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Web Based and System Based Application for 48.

Brgy Residents Information System

Capstone Projects 49. Automated Business Permit Issuance System
1. Student Information System 50. Lan-based Computer Games for Fisheries
2. Payroll System 51. Android Based Menu Ordering App Android
3. Entrance Examination 52. Computer Laboratory Time Management System
4. Faculty Information System 53. Picture Guessing Game
5. Polling System 54. Tellers Queuing System using Barcode Technology
6. Medical and Laboratory Record Keeping System 55. Android Based Student Handbook
7. Library System 56. First-aid App for Android
8. Cashiering and Queuing System 57. Ecommerce site
9. Student Account and Cashiering System
10. DTR (Daily Time Record) System
11. DTR (Daily Time Record) System with Biometrics
12. School Management System (Enrollment, Registrar,
Cashiering, Student Information Module)
13. PE Tools Management System
14. POS and Inventory System
15. Hotel and Reservation System
16. Dictionary Program
17. Computer Assisted Instruction (any topic/subject)
18. Science Games
19. Math Games
20. Water Billing System
21. Enrollment System
22. Loaning System
23. Rice Sales and Inventory System
24. High School Grade Recording System (Form 138 &
Form 137)
25. Class Scheduling System
26. Registrar System
27. Interactive Spelling Game
28. Voting System
29. Voting System with Mobile Application
30. Evaluation System (Faculty & Staff)
31. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
32. Student Profiling in Guidance Office
33. Student Assessment System
34. Online Alumni Information System
35. Classroom Management System
36. Examination Scheduler
37. IGP Billing System
38. Grading System
39. Social Networking System
40. General Service Office Automated Inventory System
41. Fish Information System
42. Patient Record System with Decision Support
43. Library and Computer Time Usage System
44. Parish Record Keeping System
45. Employee Ranking System
46. Educational Android Quiz game for Computer
47. Attendance System using Barcode Technology
Web Based and Online Application for Capstone 49. Web Based Bus Ticket Application
Projects 50. File Management System
1. Web Based Human Resource Integrated System 51. Attendance System
2. Lending System 52. Computerized Electricity Billing and Payment System
3. Web Based Classroom Management System 53. Online Ticket Booking Portal
4. Web Based School Management System 54. Contact Manager Application
5. Online Records Management System 55. Online Dental Clinic Automation
6. Web Based Car Rental Application 56. Web Based Hospital Management System
7. Office Supply Inventory System 57. Online Library Management System
8. Employee Clock Attendance System 58. Web Based Visitor Log Monitoring System
9. Attendance Management System 59. Online Customer Complaints Application
10. Car Wash Booking Application 60. Web Based Hostel Management System
11. Web Based Attendance Tracking System 61. Online Student Information System
12. OLX Like Application in PHP and MySQL 62. Web Based Baptismal Information System
13. PHP and MySQL Ordering System 63. Online Grading and Student Information System
14. Online Video Rental Application with Android Support 64. Health Insurance Information System
15. Scholars Information Management System 65. Web Based Diary Management System
16. Online Public Access Cataloguing 66. Online Product Management System
17. Web Base Feedback and Comments System 67. School Management System
18. Online Discussion Application 68. Patient Medical Record Keeping System
19. Hotel Reservation and Billing 69. Online Courseware Management System
20. Web Base Point of Sale (POS) System 70. Web Based Thesis Archiving System
21. News Portal Application
22. Online Grading System with Grade Inquiry for
23. Web Based Enrollment Management and Billing
24. Online Crime Reporting System
25. Alumni Information System
26. Web Based Tabulation System
27. Web Based Payroll System
28. PHP and MySQL Auction System
29. Music Library Application
30. Web Based Voting System
31. Web Based Hospital Management System
32. Dormitory Management System
33. Prison Management Information System
34. Web Based Entrance Examination Project
35. Web Based Class Scheduling System
36. Inventory Management System
37. Facebook Like Social Networking Website
38. Web Based Loan Management System
39. Online Real Estate System (buy and sell property)
40. Web Based Water Billing Application
41. Web Based Assessment of School Fees
42. Web Based Computer Aided Instruction
43. Online Appointment Application
44. Web Based Transcript Processing System
45. Online Shopping Cart Application
46. Event Registration Application
47. Online ELearning System
48. Online Science eLearning System
Android/Mobile List of Capstone Projects 35. Mobile Based Mangrove Field Guide
36. Interactive spelling game in Android
1. Android Based ELearning for Computer Fundamentals 37. Kolour: Psychology of Colors
2. Mobile Student Handbook 38. Mobile Based Nursery Rhymes Collection
3. Psychology App for Android 39. Android App Health Tips
4. Android Based Board Exam Reviewer for Agriculture 40. Memory Game in Android
5. Android Based Board Exam Reviewer for Criminology 41. Mobile Based News Reader
6. Dialect to Tagalog to English Dictionary App 42. Dieta: Android Based Diet Tips
7. Mobile First-Aid App 43. Picture Guessing Game in Android
8. Android Based Entrance Examination with SMS 44. Medical Terminology Dictionary App
Support 45. Animal Sounds Android App
9. Android Based Math Game for Grade 1 46. Drag n Drop Game in Android
10. MusikMoTo: Mobile mp3 player 47. Android Based Assessment of Fees Inquiry
11. Notes Manager App 48. Web and Android Based Crime Reporting System
12. Mobile Based Grade Inquiry App 49. jQuery Mobile Offline Tutorial
13. Web and Android Hotel Reservation App 50. HugisMobile: Android Based Shape Learning App
14. Android Based Fitness and Exercise App 51. Android Science ELearning App
15. FishDroid: Android Based Fish Information App 52. Mobile Based Veterinary Clinic and Pet Shop
16. Web and Mobile Medicine Information System Management System
17. Android Based Trivia Application 53. iMaje: Photo Collection of Wedding Events
18. Tourism App: Mobile Based Tourist Destination 54. MusicDroid: Android Based Music Guessing App
Information 55. iNetTutor Offline: Android Based Programming
19. RememberDPix: Android based Memory quiz game. Tutorials
20. CookDroid: Android Based Cooking Tips and Recipes 56. Android Based Baby Lullaby Songs
21. Web and Mobile Survey Application 57. LET Reviewer with Quiz Application
22. Music for Kids Android App 58. FiestaMobile: Mobile Based Fiesta Celebration
23. Android Based Faculty Evaluation System Information in the Philippines
24. Mobile Learning for Beauty Care K12 Subject 59. RiddleApp: Bugtong-bugtong Android Application
25. Mobile Based Meeting Notification System 60. Mobile Based Computer Dictionary
26. TrabahoFinder: Mobile and Web Application for Job 61. School Mobile Portal
Searching and Posting 62. Filipino Collection of Bedtime Stories
27. KasalMo: Android Based Wedding Planner 63. Tongue Twister Compilation App
Application 64. Android Based Pageant Tabulation App
28. MobileDocDroid: Android Based Patients Information 65. Letra: Alphabet Learning App
Management System with Doctors Prescription 66. Pickup Lines Archive Collection
29. Android Based Menu Ordering App 67. Estorya: Android Based Collection of Childrens Story
30. Mobile Based Electricity Bill Inquiry 68. Mobile Based Transcript of Records Request
31. Android Based ELearning App Processing System
32. Java Tutorial Offline
33. Faculty and Staff Mobile Based Evaluation System
34. Civil Service Exam Reviewer App