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Hello! My name -------- Peter. I -------- seven years old. I -------- a student. I --------
Hello! My name --------
Peter. I -------- seven
years old. I -------- a
student. I -------- brown
eyes and brown hair. I
--------- a red cap. My
-------- blue.
I -------- white
sneakers. My t-shirt
-------- red and
white. I --------
good at sports. My
favorite sport
------ baseball. I---
-- a good
Hi, I ------- Sebastian. I
------- from Madrid. I
------- ten years old. I
------- red hair and green
eyes. I -------- glasses. I
-------- a green jumper
and brown trousers. My
shoes ------ white. I
Hi, I ------ Helena. I
-----sixteen and I ------
from Russia. I ------ brown
hair and blue eyes. I ------
yellow t-shirt and a pink
skirt. I ------ a tennis
player. I ------ a
very successful
interested in
observing the
nature. I ------
good at science.
There ------ a
ladybird on my
player. I ------ a
new racket. I
------ also
interested in arts.
I ------ good at
drawing. But I
bad at
Hello, my name ---- Tina. I
------ from England and I
------ a student. I ------
twelve years old. I ------ a
big family. I -------- long
red hair and dark green
eyes. I ------- a long dress
and a big hat. My shoes
------ pink. I
Hello, I ----- Sarah. I ----
from Germany. My family
------ in Berlin but I
-----a student in London. I
--------- brown hair and
light brown eyes. My t-shirt
-----purple. I ----------
green trousers and white
a necklace. I
------ good at
designing clothes.
I ------ interested
in fashion.
I ------ good at
sports. I ------
lots of friends.
They ------ so
lovely. I ------
interested in
Hi, I ------ Martin. I
-----from Brazil and I
------ ten years old. I
--------- brown hair and
black eyes. My trousers
------ blue and I
---------- white shoes. My
t-shirt -------- red. It
------ new. I ------good
at spelling. I ------
a bookworm. My
favorite activity
------ reading.
Detective stories
------ exciting
and interesting.
Hi! My name ------ Melek. I
------ from Turkey. I
------ eleven years old. I
---------- curly red hair
and green eyes. My t-shirt
------ purple. I ------
interested in cooking. I
----good at making salads.
My favorite food
------ Kebab. My
father ------
a cook and my
dream ------
to be a cook. It
------ so funny.
Hello. My name ------ Sue.
I ------ from the USA. I
----- ten years old. I
-----a student. I
----------- long red hair
and brown eyes. I
---------- glasses. My t-
shirt ------ pink. I ------
interested in puzzles.
I ------ also good
at solving problems.
My favorite school
subject -------
mathematics. It
to solve the puzzles.
Hi, I ------ Serkan. I
-----from Turkey. I ------
six years old. I --------- a
big and lovely family. I
-------- red hair and green
eyes. My t-shirt ------ red. I
---------- blue trousers
and white sneakers. My
favorite activity ------
playing with my
friends. My best
friend ------
Sevim. She ------
very clever. We
------ good friends.