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DOTD: dispose of Those Drugs

A Gold Award Project By Mehana Daftary

The Gold Award

Girl Scout for 10 years

Completed service projects

Working on Gold Award

Who has unused/expired medication at home?

Who has flushed medication down the toilet?

Big Concept
Improper disposal of
drugs leads to the
potential for
environmental pollution
drug abuse.
Project Goals

Educate the community

about why drug disposal
is an important issue

Direct the community to

places where they can
safely dispose of their
own household drugs
My interest
Worked in a laboratory

Used dangerous chemicals;

generated a lot of chemical

Where does the waste go?

Laboratories have specific

waste disposal procedures

What about our medicine

cabinets at home?
Medicines improperly disposed

Disposal via sewage system or trash is not ideal

Both can harm local ecosystems

Disposal via trash drug abuse

Local mechanisms available in our community

Why drug disposal?
Drug abuse is an epidemic that aects our community
and others around the nation

Drug abuse and environmental pollution are issues we

can help reduce and solve
1 in 5 high school students have taken
medicine for a non-medical reason (without
a current prescription).
Local Issue
62percent increase in overdose deaths from 2015 to

Drug Intoxication Deaths from 2007-2014 in Maryland

Abuse of prescription narcotics (e.g.,
Vicodin, OxyContin) can lead to heroin
use. 39% of heroin users said they were
addicted to prescription painkillers before
starting to use heroin.
Over half of teens abusing medicines get
them from a family member or friend, often
without their knowledge.
Environmental Impact
Medicines flushed

pass through water treatment

enter water supply

Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) in
aquatic environments

Stimulates bacterial growth

Inhibits aquatic plant growth

Proper Drug Disposal
is Important.
Table Activity
Sort the items into the correct categories
Thank you:
My wonderful audience,
guest speakers, and
family and friends for their support.
Now it is time for lunch!