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Criteria and Poor Good Excellent Point Value


Introducing the Neither implicit nor Readers are aware The topic is Up to 10 points
idea explicit reference is of the overall introduced, and
made to the topic problem, challenge, groundwork is laid
that is to be or topic that is to be as to the direction of
examined. examined the report

Flow of the review The report appears There is a basic The report goes Up to 20 points
to have no direction, flow from one from general ideas
with subtopics section to the next, to specific
appearing but not all sections conclusions.
disjointed. or paragraphs Transitions tie
follow in a natural sections together, as
or logical order well as adjacent

Coverage of Major sections of All major sections The appropriate Up to 20 points

content pertinent content of the pertinent content in
have been omitted content are consideration is
or greatly run-on. included, but not covered in depth
The topic is of little covered in as much without being
significance to the depth, or as explicit, redundant. Sources
educational/training as expected. are cited when
field. Significance to specific statements
educational/training are made.
field is evident. Significance is
unquestionable. The
report is a length
required to illustrate
the synthesis
without being
Clarity of writing It is hard to know Writing is generally Writing is crisp, Up to 20 points
and writing what the writer is clear, but clear, and succinct.
technique trying to express. unnecessary words The writer
Writing is are occasionally incorporates the
convoluted. used. Meaning is active voice when
Misspelled words, sometimes hidden. appropriate. The use
incorrect grammar, Paragraph or of pronouns,
and improper sentence structure is modifiers, parallel
punctuation are too repetitive. construction, and
evident. non-sexist language
are appropriate.
Conclusion: There is no The author provides The author was able Up to 10 points
A synthesis of ideas indication the concluding remarks to make succinct
and hypothesis or author tried to that show an and precise
research question synthesize the analysis and conclusions based
information or synthesis of ideas on the review.
make a conclusion occurred. Some of Insights into the
based on the the conclusions, problem are
literature under however, were not appropriate.
review. No supported in the Conclusions and the
hypothesis or body of the report. hypothesis or
research question is The hypothesis or research question
provided. research question is are strongly
stated. supported in the

Citations/References: Citations for Citations within the Citations within the Up to 10 points
Proper APA format statements included body of the report body of the report
in the report were and a corresponding and a corresponding
not present, or reference list were reference list were
references which presented. Some presented. Some
were included were formatting formatting
not found in the problems exist, or problems exist, or
text. components were components were
missing. missing.