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Service Bulletin

Volvo Trucks North America, Inc.

Greensboro, NC USA Trucks
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10.2004 930 04 1(2)

This Service Bulletin is a supplement to Service
Manual 93, Bodybuilder Module, Fault Codes
(02.2003), publication number PV776TSP186410. Bodybuilder Module, Fault Codes
MID 249 SID 240 Program Memory
From build date 11.2002
Bodybuilder Module, Fault Codes
This supplement provides fault code MID 249, SID 240 Program Memory information
for the Bodybuilder Module (BBM). For further Bodybuilder Module information refer
to Group 9.

MID 249 SID 240 Program Memory page 2

PV776-20 017953 USA16083

Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. Date Group No. Page
Service Bulletin 10.2004 930 04 2(2)

MID 249 SID 240 Program Memory


General Information
At start-up a checksum is calculated for the software in
the Bodybuilder Module (BBM) flash memory. This is
compared with a previously stored checksum to check
that the software is correct.

Component: A36, Bobybuilder Module (BBM)

Fault code
Intermittent or incorrect data
Conditions for fault code:
If the checksum calculated at start-up does not
agree with the previously saved checksum, the BBM
interprets this as a fault and a fault code is set.

Possible cause:
Software fault.
Faulty memory circuit.
Reaction from BBM:
The control unit continuously restarts.
Noticeable external symptom:
Yellow lamp is lit by the instrument control unit since
the BBM does not respond to the call.
Functions controlled by the BBM will not operate.
Reprogram the BBM ECU. If the fault continues,
replace the BBM ECU.