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Nuclear Security

Statement of the Problem

The greatest concern within Nuclear Non-Proliferation is the safe use

of nuclear energy. This is evidenced by the Chernobyl meltdown in Ukraine
on April 26,1986. This disaster was classified as a level 7 event (the
maximum classification) on the International Nuclear Event Scale
( This means that the land of Chernobyl was
radioactive and uninhabitable to live on. Another piece of evidence is the
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster, which occurred on March
11, 2012 in our country of Japan. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power
Plant was hit by a tsunami that was caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake
( The nuclear meltdown that resulted contributed to the
spread of radiation which affected our people by giving them skin cancer,
skin contamination, and psychological trauma. Radiation also affects the
land by making it uninhabitable to live or grow crops on. Radiation can
remain in our soil for 25,000 years or more. Even today, radiation from this
meltdown is present in the ocean. Our proposal focuses on the safe use of
nuclear energy. We believe countries that use nuclear energy should follow
nuclear regulation for their nuclear power plants, in order to promote more


We propose to solve the problem of nuclear safety by ensuring our

nuclear power plants have stricter security. Our proposal serves the
international community by reducing the risk of a nuclear meltdown and the
subsequent spread of radiation pollution throughout the world. We would
like to enforce the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regulation to
prevent nuclear disasters on active power plants around the world. The
IAEA conducts inspections on nuclear power plants and ensures they are
working well to prevent nuclear meltdowns. We can improve upon the
regulations of the IAEA by including further regulation making our nuclear
power plants able to withstand natural disasters. For example, a nuclear
create organizations within Japan to hold businesses to a higher security
standard by assigning an energy secretary to each nuclear power plant.
They will monitor the nuclear activity and report it to our government, which
will enforce nuclear safety campaigns. An incentive for business to follow
these high standards is to give businesses a 5% tax deduction on their
earnings. We also propose to make nuclear power plants safer for the
environment by changing to a smaller, more stable nuclear energy source
like the hyperion power molecule (nuclear batteries). Our plan to ensure
nuclear safety is to gradually switch our energy source to nuclear batteries,
which are much smaller than nuclear power plants, and only fabricate
fortieth of the toxic waste (Nuclear Batteries by Eben Harrell). Further, the
battery is smaller so it is easier to control, and easy to shut down if a
disaster occurs.

We plan to implement our solution through the following steps:

1. The first step to implementing our solution is organize a nuclear
convention like the Nuclear Security Summit, and invite countries to
talk about nuclear disarmament.
2. The second step to implementing our solution is to encourage other
countries to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). These
summits will involve countries that have not yet ratified the NPT. We
want more countries to sign the NPT, so we can start working on the
safe use of nuclear energy. Our delegation would offer a monetary
incentive to countries that have not yet signed the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty. For example, we would offer foreign aid and
resources to North Korea, Pakistan, and India for their willingness to
join the treaty.
3. Our third step is to have private companies comply with our solutions
on nuclear safety. We will require them to change to an energy
source that guarantees the safety of its people. We will provide a tax
deduction to encourage participation.
4. The fourth step to implementing our solution is to enforce nuclear
regulation on active power plants. This will be carried out through the
IAEA. Inspectors from this organization will visit active power plants.
5. The fifth step to implementing our solution is making sure these
nuclear power plants are natural disaster proof and are safe for the
people and for the environment. We intend to focus our efforts on
making power plants resistant to earthquakes and tsunamis given the
horrible effects of the Fukushima meltdown.


We will work with the following organization: International Campaign

to Abolish Nuclear Energy (ICAN), The Generation IV International Forum
(GIF), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). ICAN is an
organization whose main goal is the banning of nuclear weapons
internationally, and the peaceful use of nuclear energy around the world.
GIF is an organization that is working on a way to make less toxic waste,
and safer nuclear reactors for the international community. IAEA is an
organization that regulates active nuclear power plants and makes sure
that the power plants can withstand a disaster or a meltdown.These
organizations support our solution because they support peaceful, safe
uses of nuclear energy. We will collaborate with these organizations by
supporting their views. For example, we can work with ICAN to make a
nuclear convention to discuss the ban of nuclear weapons, and the safe
use of nuclear energy. We will also let the Nuclear Regulatory Committee
(NRC) and GIF come inspect our delegations nuclear power plants to
make sure we are following regulations. We hope to serve as an example
for other nations.
Our goal is to establish international cooperation, and the trust
between all nations that join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. We will
also offer foreign aid to countries, and private business that support nuclear
safety by choosing to sign the NPT and to make their nuclear power plants
able to withstand natural disasters. We will offer 11786.11 million dollars in
foreign aid to countries that join us in our efforts ( We will
make sure that this money goes to nuclear safety by making countries sign
a pledge to not contribute to corruption. Any sign of corruption should be
and will be reported to governments authorities. The consequence for
countries that do not comply with our idea of nuclear safety is that they will
face economic sanctions. Thus, countries that do not comply will not be
allowed to trade with our country or our allies. One way to fund this
proposal is through imposing a tax on corporations that continue to use
unregulated nuclear power plants. Our government, working with IAEA, will
oversee the collection of these taxes and ensure avoidance of corruption
through providing a transparent document for all NPT signers of our
collections and spendings. We will also receive financial support from the
non-profit organization ICAN which can bring awareness to the safe use of
nuclear energy and helps coordinate fundraisers.


We would like to thank China for inspiring our proposal on nuclear

security because our negotiations with their delegation during the
conference were beneficial.