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BIO POEM WRITING RUBRIC Students Name: ___________________________

1 - Below Grade Level: Skills are 2 - Approaching Grade Level 3 - At Grade Level Skills are at 4 - Above Grade Level Skills are
limited, support is often needed. Skills are near grade level grade level. No support needed; above expectations for grade.
expectations, but some support is able to work independently.

Follows the Student completes only a few or Student completes most component Student completes all component Student completes all component
directions for a none of the component statements statements, or completes all with statements. statements.
bio poem assistance.

Character is not reflected in the Character is partially reflected in the Character is reflected in the poem. Character is thoroughly reflected in
Content poem. poem. the poem.
Creativity is apparent.
No creativity shown. Some creativity is apparent. Knowledge of the character is High level of creativity is apparent.
Very little to no knowledge of the Some knowledge of the character is evident. Demonstrates a strong knowledge of
character is evident. evident. the character.

Many word choice, punctuation, Some word choice, punctuarion, and No more than one or two word No word choice, punctuation, or
Language: and usage errors usage errors choice, punctuation, or usage errors usage errors
Grammar and
Usage Numerous grammar errors Some grammar errors No more than one or two grammar No grammar errors
Many misspelled words Some misspelled words No misspelled words
Written phrases and sentences lack Some written phrases and No more than one or two misspelled All written phrases and sentences are
clarity or coherence. sentences are clear and coherent. words clear and coherent.
Most written phrases and sentences
are clear and coherent.

Poem is difficult to read. Poem is mostly legible. Poem is legible. Poem is legible and pleasing to read.
and Publication If typed, font, type style and color is If typed, two poor choices in font, If typed, either font, type style or If typed, good choices for font, type
inappropriate. type style or color. color is inappropriate. style and color.
Adds additional enhancements, such
as picture or graphic elements.

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