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3rd Semester B.E.

Second Internal Assessment Test Aug/Sep -2013

Sub. Title : Electromagnetic Theory Date : 03.09.2013
Sub. Code : EE 2202 Branch : EEE
Time : 1 hour 40 minutes Max. Marks : 50

Answer all questions

Part A (5 x 2 = 10)

1. State Coulombs law.

2. Differentiate Electric potential from potential difference.
3. Define Electric dipole and dipole moment.
4. What is Lorentz law of force?
5. A long straight wire carries a current I=1A. At what distance is the magnetic field
H=1 A/m.

PART-B (2X16=32). (1X8=8)= 40 MARKS

6. (a)Derive the boundary conditions at the charge interface of two dielectric media (16)
7. (a) Derive an expression for electric field intensity E due to an uniformly charged
infinitely long straight line with constant charge density in c/m. (10)
(b) A line charge of 20nc/m is located at x=2m and y= - 4m. Calculate the field E at
(-2,-1, 4) m. (6)
8. (a) Derive Poissons and Laplaces equation. (8)
(b) Determine H for a solid cylindrical conductor of radius a with uniform current
density. (8)
9. (a) Derive an expression for energy density in electrostatic fields (8)
(b) A circular loop located at x2+y2=9, z=0 carries a direct current of 10 A along a

Determine H at (0,0,4) and (0,0,-4). (8)

10. Obtain an expression for the magnetic field intensity H due to finite length current
carrying conductor. (8)
11. State and explain
a. Biot- Savart law (6)
b. Amperes circuital law (2)