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ACTIVITY ONE Warm up Discussion
1. Check the photos in the Students book page one hundred one (101) discuss about
them and then answer the questions below in order to share your opinions.
a. What kind of traveller are you?
b. Do you enjoy doing any of these activities when you travel?
c. What is your dream trip?

ACTIVITY TWO Vocabulary Comprehension

2. Check the word bank in your Students book page one hundred two (102), number
the pictures, then classify them under the corresponding column. Helping with your
dictionary complete the information.
Kayaking A tent Hiking A hotel By plane
On foot A cabin By canoe Sightseeing
A campsite A bicycle trip A bus tour
A cruise

Activities Accommodations Transportation Types of Trips

Word Meaning Word Meaning Word Meaning Word Meaning
sightseein a tent by plane a bicycle
g trip
kayaking a by canoe a bus tour
hiking a hotel on foot a cruise
a cabin

ACTIVITY THREE Applying Vocabulary

3. Read the travel vocabulary and match it with the correct English definition.
a) Cabin 1) a holiday journey by boat
b) Cruise 2) a small rural house made of wood
c) Hiking 3) a form of running at a slow pace or rhythm
d) Jogging 4) an outdoor activity consisting of taking a walk in a mountain
e) Kayaking 5) places of interest because they have interesting physical characteristics or
historical importance
f) Landmarks 6) an outdoor activity that uses a boat and paddles
g) Landscape 7) road in dirt or stone used for traveling or walking in nature
h) Trails 8) an area of land with specific geographical characteristics
i) Tent 9) a person who travels frequently
j) Traveller 10) a portable shelter
k) Campsite 11) going about to look at places of interest
l) Sightseeing 12) a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent
Key answers:
1. a5, b6, c7, d8, e9, f10, g11, h12, i1, j2, k3, l4.
2. a4, b5, c6, d7, e8, f9, g10, h11, i12, j1, k2, l3.
3. a3, b4, c5, d6, e7, f8, g9, h10, i11, j12, k1, l2.
4. a2, b1, c4, d3, e6, f5, g8, h7, i10, j9, k12, l11.
5. a1, b2, c3, d4, e5, f6, g7, h8, i9, j10, k11, l12.

ACTIVITY FOUR Communication: Free Production

4. Listen to and complete the exercise in your students book, and then write your own
paragraph about any travel experience that you have had. Remember to use no less
than thirty (30) words.
My advice about travel:
I am leaving tomorrow and I still have not packed my suitcases. It is not too much problem
for me because I always get great deals on hotels because my friend is a travel agent. For
example: A package tour/holiday is one that includes air, hotel, and often food, and also
arranging accommodations means arranging a place to stay (like a hotel, guesthouse, etc.)
but my friend gets for me a bed and breakfast in a private home that takes in guests. Of
course, it is often very expensive to travel during peak season. Another important thing is
try to pay attention to travel agents conversations, because they often ask you whether or
Ecuadorian English book / Grammar in use archive
not you would like to buy travellers insurance. The reason is that a connecting flight requires
a passenger to change from one plane to another, or if you lose something at an airport, you
should check at the airport's lost-and-found office and you can claim.

Ecuadorian English book / Grammar in use archive