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Dear Members of the Selection Committee,

It is an honor and a privilege to be in competition with so many brilliant candidates for

the position of president of Europia. All of us have one thing in common: we are absolute

monarchs of our respective countries. Although we are similar in many ways, I will prove to you

that I am a leader of a different caliber.

I believe that I exemplify the aspects of a competent absolute ruler in every way. During

my time as Tzar of Russia, any decision that I mad was final, whether the people liked it or not.

For example, when I increased existing taxes and introduced the poll tax to increase government

revenues, the people revolted violently against me. This did not stop me from collecting taxes. I

suppressed the revolt with force. Apart from being an intimidating ruler, I also helped to advance

Russia in other ways. I instituted schools of science, math, medicine, and engineering in order to

prepare the countrys youth for a successful future. My ability to have a balance between

intimidating dominance over my people and placing an emphasis on the development and

advancement of the country of Russia is evidence that I am a true absolute monarch.

Although I accomplished many outstanding achievements during my reign as Tzar of

Russia, I can think of two that are the most significant to me. In May of 1709, my army defeated

the Swedish army in the Battle of Poltava. The unique aspect of this battle and the reason we

defeated the opponent was my intelligent military strategy. Instead of confronting the enemy

straight on, I used the harsh Russian winter conditions to my benefit. Every time the enemy

would attack, my army would retreat, luring the enemy deeper and deeper into the Russian

winter, while we burned any crops we saw along the way. This strategy weakened the enemy and

enabled us to defeat them in the Battle of Poltava. Aside from my military strategy skills, my

domestic reforms at home were also remarkable. Since Russias navy was weak, I took it upon
myself to fix that. Along with making huge capital investments to boost the industries necessary

to manufacture ships, I granted businessmen the privilege to buy peasant workers to work in

factories. Now that factories had enlisted workers that lived in specified areas near the factories,

there was an ample amount of workers. As a result of these actions, Russias armed forces were

supplied with the necessary materials to be successful.

I believe without a doubt that I am a more qualified and more skilled candidate for this

position than Louis XIV. One of Louis biggest failures was revoking the Edict of Nantes. He

could not see that in the future, doing this would have a negative effect on the economy of

France. When he revoked the Edict of Nantes, thousands of Huguenot workers left the country.

This was such a rash and irresponsible decision to make. It is obvious that he is not able to think

about the consequences of his actions before he makes a major decision. I invested in the future

of Russia by boosting industry and improving education, unlike Louis. One of Louiss main

goals was to expand the borders of France. One thing that he and I share in common is our

interest in gaining military power and expanding the borders of our countries. Although Louis

enjoyed military success at first, his later wars were disastrous, because rival countries

surrounding him such as England and the Netherlands fought to keep France in check, and

maintain a balance of power. Obviously, Louis was not very intelligent in terms of how he

gained territory, because in the end, France suffered as a result of these later wars. I believe that I

am better at making sound decisions, and that I am a far more skilled military leader than Louis


Among all the candidates running for this position, I am the most qualified and the most

capable. Along with having complete control and dominance over my people, I also have the

ability to advance a country through industry, military power, and education. I have shown my
military leadership skills in the triumph over Sweden in the Battle of Poltava, and I have shown

my ability to boost industry through the manufacturing of material goods for the armed forces. I

contemplate the consequences of my actions by planning for the future, unlike Louis XIV. I am

the man that you want to rule the new state of Europia. For the good of the citizens of this new

country, please choose wisely when selecting your ruler.

Peter the Great