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11 Functional Health pattern

Functional health Cue Cluster Inferenc Nursing PRIORI Rationale for

pattern Subjective & e Diagnosic TY established
Objective (Prolem- Statement High priority
NANDA (PES) Medium
) Low
Health S >“nag adto ko Health r/t concern It is rated low since
Perception/Health diri para mag pa seeking about Low patient expresses
Management ospital ug gusto behaviors current desire to achieve
Pattern nako maayo akong health status appropriate illness-
sakit , kay galuya prevention and
ko, di ko ka willingness to be
ginhawa og cure and it is not a
tarong, ga sakit life or health
akong tiyan sa threatening.
may kuto-kuto
dapit, kalipungon
sad ko ug nag
suka kalibang ko
ug dugo.”

O >observed
desire to seek a
higher level of
>express interest
in illness-
Nutritional/metab S > “dili man ko Deficient r/t decrease high It is rated high
olic pattern pala inom og tubig, fluid fluid intake because it is a
mo inom lang ko volume health threatening
kung uhaw kaayo condition that may
ko.” result of more
complication that
O >decrease fluid may lead to death
intake (250 cc for since the patient
8 hrs) has a chronic renal
>decrease urine problem. It may
output O>200 cc affect fluid and
total output for 8 electrolytes
hrs. imbalance and
>pale conjunctiva decreases body
>poor capillary supply and demand
refill, pallor noted, use for body to
poor skin turgor function. Slow
absorption of
nutrients necessary
for normal RBC’s
formation due to
insufficient amount
of fluid intake.
Elimination S > “dili kaayo ko Acute r/t dysuria medium It is rated
pattern gapangihi kay pain and medium because
sakit mangihi”. presence of it is a health
pus threatening
O >painful condition that
urination may cause more
>stool with blood x complication if
1 cup not given
approximately attention. Pain
>void with blood may be cause of
>concentrated infection.
>presence of pus
in urine
> slightly
distended bladder

Activity exercise S: “ Lahi na jud Ineffecti r/t It is rated high

pattern karon kay dili na ve tissue decreased because of low
nako mahimu ang perfusio Hgb level level of Hgb can
akong mga n as decrease the
ginabuhat sa una.” manifested supply of oxygen
by melena needed by the
O: >observed and body that causes
decrease mobility hematemesi the vital organs to
>BP 80/60 s mal function.
>observed therefore it is
dyspnea, life threatening.
weakness and
> cold extremeties
>complain of
abdominal pain
abdominal sounds
>poor capillary
Sleep rest pattern S “Maputol-putol Disturbe r/t hospital It is rated low
akong tulog diri d sleep routine because lack of
kay tungod sa pattern low sleep due to
akong tambal, hospital routine is
pukawon man gud not a life
ko para mag-inom. threatening.
Unya sige pud ko
ug huna-huna sa
akong sakit ug sa
akong pambayad
sa hospital”

O >frequent
>dark circles under
>complaints of
interrupted sleep
>complaints of not
feeling well-rested
>reports of
difficulty falling
perceptual pattern

Self perception


ctive pattern

Coping stress