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Maintenance and repair 1

1.Power End 2

1Structure 2

2 Mechanical principle 2

3Technical parameters 2

4 Announcements 2

5Maintenance 3

2. Fluid end 3

Use of Adhesives 3

Maintenance of Packing and valve assembly 4

Maintenance of valve 8

3. Spare parts and tools 12

Preventive maintenance program 13

1.Daily 13

2.Every 50 Hours 14

Difficult problems solution 14

Storage and transportation 15

Unpacking and inspection 15

Company information and Pump assembly diagram 16

1Power End
This power end is constituted by the Gear Box, crank shaft, gear shaft, slipper,
connecting rod assembly, pin shaft ,compulsory Lubrication parts and other major
Body is box structure, made from high strength cast iron. Dustproof and
waterproof have been fully considered, On the case there is a vent cap, in order to
balance the air pressure inside and outside, screw down the vent cap ,there will be a
oil hole, Drive part installed in the cabinet, gear shaft and shaft assembly of
herringbone gear meshing, smooth transmission, low noise, Three sets of crankshaft
connecting rod mechanism drive the crosshead intermediate rod connection between
the plunger and doing reciprocating motion, drive end Lubricated by forced, the high
speed gear shaft drive oil pump to supply oil, bearing bush, bearings, rod pin Shaft,
crosshead guide, the kinematic pair lubrication fully, to reduce wear and prolong
service life.

Gear shaft driven by a motor and mesh with herringbone gear which is install
on the crankshaft, Transfer the torque to the crankshaft. Crankshaft drive connecting
rod , crosshead, middle rod assembly, change the rotary motion to be linear
reciprocating motion, then finish complete condition requirements.

Input shaft revolutions 1 480 rmin
Output shaft revolutions 366 rmln
Input power 200 kW

Before operating the pump, please read the instruction for use, it contains the
installation and use and safety
If operator don't follow the instruction to use, then plunger pump damage, the
company shall not be liable for any
Please in strict accordance with the instructions from the content of the
installation, maintenance and use
It is strictly prohibited to start the pump when no operator at the construction
When the pump working, operator cant close to the moving parts , also cant
remove any parts
Inside the gear box, lubricating oil should be prescribed brand and quantity to
It is strictly prohibited to use new and old oil combination and different type oil
mixed, Lest reduce the performance of the lubricating oil
When the plunger pump oil is too low and pump has abnormal noise it should be
timely stop to check
When the environment temperature is lower than the 0, the pump should be
empty load operation for a period of time first ,Increase the pressure after the oil
temperature rise
Before you Start the pump , check the pump connecting rod is connected firm
After Start pump first inching to check is the pump rotation is correctly, it must
be consistent with the direction sign
When the pump is running, check if the oil pressure is normal or not
When the pump is running , the temperature of the lubricating oil must not to be
more than 78 , both sides of the bearing parts temperature is not more than fifty
Pump in the stop before, should gradually reduce the pressure of work, in the
empty load condition parking

Pump first running after fifty hours must be replaced the lubricating oil, Future
time replaced every 200 hours
Lubricating oil choose the vehicle gear oil 15 and a grade of 85 w / 90 GL4.5 ~
15 . Diesel engine oil :wz30cd
Lubricating oil must from oil hole injection (unload vent cap is the oil hole), oil
injection is about 18Liters
Before add Lubrication oil , it must go through 0.150mm filter, injection after
filter . To prevent debris into the crankcase body.
At any time to observe pump operation condition. Oil pressure remain in about
5Mpa. Lubrication system, filter should always clean screen pack, if the screen
damage must be replaced new filter.
Replace the lubrication when the oil is warm ,take away the dirty oil ,cleaning the
gear box before put in the clear oil
Keep an eye on each part of the pump joints connecting rod bolt status, to prevent

2. Fluid end
Safety Note
1)During preparation process to ensure the electric power supply is in the closed
position before start the pump
2The pump is Ban to start when there is no supervisor stand by.
3) Pump not allowed to running over rate Max pressure
4) When operating pump there should be a pressure gauge
5) Fluid end should have two safety device
6)Dont install any valve between liquid outlet and safety valve(device).
The use steps of adhesive
Adhesive used for fixed hydraulic end some parts. The following is the manual before
use about adhesive preparation and use of steps, for adhesive for, stainless steel can be
considered as a kind of inert material. Stick before using, parts must be clean, it is
recommended to use detergent
1Preparing work before using ---cleaning
a. Paint detergent on the necessary parts
b Use a clean cloth to wipe cleanly before it comes to be dry, and clean the
pollutants in the hole by compressed air
c.or the next step before operation to ensure that all of the detergent has been
volatile, avoid dissolvent vestigital
2preparing work before Bonding ---painting
a . Ensure parts have been cleaned.
b. Put parts In the open air , daub adhesive on the touch contact place
c. After Solvent volatilization, ensure the surface is completely dry before next
d. As soon as possible to install and prevent the secondary pollution

a. finish above steps, and then bonding
b. Drop a few binding agent on the connection part
c. Install immediately
d .Cleaning the left binding agent

Remove after heating

Maintenance of packing box and valve assembly

Note: this unit use tungsten carbide plunger. The material of the plunger is much
harder and a little crisp than other plunger. The plunger cannot afford local
(heterogeneous) load and impact load. So,use it carefully
Note: before loosen packing box, please Loosen the plunger and the middle pole
First . If you don't do it like this, Plunger will have bending stress, may lead to
plunger fracture.

1) Stretch out middle lever to make plunger inset packing box completely , loosen
plunger and intermediate billot connection
2) Use socket wrench unscrewing the four bolts of the stuffing box which need to
3) Screw down the top two bolt (E), and then put it aside. Remove method is very
simple, just use a special Wrench locks bolt and then turn on a few ring That's it
4) Loosen the two bottom bolt (E 1), but don't let them out of packing box fully
exit 1 l / 2"To 2 "distance, make the packing box (c) and the pressure plate (D) slide
toward the power end direction.
5) One hand holding the bottom two bolt (E1), the other hand holding tightly
handle of packing box, sliding to power end , until the bolt head touch with pump
head . Then there will have space to take out valve assembly (B) and packing box (c) .
6) Take out valve assembly (B), so that there have space to take out packing box
Note: there are three O ring (one in packing box, two in the pump head) in the
valve assembly Sometimes, 0 ring may loose, when you take out the valve
assembly please make sure it won't damage .
7) One hand hold the handle of packing box , another hand control plunger
backend (S) through out binder plate (D),and take away packing box (C).
Note: don't let the spring pressing sleeve slide out (K)
Note: the ring gasket (0 - 1) should take out with packing assembly together.
Remove packing and plunger
Put the packing assembly on a flat surface,take out plunger (s) and ring gasket (0, 1)
1) From backend of the packing box
2) Take out spring pressing sleeve (K) and spring (L)from front (see P 4)

3) Use a plastic rod stroke surface of sealing and take out seal (N), baffle ring (0)
and sealing set (M). gently(see chart 5)
install the new packing and plunger
1) Clean inner packing box With a soft cloth packing box stand up.
Thoroughly clean all internal parts and components, and coated with a thin layer of
vegetable oil or similar products (non-oil products). Baffle ring (0) and seal (N) Need
Note: remember to replace a complete sets of sealing ring (N) and baffle ring (0)
Note: in general, sealing set (M), spring (L) and spring pressing sleeve (K)
normally do not belong to wearing parts,
Can be reused.
2) Put new baffle ring (O) into the packing box, cross face toward the packing
box's backend. (see P 6)
3) Put In the new sealing ring (N) and sealing set (M). push down With plastic
rod. (see chart 7)

3) Put spring (L) and spring pressing sleeve (K) in packing box. (see figure 8)
note: spring pressing sleeve will protrude from packing box

4) Check the surface of the plunger (S), see if there is much scratch or point, if
necessary change it.
Daub a layer of thin oil (non-oil) on the surface of the plunger
Set The ring gasket (0-1) around the plunger (S).
5) When spring pressing sleeve (K) install in packing box (C),put the rabbet side
down and on a clean surface. own weight of Packing box can compress the
pressure set and compression spring, packing box should be horizontal position
on the surface. (see figure 9)
10) Cross the baffle ring (0), put the plunger into packing box (S). Allow plunger
bulge 2 "to 3" out of the packing box surface (see chart 1)


Maintenance valve assembly

1) Take out the O ring (P, Q, R) from valve body
2) Clamp two plane(G) in front of drainage spool tightly with bench vice (See

aUse thread locking agent on the locknut

3)Take off the locknut and put it aside

3) take out The drainage valve core from the body drainage hole (See p 13)
5)Check into turn liquid valve and valve seat surface. If there is a scratch, it must
regrinding again, until can't see any scratch

6) Check if the drain valve core guide surface have signs of wear.
7) To see if it is wearing Through the drain valve core (G) of the guide surface by
checking the valve plate (H) and valve body (F) inner hole
1)The drain valve core (G) vertical placed in pliers, clamping two bulge plane
of valve core . daub valve seat surfaceand drain valve seat surface with grinding
paste (220 coarse sand and fine sand grinding). (see figure 15)

2)Put the valve body on the guide surface of drainage valve core install the inlet
valve and sealing surface with valve body then they contact together
3) Use finger to press inlet valve and rotating back and forth, until the two
contact surfaces are present "grey", and can't see any Trace
4) Cleaning up all paste on the parts surface

1) Clean and keep all parts dry
2) Clamp The drainage spool (G) with forceps and then put on the valve body
(F) and intake valve plate (H) (See P15)
3) Cleaning and daub lock nut (J) and drainage spool (G) of the thread.
4) use thread adhesive In the lock nut (J) of the internal thread and drainage
spool (G) of the outside thread . (see
"Maintenance - adhesive use step - etc)
5) The spring (I) installed in the intake valve
6) Immediately lock nut (J) screw to drainage spool (G), then use pliers and

7) Immediately wipe off excess adhesive parts, if possible, it's better to use
compressed air to clean up hole on the drainage spool

O ring
1) Check the O ring (Q, R, P) to see if there is a crack or wear, if it is necessary
change it.
2) Put O ring (Q, R, P) into the corresponding of the valve body

Install Packing box and valve assembly

1) Daub the four connecting bolt thread and the bolt head with release agent.
Note: Thinking with a security point of view, must use the specified torque to ensure
the bolt have suitable preloading
2) one hand hold spring clamp (K), to prevent it slipped out from packing box
(C), another hand holding a packing box
, make the plunger back through the packing box (D), put them in packing box and
Make back of packing box locate with rabbet of linking piece . (see P19)

3) Rotating drain valve (I) and intake valve (H), make sure that they can free
rotation (because excess adhesive can make These parts "stick" together).
4) Ensure that 0 ring (Q, R, P) installed in the valve assembly (B) at the right
5) Make the valve assembly locate with pump head ,take care, don't let the
valve assembly tilt.
note: if the valve assembly is ok, valves can free rotation in the pump head
6) Install Valve assembly well, one hand holding the position of the
cylindrical body, another hand on back of packing box(D), and then Push toward the
pump head direction, seize the valve spool, to ensure the valve spool at the right
Position betwee pump head and packing box
Note: when Packing box(c) touch with valve assembly (B) , make sure the rabbet of
packing box and valve assembly's corresponding bulge part can just anastomosis.
7) Ensure that the four connecting bolt thread place and bolt head below are
already use release agent for lubrication processed.
8) Holding the Packing box (D), the top two root bolt screw into the pressure
plate until bolt head contact to pump head ,Fixed the packing box and valve assembly
in position.

9) Screw bottom two root bolt into the pressure plate until the bolt head touch the
pump head , slowly adjusting screw up the four pillars bolt,to ensure the packing box
and valve assembly in a straight line.
10) In order to make the connecting bolt and pump head keep complete touch,
valve assembly and packing box fixed in the right position, and must to screw the four
root bolt crossed, First to twist evenly fifty feet/one pound force respectively, and use
500 feet one pound of force to binding finally
Note: connection bolt (E, E 1) must use the right force 500 feet a pound to screw,
screw and bolt head must use Release agent or other appropriate bolt lubricant treated.
If not, there might be a dangerous situation.


3Spare parts and tools

1) For convenience of user's maintenance requirements, pump provide Spare parts
2) All wear parts and assembly place, please refer to the instruction related sections
3) WHY200 type high pressure pump spare parts and tools see list of spare parts and
tool list

Suggested preventive and maintenance measures

1 Daily
4) Pump running under no-load conditio adjust plunger cooling water
5) Pump running, check the hose and joint if there is leakage, if any, immediately
stop, tighten the leakage place.
6) Pump running, check the sealing filler if there is too much leakage. If it is, it
must be replaced.
7) Pump running, check the cooling plunger flow , to ensure that every plunger
has the same flow.
8) When Pump running, observation output pressure, it should not be more than
rate pressuire. ifPressure is too high, change the nozzle size or adjust pump speed to
reduce pressure

2. Every fifty hours

1) Check the packing box connecting bolt and pump head with power end
connection bolt's torque.
Note: if tear down any single bolt, then install again as before, must be in the thread
and the bolt head with lubricant, to ensure it could use appropriate torque to tighten
the bolt.

Common failure problem and solution

1. Symptoms and possible causes
Symptoms Possible causes
Pump running power side has abnormal noise water come into Crankcase
Pump running power side has abnormal noise
Connecting rod failure, bearing wear
Power end temperature rise too high water come into Crankcase
the transmission vice is damaged
Lubricating oil not right
Pump drive end middle lever ,oil leakage Oil level is too high
Skeleton oil seal damage and aging
Pressure gauge display abnormal fluctuations Valve or spring is broken
Pump seal packing or valve serious wear and
Spool has impurity
pump lacking water
Hydraulic end has too much noise Intake valve closed
water inlet end or filter plugging
water inlet fluid end gas leakage
Valve or spring broken or spring don't fit
Packing or valve serious wear and tear
Packing box have crack
In the crankcase, oil shortage
spool has impurity
Plunger maybe loose
Open drain valve, no pressure water inlet end or filter plugging
water inlet fluid end gas leakage
Intake valve closed
Packing or valve serious wear and tear
Packing box have crack
spool has impurity
Close drain valve pressure has not risen Intake valve closed
water inlet end or filter plugging
water inlet fluid end gas leakage
spool has impurity

Transport and Storage

l.Plump structure is very compact, pump has hand ring and easy to hoisting , be
careful to move the pump and prevent injury
2 Plunger pump continuous store three months, should storage as the following
a) Move Pump coupling several turns, make diesel oil evenly attached in every
working surface.
bTake away diesel oil in the crankcase ,and water in the pipe system
c) Clean dirt oil dust and rust,painting on all service
d) Add Tube plugging inlet, drain and overflow water sealed to prevent the foreign
body in it.
e) After mothball pump should be put in ventilated, dry and clean place, near
around shall be no corrosive gas. If you have to put it outdoor, you'd better use plastic
film to cover machine , and moved to high or heating water.
f) At the same time The pump should be has accumulated time of use, technical
conditions and records.

Unpacking and inspection

The new pump is after packaging, please carefully acceptance before using it.
First wipe the dust and rust Oil of exposed part , check the machine's accessaries is
complete, each connection department is fastening, the can be installed.
Note: for transport security needs, crankcase oil has been taken away. Therefore,
users need to add oil before start the pump according to the requirements . Attention
please execute this manual item 6 .Any other technical problems please contact us!

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WHY50-110 crankcase component

1 Gear Box 10 High speed shaft
2 Crank axle 11 Outside circlips
3 Crank axle BearingA 12 Internal circlips
4 Crankshaft limit pieceR 13 Framework oil seal
5 End capR 14 Slider group
6 Crankshaft limit piece (L) 15 connecting rod bushing
7 End capL 16 Internal circlips
8 back shroud 17 Connecting rod pin
9 High speed bearing 18 Bush
19 Connecting rod 40 Valve plate
20 Plunger bottom seat 41 Main valve seat
21 locknut 42 O ring
22 Plunger 43 O ring
23 Seal seat circlips 44 valve core -
24 Water seal 45 High pressure integrated package
25 Water seal seat 46 Support Box
26 O ring 47 Strengthen big bolt
27 Manifold block 48 Gasket
28 hold-down ring 49 Nut
29 Copper bush Guider 50 Strengthen bolt(M))
30 Lubrication ring 51
31 Isolation sheet copper 52
32 Plunger sealing group 53
33 Support copper bush 54
34 Plunger spring 55
35 Plunger copper bush 56
36 high pressure cylinder 57
37 O-ring 58
38 Spring sear 59
39 spring 60