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Greetings Dawn:

The audio recording being submitted by William Pascoe is heresay. It is not an exception for the
following reasons.

1. I did not know I was being recorded

2. I absolutely had an expectation of privacy. In fact the office is the place all the managers would
gather at to speak privately with one another.
3. Use of the audio, would amount to self incrimination. The constituion gurantees that no man or
woman shall ever be comepelled to self incriminate. The conversation would never have taken place
had I known of the recording.
4.Shelby assured me in the recording prior to the submitted recording that he would not go to the
police, as long as I got the money back to him. He said I could have 3-4 days to get it together.
However he then went to the police immediately. Amounting to a Bad Faith trick. That is quite
5. The recording is extremely prejudicial and unfairly influences the jury about my character and my
boyfriends character.
6. There has not been sufficient amount of time between motion to admit recording and the date for
7. The video covers me giving shelby 340$ towards the money. Does that not make the lost money
now a loan? If not that, then surely the part at the end when Shelby says he will give me 3-4 days to
get the money.
8. Shelby is a party to the case, of course he is going to edit the tape as he sees fit.