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Paraphrasing & Literary Commentary Dramatic Commentary

*Analyze the scene. For example, consider what *Apply the dramatic devices from
*Paraphrase and/or record mood this opening scene creates, what your Google Slides (or abbreviated
significant quotations. foreshadowing occurs, what characterization is Quizlet) and/or yesterday's lecture.
offered, etc.

Looks he not like the This scene has a tense mood and tone. The people Blocking/Stage Directions: Ghost
King? Mark it Horatio. are very cautious about what they think they will see Enters and Exists
and are timid towards newcomers- on edge. They set
Is it not like the King? Dialogue: This is used quite a bit in
up the story of the King by having Horatio explain
the scene because there was not
who he is and his back story- why he believes he is
Did forfeit, with his life, all
description only action (characters
there. The three men are all determined and strong,
those his lands Which he
doing all of the talking)
showed by their attempt to confront the ghost and not
stood seized of, to the
running away. The King does not speak, suggesting
conqueror. In Media Res: We are introduced
he has a specific plan that only involves Hamlet
to the situation after two
This bodes some strange (foreshadowed by the fact that they think he will only
occurrences of the Ghost and
eruption to our state - talk to Hamlet). Horatio also appears to be a friend
must be informed about what
Foreshadowing of Hamlet because he is the one who suggests to tell
happened earlier.
him, and knows where to find him.
But soft, behold! Lo,
where it comes again! Ill
cross it though it blast me.
- Stay, illusion!

This spirit, dumb to us, will

speak to him.

Paraphrasing & Commentary (with noted dramatic Theme/Motif Staging

Quotation(s) devices and parallels across *Repeat select themes/motifs examples
*Paraphrase and/or dramas) as often as necessary *Consider
record significant *Consider highlighting your drama adding/discussing
quotations. Use the terms/texts for easy studying at the images and/or
appropriate citation (Act, conclusion on Part III video clips of the
scene, line) for each. drama on stage
Act 1 eyes , ears, wearing emotion
Cazy whole time after ghose like clothing, murder,
With mirth in funeral Pretends to be crazy vengeance, obligation
and with dirge in Starts to pretend then actually turns
marriage - he is saying crazy sometime in the play
that funeral was happy
and marriage was sad- he
is saying that (feels like
on accident) he is
obvioulsy happy he is
Kind and it is weird that
he is married to her

Scene 4

Act 2
Scene 1 Character Flaw: Claudius is a drunk
Bait of falsehood
Polonious tells Renaldo to spread
That hath made him rumors about Lartes to see how
mad. I am sorry that with people react and to get information
better heed and judgment about what he is like at college.
I had not coted him. I
feard he did but trifle and Ophelia comes in and is upset about
meant to wrack thee. But seeing Hamlet who acted crazy. She
beshrew my jealousy! and Polonius thinks that he is crazy
because he did not let Ophelia be with
I beseech you instantly .
to visit my too much King and Queen tell childhood friends
changed son to spy on Hamlet

That it might please you

to give quiet pass through Fortinbras said he would not attack
your dominions for this Denmark and just go through it to get
enterprise, on such to poland, but he is actually going to
regards of safety and attack Denmark probably but they are (Fate and Free will) - have
allowance as therein are not catching that. things set down
set down

But never doubt I Love

Letter To Ophelia- do not doubt me (i
Scene 2 am crazy) but I still love you- I am still
here- very subtle attempt to keep her
I am but mad in the know/ safe ish.
north-northwest. When
the wind is southerly, I
know a hawk from a

He knows how to act - pg


Soliloquy 117- the actor

showed more emoion
about a fake person- so if
he has a real reason like
Hamlet he would cry
tears that would fill the

To be or not to be- that is

the question Should he kill himself Soliloque- to show
his full emotion
I did love you once Stages of Grief in his Madness

You should not have

believed me, for virtue Questioned her honesty- he thought
cannot so inoculate our beauty and honesty went together but
old stock but we shall now is questioning it.
relish of it. I loved you

Madness in great ones

must not unwatched go They are going to watch Hamlet before
sending him off- they still don't know
what his madness is from?
Mirror up to nature, to
show the virtue of her Memesis ****** Metatheatre- to
own feature, scorn her Uses Horatio- Trust- Truth- reflect what is
own image, and the very espionage happening in the
age and body of the time novel, and serve a
his form and pressure purpose to Hamlet

Tis Brief
As a woman's love There was a lot of Stichomythia in this
scene with Hamlet, Ophelia and
eventually the King- yelling back and
My words fly up, my
thoughts remain below; The king actually cannot repent Tragic Flaw-
words without thoughts becasue he does not feel bad for what indecision coming
never to heaven go he has done. He likes all the stuff he into place
got from his decision. Hamlet wanted
to kill him when he was not repenting Solioque- King
( which he thought he was ) so he said admits to feeling
he would wait till he is wearing of
something. But, he was actually not
repenting so because of is indecision
he did not accomplish what he wanted

Not I know not. Is it the

King? Hamlet killed Polonius but wanted it *** watch where king is
to be king seen****

I must be cruel only to be

kind. this bad begins and About killing Polonius. Dramatic Irony-
the worse behind. we know more is
to come
Now there is a shift, heaven
gave him this so now he needs
When sorrows come, they to start getting things done
come not single spies, but Polonius dead, and the king recognises Foreshadowing -
in battalions: first her the sorrow and sadness - Tragedy -
father slain; next your everyone dies
son gone,

I dare damnation. To this - Foil to Hamlet -

point I stand, that both Laertes does not care what happens to Hamlet is not as This appears to be
the worlds I give to him in this world or the next, he wants aggressive as laertes a foil to Hamlet,
negligence, let come what to avenge his father. who is indecisive
comes, only Ill be about action and
revenged Mostly cares what will
thoroughly for my father. happen to him if he
acts - while Lartes
just wants to act.
(Ophelia and water)
There is flower symbolism. -Daisy
Act 4

Act 5 Scene 1
Hamlet holds the skull- he has been
Dost thau think afraid of death the whole play now he
Alexander looked o this is staring it right in the face.
fashion i th earth?
Some people's lives are great but in
death they are all dirt and insignificant

Act 5 Scene 2

For by the image of my Foil!!

cause I see the Talking to Horatio about all that has
portraiture of his Happened and mentions that he sees
Laertess problems in his own
The bravery of his grief
did put me into a towring Laertes being so passionate and brave
passion about avenging his father made
Hamlet more passionate too

Hamlet changed the letter to have

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern killed
and Horatio did not really like that
I will forstall their repair
hither and say you are Horatio tries to convince Hamlet not
not fit to do the fencing but Hamlet insists
Not a whit
Give me your pardon, sir. Fate and Free will comes into Sort of a Catharsis
I have done you wrong;/ Hamlet asking for fergiveness sort of - play- right now he is actively
But pardon t as you are a owning up to his actions but almost a trying to do good before he
gentleman. clean slate before he dies dies-

But let it be. - Horatio, Does anyone have say over Where I thought
I am dead./ Thou what happens to them? Does the Catharsis was
When he is about to die and knows
duty come before desire?
livest; report me and it- but knows he finally did what he
my cause aright/ To wanted to do. And he stops Horatio
the unsatisfied. from Killing himself so it was one
final good act

Absent thee from This is a change of heart for

felicity awhile Telling Horatio to hold off from Hamlet, he no longer views
death as scary or something
death but he calls death Felicity-
he needs to be afraid of- he
which is good thinks of it as good


The tragic hero Hamlet

How defined a tragic Noble- Prince and Educated

* "must be good"
* "[must] aim at
* "[must be] true to life"

The hamartia of said Unwillingness to act because of overthinking

tragic hero (flaw) Thus conscience does make cowards (of us all,)/ And thus the native hue of
resolution/ Is sicklied oer with the pale cast of thought,/ And enterprises of great
pitch and moment/ With this regard their currents turn awry/ and lose the name
of action.

The peripeteia (ironic When Hamlet does not Kill the King because he THINKS the king is repenting but
situation) he is actually not so he misses his shot.
My words fly up, my thoughts remain below;/ Words without thoughts never to
heaven go.

The catastrophe When Hamlet kills Polonius - after that everything gets worse for Hamlet because
(fall/reversal of fortune) now other people want to kill him and he did not achieve his goal yet.

I will bestow him and answer will/ The death I gave to him.

The anagnorisis When he is about to die and knows it- but knows he finally did what he wanted to
(recognition/acceptance) do.
But let it be. - Horatio, I am dead./ Thou livest; report me and my cause aright/
To the unsatisfied.

The audiences catharsis When he says the above statement and does not let Horatio kill himself. And then
(purge of fear/pity) dies.