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Earthing Layout (Sectional Views)

Connection of Screen wire to Tower

Vertical Earth Electrode to Grid and Equipment
Equipment Earth Connection
Welding on all sides with typical weld symbols
Sizing of Earth Flat and Justification
Check for availability of No. of Bolts for connection of Earth flat

2. Return Current Connection Drawing

Check for the need of Note No. 2, if possible refer any standard in justification to statement
Size of Buried rail to be checked
Check for the Size of 16 mm diameter bolt
Length of 100 mm diameter cable guard riser
Remove Earth Connection of Cross Track with Earth Mat
Size of 1.1 kV XLPE UG Cable to be Verified / Calculated
Details of Cable Connection to Buried Rail
Separate view of Trench Cross section needs to be shown while passing the cable through Hume
Cable termination kit and connection to bus bar details? RI No if available
Details of flat connection to rail
Interface with CTP contractor

3. Cable Trench/Run Layout

All cable entries /pipes to be sealed a suitable note to be included (Standard may be referred)
Notes on discharge of water collected in trench to be included
Arrangement of carrying cables vertically from trench to Equipment/Junction Box
Check the position of power and control cables in trench drawing
Aluminum cable used for 230 V AC? Check contract agreement
Return cable and 25 kV power cable positioning

4. Lightning Protection Layout

Please check for sections indicated in GA with this layout

Earth wire provision on gantry on the back side of Scott
Ensure DP CB and DP Isolators are under protection zone
Incoming lines (RYB) should be covered under protection zone

5. Earthing Layout (Plan Views)

Justification to size of flat used for earthing connections

Connection Arrangement of Screen wire to Tower
Note 10 to be modified (TSS)
Detailed drawing for Note 15 (ALL)
Requirement of metallic fencing
Justification to Size of MS Flat
Duplicate Cable need for connection to Buried Rail
Detailed connection to buried rail
Provision of separate earth for lightning mast
Count of vertical electrodes and riser details

6. General Arrangement Drawing (Plan and Sectional Views)

Mismatch of Sr. No. 15 with Schedule of quantities

Cross sectional view of Scott Transformer and transverse bus
Provision of shield wire on gantry to protect DP CB
Eccentrically placement of termination tower and incoming gantry
Style drawings for Earth wire and strung bus termination
Cross feeder arrangement
Connection arrangement for OHE to feeder
Check for sectional views and its dimensions to match with plan views