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5 (b) Salt and fine sand are mixed physically and can be separated using physical

method.Salt is soluble in water while fine sand is insoluble in water.The insoluble sand will
settle on the filter paper while the soluble salt can be obtained by evaporating the salt
5 c) Expose the sea water to sunlight to evaporate the sea water to obtain the salt.

6 b) Sound can be transferred the fastest through solid.The particles in solid arranged
closely.The vibrations of the particles can be easily transferred.
c) Sonar technology uses sound waves to detect the presence of fish.When fish is
present,the sound waves will be reflected by the fish to boat.The fisherman will then catch
the fish.

11 a) smoke
b) i) avoid outdoor activities
ii) asthma
iii) enforce the law and order the owners of factories to fix filter in chimneys and
encourage the public to use public transportation
c) Z.Picture Y shows an industrial area where many harmful gases and smoke are
exhausted while picture Z shows a garden area where trees are planted.Trees can provide
cleaner air.
d) Trees can improve the air quality as they can provide cleaner.Trees will absorb carbon
dioxide and provide oxygen.Trees also can filter harmful gases from the air.

12 a) i) excretory system
ii) This is because he has kidney stones in his kidney.The kidney stone is formed in the
pelvis.Thus,he experiences pain when the urine passes through the pelvis.
b) ii) Kidney stones are formed due to a diet high in salt.A high concentration of salt in
blood lead to the formation of kidney stones.The excess salt accumulates in the kidney and
finally forms kidney stones.
c) This may lead to kidney failure.He may also suffer from high blood pressure and
hypertension.He may need to undergo dialysis or kidney transplant to survive.

13 (a) (i) radiation

(ii) The PVC will leak.This is because PVC has a lower melting
point than copper.The PVC pipe will melt when the temperature of water
exceeds the melting of PVC.
(iii) The copper pipes are painted black because black surfaces are
good absorber of heat.The heat from the sun can be easily absorbed by the
black surface.
(b) Paint the water storage tanak with silver colour.The silvery
surfaces are poor radiator of heat.The heat lost through radiation will be
(c) Design P will be more comfortable.At highlands,the temperature is
lower.During night,the temperature could reach as low as 0 C.The heat from
the house will not escape from the house.In design Q,there is holes that
allows heat loss during night.

14 c) The fertilisers will dissolve in rainwater and it will be carried by the rainwater and flow
into the river.The accumulation of fertilisers will increase the growth rates of algae and
causing algal bloom.The overgrowth of algae will cover the supper surface of water and
preventing sunlight from entering the water and reduce the amount of oxygen in the
water.With a low level of sunlight and oxygen,the aquatic plants will not be able to carry out
photosynthesis nor respiration,therefore they will eventually die.
d) Ganoderma fungi are parasites that will harm the oil palms by absorbing water and
nutrients away from the host.The rotting fungi will also cause fungal infections to the oil
palms.When the host lacks nutrients and water,and infected by fungal,they will not be able to
function properly and will finally die.
e) The stick of tool can be modified same as an umbrella stick which can be shorter and
longer.When cutting higher trees,the stick should be longer and when cutting lower trees,the
stick should be shorter.