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Texte brour Cursupedia

Company Description
Cursupedia is a language training company that is providing professional language training for
business and professional people for over six years. We are providing English and French
courses for Romanians and also Romanian individual courses for expats that want or need to
learn Romanian.

All learners are different, which means that everyone has different learning experiences and
different learning styles and this is the base of our training approach. Our team is dedicated to
helping anyone who wants to begin, to develop, or to fulfil their language learning journey and to
meeting their language objectives.

Romanian Language Classes

The Romanian Language course are dedicated to expats and available for beginners, intermediate
and advanced learners (based upon the regulations and principles issued by the Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Emphasizing the vocabulary, the conversation and the grammar, but adding also elements of
Romanian culture and Civilization, the tuition will fully contribute to your adaptation here. The
communicative approach enables you to put in practice the acquired acquirement in social
context, formal or informal.


Class course programs are a comprehensive approach to studying Romanian. The goal of the
courses is to develop effective communication skills and to improve the students knowledge of
Romanian. The emphasis is on communicative method of teaching and on the four key language
skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The classroom activities are focused on real life situations, role-playing, conversation,
discussions, vocabulary and grammar exercises. With a maximum of 8-10 students per class or
one to one sessions, you are guaranteed to receive all the individual attention from your
teacher. The atmosphere is very relaxed and informal and the students are encouraged to
participate in the classes.

Why you should learn Romanian:

To better understand the culture and civilization of you place of residence

To create authentic relations with your peers

To better socialize in your personal field

To facilitate the communication process on daily routine

To better integrate in the community
To understand what people are talking around you

Roxana is a fantastic teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She made something
as tedious as learning a difficult language fun and rewarding. Roxana is patient and
encouraging. At the same time she is sufficiently demanding ensuring that I progressed. Roxana
also helped me write short speeches which I then delivered to large audiences. I would highly
recommend Roxana!

Deborah Chen, CFS (Central European Financial Services)

Learning Romanian with Cursupedia is like a walk through history, geography and Romanian
culture. It is very nice to practice Romanian using daily subjects and I often felt that classes
were finishing to quick.

Jean Valsesia, Jasper Offices, Bucharest