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Rod Pumps for

Fluid Production

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A Global Leader
Founded in 1933 with a furnace, belt-drive
machines and a Cadillac motor to turn the lathes,
Harbison-Fischer has grown into a global leader
committed to serving the sub-surface oilfield rod-
pump market. Our technically trained, professional
staff specializes in

solving our customers downhole rod-pump


providing the highest quality products

in a timely manner;

creating value by providing service and expertise

that lowers overall lifting costs;

evaluating each well to recommend the

appropriate pump configuration, pump metallurgy
and operating parameters.

Located in thirty-five U.S. warehouses, three

Canadian warehouses and throughout the oil-
producing world, Harbison-Fischer maintains the
largest on-hand inventory of rod-pump parts in
the industry.

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API-Style Slim-Hole
Oversize Tubing Oversize Tubing
Two Stage Hollow Valve Rod Pump

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Oversize Tubing Pumps

When your API-size tubing
pump wont cut it

Produces more fluid than a standard tubing pump

Can replace expensive centrifugal pumps

Saves money by using smaller-than-standard


Accessories available to customize to your


Materials for all applications

Oversize Tubing Pumps are used whenever an API-

tubing-pump plunger is not large enough in diameter
to deliver the necessary production quantity. Over-
size Tubing Pumps are characterized by the pumps
plunger being larger in diameter than the inside of
the tubing above the pump. This necessitates the use
of an On-and-Off Tool to disconnect the sucker-rod
string from the oversize-pump plunger when the
pump is pulled for servicing. A tubing drain is also
needed to drain the tubing during servicing.

The most popular style of Oversize Tubing Pump is
the Slim-Hole Style. It can have a larger-diameter
plunger than other oversize styles while retaining
the same outside diameter of the pump assembly.
The Harbison-Fischer Spoon-Bill Tubing Drain is
commonly used to provide a means of draining
the tubing.

API Style
The other style of Oversize Tubing Pump is the API
style. It is a standard API Tubing Pump that is run
on smaller tubing than the Tubing Pump size. It uses
an externally-threaded barrel with extensions. Two
Harbison-Fischer Tubing Drains are available for this
style: the Spoon-Bill Tubing Drain and the J-Slot Tub-
ing Drain. The J-Slot Drain functions as the plunger
hanger as well as the swage-reduction coupling on
top of the pump.

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greater Production


Two Stage Hollow Valve Rod Pump

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Double-Displacement Pump

Gets the most out of

an insert pump design

Produces more fluid than a standard tubing pump

Several configurations available

The Harbison-Fischer Double-Displacement Pump is

an insert pump with a production capacity greater
than a tubing pump for the same size tubing. It
provides the pulling benefits of an insert pump and
greater production when tubing size is limited. It
has two barrels, two connected plungers and a seal
section between the barrels. The larger plunger
displacement is obtained by combining the areas of
the upper and lower plungers minus the area of the
connecting plunger. The capacity of the 1-1/2 bore
is 14% greater than a 1-3/4 tubing pump. The
2 bore produces 29% more fluid than a 2-1/4
tubing pump.

The Harbison-Fischer Double-Displacement Pump

uses oversized cages and balls and seats as well as
a special oversized seating assembly with greater
holding capacity. It is available in a stationary-barrel
or traveling-barrel configuration. All materials for
corrosion or abrasion resistance are available for
this pump.

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The Spoon-Bill
Tubing Drain
Problem solving

The J-Slot
Tubing Drain

The Pressure-
Tubing Drain

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Tubing Drains
When you want fluid out of your
tubing ... drain it.

Avoid expensive pulling of wet tubing strings

Four types of drains for any situation

The Spoon-Bill Tubing Drain can also

be used with either style Oversize Tubing Pump.
When the operator is ready to drain the tubing,
the sucker rods are lowered until the traveling and
standing valves are touching. The bill attached to
the traveling-valve pushes the standing-valve ball
off its seat to the side, while the vertical rod on the
standing valve pushes upward on the traveling-valve
ball to hold it off its seat. The fluid in the tubing flows
downward through both valves and out the bottom of
the pump.

The J-Slot Tubing Drain is used with a special

Harbison-Fischer On-and-Off Tool that has lugs
machined onto two sides of the lower key. These lugs
latch into the J-Slot when the plunger and standing
valve are pulled up into the drain extension above
the pump barrel. The larger inside diameter of the
drain extension allows the fluid in the tubing to drain
around the plunger and standing valve and out the
bottom of the tubing. For API-Style Tubing Pump only.

The Pressure-Actuated Tubing Drain is

configured as a steel box-end and pin-end tubing-
coupling body with a replaceable stainless steel
screw-in pressure-rupture disc. When it is necessary
to drain the tubing, the operator actuates the drain
by applying additional pressure through the tubing
string. The thin, lightly scored center of the rupture
disc bursts outward. The outside edges of the disc are
firmly held in place as the fluid drains out.

The Sleeve-Type Tubing Drain (not shown)

can be used with either style Oversize Tubing Pump.
It is installed on top of the pump and is actuated by
pulling the plunger up against the bottom of the drain
with the rods before pulling the tubing. The fluid in
the tubing is drained through holes in the external
shoe that are uncovered when the sleeve is pushed

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Permanent Standing Valve

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Permanent Standing Valve

The biggest standing valve made
Fluid production with high volume or low viscosity
flows into your pump with the least resistance

The Permanent Standing Valve provides the largest

available standing-valve flow area. This standing
valve has tubing threads and is installed in the tubing
string below the tubing pump and can be specified
in several tubing-thread sizes.

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Two Stage Tool
Hollow Valve RodCoupler

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On-and-Off Tool
Disconnect the rods from
the pump remotely
Avoids pulling wet strings

Positive and dependable means of connecting

and disconnecting the sucker rods from the
sucker-rod pump

The On-and-Off Tool is installed just above an

Oversize Tubing Pump Plunger, or on a polished
rod in the tubing above the pump. In either case, a
rod-stripping job is eliminated. The On-and-Off Tool
can also be run above an insert pump to disconnect
the rods from the pumps should they be stuck.
The lower key lock is available in an H2S resistant
material and the upper body can be ordered in an
oversize version for heavy-pumping installations. It
is available for tubing or casing sizes from 2-3/8
through 7-1/2.

Left-Hand Coupler
Turn to the right because
it works best

Disconnects sucker rods by turning the string


The Left-Hand Coupler is used as a safety joint in the

sucker-rod string when an operator suspects that an
insert pump may become stuck in the seating nipple,
preventing pulling of the pump. It is released by
applying right-hand rotation to the sucker-rod string
and is available in all sucker-rod sizes.


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Shear Tool

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Shear Tool
Disconnect with a straight pull

Separates your sucker rods from the pump with a

straight-line pull

The Shear Tool is a straight-line-pull safety joint

release that provides a means of disconnecting the
sucker-rod string from the pump below the tool. This
type of tool must be used to release fiberglass rods
since they should not be rotated. It is available in
several shear-release pull loads in all sucker-rod
pin sizes.


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Uncompromised quality

Two Stage Hollow Valve Rod Pump


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Harbison-Fischer boasts a corporate philosophy
that delivers uncompromised customer service at all
times. From our 130-person field staff to our highly
knowledgeable engineering staff, we

support and problem-solve on a daily basis

offer a level of expertise unmatched

in the industry

continually provide sales support

teach technical schools in the field; and

conduct regularly scheduled pump schools at our

facility in Crowley, Texas

Quality Control
Our manufacturing equipment, already the most
advanced in the industry, allows us to produce the
highest-quality parts for our customers. Each product
is backed by a quality system that has received
both the ISO 9000:2000 and API Q1 certifications
and the expertise of precision machine operators
who have an average tenure of over 15 years with

Finally, to ensure that our customers receive the

Best Pumps in the Oil Patch, Harbison-Fischer
has a fully-equipped metallurgical lab staffed by
a degreed metallurgist. This department evaluates
our products as raw material and work-in-process
and, when needed, performs an analysis on any
products sent back from the field. Additionally, the
Research and Development department stays on the
cutting edge of rod-pump technology by developing
products in simulated downhole-operating


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Quality Service


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Harbison-Fischer is proud to be
the industry leader in service,
quality and technology for more
than seven decades.

The ever-recognizable orange color of Harbison-Fischer

products is a registered trademark of the company.


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901 North Crowley Road

Crowley, Texas 76036-3798

P.O. Box 2477

Fort Worth, Texas

Phone: 817-297-2211
Fax: 817-297-4248


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