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Water Heater Unit

Thermo Top E Additional Heater 00 0003

Installation Instructions


Tigra B
Gasoline and Diesel
6 4 1 2 3 5

Not with headlamps washing system

Left-hand drive vehicle

Validity, see page 2

Legend of Figure 1
1 Heater Thermo Top E
2 Fuse holder and blower relay
3 Timer
4 Exhaust silencer
5 Fuel pump
6 Combustion air intake

Hazard warning:

Incorrect installation or repair of Webasto heating systems may cause a fire or result in the
emission of carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. Serious or fatal injuries can be caused as
a result.

Specialist company training, technical documentation, specialized tools and equipment are
required to install and repair Webasto heating and cooling systems.

NEVER attempt to install or repair Webasto heating or cooling systems if you have not successfully
completed the company training and thereby acquired the required technical skills, or if you do not have
access to the required technical documentation, tools and equipment needed to carry out correct
installation and repairs.

ALWAYS follow all Webasto installation and repair instructions and observe all warnings.

Webasto does not accept any liability for defects and damage that are attributable to installation
by untrained staff.

Ident.-Nr. 90 021 45C Fee Euro 10.00 Webasto AG

Thermo Top E Corsa C / Tigra B
Table of Contents
Validity 2
Heater Unit/Installation Kit 3
Foreword 3
Special tools 3
General instructions 3
Preliminary work 4
Heater unit installation 4
Fuse holder and blower relay 5
Fan control 7
Timer and option Summer/Winter 9
Mounting braket 10
Coolant connection 11
Exhaust system 14
Installing heater unit 15
Fuel connection 16
Fuel pump 19
Fuel extraction 20
Combustion air 25
Strut mount 25
Final work 26
Template for fuel standpipe 27


Manufacturer Model Type EG-BE-Nr.

OPEL Corsa C Y/Z e1*98/14*0148*--

OPEL Tigra B Y/Z e11*2001/116*0227*--

Engine type Engine model Output in KW Displacement in cm3

Z10XE Benzin 43 973

Z12XE Benzin 55 1199

Z14XE Benzin 66 1389

Z18XE Benzin 92 1796

Y17DTL Diesel 48 1686

Y17DT Diesel 55 1686

Vehicle types, engine types and configuration options that are not listed in these installation
instructions were not tested.
An installation according to these installation instructions may be possible.

Corsa C / Tigra B Thermo Top E
Heater / Installation kit
1 Water heater Thermo Top E - B with accessories 706 81C

OPEL part number 1 734 014


1 Water heater Thermo Top E - D with accessories 706 82C

OPEL part number 1 734 074

Additional required parts:

1 Installation kit OPEL Corsa C / Tigra B Gasoline and Diesel Thermo Top E 90 021 43E

OPEL part number 1 734 087

These installation instructions apply for cars OPEL Corsa C / Tigra B gasoline and diesel - Scope on page 2 -
model year 2001 and later, assuming technical modifications on the vehicle do not affect installation and the
exclusion of any liability claims. Depending on the version and features of the vehicle changes from these
installation instructions may be required during installation.
However, the stipulations in the "installation instructions" and "operating and maintenance instructions"
for the Thermo Top E must always be observed.
The corresponding rules of technology and any information from the vehicle manufacturer should be
observed during the installation work.

Special Tools
Hose clamping pliers
Torque wrench for 2 - 10 Nm
Metric thread-setter kit

General Instructions
- Spray unfinished body areas, e.g. drilled holes, with anti-corrosion wax
- Fasten hoses, lines and wiring harnesses to original vehicle lines and wiring harnesses unsing cable ties
- Sharp edges must be provided with rub protection (cut-open fuel hose)!

Ask the customer to deliver the vehicle with as less as fuel possible in the tank!

Thermo Top E Corsa C / Tigra B
Preliminary work
- Remove years that do not apply from duplicate label.
- Attached the duplicate label (type label) in the
appropriate place.

Engine compartment
Disconnect battery "earth" or "ground" connection!

- Drain coolant
- Remove complete air filter housing

Vehicle exterior
- Open the fuel tank cap
- Vent the fuel tank
- Close the cap again
- Remove the front bumper
- Remove the wheel arch on the left
- Remove the front plastic clips

Vehicle interior
- Remove the footwell trim on the driver's side
- Remove left storage compartment
- Remove the radio

Only for OPEL Corsa C with petrol engine

- Remove the rear bench seat

Heater unit installation

- The heater ( 1) is installed behind the front bumper
on the left side on direction of travel, on the longitudinal
- The mounting position is vertical, transverse to
direction of travel