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England project notes

in England, they speak English which lead to us speaking English
as well.
But English is very different in England like how they call
Garbage=Rubbish, trunk of a car=Bonnet etc.
English has been around England since 5th-7th centuries

England are full of Christian, Methodism, and Baptists.
England was originally Catholicism but then later new England led
Christians splitting into Catholics and protestants
People believed that the holey bible gave the proper teachings on
how to take care of a child.
Familys where a huge part of many communitys.
If an induvial was not married they would be living in a sin.
National Flag:
England technically has two flags the one of them is the Union
Jack (As shown here)

Which has three different flags that are the Scottish flag, Northern
Ireland Flag and last one is the real England flag.
The Cross of Saint George is the main flag for England

The flag was adopted in 1191 in honor of saint George.

Theres a lot more food/drinks in England besides tea.
For breakfast the most popular thing is an English Breakfast
which is bacon, fried tomatoes, fried bread, fried mushrooms,
eggs, sausages, and black pudding.
And another famous one is fish and chips (fries) with mushy
peas .
National anthem:
The national anthem of England is called God Save the Queen
The composer and date of the song is not known but all we know
is that the lyrics first appeared in a magazine called The
Gentlemans Magazine in 1745 and since then the lyrics have
lasted ever since.
Capital Cities:
The capital city of England is London England.
Another famous city also the 11th oldest city in England is York.
London is the 8th oldest city as some of the buildings date back to
the 800s.
London has many great things to see such as the tower of
London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and many many more.