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A Governors School Conservation Initiative

Kelly Crocker, Noah Wong, Vallabi Vallaban

- Mr. Tim Crocker
- Mrs. Holly Crocker
- Our class for putting up with us
- Dr. Jason Calhoun
- Ms. Pamela Thorpe
- And finally Dr. Ales Psaker for knowing when
to mentor, and when to step back and let us
fly on our own
Why did we do it?

Just a recap:

- Pollution impacts 200 million people worldwide

- More than 2 million people are killed by pollution each year

Our Goal:

- To limit the impact pollution has on our world

- Make the public more aware

What was our focus?
Carbon Monoxide

- Produced from burning fuel in cars and trucks

- Thus our testing sites at gas stations and construction sites

- Displaces oxygen in the blood

- Deprives organs of oxygen


What effect do demographic characteristics have on air

composition, especially with the pollution indicator carbon


The air composition of rural areas will be

characterized by significantly lower levels of both
human-generated pollutants and pollutant
byproducts of chemical reactions as compared to
the pollutant levels of urban areas.
- Raspberry Pi - Photovoltaic cells

- CO sensor - Mylar

- Leads - Foam insulation board

- 9V batteries - Solder

- Charge controller - Motors

- 12V to 5V converter
Methods (electronics)
Main Elements

Solar Panels

Parallel Battery Array

Raspberry Pi B+

Step Down Voltage Converter

Methods (zephyr)
3. Cover frame with
1. Build frame out of 2. Construct and attach rudder and Mylar and seal with
foam payload container aerosolized adhesive
Methods (zephyr)
4. Insert fill tube and bleeder valve 6. Fill with air and see if Mylar is
5. Wire everything in the payload
container, the solar panels, and the
Test Site 1: Warrior Retreat at Bull Run (control test)
Site 1 Results
Results cont.
Test Site 2: Suburban Piedmont
Site 2 Results
Results cont.
Site 3: Giant Gas Station
Site 3 Results
Results cont.
Site 4: Sheetz Gas Station (construction site)
Site 4 Results

Control Value: 0.5517 ppm

Piedmont= 39.991% more than control

Giant= 161.214% more than control

Sheetz= 163.007% more than control

What next?
Next Steps:

- More testing to reinforce hypothesis validation

- Make the blimp lighter so it will fly carrying the payload

- Make the payload lighter and test with a drone

- Raising polution awareness through upcoming Symposium

- Broadening our test to encompass other forms of aerial pollution in the future

- H2S

- NH3

- Etc

- Future development for an active process in eliminating pollution in heavily populated urban areas.
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