range
of leadership roles in the community while ensuring the perpetuation of Jewish scholarship.
RIETS is not just a world-class Yeshiva. It is the center of our community. The success of the Yeshiva is evident in communities
around the world. is not just
world-class Yeshiva.
is support It strength
for the is the center of our community.
and preservation The success
of the centrist of the
Orthodox Yeshiva
is evident in communities around the world. Support for RIETS is support for the strength and preservation
of the centrist Orthodox community.
$25,000 Sponsor a RIETS student for a year and create a Yissachar/Zevulun relationship
$25,000 Sponsor a RIETS student for a year and create a Yissachar/Zevulun relationship
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of spiritual a rabbinic intern to a Jewish community and help train the next generation
of spiritual leadership
$10,000 Dedicate in perpetuity a Yahrzeit Day of learning in memory of a loved one at RIETS*
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$7,500 Dedicate an issue of the Benjamin and Rose Berger Torah To-Go distributed to Jewish communities
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across the globe
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$7,200 Underwrite the yearly
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course Campus
to help train the next generation
of JewishBecome
$2,500 leaders a weekly sponsor of the Marcos and Adina Katz, with
$3,600 Dedicatemore thanShabbat
a RIETS 15,000 weekly
on the Wilf Campus
$1,800 Dedicate a shiur for a week of a senior Rosh Yeshiva
$2,500 Become a monthly sponsor of the Marcos and Adina Katz, with
$1,000 Dedicate
more than 15,000 aweekly
day ofvisits
Torah scholarship at RIETS to mark a simcha or yahrzeit

$1,800 $500
DedicateSponsor an aAbraham
a shiur for week of aArbesfeld Kollel
senior Rosh Yom Rishon or Millie Arbesfeld Midreshet
Yom Rishon lecture in memory of a loved one
$1,000 DedicateDedicate
a day of Torah scholarship at RIETS to mark a simcha or yahrzeit
sefarim to the Yeshivas beit midrash
$500 Sponsor an Abraham Arbesfeld Kollel Yom Rishon or Millie Arbesfeld Midreshet
*For a gift Yom Rishon
of $1,000, RIETS lecture in the
will have memory of aKaddish
Mourners loved one
recited for your loved one and will ensure the designated yahrzeit date
will be observed with Kaddish in perpetuity. Kaddish is recited three times daily during the 11 months of mourning, and then annually
on the date of the yahrzeit. Additionally, a designated representative of the Yeshiva will recite the Kel Malai Rachamim prayer on the
appropriate date. Each
*For a gift of $10,000, RIETS year, prior
will ensure thetodesignated
the yahrzeit date, you
yahrzeit willwill
date receive a notice acknowledging
be observed with Kaddish the upcoming observance
in perpetuity. Kaddish isofrecited
the yahrzeit.
the 11 months of mourning, and then annually on the date of the yahrzeit. Each year, prior to the yahrzeit date, you will receive a notice
Forthe upcoming
more observance
information onofmaking
the yahrzeit.
a gift or bequest to RIETS, please call 212.960.0852, email
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Perspectives from the Courtroom

An Interview with Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann 01R 14YY
Menahel, Beth Din of America

Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann is Menahel of the Beth Din of America. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he
was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar. Prior to his association with the Beth Din of America, Rabbi Weissmann worked as an
attorney at several prominent law firms, including Debevoise & Plimpton LLP.

CHAVRUSA: What makes your role CHAVRUSA: How has the training
at Beth Din of America unique from at RIETS impacted your role at the
all other forms of rabbanus that you Beth Din of America?
have encountered?
There was no semicha class that taught
In some ways my role is similar to that me how to administer a contemporary
of a traditional rabbi. People who utilize beit din, but the limud haTorah and psak
our services are often very vulnerable. halacha skills that I acquired from my
Some are entangled in emotionally trying mentors and Roshei Yeshiva at RIETS
disputes, some are getting divorced from are invaluable in the work that I do. The
their spouses, some are facing the horrible values taught and practiced at RIETS
specter of igun. So we try to help them heavily shaped my personal outlook on
through. My job is also to explain halachic many issues.
practices, such as the Get process, or
sometimes even the concept of chalitza. CHAVRUSA: Tell us about the
These notions may be challenging, relationship between the Beth Din
unfamiliar and clash with modern of America and Yeshiva.
The two organizations have deep ties. The
But my role is also unique, because
rabbinic staff of the Beth Din consists Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann
the Beth Din of America is a very unique
entirely of musmachim of RIETSRabbi
organization. In much of the work I do
Gedalia Dov Schwartz 49R, Rabbi
Im wearing my lawyer hat more than members of dinei Torah conducted by the
Michoel Zylberman 10R and myself
my rabbi hat. This is especially true Beth Din, and we have jointly published
along with current Roshei Yeshiva of
in our administration of dinei Torah, The Journal of the Beth Din of America,
RIETS, Rabbi Mordechai Willig 71R
where secular legal questions relating to which features articles on beit din
and Rabbi Yona Reiss 02R. We have
arbitration procedure arise all the time. jurisprudence and reproductions of piskei
a joint program with the Yadin Yadin
Our process must comply with secular din issued by the Beth Din. We maintain
Kollel, which provides opportunities
law in order for our piskei din to be a satellite din Torah room at the Glueck
for shimush and observation by kollel
enforced by the courts. Center, which we use frequently for dinei

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7

Torah. Each year, we hire interns at the CHAVRUSA: In what ways can also the beit din of first resort for many
Beth Din from RIETS. rabbis and mechanchim support people who, for whatever reasons, did not
the communal goals of the Beth sign a prenup and now find themselves in
CHAVRUSA: How does the Beth the position of seeking to arrange a Get
Din resolve todays complicated with a recalcitrant spouse. We send out
issues? One way is by educating people about hazmanot (invitations/summonses) to
the importance of utilizing batei din to appear before the Beth Din and, when
The Beth Din of America conducts its resolve disputes, rather than resorting necessary, we issue seruvin (documents
business by successfully integrating to secular courts. Halacha prohibits of contempt) to signal that an individual
Torah laws and values with contemporary litigation in secular court in most has not complied with his or her halachic
secular knowledge, something closely instances, but resolving disputes through obligations in this realm.
tied to the philosophy of RIETS and rabbinic mediation or arbitration is also
Yeshiva University. When we needed less expensive and more efficient than CHAVRUSA: After working as a
to resolve the 9/11 agunah cases, we court litigation, not to mention the corporate lawyer, what motivated
utilized sophisticated investigative skills, confidentiality benefits. you begin a career in Jewish
including reliance on DNA evidence. communal work?
When we resolve commercial disputes CHAVRUSA: How has the Beth Din
that derive from transactions in the been effective in addressing the I practiced in the area of commercial real
secular marketplace, the dayanim include aguna issue? estate transactions, and I enjoyed the
lawyers and businessmen so that we challenge and stimulation of working
can properly analyze the facts and the The Beth Din is known internationally on interesting deals. But I knew that
commercial customs that often determine for its prenuptial agreement (available avodas hakodesh would represent an
the outcomes of the cases. Mental health at This document, opportunity to do something really
professionals sit on cases that involve which was introduced by Rabbi meaningful on a daily basis. n
child custody determinations and other Mordechai Willig more than 20 years ago,
sensitive psychological issues. has been enormously successful. We are


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C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7
A project of Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future
Lifecycle Events

Mazal Tov Rabbi Neal 83R and Laura Turk

on the birth of a grandson, Yoni,
Recent Publications
Rabbi Hanan 84R and born to Eitan and Nechama Turk.
Barbara Balk on the birth of
Rabbi Netanel 05R and Sara
a granddaughter, to Leora and
Wiederblank on the Bat Mitzvah
Shmuel Lesher.
of their daughter, Leah.
Rabbi Saul 62R and Shellee
Rabbi Robert 81R and
Berman on the marriage of their
Marilyn Zeiger on the birth of
son, Akiva, to Carmela Leah.
a granddaughter, Tamar Zisel, to
Rabbi Michael 11R and Yael Eliezer Menachem and Nadine Echoes of the Holocaust:
Bleicher on the birth of a son, Zeiger. Haggai, Zechariah, and Survivors and their Children
Gavriel Ari. Malachi: Prophecy in an Age and Grandchildren Speak Out
Rabbi Dr. Bernhard
Rabbi Dr. Kenneth 86R and Condolences of Uncertainty
Rabbi Hayyim Angel 95R Rosenberg 74R
Ruchie Brander on the birth of a The Family of Rabbi Dr. Nachum Maggid (January 2017) The Rosenberg Holocaust
grandson, Nadav Yitzchak Tzvi, to Norman Berlat 65R, zl. Haggadah
Yoni and Yehudit Brander, and to Rabbi Dr. Bernhard
great-grandparents, Rabbi Aaron Rabbi Abba Engelberg 68R on Rosenberg 74R
59R and Ellen Brander. the passing of his brother, Pinchas
Yosef Engelberg, zl.
Rabbi Jonathan 14R and Sefi
Hefter on the birth of a son, and Rabbi Neil Fleischmann 92R on
to grandparents, Rabbi Yaakov the passing of his father, Werner
73R and Abby Lerner. Fleischmann, zl.
Rabbi Josh 01R and Aviva Rabbi Daniel Gutenmacher
Friedman on the birth of a son. 80R on the passing of his father, Redemption, Then and Now:
Abraham Gutenmacher, zl. Pesah Haggada with Essays
Rabbi Seth 04R and Leba and Commentary
Grauer on the birth of a son. The family of Rabbi Joshua The (unofficial) Hogwarts
Rabbi Benjamin
Hoffman, zl. Haggadah
Rabbi Aaron 10R and Molly Blech 56R
Rabbi Avraham Kelman 83R Menorah Books (March 2017) Rabbi Moshe
Katz on the birth of a son, Levi
and Mindy (and Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg 84R
Yitzchak. BSD (March 2017)
Norman 51R) Lamm on the
Rabbi Dovid 94R and Bonnie passing of their mother, Jean
Kupchik on the marriage of their Kelman, zl.
daughter, Tova, to Chaim Levitz.
Rabbi Dr. Johnny Krug 78R on
Rabbi Yaakov 15R and Kayla the passing of his father, Walter
Lasson on the birth of a son, and Joseph Krug, zl.
to grandparents, Rabbi Dr. Marc
88R and Jackie Mandel. The family of Rabbi Mayer
Offman 80R, zl.
Rabbi Meyer 78R and The Feedback Fix: Dump the
Shulamith May on the birth of Rabbi Kenneth Paretzky 75R
Past, Embrace the Future,
a granddaughter, Sima Chaya, to and Rabbi Yisrael Meir Paretzky Divrei Sofrim: The
and Lead the Way to Change
Rabbi Yehuda and Nechama May, 79R on the passing of their Transmission of Torah
Rabbi Joe Hirsch 10R
and on the birth of a grandson, mother, Yetta Paretzky, zl. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
SheBAl Peh
Yehuda Aryeh, to Rachaeli and (April 2017) Rabbi Hershel
Rabbi Chaim Pearl 75R and
Shuey Lobl. Schachter 67R
Sharon (and Rabbi Richard Edited by Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman
Rabbi Shmuel 08R and Leah 71R) Auman on the passing of 98R 06YY
their mother, Mrs. Jean Pearl, zl. YU Press (2017)
Segal on the birth of a son, Ahron
Shalom, and to grandparents, The family of Rabbi Myron
Rabbi Gershon (AA) and Tovah Rakowitz 57R, zl.
Sara (and Rabbi Dr. Edward
Rabbi Mordechai Schnaidman 97R) Reichman on the passing
52R on the birth of a great- of her father, Professor Louis
granddaughter, Zeeva Feiga. Feldman, zl. Verapo Yerape, vol. 7
Rabbi Peter
Rabbi Rami 07R and Debbie Rabbi Nahum Spirn 90R on Kahn 13R and Rabbi Dr.
Strosberg on the birth of a son. the passing of his father, Rabbi David Shabtai 09R
Rabbi Avi Narrow-Tilonsky 11R Charles Spirn 51R, zl. (CreateSpace Independent
Hagada Shel Pesach
Publishing Platform, March 2017)
on his marriage to Atara Oren. Rabbi Eli Turkel 69R on the Yismach Av
passing of his wife, Jerri Turkel, zl. Rabbi Eli Baruch Shulman

C H AV R U S A S I VA N 57 7 7


We knew YU was the place our
children could accomplish
everything they wanted in a
fully Jewish environment.

Having attended YU and benefited from its

education and religious culture we felt confident
that it would provide those same opportunities for
our children.

With its balance of Limudei Kodesh and challenging academics, we knew YU would provide our children
with the preparation needed for their careers as professionals, as well as reinforce the religious ideals
that they will take with them in all that they do. The same values that permeated the walls of YU when we
attended 35 years ago are the very values that we chose to inculcate in our children. Today, our daughter
is a sophomore at Yeshiva University. We are thrilled with the education she is receiving and her growth in
Torah. She couldnt be happier.

Michele & Jody Bardash, YU Parents

Yeshiva Universitys commitment to ensuring that all students can enjoy an uplifting
Torah education and a fulfilling college experience includes distributing $42 million in
scholarships and financial assistance, benefiting 80% of students. Unlike most
universities, YUs financial aid office considers parents obligations to pay yeshiva tuition
for siblings.