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Vocabulary Across
1 where the performers stand
1 Choose the correct option. (7 marks) 4 without worry
1 The fans screamed / clapped their hands when 5 an area of land
the singer came out of the hotel. 6 a good feeling
2 Our town held / took a free music festival on the
beach last summer.
3 Helen didnt take part / place in the competition. 2 to have lots of energy
4 The stage / crowd danced to the music. 3 you sleep in this in a campsite
5 Im a big performer / fan of this group. Theyre Grammar
6 We lit a campsite / campfire to cook our food. 1 Write sentences and questions using the
prompts. Use the past simple. (10 marks)
7 The scouts went on a field / an expedition.
2 Complete the sentences with the words. There 1 Maria / be / at / the / party?
is one word you do not need. (7 marks)
2 Alex and Julie / not be / in / the / park
angry bored lonely nervous
relaxed scared surprised tired
3 be / there / a lot of / tents / at the campsite?

1 We were very _______ after our trip so we went 4 Sophie / not take part / in / the / competition
to bed early.
2 Karen was _______ when she heard the strange 5 we / be / surprised / our / team / win / the / match
noise last night. She hid under her bed.
3 I felt ______ when I moved to a new town,
2 Complete the questions and the short answers
because I didnt have any friends there. using the correct past simple form of the verbs
4 Paul was _______ with me because I lost his in brackets. (10 marks)
mobile phone. 1 _____ Peter ______ (go) to Argentina last
5 Emma was very ______ about her exam. She summer? Yes, he _____ .
didnt sleep the night before the exam. 2 ____ Helen _____ (stay) in Paris all weekend?
6 I was _____ during the film; it wasnt very No, she _____ .
interesting. 3 _____ (be) there a lot of people at the concert?
7 I was very _______ to see my parents at the Yes, there _____ .
MP3 experience! They were sitting on the floor 4 _____ (be) there a big stage? No, there _____ .
and clapping their hands. 5 ____ you ____ (watch) TV last night? No, I
______ .
3 Use the clues to complete the crossword.
(6 marks)
3 Complete the sentences with the past simple of
1 2
the verbs in the box. (10 marks)
arrive not go not see play stand

1 We _______ late for the film.

2 I ________ Steven at school today; I think hes
5 3 Karen _______ tennis with Matt yesterday. She
won the match.
4 We _______ to the beach last weekend because
6 the weather was terrible.
5 Nathan _______ at the front of the classroom
and gave his presentation.

Practical English 11 Read the text again and answer the questions.
(12 marks)
4 Complete the dialogue. (15 marks) 1 How did John Black use to feel at school?
Jennifer (1) W______s your favourite subject
2 How do students at the Studio School develop
at school?
their creativity?
Paul Music. I love it. What about you?
Jennifer I (2) p_____ Science.
3 What did Kakenya want when she was young?
Paul (3) A____ you good at Maths?
Jennifer Im (4) n____ bad at Maths.
4 Why did Kakenya set up a school for girls?
Paul What (5) t_____ do you start
5 When can students go to the Tinkering School?
Jennifer We have lessons from 8:45 a.m. to
3 p.m.
6 What do they spend their time doing?
10 Read the text. Where are the three schools?
(3 marks)

The Studio School

In the past, John Black was bored at school.
Now he goes to the Studio School in New York
John feels positive. At the school, teenagers
take part in projects individually and in
groups. These projects stimulate their
imagination. The teachers say that their
students feel energetic and excited about

A School for Girls

Kakenya Ntaiya comes from Enoosaen, a
small village in Kenya. Many girls there dont
go to school. When Kakenya was a girl, she
wanted an education. She went to school,
worked hard and then went to university in
the USA. But she didnt forget her village. She
wanted the girls there to have the same
opportunities that she did. Kakenya returned
to Kenya and built a school for girls there.

Tinkering School
The Tinkering School in San Francisco is a
summer school. The students can stay for six
days. When they arrive, they spend their time
solving problems and working on projects.
There is also a farm and students can feed
the animals. A few examples of projects are
building a roller coaster and a tree house.