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Appendix C. Format for Weekly Progress Report and Project Diary


For the Week Commencing: 22/05/2017

WPR 1 of 6: WPR 1

Name: Keshav Goel

Programme: MBA GENERAL

Enrolment No: A0101916011

Project Title:

Introduction to the Company Hans Rubber & Sports Pvt. Ltd. And Brand awareness using a Statistical tools.

Targets for the week:

Study the details and policies of the organization in depth. Understanding the work culture of the organization.
Introduction to company product and process and introduction with all the other employees of various department
of the organization.

Achievements for the week:

Successfully studied the organization mission and vision statement. Detailed study about the organization
profile, commercial structure, attendance regulations etc. Got to know about the various products and their
manufacturing by the organization.

Future work plans:

Data collection i.e. Primary data and secondary data, questionnaire, survey and observation.

To study about consumer behavior and various promotional strategies adopted by Hans Rubber &
Sports Pvt. Ltd.
To study about marketing strategies used in Hans Rubber & Sports Pvt. Ltd. for sales and promotion
of the products i.e. fitness and sports products.
To study about consumer behavior and attitude towards Hans Rubber & Sports Pvt. Ltd.
products and compare with other leading competitors.


Project Diary
(To be filled on daily basis and to be sent to faculty guide on weekly basis)

Days / Time

Monday: Joined the organization on Monday 22/05/2017. Reporting time will be from 11:00am - 6:00pm. The CMD
of Air India Mr. D.L. Makkar. He is currently working at the top most position in the organization. He introduced
me to the other members of the organization from the marketing department. As a student aspiring to be an
marketer I was told to observe and learn the working culture of the organization.

Tuesday: Reported to the office. I was told to go through the product catalog and pricing strategy of the company. The
commercial board shows the details regarding the number of customer and other competitor companies. We were also told to
study the website of the company.

Wednesday: Reported to the office. They take me to visit the various other plant of the company like
manufacturing plant, inventory, raw material with the detailed information regarding manufacturing the
product line.

Thursday: Studied the organization structure. They introduce me with the company process other department like finance,
HR, operation, etc. They also told me to read about various marketing strategy an promotional policy of the company from
there company website. Introduction to the Sports and fitness product.

Friday: Introduction to local market dealers, how they deal with the other vendors and dealers, there marketing procedure and
introduction about consumer behavior and attitude towards Hans Rubber & Sports Pvt. Ltd. products
and compare with other leading competitors. They also Introduces their Corporate Sales, Channel Sales, Retail
Sales and Brand Promotion.

Signature of Industry Guide / Project Leader