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Centralian Middle School

Rebecca Stephens Lesson Plan: Maths

Matthew Stephens s243159

Teacher: Rebecca Stephens Class: 7.4
Subject: Maths- Geomertry Session/Time:
Date: Venue:

Australian Curriculum outcome Elaboration

Students will be able to assess parallel and adjacent lines both within
Identify corresponding, alternate
geometric shapes and the world around them.
and co-interior angles when two
straight lines are crossed by a
Students will be able to identify through various activities the F, Z & C
transversal (ACMMG163)
rules regarding corresponding, alternate and co-interior angles.

Number of Girls: Number of Boys: Group Total: 43

Grouping Set 4 of 4 Middle ability range
EAL/D EAP ITS Seating Plan: In Place

Learning and Academic Context

Learning: Students are from middle class

families & some dysfunctional families.
Boys are particularly prone to off task

Academic: Mega class consists of a total

of 43 students with 12 students having
sporadic attendance. Classes happen four
times a week.

Support: Teaching Assistant : None

Success Criteria (What I am Looking For):
Learning Objectives (What We Are Learning Today)
Students can identify parallel lines within
All Students: Can Identify F, Z & C angles geometric figures

Most Students: Will be able to complete assessment Students can identify F, Z & C angle rules
task with limited assistance.
Students can use learned knowledge to
A few students: Can explain F, Z & C angle rules complete a range of assessment tasks.

Matthew Stephens s243159

Time Activity Resources
Play Revision Activity, divide students into groups. The groups
that they will be in will be the groups they will remain in
10m throughout the next two weeks Quiz
o Complementary & Supplementary Angles
o Types of Lines

Directed Learning
Develop their understanding of F, C & Z Rules.
10m Slide Show
Board Works Slide Show

Independent Learning
Have students work through problems in the Science World
5m Print Out Work Sheet
Text Book- 8.4 (1)
Work through the Answers with them.
Directed Learning
Have students work through problems on Match the Angle
15m Work Sheet Print Out Work Sheet
Work through answers with them

Have students summarise the definitions of Parallel, Adjacent
& Perpendicular.

Matthew Stephens s243159