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com Book over the phone +44 (0)20 7017 4144 Book via email training@telecomacademy. develop their competencies and designed to provide a implementation options and the knowledge of cloud computing comprehensive overview of foundations on which the telecoms  Confidence to contribute to the Cloud Concepts.including capacity and Quality of Service.COURSE SUMMARY HIGHLIGHTS COURSE SUMMARY OUTCOMES & COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT  Highly focused and in-depth This programme provides a training from the experts . trust. accomplished training are then considered in more detail.including access technologies. Book online Telecomsacademy. explored and discussed in sufficient depth to enable participants to assess the full implications and impact on the wider network from both a cloud service “It really has broadened my user and cloud service provider knowledge” perspective . billing. including technology options business drivers / issues facing and deployment. security. minimise risk.  A solid foundation on which to further competency development the likely position within the value chain. as well as the offerings. pricing customer customer solutions. and highly The features and benefits of the cloud network and the access. and in line with the strategy and goals Services and deployment models are of the wider organisation..see inside that underpins the cloud. integration with other implementation and procurement that are commercially viable. and the opportunity for relationship. Cloud Services. cloud implementation / strategy within We start with the concepts and features their own organisation. Technology.  PACE enabled training to of cloud services before looking at the  Evaluate implementation options for maximise competency underlying technology and architecture secure and reliable cloud service development . MTEL deployments options are illustrated with real-life case studies to ensure participants have the full picture.  Develop solutions in a way that is professionals highlighting the opportunities for consistent with the wider requirements telecoms operators as cloud service of the organisation. comprehensive overview of cloud Participants will develop or be able to: including relevant updates from services and technology and explains in detail what it means for both the cloud  Contribute much more effectively to Informa’s extensive research services provider (including established discussions and development of the team telecoms operators) and the customer. and .  Training outcomes and providers. device  Make decisions on cloud technology Operators management. the business models available. Cloud operator’s secure cloud services can be development of commercially viable built . Current implementation and IAS. IT infrastructure. requirements for cloud services and the demands placed on both the wider core experienced.  Trainers and Programme businesses and consumers when  Fully understand the technology Directors that are industry migrating to the cloud. “ services.

PaaS and SaaS Examples THE TELECOMS CLOUD  Server Virtualisation MARKETPLACE  Service Pros and Cons  Exercise – Provision. Cisco Systems)  The Regional situation  Business Case Drivers  Top investors  Deployment Models  Cloud services and Customer  Migration Steps Segments  Risks and Mitigation  Vertical Services in the Telecoms  Legal Considerations Cloud  Certification and Compliance  Public Sector & Telecoms deals  Enthusiasm for Migration  Cloud Partnerships  Exercise – Produce a Justified  The Big Players in Cloud Enablement Migration Plan  How Can Telecoms Operators Monetise / Maximise the Cloud opportunity? . SAP. IBM. Google.COURSE CONTENTS INTRODUCTION TO THE CLOUD THE ROLE OF THE TELECOMS OPERATOR  Cloud Computing Defined  Traditional IT Infrastructure and  Business Case Drivers Services  Inherent Advantages  What is new about the Cloud  Access Technologies  Cloud Computing Reference Model  Security and Trust  Deployment Models  Billing Capabilities . CE MIGRATION TO THE CLOUD on demand. Use and Critically  Operators selling Cloud services Analyse a Service  What are the key vendors doing (Microsoft. Amazon.Real time / Non  Example Applications Real-Time  Trend in Cloud Use  Pricing Models  Exercise – Role Play CIO/CFO Likely  Customer Relationship Discussions'  IT Infrastructure & the Core Network  Capacity & Quality of Service SERVICE MODELS  Device Management  The Overall Service Model  Service Integration  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  Exercise – Critically Analyse Your Company (or a company of your  Platform as a Service (PaaS) choice) as a Cloud Service Provider  Software as a Service (SaaS)  IaaS.

criteria: customised training programmes. presented by a first telecoms industry. They are at the forefront of Our programmes are PACE Enabled – a staff – at the time and location to the drive to integrate highly focused minimise disruption training method that optimises both industry -led training with the academic training value and student engagement. own development within their specialist areas. on the issues you want – work with aimed at nontechnical staff to in-depth and us to develop the training course to engineering training. We vendors. and service providers. by full exposure to Ovum research and match the exact needs. This is achieved by our on-going work  Content can be customised to focus these courses range from overviews with many tier 1 operators and vendors.  Application – Applied Learning that programmes based on our Distance focuses on practical application in Learning modules.. rigor and quality control of university. distance development that is focused squarely on learning and virtual classroom Advanced Telecoms Management formats available you can build a practical application in the work place. programme for your business. knowledge and experience to deliver accredited by the University of Derby a highly effective learning Corporate.  Flexible delivery options – with a It delivers highly efficient competency based education. ranging from the specific courses or topic areas. and to broaden their Industry view Why choose in-house training from School of Advanced of trends. we operate three schools: All our trainers have undergone a A customised training programme from rigorous election process and are Telecoms Academy ensures you get a School of Telecoms Management course that precisely matches your subject to continuous monitoring and Business training tailored to the evaluation. training. Whether -rate training organisation. Our comprehensive range of instructor led. a UK-based university highly experience PACE ENABLED TRAINING acclaimed in the area of employer  The most efficient way to train your engagement.  High level of Industry Experience specialist training team to ensure that  Expert facilitators and training we deliver your perfect training To ensure we meet the training needs of professionals. KNect 365 TMT worldwide events. best practice and technology. with access intensive 5-day Telecoms Mini MBA to engineers or business experts. access to resources and apply best practice across our and on-going support portfolio. Although order to maximise both training value accreditation is specific to these Contact us to discuss how we can Consolidation – Post-course programmes. continuing competency University of Derby enable us to develop development. The take time to understand your programmes cover a wide range of  Experts in their field requirements.OUR TRAINING SERVICES TELECOMS ACADEMY STRUCTURE OUR TRAINERS CUSTOMISED IN-HOUSE TRAINING Our training programmes are delivered We only use trainers and programme Telecoms Academy has worked with worldwide as part of the training and directors that satisfy the following three countless companies to deliver development plans of many operators. It Series have been accredited Post. blended solution to maximise is simple in concept and comprises four Graduate Level. the industry as effectively as possible. you’ll work with our competency development requirements. the work we do with the build your perfect programme. all our to all the latest industry research and specialist leadership and marketing trainers are required to continue their analysis.  Unique industry research – from Distance Leaning Ovum’s team of industry leading Our comprehensive suite of Distance analysts UNIVERSITY ACCREDITATION  Expert trainers – our team of Learning programmes provide an excellent opportunity to expand Some of our programmes have been versatile trainers have the knowledge and build confidence. of Distance Learning at Undergraduate term Level)  Pre and post course assessment –  Preparation – Pre-course preparation in order to “hit the can be included in programmes to We would be happy to discuss extending measure competencies and check ground running” accreditation to tailored ATMS or on the required progress. Telecoms Academy? Communication Technologies Covering a multitude of technologies.  Experience – An outstanding end-to- end training experience designed to develop competences as effectively as possible . Each trainer is accredited for organisation’s needs. with our extensive suite training effectiveness over the long key elements.

com .training@telecomsacademy.