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Lesson Plan

Class: Math Chapter #3 Date: November 22, 2016

Title: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Word Problem Tips and Keys

Objective of Lesson (in own words): An introduction to word problems- engage students by
using gamification to provide students with strategies to help tackle word problems.

Learner Outcomes (Program of Studies) Plan for Differentiation / Inclusion

3. Demonstrate an understanding of Scaffold questions

addition of numbers with answers to 10 000 Top sheets
and their corresponding subtractions by: Word keys
using personal strategies for adding and
Preliminary Matters (Announcements, etc.)
Set out rules for millionaire game
solving problems involving addition and Hands up- no shouting out answers
Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills, Strategies
General Outcome
and Attitudes
use mathematics confidently to solve problems Two-digit addition using regrouping and
communicate and reason mathematically simple subtraction without regrouping
appreciate and value mathematics
make connections between mathematics and its Resources:
applications Dot cam/projector/smartboard
Millionaire game
Word problem tip sheet
Word problem Keys
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Math journals

Time 7 mins
Teaching Strategy Introduce lesson asking students if they sometimes struggle with
(link to previous learning,
introduction of new concepts) word problems
Ask students why they think solving word problems is important- it
allows to see how we use what we are learning in math for everyday
Indicate that when solving word problems there are Key Words
that we can look for to helps us determine what the question is asking
us to do
Distribute word problem word problem tip sheet
Distribute word problem Keys
Go through the Addition and Subtraction Keys
Introduce CUBES tip sheet and explain what CUBES stands for
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire handout
Indicate that we are going to use our tip sheet and our keys to play a
game who wants to be a millionaire
Direct students to follow along on their handouts
Student Activity Students will follow along and answer questions throughout
overview of the Keys and tip sheet
Resources Word Problem Keys
Word Problem Tip Sheet
Assessment Formative assessment through class discussion to determine students
comfort with addressing word problems

Activity Sequence
Time 30 mins
Teaching Strategy Teacher will initiate and introduce Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
(Presentation, explanation,
practice, approach, etc.) PowerPoint game
Teacher will go through 5 questions with students using their Keys
and tip sheet step by step on the PowerPoint Game
Student Activity Students will follow along, filling out their handout as the game
When the game is completed, students will work independently to
answer the remaining questions on their handout
Resources Dot Cam
Word problem Keys
Word problem tip sheet
Assessment Summative assessment on the remaining 5 questions of their handout

Time 5 mins
Teaching Strategy Provide a warning for time
(Summary of learning & link to
upcoming learning) Indicate to students that throughout our unit we will revisit the
Millionaire game with three digit and four digit numbers
Direct students to hand in their handout when completed
Student Activity Have students cut out their keys and glue them in their Math journals
once their work is handed in
Resources Scissors
Math journals
Assessment None