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OXFORD WORKBOOK Highly Recommended English for the hotel and catering industry Trish Stott WORKBOOK Highly Recommended English forthe hotel and catering industry NEW EDITION Trish Stott OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS (Great Clarendon Steet, Oxford oxa 62" ‘Oxiord University Pres isa deparcment ofthe Univesity of Oxford [efurthers the Universiy's object ofexelence in research, scholaship, “nd education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York ‘Aacidand Cape Town Dares Salam Hong ong Karachi sala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico Cty Naira ‘NewDelhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto ‘with oices in ‘Argentina Austria Brail Chile Ceech Republic Hance Greece Guatemala Hungary lly Japan Poland Portgat singapore South Korea Sweteriand Thailand Turkey Ukralne Vietnam ‘oxronb and oxroxn SNGLISH ae regietered rade masks of Oxford University Press in the UR and in cetain other counties ‘© Oxford University Press 2004 ‘Tye moral rights of theauthor have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press maker) First published 9004 200912008 2007 98765 [No unauthorized photocopying, ‘Allrights reserved, No part ofthis publication may be reproduced ‘ored in aetrieval tem. or tanmited in any form or by anv means, ‘without the prior permission in wring of Oord University Press. ‘ras expres perrited by i. or under terms agred wit the appropriate ‘Teprographcs rights organization Enquiries concerning reproduction ‘utd the scope ofthe above should be ent othe BLT Rights Departmen, ‘Oxford University Pres atthe address above Yourmust not dzeulate this book in any other binding oe cover snd you musimpoge this sue conition on aay acquirer Any websites referted ton thi lication ave in the public domain and ‘their adareses ae provided by Oxfon University Pres for information ony. (efor University Pres disclaims any responsi forthe content eanag 978 0794574655, Printed in China igeatos Kathy Baxendale pp 15.22, 25,53; Emma Dodd pps, 43,50: Mark Dain pp 6.7- 8,17, 19,2026, 28, 28,34, 4, 46,5; Hany Venning P12, 30,36, 40,38 ‘The author and pubhe ogra eae who hove gan Person to epee ‘he antag protographs Aly pp 4 iaget00} 9 [Word Religions Photo bray} Anthony Blake Picture Library p18, 22.24: Getty images 7p 10 |@Avin 14 (Ban der Mee 15 Photodae Red, 16 Photodisc Crsen). 32 UMD De Lossy 38 Raurke 36 PSeaward, a4(VCL/CRyan}S6(D.R0bb) Contents UNIT 1 2 3 4 nu 2 3 14 16 7 18 19 20 a 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Taking phone calls Giving information Taking room reservations Taking restaurant bookings Giving polite explanations Receiving guests Serving in the bar Instructions Taking. food order Desserts and cheese Talking about wine Dealing with requests Describing dishes Dealing with complaints Jobs and workplaces Explaining and instructing Taking telephone requests Taking difficult phone calls, Health and safety at work Giving directions indoors ing directions outside Facilities for the business traveller Offering help and advice Dealing with problems Paying bi Payment queries Applying for ajob The interview ‘Answerkey PAGE 10 12 14 16 18 20 2 4 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 46 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 Taking phone calls 1 Use the clues to find the missing word. 2. Use each verb once to complete the sentences. 2 D connect have tell 3 MW help make take 4 [ce 1 Good morning. 5 P HoweanJ ......HelP....... you? 6 R 2 Couidt... parking 7 K space for tomorrow? 3 Vdliketo to — Roberto Raul, please. ° c PT 4 One moment, OR vl you. " N 5 Cant amessege? 1 You reserve this for your car. (7,5) 6 Tdliketo 2 Aroom for twa people. (6,4) a reservation 3. There isn't an answer. Take a 0) 7 Please... room her to 4 You can see check-in information here. (8,6) call Valerie. 5 Itmakes paper copies of information from your computer. (7) 8 Tdliketo aroom 6 Another verb for book: (7) for tomorrow night. 7 You key in information on this. (8) 9 CanI your 8 Receptionists phone callers with rooms. (7) name, please? 9. People often pay by. . (6) 10 Hotel guests arrive here. (9) 3 Underline the correct form. 11 MrSchmide's oom is 502.(6) Can 1) Tad like take a message? Could 1/ Pa like have your name? Could 1) Pd liketo make a room reservation. 4 Could / I'd lke reserve a double room for tomorrow night? 5 CanJ/Talikehelp yout 6 CanI/ Fa likea cup of coffee. 7 Could 11 Pa tikeoserve a parking space? 8 Could I/ Pa tiketo'v0ok a room for tonight. 9 Can 1} Td likea double room. 10. Could / Td like speak to the ‘manager, please? 4 Unit Taking phone calls, ya Givin: g information 1 Use one word from the box to make hotel and restaurant facilities. bar menu desk TV car park exchange room facilities bureau park Internet air cuisine access pool conditioning international swimming. cocktail : satellite alacarte information disabled cloak. 2 Look at the picture and read the hotel information. Then underline true or false in sentences 1-8, HOTEL FLEIZ woMaN: RECEPTIONIST: WOMAN: RECEPTIONIST: woman) RECEPTIONIST: WOMAN) REGEPTIONIST: woman 6 | Unit2 Gi The Hotel Feliz has 50 bedrooms with air-conditioning Internet access, and satellite TV. The 40-seat restaurant serves international cuisine. The rooftop swimming pool ‘opens in summer. Shops and exchange bureau in the hotel lobby. Disabled facilities throughout the hotel 1 Thereare 150 bedrooms on five floors. true/false 2. Thete's air-conditioning in the hotel. tcve/false 3 There's Internet access in all the bedrooms. true/false 4 There isn’t satellite TV in the rooms. true/false 5 There are 40 seats in the restaurant true/false 6 Therearen’t any shops inthe hotel lobby. true/false 7 There's an exchange bureau true/false 8 There isn'ta swimming pool true/false Use Is there2/Are there?, There is/There areto complete the dialogue about the Hotel Feliz, Hello, I'd ike some information. ....A"¢ ‘HeFe...." any disabled facilities in the hotel? YES, 2. We have rooms with disabled facilities and 3 disabled facilities in the bar and restaurant too. Good. 4a car park? Yes. Sa large car park. Guests can reserve a parking space over the phone. Right. 6 a swimming pool? Yes, 7, And 8 disabled facilities in the pool? Yes, ’ ‘That's fine. I'd like to book a room if that’s OK. iving information 4 Match phrases 1-10 with facilities a-j, 5 Correct the mistakes in italics in the text about a Ina hotel, where would you ...? restaurant. > Baa 1 [e] havea meal a. theswimming pool 2 |} change money b theshops Therestaurantis in... " the top ofa tower - _ at 2 Hong Kong. The tawer has 3 [| goforaswim © thebedroom avneennennen} a0 metres high. They 4 4 |_| buygifts 4 the cloakroom are 150 seats inthe restaurant. There are [__} ask for information e therestaurant i: Salso acocktail café 6 [_] havea drink f thelaundry The restaurant hasan ala carte cord... 7 "| send yourdirtyelothes g theexchangebureau nd servesinternational kitchen .. 8 I Tbpark your car h theinformation desk Thereis ono? ten waiters and waitresses. A. There is a parking... 1 atthe bottom of | steep. i thebar a the tower. 10 [__] use the toilet j thecar park 6 Match the numbers in the pictures with the words. e RATES a three hundred 300, twenty seventeen thirty fifteen seventy thirteen fifty sixteen fourteen eighty sixty forty eighteen . ninety twelve two hundred nineteen Unit 2 Giving information 7 by Taking room reservations 1 Underline the odd one out 2 Complete the questions and answers with dojdoes, don't/doesn't 1 Monday Tuesday tomorrow Saturday is Do. asingle root 2 single sauna twin suite Vssonaef@anocus YOu havea single room? 3 guest husband daughter wit ® snes wae 2 phone number? 4 breakfast departure tunch dinner 5 air-conditioning carpark restaurant reservation 3 the hotel have a sauna? 6 Sunday September Wednesday Friday es 7 morning afternoon tonight evening 4 ~wrswaes the bar open at lunchtime? 8 voicemail email telephone attive Yes.In : 5 ccsmmnnnn they want adjoining rooms? No. They, . 6 cous Youhavea double room for tonight? Yes. We on 3 Make questions with Do/Doesusing the information in the pictures. ___ for conight 1 Does the hotel restaurant? 4 cone 8 | Unit3 Taking room reservations 4 Complete the hotel information with at, om, in, from ... fo. HOTEL FEEIZ Information for our guests © Breakfastis served... fom.......17.30 2 1.00 in the restaurant. ‘© The restaurantis open 3 lunchtime 412.00 $3.00. . Sthe evening, the restaurant is ‘open 7 6.00. Last orders are 810,00. . 9 summer, the terrace restaurant is ‘open .10 the evenings. # The shops in the hotel lobby are open . weekends but the exchange bureau is closed "2 Saturday. . 33 july and August, the swimming pool is open 4 8.00 18 20.00. # We regret there is no laundry service 48 Sundays. 5 Rewrite the email using the full form of the abbreviations. [ee ce ow rewt Firat Toe Actas tte Sei Nes From: | From: [ Jo: [chinaravei@iniernet com Be errarvciginienet com Subject | Contrmaton subject | Conrmaton a An: Mes Fong, China Teel actatenionol es Fong, Chine Tove! Deer's Fong Dears Fong Re your requestor Sk double rooms in August stim invtng with tes cop Rds Robert Gi nec Resorvadons Manager Reservations Manager el 0034 193 76251 a 6 Find seven more family members in the puzzle. You can read some from left to right (-9), some from top to bottom (L), and some diagonally (1). XAHXRTXLRX PXKUSSXRENY APSXTTHUXT XOBROTHERI UMAXOGAE XONMVZ JODAU sDxXTW FXSHY xcCO DRIX Unit3 Tekingroom reservations | 9 “a Taking restaurant bookings 1 Match the two ways of talking about the time. 1 [e) three fifteen a. twenty past six 2 [| eight thirty b five to five 3 [| twelveforty-five © quarter past three 4 || nineten d twenty to three 5 |_| one thirty-five e half past eight 6 |_| six twenty £ ten past nine 7 |_| four fifty-five quartertoone 8 |_| twoforty bh twenty-five to two 2 Read the text. Then make questions and responses from the prompts. ee ee omeee cu cc ee tones eeeeCr er Coe ne 42,00 for lunch and closes at 4 p.m. topes again at7 p.m. for ere eee [finish wotkat: o'clockin the Pee eer etd) reer) See as 1 Where / Steve / work? Where does Steve work? 4 What time / Steve / start work? work / restaurant / Manchester He works in a restaurant in start /10.30 Manchester, 5 When / restaurant / close? 2 when / restaurant / open? sv son close / midnight open / Tuesday / Sunday 6 When /waiters/ finish work? 3. What time / open /lunch? vr finish work / two in the morning open / 12.00 10. | Units Taking restaurant bookings 3 Lookat Steve's notes for June/July. ‘Then complete sentences 1-8, writing the dates in full. duportant dates Sunday June 23 ~ firoish work Tey une as = father birthday Friday Jane 28 Mani Manches Taeayytllay Thar July 16 — home © Saturday July (8— start atrewrjob eee eae ng Maske ESI 1 Steve finishes work on the 23rd of June. 2. His father’s birthday is 3. His brother, Alan, arrives in Manchester 4 They start their holiday 5 They finish their holiday 6 Steve starts his new job 7 The new restaurant opens 8 His first pay days Friday 4 Use the clues to find the missing 10 12 10 nl 12 M 8 N D Ww A J T T F ° J The third month of the year. (5) The frst day of the weekend. (8) The eleventh month. (8) Christmas Day is 25th.. The middle day of the week. (9) A spring month in Europe. (5) ‘The month between June and August. (4) ‘The day after Monday. (7) ‘The day before Friday. (8) ‘The weekend starts on (8) ! (6) ‘The only month beginning with the letter 0. (7) ” New Year's Dayis Ist Tenjoy the theatre, often | never go on Saturday night. He works very late He always | rarely finishes before midnight. Guests always arrive by car. ‘They often I never arrive by train. Hove coffee. {always never have it for breakfa Guests never | often book adjoining rooms for their children. ‘My brother lives in the US. always/ rarely see him. Sometimes Never study and sometimes alwe meet my friends Reception staff always/ neversay Good morning to guests. ‘The bar isn’t busy. It often / never closes early. 6 Make words from the letters in italics to complete the sentences. wer auneene Can you meet me at emithelun? lunchtisne I vreen drink alcohol. ‘We often go to Spain for a laydohi. The new bar speno on Saturday. The restaurants lufy! detoob tonight. The tuscmoer wants a table by the window. They reves dinner from 7.00 to 10.00. We have a tellacnacion for tonight. ‘My mayfil live in Tuckey. Pd like to make ¢ table noitservare, please. Unit4 Takingrestaurant bookings | 11 Giving polite explanations 1 Match the phrases to make polite explanations. Pmafraid we don't have anythinglleft for P'm sorry, the restaurant is Unfortunately, we're fully booked at 'm sorcy, there aren't any parking spaces I'm afraid we only have a bathroom Unfortunately, we're closed I'mafraid the swimming poo! I'm afraid there aren't any twin rooms left in the car park with a shower closes at eight. fall tonight. the weekend. Only doubles. the Christmas week. on Mondays Match the requests with the pictures. ‘Then write an appropriate response tothe requests. OR Se closes at 9 p.m a | 1| Room 301, please. b |] Palliketo go fora swien. © Could I book a double room: for tonight? Can I speak to Nadine in reservations, please? Ud like a parking space, please. f Do you havea table for 9.30? @ |_| Could fspeak to the manager? no answer fully booked loses at 10 p.m. 1 Em sorry. there's mo answer from 301. 4 7 Rewrite the verbs in the short form. 1 Lam I'm. 6 youarenot 11 weeannot 2 weare one 7 hereis 12 Leannot - 3 sheis “ 8 thereis 13 they donot 4 theyare 9 there isnot 14 hedoesnot 5 beisnot 10 there are not 15. we do not 12 | Unit Giving polite explanations ‘A Complete the sentences using the positive or negative short forms of the verbs in brackets. Tcl on (be) Friday today. It's Saturday. 2 ShE os ssssssnn (dO) Work on Sundays. She works Monday to Saturday. 3 Timaftaid Wesco oronsnnen (do) have any rooms left for tonight. 4 Of course, guests... (can) use the swimming pool today. $ The managet ooo... (be) in his office He's on holiday this week. 6 Here's your key. You... 7 We. (can) take table bookings for the ‘weekend, We're full on Saturday and Sunday. 8 Pmsorry, there (be) any adjoining rooms left. - (be) in room 354. 5 Read the email confirming a customer’s hotel. reservation. Then put the sentencesin the correct order. Dear Mr Russo have reserved 2 parking space in the car park for you, The room has disabled facilites. We are very pleased to confirm your reservation for a double room for three nights from 2nd March. Thank you very much for your email We look forward to welcoming youto the Oriental Palace. ‘and booked a table for twoin the restaurant for 7.30 as requested Best regards (Lucy Tan Reservations, ‘Complete the crossword using the clues below. across 1 Your phone on the move? (6,5) 3. The meal in the middle of the day. (5) Can'tin formal, written English. (6,2) ‘The opposite of refuse. (6) Saturday and Sunday. (7) 5 6 7 9 Aroom for one. (6,4) 5 10 Respond to a question. (6) Ww 11 Analternative to a shower. (4) 12 'mafiaid we're fall. We don't haven. R left for tonight. (8) own 1 Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, (3-9) 2 Say noto a request. (6) 4 When youaren’t open you're... "B 6 The children arein the. A 8 We... (6) sous Foo. (9) that we are unable to confirm ‘your reservation. (6) UnltS Givingpolite explanations | 13 Receiving guests 1 Match a word in each column to make a newnoun. 1 [a] room a card 2 [_) hair b phone 3) fitness ¢ address 4 [_) registration d nomber 5 [fax e card ) key £ hours me g centre ) opening h machine mobile i salon 2 Complete the jumbled dialogue with my, your, his, her, our, or their. a Yes, we have....2OM....... reservation, Mr Vassili, Please complete this registration card. Could I have 2 passport? b The fourth floor, OK. Thank you. We'd like to have dinner in the restaurant this evening. My wifeis meeting 3 sister here € Certainly. Carlos, please help Mrand Mrs Vassili with vou fuggage, 7 5 room number is 436. 4 That’ right, sic A parking space is reserved for three days. The car park attendant can help you. 6 name’s Michael. And here's 7 key card. ® room number is 436, fs on the fourth floor. € Good evening. My name's Stavros Vassili. You have a reservation for a double room for me and ond wife, £ Hereitis. Lalso made a reservation for a parking space for car. 8 Yes,please. A table for three. Can we have help with 1 Jugeage? fh Can I reserve you a table? 3 Now put the sentences in the dialogue in the correct order. ‘eOsO«OsOl sO 7O es 14 | Unité Receiving guests 4 Complete the flow chart of the check-in procedure. Aguest....arrives.... Vat reception, v The receptionist asks the guest's v The receptionist nomenon? the reservation. v ‘The receptionist asks the guest (0 i I the en enrnnnne The guest noes menend the ‘card including his home address, v -n8 asks for his v ‘The receptionist gives the guest iene and room number. v e The Shelps the guest with his luggage. 5 Lookat the picture. Then read the sentences and underline true or false. 1 Theshop is opposite theexchangebureau. true/false 2 Thebaris next to the restaurant. true/false 3. The cafe is in the business centre. true/false 4 The fitness centre is opposite the restaurant. true/false 5 The information desk is behind reception. true/false 6 ‘Themeetingroomison the ground floor. _true/false 7 The lifts are next to the shop. true/false 8 The cloakroom is next to the lounge. trucffalse 9 The hair salon is in the fitness centre. true/false 10 The swimming pool is on the ground floor. true/false 6 Find ten more check-in phrases in the puzzle. You can read some from left to right (),some from top to bottom (|), and some diagonally (7). XBLUGGAGEEXS ARR XA SR REX UESE OFDG SRRXS orx XDPSEE MLA CDIAXOR NLXFJAVXSIMV UITPRERXKSMXA MNXMADULPXRT BPORTERXOLTI EHYXITKARRIXO REGISTRATION Unité Receiving guests | 15 ya Serving inthe bar 1 Underline the correct form. Would yo Can Thave| Would you like two large beers, please? Could I/ Shall Teharge this to your room? Can Thave/ Would you like your key card, please? ce Shall Tice and lemon? Would you like/ Could we have sparkling or still mineral water? Shali 1} Could Thavea dry white wine and a Margarita? Could Ihave! Would you like draught or bottled beer? Can we have! Shall four drinks in the garden? 2 > Match offers 1-8 with requests a-h, t [a] what can Iget you? a Alargeone, please. 2 |_| Canthavea large whisky, please. b Sparkling or still? 3. |_| Would you like large or small? © Hereitis. 4 [_] Could thave your room number? 4A glass of red wine, please 5 [__| Shall charge this to your room? € Would you like ice? 6 [__| Would you like ice and lemon? € No,thanks.1'l pay cash 7 |_| Canthave your key card? g Ws22 8 [| CanLhavea mineral water? h Justice, please. 3 Use adjectives to describe the drinks. 4 Underline the odd one out. Some adjectives can be used more than once. L dry still sweet medium dry bottled double draught dry 2 soda tonic cocktail ginger ale large medium dry red single 3 beer brandy rum vodka small sparkling still 4 port gin sherry vermouth sweet white 5 Riesling Chablis Merlot wine D wine ond 6 orange juice bacardi mineral water coke 7 Guinness Budweiser Margarita San Miguel 2 beer 8 sparkling large small double 3. spirits 4 water 16 | Unlt7 Servinginthebar 5. Complete the dialogues using the picture prompts. 1 custome: BAR STAPF: customer: DAR STAFF: BAR STAPF: ‘CUSTOMER: AR STAPE: ‘cusTOMeER: BAR STAFF: ‘CUSTOMER: BAR STAFF: BAR STABP: custome: BAR STAFF: cusTOMER: BAR STAFE: customer: BAR STAFF: What can I get you? One large beer, and a vodka and tonic 1 please. Would you like. in the vodka? Yes, please. How much is that? > euros, please. Good evening. What can 1 get you? 4, please. Would you like 8 Dry. please. And would you like... St : Alarge one, please, How much is that? 7 euros, please. What would you like to drink? §, please Would you like Still please And Just a single, please. How much is that? 1 euros, please 2 107 6 Use the clues to find the missing drink. Vv Mineral = Water Fer 10 u 12 Mineral ‘Water A fortified wine. (8) It’s usually made in a shaker. (8) A feuitdrink. (6,5) ‘Thespirit in a Margarita. (7) San Miguel isa type of. Accolourless spit. (5) A good mixer with brandy or whisky. (6,3) Drinkit dry, medium dry, or sweet. (5.4) ‘Alemon soft drink. (8) Gin and 6) A fortified wine from Spain. (6) (4) A spirit from the Caribbean. (3) Unit7 Servinginthebar | 17 Instructions 1 Use each word once to make cocktail ingredients and equipment. temon sugar ice sauce olive juice spoon shaker cubes 1 lime Juice. 4 ice . 7 slice of 2 bar S green. 8 Worcester 3 cocktail 6 crushed 9 caster 2 Put the instructions for making a Cuba Libre in the correct order. a [_| Then pourin 1 measure of light rum. » [__) Next, garish with a tice of ime. ¢ [|__| Then fillthe glass with cola, 4 (1 | Fiest fila highball glass with ice. |__| Finally, serve with a straw, f [| Next, add the juice of halfa lime and stir well 3 Underline the correct verb. 4 Match a phrase from each column to make . cocktail ingredients. ‘Mix! Squeeze the liquids with a bar spoon Suir Squeeze some fresh lemon juice. 1 [g) adash a of caster sugar Shake Pour well to chill the liquids. Stir! Garnishwith a cherry. | three measuresof —_g_ of Angostura bitters 1 2 3. Shake/ Strain the liquid into a glass. 2 [| the juice of b of sweet vermouth 4 Fill! Skake the cocktail shaker with crushed ice 3 71 astice &agless with ice 5 Add/ Serve 1Ys measures of tequila = 6 Sere Pourthe coctlnts ls * LJ ateaspoon owed 7 Serves Chillwith a straw. 5 (_] hale A € oflime 8 Strain/ Stirwith a bar spoon. 6 |_| %ofameasure —f aalemon 9 7 0 18} Unit Instructions 5 Read the ingredients and look at the pictures. Then write the instructions for makinga Daiquiri. Y DAIQUIRI measures light rum measure lemonjuice I teaspoon caster ugar crushed ice slice oflemon 6 Complete the crossword using the clues below. ABE Yoaunen ACROSS 4: Itchills your drink. (7,3) 6 Youcan nn 4 Cocktail with cherries olives, and Jemon. (7) 7 Asum-based cocktail. (4,5) 9. Finally, stiewith a... 10 Whisky, vermouth, and bitters makea 11 The liquid of a small green citrus fruit. (4,5) =) (9) own 1. You serve a cocktail in this. (5) 2 Apopular US cocktail. (9) 3 First takea 5 Apopularteq 8 Angostura..... ~ (8,6) Units Instructions | 19 Taking a food order 1 Make words from the letters in italics to complete the menu. 2. Name the food items and add them to one of the menus. Some items are on two menus. Starter menu ‘= basil and atotmo! soup tomato ww red nonio® tart se shomurom? paté ve kucd’s4 liver paté sw slemou marinitre Breakfast menu c croissant Light lunch menu ta goat’scheese dasal Dinner menu 3 Find five more mistakes and correct them. Tick (W) the correct sentences. Would you like to order she aperitif? Vd like a Daiquiri, please Would you like to see the dessert menu? T'd like to book the table for five on Saturday evening. What's soup of the day? ‘We'd like a beer and two Cokes, please. Would you like to seea wine list? Tid like an egg sandwich and the pot of tea, please. Pilhave hal€ the bottle of Merlot, please. 10 Would you likea double ora twin room? 20. | Unit9 Takinga food order 4 Label the words: C for countable nouns, U for uncountable nouns, and C/U for nouns that can be both. beerclu tea water starter toast bread u glass of wine double whisky coffee money cocktail milk, bottle of water taxi parking space aperitif fish luggage ice time help 5 Make questions and answers using a/an or some, 1 Would you/ wine? Just glass / Chablis. 2 Would you / aperitif? Yes/ gin and tonic. 3. CanI/ change / money here? Yes. There's / exchange bureau / lobby. 4 Could we / mineral water? Would you / large bottle / small bottle? 5 Could 1/ sandwich / orange juice? Would you / ice / your orange juice? 6 Could you/ call / taxi? Certainly. Would you / help / luggage? Would you like some wine? Justa glass of Chablis, Put the sentences in the dialogue in the correct order. a |_| warren: Here's your table. Can I take your coats? b |_| man: Yes.I'dlikea whisky sour and my wife would like a vodka and tonic. ¢ [_] warren: Brezina, Table fortwo at 8 o'clock. Come this way and I'll show you to your table. @[_] man: Thankyou, € waiter: —Here’s the menu and wine list. Would you like an aperitif? f [| man: ‘Thank you. g |_| warrer: Whisky sour, vodka and tonic. Fine. And the soup of the day is French onion. h [_] man: Good evening. We booked a table for two. ‘The name is Brezina. 1] warren: Goodevening, Find ten more meat and fish words in the puzzle. You can read some from left to right (9), some from top to bottom (N), and some diagonally (71). GXOKMXIFPEXS ILRXITCRXFRUX XOBMMONKFISH PRXABOLKXVIN CXHSMXULKZBX HF ILLETSTEAK A/PAAXODXINCM LISNMUXARWIOX JJ) XBEEFASXNU BJkECOXJRXIMEX UxXEBSPXTUXLE TIOMXCHICKENO Unit 9 Takingafood order | 21 Desserts and cheese 1 Match a word in each column to make popular desserts 1 Vanilla a tart 2 |__| Blackcurrant b pudding 3 [| Creme © salad 4 | | Chocolate 4 with chocolate sauce 5 |__| Profiteroles © mousse 6 |_| Fruit f icecream 7 |_| Sommer g bralee 8 |__| French apple hi sorbet 2 Read the sentences and underline true or false, Cheddar isa hard cheese from Britain. Roquefort isa blue cheese from Italy. Manchego isa soft cheese from Spain. Doleelatte is a soft blue cheese from Italy. Gouda isa hacd cheese from the Netherlands. Danish blue isa hard cheese from Denmark. Gruyére isa hard cheese from France. Mozzatella isa soft cheese from Italy. Camembert and Brie are soft cheeses from France. Parmesan is a soft cheese from Italy. 3 Label the countries 1-10 on the map of the world. trueffalse true/false true/false true/false true/false true/false true/false true/false true/false Brazil __ France Ul pritain _] Germany italy Morocco 1 japan [| Portugal [| The United States 22° | Unit10 Desserts and cheese 4 Complete the table of countries, nationalities, and languages. Country Nationality Brazil Brazilian Language Portuguese Britain France Germany Italy italian Japan Morocco Arabic Portugal Spi The United States American 5 Complete the dialogue using some or any. Man: — Doyouhave ......42, ice cream? star: Yes. There's vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. MAN: Td like ? chocolate and vanilla, please, What about you, Kate? woman: Do you have > fresh fruit salad? star: Pmafraid we don'thave left. Would you like 5 fresh fruit instead? woman: That would be nice. Thank you. stare: Would you like § more wine? No, thanks. starr: OK. Would you like 7 coffee after your dessert? Max: — Idon’twant 4, thanks. Kate? WOMAN: An espresso, please 6 Use the clues to find the missing dessert. A small black fruit. (12) A blue cheese from Denmark. (6,4) Ahard Spanish cheese. (8) ‘The flavour of white ice cream. (7) Asmall, soft, red fruit. (9) A popular American/British dessert. (5,3) A soft cheese from France. (9) ‘The cheese used on pizzas. (10) Fresh fruit dessert. (5,5) Agood dessert for a hot day. (3,5) 10 G 7 | M v1 R al a “TM F a Unit10 Desserts and cheese | 23 Talking about wine 1 Match adjectives 1-8 with their opposites a-h. 3 Complete the table with the comparative forms of the adjectives. ~ » [a] good a unpopular 2 |] cheap » white Adjective Comparative 3 |] tight sweet cee cheaper 4 [1 smooth a bad expensive ‘more expensive s |_| dry ¢ non-sparkling ay 6 |_| sparkling f rough sweet _ 7 |_| rea & expensive smooth _ 8 |_| popular h full-bodied rough = good 2 Put the words in the correct order. bad 1 Italian /light / wine / Frascati /is /@ / white full-bodied Frascati isa light Halian white wine . iignt 2 éry/is/ white / Pinot / Grigio /wine/a maa 3. Champagne / Cava /and/ sparkling / wines / are 4 Compare the different wines using -er than, more... 4 wine /non-sparkling/ is / a / Riesling than, and not as... as. 1 French Merlot / expensive / Chilean Merlot 5 Portugal /from / Port / wine /is/a fortified French Merlot is more expensive than Chilean Merlot. 2 Champagne / famous / Cava and Sekt 6 red / full-bodied /is/a/ Merlot / wine = mo 3. Sauvignon Blanc / sweet / Pinot Grigio 7, smooth / St. Emilion /wine /is/ / Bordeaux ~ 4 St. Emilion / smooth / a cheap Bordeaux wine 8 white/is/a/ German Riesling ne meen 5 Sauvignon Blane / dry / Chardonnay 6 Chardonnay / not light / Frascati 7 Other sparkling wines / not expensive / Champagne 8 A Bordeaux wine / full-bodied / a young Beaujolais 9 A good claret / good /a cheap red wine 24 | Unit 14 Talking aboutwine 5 Answer the questions using the map. 1 Where does port come from? Pott comes rom the north of Portugal. 2 Whereis sherry produced? 3. Whereis the Rioja region? 4. Where i Bordeaux produce? : 5 Where des Resuoliscome from? 6 Where isthe Burgundy winesegion? 7 Where is Champagne produced? 8 Where does Riesling come from? 9 Where is the Chianti region? 10. Whereis Frascati produced? 6 Complete the crossword using the clues below. AcRoss 2 Arestaurant’s wine sélection. (4,4) 4 This wine tastes bad, Perhaps it’s (6) 5. St Emilion is a. eeoeorrusenee Wine, (8) 7 Thecountry where Chianti and Frascati are produced. (5) 8 The most famous sparkling wine. (9) Fe 9 Pinot Grigio isa own white wine, (3) pow ro 1 This red wine is not light, TS ncn (4-6) 3A good Bordeaux is full-bodied and » (6) 6 Apiece of paper attached to a wine bottle, with information about it. (5) 10 You serve red wine at... temperature. (4) Unit 12 Talking aboutwine | 25 Dealing with requests 1 Use Could I/ Could we to make requests from the pictures. Then underline the correct form in the response. RY 1 Guest; Cowld you order a taxi for room 234, please? sTAatF: Pllotder one/ sommestraightaway. 2 Guest STAFF: 3 Guest: stare: Ofcourse.T'l get you one/ some. A GUESTS sesormnnnn nn starr: Yes.1'll get you one/ some. 5 Guest: STAFF 6 curst: stare: Certainly. 'l send one/ some up. a | STAFE: One moment. 1'll see if there's one/ some free. ee 8 Guest: STAFE: [ll get you one/ some. 1 We don't have any bread left. Fil get some more 2 Table6 doesn't have any menus, 3 This bottle of mineral water is warm. 4 There isn't any salt om table 11 5. Some cheese would be nice. 26 | Unit412 Dealingwith requests Make responses to the sentences with I'll get some/onelanotherlsome more. 6 Myknife is dirty. 7 Excuse me. The milk is nearly finished 8 Can I sce the dessert menu? 9. Table 3 would like extra toast. 10. Mrs Kruger wants a pen for the bill. 3 Purthe sentences in the telephone dialogue in the correct order. eo oo ao € RECEPTION: sues: RECEPTION: cuest: RECEPTION: curst: RECEPTION: GuEsT: RECEPTION: Guest: Tilask housekeeping to get you some more, ‘We'd like a bottle of mineral water, two glasses, and a selection of vegetarian sandwiches. Thank you very much. In 3042 I'm very sorry.1'll speak to them straightaway. Thank you, One last thing. Can [order drinks and sandwiches from you? Reception. How can I help you? OK, Pll wait for housekeeping before I take a shower. ‘Also, 1'm sorry to complain but the people in 304 are very noisy. Certainly. 1'l send some toiletries up to your room. Thank you. And our bathroom towels are very wet, If you give me your order, I'll pass it on to room service. Hello. It’s Mrs Benet and shower gel, please? room 303. Can we have some more soap 4 Complete the words. 5 Find eleven more uncountable nouns in the puzzle. You can read some from left to right (->), some feom top to bottom (-b), and some diagonally (7) XRIXTOELEXSA LUXSCNXMRHNX XKAXIZIEXOLK GO SWATERIMXB TRAEXUNTXEFE XALUGGAGEWOX EXTIXMINCOXeP NJIXLROXKAREX XADOUNOUXKSS DXFBREADLXAT ONNXMYAIXOGE TCETHXMAYTXB Unit 12. Dealing with requests s&Y Describing dishes 1 Match the food with the ingredients. 1 [6] Pennearrabbiata a. thin slices of white bread, raspberries, and sugar 2 [_] Mixed seafood b chilli, tomatoes, garlic, basil, pine nuts, and pasta 3 [_] Hollandaise sauce ¢ egg whites, and icing sugar 4 |_| Salmon coulibiac tarragon, shallots, vinegar, dry white wine, egg yolks, butter, and saltand pepper 5 Bearnaise sauce layers of rice, onions, mushrooms, salmon, 6 Summer pudding and hard-boiled eggs in puff pastry 7 Meringues £ egg yolks, lemon juice, butter, and salt and pepper g half lobster, king prawns, scallops, and mussels 2 Answer the questions using the prompts. 1 What is ce cream made from? « creamleggs/sugar Its made from cream, eggs, and sugar. 2. What does a continental breakfast consist off + fruit juice/croissant or bread/jam/butter/coffee 3. What does the mixed seafood dish contain? + lobster/prawns/scallops/mussels 4 What doesa Margarita consist of? « tequila/tciple sec/lime and lemon juice/ice 5. What is summer pudding made from? « bread strips/raspberries/sugar 6 What vegetables does the vegetarian bake contain? « aubergines/tomatoes/onions/broccoli/mushrooms 7 What are pancakes made from? « eggs/milk/flour 8 What does the chef's salad consist of? «+ green salad/tunalolives/tomatoes 9 What's the salad dressing made from? | « olive oil/wine vinegar/mustard 10 What does the penne arrabiata consist of? « pasta/chilli/tomatoes/garlic/basil/pine nuts 1 Remove the crusts from some thin slices of white bread. The crusts are removed from some thin slices of white bread. 2 Cut each slice into three or four pieces. 28 | Unit13 Describing dishes Rewrite the instructions in the Passive for how to make a Summer pudding. | 3 4 5 Add the fruit and some of the juice to the pudding bowl 6 7 8 Put some of the bread strips around a pudding bowl, Stew the raspberries in the sugar fora few minutes. Cover the fruit with more bread strips. Pour over the remaining juice. Puta weight on top of the bow! and place it in the refrigerator. Rewrite the Passive sentences as instructions for how to lay a place setting. A clean tablecloth is put on the table. Puta clean tablecloth on the table. ‘A knife and fork are put in the plate position. A napkin is folded and placed on a side plate A dessert spoon and fork are brought with the dessert menu. ‘A wine glass is placed above the soup spoon position. Salt and pepper are put in the centre of the table A flower arrangement and a candle are placed by the salt and pepper. Use the clues to find the missing wine, perfect with seafood. ‘| A shellfish starter. (8) ‘The waiter brings this and removes the meat fork. (4,4) This large shellfish changes colour when cooked. (7) ‘A good light sauce for fish. (11) This fish dish is usually served as a starter. (6,6) Another piece of cutlery for eating fish. (4.5) A popular royal shellfish for starters and main courses. (4.5) ‘A sauce often served with cod. (6) Unit13 Describing dishes | 29 ‘V4 Dealing with complaints A Match the pictures with the adjectives. a empty © corked b tom £ oft © overcooked g undercooked ¢ full fh flat ee i 2 Complete the complaints with the best answer. 1 You've given us the.....#70"8.. rooms. Weasked for adjoining doubles. a bad b right ¢ wrong d-good 2 Sorry, this bread is really a stale beh good flat 3 Thisis room 409, Our bathroom is absolutely... a unmade filthy —¢ dirty d- dusty 4 These vegetables ae really. They have no tasteatall. a new b vinegary ¢ cold di tasteless 5. Excuse me. I can't eat this soup- it’s too. a warm b tasteless ¢ say flat 6 Areyou the reception manager? One of your staff was very to me today. a rude b friendly ¢ bad 4 dirty 7 The TV in our roomis. a dusty b fall ¢ broken d torn 8 This meat isso. thant’ dificult to cut a tasteless b tough cold — stale 9 Our rooms very because of the street traffic. We can'tsl a full bdiny chord noisy 10 This wine tastes think its corked. a vinegary —b salty € tasteless d flat 3 Match responses aj with the complaints in exercise 2. a [3] Pmvery sorry. I'l speak to housekeeping straight away. > |_| I'msorry. Pll speak to the wine waiter who wil replace it for you. 30 | Unit14 Dealing with complaints © [__| Umsorry. Can I get you a salad instead? « £ [| ’msorry, Would you like to choose another soup? g |_| Umsorry.Plget you some fresh beead. h |_| Tcan move you toa room at the back of the hotel i [__] Ido apologize. Pll speak to the person concerned. j Um sorry. I'll speak to the chef. Would you like something else? 4 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the Past Simple tense. 1 They....27dered.... (order) a bottle of red wine. 2 The Waitress. ncnrsennnon (Open) the boule of champagne. 3 The waiter (take) their order. 4 The guests (arrive) at 10 p.m. 5 The restavrant manager chef about the complaint. 6 The manager (speak) to the (look into) the complaint about his staff 7 The receptionist. the new guests. 8 The guests... 9 The guest 10 They at8 pm. 11 They. 12 The bar server shaker, (smile) at ~~» (leave) after breakfast ~ (give) the waiter her key card, (ceserve) a table for dinner (meet) their friends after work, (shake) the cocktail 6 Complete the crossword using the clues below. ‘0 ga 5 Complete the letter with the verbs in the Past Simple tense. sive receive notbe notwant book be wait speak take arrive make complain Dear Sir/Madam | would ike to complain about the recent poor service whieh |... Feceived.... at your hotel. When we. 2 on Saturday afternoon, ‘ourroom. 3 ready for us. Then the receptionist een us the wrong room without a balcony or shower. She. s to change the roam for us but insisted. w»6 a table for dinner when --.7 ourroom reservation but we 8 more than half an hour for a table. ‘The waiter. .9 our order and we then waited ‘another thirty minutes for our food. The food was not good. The meat... .-.10 tough and the vegetables watery and overcooked. | 1 to the waiter and then Vann -!2 with the restaurant manager, ‘who was unsympathetic. Jemain an unhappy customer, ‘Yours faithfully ACROSS 4 No taste atall. (9) 6 Really dirty. (6) 7 Meat that is difficult to eat. (5) 11 Wine that is too old. (8) 12 Too much salt. (5) 13 Too much Hi. (6) 14 The opposite of polite. (4) own 1 Cooked for too long. (10) 2 Covered in dust. (5) 3. Green beans can be like this. (7) 5 Champagne with no sparkle. (4) 8 Another word for loud. (5) 9 Not working. (6) 10 Certainly not fresh. (5) Unit14 Dealingwith complaints | 31 LY Jobs and workplaces 1 Look at the pictures. Then complete the Leon sentences with jobs, and responsible toor hotel manager Leon 1 Leon is the hotel manager. responsible for. 2. Heis responsible for ait the staff. Rachel Mai Max reception manager housekeeper head chef 1 | @ — deksa) attendants chef chef partie chefs(3) porters( Rachel Mai Max 5 Radel ee 7 Maiis........ TL Maxis... aoa 4 Sheis responsible to 8 the hotel 17 the kitchen ee Sse ian ras manager. staff. Sag pectect the front = “ 13 i the head chef. office staff. housekeeping staff. 14 Theyare the sous 6 They area cashier, three 10 Theyare a athe perramrimimmamanmse CRD and room... _ _. chef, the chef clerks, de partie, three ANd thE enna chefs, and two kitchen 2 Match the jobs with the responsibilities. yon 1 [| reception manager a 2 [_| restaurant manager b 3 |_| housekeeper ¢ 4 |__| head chef d 5 [_] cashier ¢ 6 |_| receptionist f 7 [_| reservationsclerk g 8 |_| porter b 9 || voomattendants i 10 |_| pastry chef j 11 || commis chef k 12 __ | kitchen porter 1 RESPONSIBILITY menus and the kitchen luggage front office guests’ questions and requests baking bread and croissants bedrooms and linen helping the sous chef the restaurant staff rotas reservations by phones and email money and bills, preparing vegetables cleaning rooms and making beds 32 | Unlt415 Jobs and workplaces 3 Complete the sentences with this/that or these/those. 1 Right This. menu here is today's menu. 2. Lookat this menu. 3 4. 5 6 ‘Those on are the dishes I want you to prepare. ’s tomorrow's menu over on the board. are tomorrow's dishes over there. desserts here are ready for the dining room. ‘worktop aren't finished yet. 7 Could you pass me. 8 M"bserve bottle? The one on the shelf. dishes here if you take 9 Here you are, sir, 10. Excuse me. Who are is today’s lunch menu people over there? 4 Complete the sentences with the best answer. 1 Put the dirty plates into the a cupboard bin You use a a blender b whisk dishwasher © blender tomake meringue knife When you make a tart you cook it in the 2 deep fryer b grill Eggs are boiled on the a grill French fries are cooked in the b frying pan a oven D oven © oven ¢ hob © deep fat fryer ‘We make soup using the liquid in the a stockpot Food is kept warm under the b heat lamps @ oven t Each chef has their own a cupboard ‘The waiters make toast in the. b toaster a gril The kitche a sharpen b oven -n porters. b wash » blender ¢ refrigerator ¢ gril © worktop cc heatJamp di dishwasher d sieve 4 frying pan d_ saucepan 4 food processor 4 saucepan hob d_ work station d blender the kitchen knives every day. © dean d cut 5 Find nine more pieces of kitchen equipment or kitchenware in the puzzle, You can read some from left to right (-9),some from top to bottom (.)), and some diagonally (A). STOCK PODN RG@TOCKPOTNO E FOA> Ramon ms ee ee res s > xe Oz A x L L K Y x A M x F U MOOR mMAmM es P mms yruraoen A xoRZE wseac 40 Unit 15 Jobs and workplaces N ° x D x wee 33 Zmu-s0 zo tap ‘{) Explaining and instructing 1 Complete the sentences with the correct verb. 3 Now put the instructions in the 1 Wehave tojulienne the carrots and... HP... the onions correct order. at b prepare ¢ chop di break Brit IL 2 Thekitchen porters the potatoes before boiling them. aslice strain c beat d pour 4 Use each verb once to complete the 3 You have to. the broccoli and cauliflower into florets room attendant’s instructions before boiling, empty clean strip a prepare b fold stir d break replace open chetk 4 the egg whites together to make meringue. put make a whisk —b cut blend d stir take clean and dust 5 the sauce to stop it sticking to the pan. 1 Open... the windows. awhip sti —¢ break — dd beat > the beds 6 the cream to make a topping for the desserts. 3 the dirty linen in a beat b blend cc whip d stir the laundry bag. 7 ow the Fruit and chop it into pieces to makea fruit salad. 4 clean sheets and ascrape b peel c slice = d cut pillow cases from the trolley. 8 the meat thinly and put it on the plates. 5 the beds. awhip —b prepare c scraped slice 6 the room. 9 Thekitchen staff always. their hands in the hand basin 7 the bathroom aclan — b wash —¢ dry sweep 8 all the bins. 9 the toilet 10 The kitchen porters and wash the floors every day. erouerries in the bathroom. a sweep b make ¢ dust —_d prepare 10 snow the minibar lights, 2 Match the instructions with the pictures. and electrical equipment, 1 [b) Steain the past to colander. 2 |_| Boil large pan of water: 3 [__] Add the sauce and serve immediately. 4 |_| Boil for7or8 minutes until the pasta is al dente 5 [_] Add saltand a dash of oil to the water. =. 6 [__| Put the pasta in the boiling water 34 | Unit 16 Explaining and instructing 5 Make sentences with mustn't or don't/doesn't have to. L Guests / pay for the car park Guests don't have to pay for the car park, 2 You / overcook the vegetables 3. Guests / check out until 12 noon 4 Akiko / work on Thursdays. It'sher day off. 5. Staff/ wash their hands in the food preparation sinks 6 Room attendants / change the towels every day 7 Staff/ smoke in the kitchen 8 Staff /be rude to customers 9. The kitchen porters/ scrape the new potatoes LO Reception staff'/keep guests waiting 6 Complete the text with must or have to. /2aB1€ AND DIRK Workin thekitchen. They ‘every morning. Also, they 2 chop onions and peelcarrots. They 3 wash their hands in the hand basin before touching food. They day andthey 5 cleanthe bins regularly. They. Srememberto putthe rubbish in the correct bins for food or general rubbish, 4 wash the kitchen floors every " AND PETRA are room attendants. They 7 make the beds and clean the rooms every day. They Sreplace the bathroom toiletries and they 9 check the minibarand the light bulbs. They... 10 ‘rake sute that everything in the bathroom is very clean. 7 Use the clues to find out how clean the kitchens and bathrooms must be. ‘The pastry chef uses this to roll out pastry. (7,3) Useful for making meringue. (7,5) ‘Another word for kitchen tools (8) Shampoo, shower gel,soap, and toothpaste are Strain your vegetables in this. (8) Kitchen porters put this in the bins. (7) H R Kitchen staff must always wash their hands in this. (4,5) Guests sometimes leave these on the bathroom floor. (6) (10) aN awe wn Fi Unit 16 Explaining and instructing | 35 Taking telephone requests 1. Match a phrase in each column to make room service requests. 1 [B) Coffeeand cheese a 2 |_| Acontinental b 3 [] Ati « 4 |__| Two beefburgers d sO ‘oO 7LJ a |_| Two more Abottle of French Merlot € Apotofteaforthree Some fresh towels g h pillows for room 34. and three wine glasses. and some pastries. for the bathroom in 167. forsp.m. and some French fries, sandwiches for two breakfast for one. 2 Complete the sentences with of need. the correct form 1 Housekeeping ....!@€#5".__. service all the rooms. 2 MrDelporte a parking space. 3 He park his car in the car park, 4 Room34 two more pillows. 5 Theduty manager the complaint. 6 The guests 7 Reception for room 721. 8 Thehotel booking. 9 Thelittle boy 10 Tables and of sparkling mineral water. follow up ataxifor6 p.m. order the taxi confirm the a doctor. abottle cefill repair change dry clean ' 2 3 4 5 6 7 @ 9 0 1 wash clean answer make iron/press empty The skirt needs dry cleaning, 36 | Unit 17 Taking telephone requests 4 Make responses to the requests. 1. Where can I geta haircut? «= hair salon / opposite reception There'sa hair salon opposite reception. 2 What time does the salon close? + close/5 p.m, 3 Where can I change some money? + exchange bureau / ground floor 4. Where can I change my flight? + travel agency / next door to hotel 5 [need my svit cleaned. «+ send housekeeping / your room 6 Where can} get theatre tickets? «+ ask / doorman / theatre-booking service 7 My wife is feelingill. She needs a doctor. + call one / immediately 8 Can you get mea taxi to the airport? + order one / straightaway 5 Complete the crossword using the clues below. ACROSS Down 4 Atasty bread starter. (6,5) 6 Non-alcoholic drink. (4,5) 1 Deep-fried potato sticks. (6, 5) 2 Many restaurants speci ize in this Italian dish. (5) 8 Thisis good to eat on hot day. (3,5) 3. A popular US fast food. (4, 6) 10 Espresso, latte, or cappuccino. (6) § Two pieces of bread with food between them. (8) 11 China, Indian, herb, orfruit.(3) 7 Ameal made fromeggs. (8) A! 13 A drink made with fresh fruit. (5,5) ‘snack for a sweet tooth.(6) 9 A liquid dish. (4) Unit 17 Taking telephone requests Taking difficult phone calls 1 Underline the correct verb. 1 Do you speak /talk English? a [| necerttow 2 Ididn’t spell/catch your name. >] woman: 3. Did you say ftell K for Kilo? .n cepriow 4 Could you speak up /talk down, qe ° d WOMAN: please? Lo 5 Pmsorry,lcan't listen /hearyou, € __| RECEPTION: 6 We get /havea very bad line f | womaw: 7 Can you say/ spell that for me, B | RECEPrrow: please? 8 Could you repeat /speak WOMAN! that, please? RECEPTION. 9 Can you speak /say more slowly? 10 Can you speak /say those WOMAN dates again? RECEPTION: woman: RECEPTION! WOMAN RECEPTION: 2 Put the sentences in the telephone dialogue in the correct order. Brett. Could you spell that for me, please? It’s 0041 962 4035. Yes, madam. When isit for? Hello. Yd like to make a reservation. I'm sorry, could you repeat the date please? No, I didn't. [said B.B for Bravo. Thank you. Your reservation is made. Would you please confirm ia writing by fax or email? BRETT. OK. Thank you. So, the 18th to the 23rd of August, a family room. What name sit, please? It’s Bret. Mrand Mrs Brett, and our child Good morning, Coral Beach Hotel. Can I help you? I said from the 18th of August Sorry, did you say P-R...? It's for five nights from the 18th of August. ‘family room, please. B for Bravo. I see. And could Thave a contact number? 3B Use letters 1-15 to complete the correct phone code. (Check the ‘Telephone alphabet on page 110 of the Student’s Bookif necessary.) ‘Then practise saying them, Peres] = (] ike :ngo lute) . be oe 7 fr [) .comeo onnOtel [mJ Pe \Ps]Pe) 9 fe ome Pa Pa Jf | 38° | Unite Taking difficult phone calls 4 Make questions and short answers. 1. Mrs Brett / reservation / by email? (No) Did Mrs Brett make a reservation by email? No, she didn’t, 2. Mrs Brett /leave / contact number? (Yes) 3. Mrs Brett /reserve/ single room? (No) 4 the Ronaldos / order / breakfast for two? (Yes) 5 they// book / table for 12.30? (No) 6 Valerie / offer /a discount? (Yes) 5 Rewrite the sentences in the negative. 1 They arrived last night. They didn’t arrive last night. 2. Heconfirmed his reservation in writing. 3 Reception gave room 501 the message. 4 Room 222 paid their bill last night. 5. The hotel included breakfast in the special offer. 6 She spoke to the duty manager. 7 The head chef made all the main courses and desse 8 He reserved a parking space with his booking, Use the table to calculate the answers to the questions. Tariffperroom per night Toomtype night Sat/Sun 3-6nights 7 nights + nights) Double €100 «160 €80 €70 Family _-€130—«-€200—=S€90 €80 Single €80 €130€70 65 Suite -€180——€280— 150 e140 How muchis.. €210 1 asingle room for 3 nights? 2. adouble room for Monday and Tuesday night? 3. asuite for Saturday and Sunday night? 4 family room for 10 nights? 5 asuite for 3 nights? 6 adouble room for Friday to Sunday night? 7 asingle room for | night? 8 a family room for Saturday to Monday night? 7 Find ten more telephone terms in the puzzle. You can read some from left to right (->), some from top to bottom (>), and some diagonally (1) BATTERYHXSBXN XIMXRANAWXUIU AXDRXIPNXUSRM VIUXYEXDAXYEB XBMEXTASXITCE YOKXRXPESMOHR INTERNATIONAL CALUVXYUPBERX XFRXHOPYRIXGE BXJLSXHFALDEX WHEXHLOXTEDXO DIALLINGTONEL XPRAXTECCXIAN Unit 18 Taking difficult phone calls, sf) Health and safety at work 1 Look at the pictures and complete the sentences about Bruno's bad day. 2 1 When Bruno arrived at work this morning he fell on floor... and hurt bis bag of potatoes and the slippery He picked up a strained his 3. He took salt from the and found ‘twas caustic soda, 4 He. his nen OM the food slicer. S He ran forthe when the went off, and fell over some boxes. 6 He in the restaurant and injured his 7 He got a nasty electric froma faulty ~~. Poor old Bruno went home! 40 | Unit19 Health and safety at work Match the health and safety regulations a-g with the pictures in exercise 1 a [2] When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees and don't strain your back. b [__] Always put the guard in place before using the food slicer ¢ [_] Clean kitchen floors regularly. d |__ Replace damaged carpets. e |_| Reep fire exits dear at alt simmes £ |__| Replace old and faulty equipment. __| Don’t store cleaning products with food. Complete the table of adjectives and adverbs. ‘Adverbs 1 careful carefully politely quietly 14 regular 15 seriousty 16 slow 4 Correct the mistakes in the sentences. 1 Please close your door qisiet late at night. quietly 2. Room 356 would like their bill immediate. 3. The chef makes freshly bread every morning, 4. The staff work very hardly in the busy season. 5 The Coral Beach isa well hotel 6 Bruno works very fastly in the kitchen 7 Staff must speak polite to guests. 8 Jowas very patiently with the elderly guests. 9. He checked the guest list careful. 10 The fire alarms are tested regular. 5 Rewrite the sentences using adverbs. 1 Stefanois a very quick worker. Stefano works very quickly. 2 He'sa good cook She's careful driver. 4. He'saslow worker. We havea regular test drill. 6 He gavea serious talk about health and safety. Reception staff always give polite answers to guests. 8 The cashier asked the man for immediate payment. 6 Use the clues to find a useful person in an emergency. You need this to break down a door a fire. (4,3) 2 Theway out in an emergency. (4,4) 3 Leave the building when you hear this. (4,5) 4 Afire equipment for asmall ire. (12) ‘You can cover a fire with this. (4,7) is useful ‘The chief and his team. (4,7) A practice for an emergency. (4,5) : F LO: 2 F | 3 FE 71 4 E s[F 6 7 T 8 F i 9 $ 10 w Hotels must have these doors. (4,5) Avvseful bucket for kitchen fires. (4,¢ A fire-fighting shower. (5,9) Unit19 Health and safety atwork | 41 Giving directions indoors 1 Read the text and answer the questions. 2 Read the directions and underline the correct word or phrase initalics. ‘© Take the lift f0/ for! the top floor. Walk / Turn? right out of the lift and the conference suites on / in3 your right *# Goacross/ down4 the lobby. Go under! through’ the door. Take} Turn left and go up/ down? the stairs to the basement. bcs von + Te’s in/on8 the ground floor opposite inside? the litt W + Take/ Go" the liftto the fourth floor. When you go 3 into/ come otof"! the lift, turn take!? right and Sao sara room 420is at/on youre Sen or ere eens + Walk past/ along!4 the corridor, turn right atthe end shops, and guest lounges are all on the ground floor. Sey basemen. The 250 bedrooms are located on floors one and theliftsare in front of you, ee rrr at the top 5 of the corridor. Go across / past'6 the stairs pero = ‘Complete the sentences with the correct item lightbulbs drawers hangers 1 Where's the restaurant? bedding _welcamefolder trouser press shaver point pillows shel Its 01 the ground floor. 2 What's on the top floor? 1 If guests are cold at night there is spare bedding in the wardrobe, 2 Thereare in the wardrobe for guests to put their clothes on. 3. Which floor is the bar on? e's -onference suite? 4 Where's the conference suite 3 There's spare blanket on the ‘in the wardrobe. 4 There ae also two spare in the wardrobe. 5 Where are the guest lounges? 6 What's in the basement? at's ia the basement 5. The room attendant checks all the in the cabinet. 6 They also check the in the bedside lamps. 7 Which floors are the bedrooms on? 's the Fitness centre? . 8 Where's the Btness centre 7 The has information about the hotel and the surrounding area. 8 Some rooms havea for guests’ trousers. 9 There’sa in the bathroom for electeie shavers. 42. { Unit20 Giving directions indoors 4 Lookat the pictures of Lyn and Petra checking the room and complete the sentences. 1 Lymischecking the .. hangers, 5S. Lynis checking the welcome 9 For the turn-down service, Petra is in the wardrobe. folding back the 2 Petras checking the 6 Petra is checking the 10 Lynisclosing the in the bedside lamps. 3 Petrais checking the spare 7 Petrais setting the bedding on the wardrobe 8 Lynis polishing the 4 Lyn islooking in the ofthe cabinet. 5 Complete the crossword using the clues below. ACROSS fe 3 Hotel reception is on the F (6.5) fs | 4 Thisis essential in winter. (7) 5 Atall cupboard for clothes. (8) H ] 8 Thesoft part of thebed. (8) 10 This floor is under the ground floor. (8) ral T L 11 Goup or down in this. (4) fo: | bows Ps 1 Walk along these to the rooms (9) 2 Guests check in at reception in the 3) 6 The room attendants check all the light -(5) 1 7 A floor-covering. (6) 9 Walk up and down these. (6) 5 T Ry Unit 20 Giving directions indoors | 43 yae Giving directions outside ‘F Use each ward once to complete the text. [theatres underground cinema travel allway station museums gallery bus station outside 2 Lookat the pictures and write the different ways ‘you can teavel een To .....£fa¥el......laround the city and to visit places 2the city, you can takea bus from the : 3 TIE aennonennnnnc is really quick for city centre travel. The oer Shas trains to all parts of the country as well as international services. In the evenings you can see the latest films atthe 6 and if you prefer play or a show there are three or four. 7. There are alot of interesting. 8 which explain our history, and i€you like art thereis a wonderful _---r~ssan-9 which has pictures by Matisse, Picasso, and the French impressionists. 3. Underline the correct prepositions Take the bridge over acrossthe motorway. 1 2 You can park directly inside / outside the hotel 3 Get on inthe train at Kings Cross and get (o/ off at Waverley. 4 Don’t turn left or right. Go straight on right on, 5. Walk down the street next fo/ towards the museum, 6 Go up/ along the hill and turn right at the top. 7 The cinema is just across / opposite the road from the hotel The bus station is in/ on the other side of the square. 44 | Unit24. Giving directions outside 4 Use the underground map to give the directions. 1 Excuse me. How do I get from A to F? Take the Black line two stops south to E. Change onto the Blue line and go one stop east Excuse me, How do I get from B to G? 3 Excuse me, How do [ get from C to H? 4. Excuse me. How do I get from A to BY 5 Excuse me. How do I get from H to A? Black line White tine 5 Read sentences 1-8. Then underline true or false 6 Find nine more London tube stations in the puzzle. for the town or city where you are studying. You can read some from left to right (>), some from bettom ), and some diagonal) ). 1 There’san underground train system. truelialse top tobattom (), gonally (7). 2 There's square outside the busiest true/false KX A@BONDSTREET)X railway station NIRVXSSMIUTROV 3 ‘There's a theatre near your school true/false INOLGOTXEWQUTO oreellege GBINRXSSATUMOX 4 The largest hotel isin the centee. rveffalse NP LCCADILLYANE 5 There's river,and at least onebridge true/false you can go over on foot TKIXCIRCUSDRIO 6 These are more than fivemuseums. true/false SLASXORABMXBOR 7 The quickest way to get to the teuelfalse BXYITIXYOUPLXD airport is by taxi RAMCXOBAKEREUC 8 Thecheapest way togettothenext true/false IX] PPSTREETAXI big city or town is by bus DVXROTXATRXRER GGREENPARKACXC EMAXDOWXLARHFU CANARYWHARFXUS Unit 21 Giving directions outside y¥4 Facilities for the business traveller 1 Make two lists of the services and facilities for ‘A BUSINESS TRAVELLERS @ ALL TRAVELLERS, A (Business travellers), and B (All travellers), = printer sev wana Stellite TV. printer satellite 1V room service aL * " fax babysitting pay-perviewfiims, wed “ email photocopier —_video conferencing oon a broadband swimming pool multi-line phones 7 . laundry carhire 2 Match requests 1-8 and offers a-h. 1 | T'd like some shirts washed. a Yes, We have 24-hour room service. 2 [__) Iwantto send a fax b There's TV Internet access in your room. 3 [_] Inced to make a copy of a document, ¢ P'llsend the laundry service to your room, 4 |_} Weldlike our children looked after this evening 4 Thephotocopier isin the business centre on 5 |_| Ineed to print out some documents from my laptop. eepround Tone 6 |_| Where can get Internet acces? ¢ Task our babysitting service to contact you. 7 [_] Can getsomeahing oct in the middle ofthe night? is Screamer 8 |__| Ineed to check my email quickly. g Come and use broadband in the business centre, ‘There's a printer in our business centre. 3 Use each word once tolabel the equipment. printer digital projector {aptop screen ‘microphone shotocopier Rip chart T/monitor 46 | Unit 22 Facilities for the business traveller 4 Match the phrases to make sentences. 1 [€] Thehotetis fully booked atthe weekend so twas only atest drill 2 [_] The fire alarm went offat 7.m. but bb theprinter and copier are in the business centre. 3 [__] Theconference delegates arrive at 6 p.m. so we can't take any more bookings. 4 [__] Both the fitness centre everything must be ready by then. 5 |_| Theywanted to book the meeting rooms but € they didn't want accommodation. 6 You can send emails from your room but f sowe sent her an information pack. 7 Both the large mecting room g and the swimming pool close at 10 p.m. 8 The customer requested information about our hand the banqueting room hold 500 people. conference centre 5. Underline the correct words in 6 Use the clues to find an important business presentation facility. italics to complete the email. ‘You use this to put information onto a large screen. (9) 1 2 You can make copies of paper documents with this machine. (11) 3° What does www stand for? (5,4,3) pest ceiMedon 4 Messages that are sent via the Internet. (6) Rivectycuitanetnengs 5. High-speed data lines use... connections. (9) in Prague next September. 6 Toprintout adocument you need a ” Linden lili rion 7 Face-to-face meeting via the Internet. (5,10) are ioe dotegatoet 8 Weaccess the World Wide Web Via the cco vn-n (8) 9 Printers, copiers, and fax machines are in the hotel Please advise / tell? mere the availabilty of dates and send me your conference / . centre. (8) ‘meeting? information pack. 10 Youcan find information about the hotel on ” Rogerde A Dobbs 1 [Ir Conference organizer Le T : > Iw ttlrPpt_trtrtd 4 3 | 1 7([v 1 8 9 B 10 = [w Unit 22 Facilities forthe business traveller | 47 yx Offering help and advice 1. Match the sentences with the pictures. 2. Complete the sentences with the Present mH Perfect tense of the verbs in brackets. 2) Thelittle boy has earache. Use short forms if appropriate. = has cut his finger on a knife. b |_| Thekitchen porter has cut his finger om a nif 1 ‘The group from Japan .2YE just ¢ |_| Theroomattendant has hort her ankle arcived (arrive) on the stair: __, onihestaiss 2 Lynand Petra just d [_] Themanhasabad stomach ache. servicing the rooms. Finish) ¢ |_| Thegirlhasa temperature. 3 Thechef here for about £ |] Joanne has filled in an accident report form. tem years. (work) g |_| Thewoman has injured her leg a1 in the city all may if. (live) ‘|_| The first aider has puta plaster on the cut, 5 The group from Germany yet. (not check in) 6 anybody. my pen? (see) 7 The guest in room 442 his ill yet. (not pay) 8 Mr Lee from 209 none jUSt the stairs! (fall down) 9 The new guests their passports to reception yet. (not give) 10 She .. just her hand ‘on the slicer! cut) 3 Underline the correct form of the verb. 1 He started / has started work at ten o'clock 2. Did you eat / Have you eaten anything yet today? 3 After he fainted, she gave/ has given him a glass of water. 4. Yesterday one of the kitchen porters cut /has cutis hand badly, 5 Last week he buritt/has burnt his arm on the hob. 6 Mary, come quickly! Mr Becks fell/has fallen over in his room. 7 Did youcall/ Have you called an ambulance yet? 8 [called /have called a doctor five minutes ago. 9 Lfell/ have fallen off my bike on Tuesday. 10 I didn’t see/ haven't seen the nurse yet. 48 | Unit23 Offering help and advice ‘4 Match sentences 1-8 with the advice in a-h. | TthinkT have flu. fel terrible a. We should call the fie brigade. It looks serious. ‘Someone has stolen my handbag. + You should spend the day in bed. [__| There's smoke coming out of that building. ¢ Youshould buy her some flowers. He has really bad toothache. 4d He should seea dentist. Do you think it's going to rain? You should go to the police station. eel faint. (_} Iwas late for work today. ‘What can I give my mother for her birthday? ‘You should arrive on time tomorrow. You should sit down for a minute. Yes, I do. You should take an umbrella. 5 Put the sentences in the dialogue in the correct order. {_] case: One of the waitresses has burnt her hand on the coffee machine. a b [_] many: Yes.1'l get my first aid kit. cc [|_| mee: Yes,of course. P've just come off duty so T have time to take her. 4 [_] many: Letmelookat it first. Can you take her to the hospital fits a bad burn? e [1] cwar: Mary, you're the first aider. We need you in the kitchen. ¢ [| many: Right. Tel her to put her hand in cold water, roe [_] cutee: Do you think she needs a doctor? [_] many: Why? What's happened? cer: OK.'lltellher, Can you come now? 6 Complete the crossword using the clues below. ora 5 ACROSS 2 You often get this common illness in winter.(1, 4) 4 With this illness you feel hot, cold, and full of A aches and pains. (3) N 6 This person looks after you in hospital. (5) 7 Apainin one of your teeth. (9) KS 8 Apainin your head. (8) 10 Ifyou havea health problem, you need to see this person. (6) 11 Heat, illness, or pain may make you do this. (5) own 1 Yougeta _- when you touch something very hot. (4) 3 With this illness you need to visit the toilet regularly. (9) 5 A.common illness where breathing is difficult. (6) 9 This person checks your teeth. (7) Unit23 Offering help and advice | 49 yZ% Dealing with problems 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb. 1 The floor in room 452 hasn't been cleaned a isn'tcleaned b hasn't clean € hasn't been cleaned 2 Thebed.... a isn'tdone b hasn't been made ¢ hasn't made 3 The towels. a haven't been changed b haven't changed © aren’ changed 4 Room 261’sshirts yet from the laundry. a hasn'tarrived back b haven'tarrivedback —¢ aren't arrived back 5. The shower a haven't been fixed —b hasn't fixed hasn't been fixed 6 The bedside lamp bulbs a hasn't replaced 6 haven’tbeen replaced ¢ hasn't been replaced 7 The air-conditioning in room 306 : haven't fixed a haswtbeen fixed —b hasn't fixed c 8 The waste bin a isn't emptied b hasn’temptied ¢ hasn't been emptied 2 Write which member of staffis responsible for solving problems 1~ room attendant porter maintenance man housekeeper service engineer 50 | Unlt24 Dealing with problems 3 Rewrite the sentences in the Passive. 1 The room attendant should have cleaned the room. The room should have been cleaned this morning. ‘The porter should have taken up the luggage. ‘The receptionist should have passed on the message The laundry should have sent back the shirts. Maintenance should have fixed the shower. Housekeeping should have replaced the toiletries. ‘The service engineer should have repaired the TV. Reception should have given him a non-smoking room... — 4 Match problems 1-8 with solutions a-h. 1 [b}) My room smells of smoke. a T'llask the porter to bring it up straightaway. 2 [_| Ieanttsleep with the traffic noise. b Til move you to a non-smoking room immediately 3. [_] My room hasn’t been serviced today. ¢ ['laskhousekeeping to bring you some fresh ones. 4 [_] I didn't receive my wake-up call 6 Pmsorry. Pll look into it for you. 5 [__] Thetoilet in ourbathroom is blocked, ¢ Would you like to move toa quieter room at the back 6 | _} Ourwet towels haven't been changed. ofthe hotel? F Pllsend someone up with new light bulbs. [__] Our tuggage hasn’t arrived in our room yet. g I'llask the maintenance man to come up straightaway, 8 [_} Thebedside lights aren’t working by I'll inform housekeeping and ask them to attend to it immediately 5 Find nine more items usually found in hotel rooms in the puzzle. You can read some from left to right (>), sorae from top to bottom (‘), and some diagonally (7). TROUSERPRESSXRT XMAERXSTBEXOSUX FLOWERSXUDONXOA REXLYORSXAVENOC UTREXTSCREXENDE TWRITINGPAPERAX TXLITIXAPXWIH(s|OL BRUXINCXKLLX/EINO OXI VZRXREQUOlWI x WENVELOPESXNITIDH LONWXDFXEKLXIN|EE PXODTEXYLJE SIGINX SHOECLEANING/K/IT STXLANCXTEBX/I|TE ZEBRXNBYDXST|TJEX Unit 24 Dealingwith problems | 51 yLY Paying bills 1 Use each phrase oncetocomplete 2 Underline the correct form of the verb. the sentences. cash receipt, Visa payment creditcard VAT debitcard company vouchers Mastercard traveller's cheques 1 Most hotels accept ..pavment by credit card. 2 onsnsmnnmnn Customers have up to fifty days to pay their card company, 3 payments are taken directly from the customer's bank account. 4 wom and are two of the most widely-used ceedit cards. 5 People don't usually carrylarge amounts of on holiday. 6 can soon be replaced if they are lost or stolen. 7 Inbusiness travel, the _. usually pays for the room and meals. 8 Business travellers need a for their accounts department. 9 is usually included in hotel bills. 10 Travellers sometimes have pre- paid soon for their accommodation. 52. | Unlt25 Paying bills 1 Mary works /is working asa receptionist. At the moment she checks in / is checking in some new guests. 2 Mrs de Canio leaves is leaving for the airport. She always pays is paying her bill by credit card, Business travellers usually pay/ are paying with their company credit card, ‘The bus for the airport leaves! is leaving every 20 minutes. ‘The chef prepares is preparing the main courses for today’s lunch, ‘The sous chef helps /is helping him. 6 The German group leaves is leaving now. Guests usually check out/ are checking out before 10 a.m. 7. First, the guest signs /is signing the Visa slip, and then the cashier gives! is giving her a copy of the bill. 8 The restaurant serves/ is serving lobster today. They usually serve are serving it once a week. 3 Replace the words in italics with object pronouns. a Sylvie gave theman.....him____ Uhis bill and he gave Sylvie _Phis credit card. She handed the man 3 the Visa slip and asked the man 40 sign the slip. aes He thanked Sylvie. Soran enjoyable stay. The kitchen porters peeled the potatoes and put the potatoes 7 in the saucepan. ‘Then they filled the saucepan no with water and put the saucepan 9 onthe hob, Next, the chef asked the kitchen porters .oo-mnnmn-¥0 to prepare the ‘green beans. € Thehotel apologized to my wife and I 11 for the mistake They said the mistake 2 was because of a computer fault. They gave my wife and I 13 a bottle of champagne and some flowers and offered my wife and Dooor-nn---M4a discount on our bill 4 Write the names of the countries represented in the Pictures. Then match them with the currencies. Australia China India Japan Mexico Russia South Africa Thailand The uk yen pounds dollars roubles rand yuan renminbi rupee baht peso 5. Put the sentences in the correct order to make a dialogue between a waiter and a customer. WAITER Here's your bill, sir. [7] b [__] Here's your credit card receipt and your VAT receipt. Thank you very much. ¢ [_] Yes. The total shows a 10% service charge. 4 (__| Certainly, si. Could you sign here, please? e [_] Yes. Mastercard is fine. £ [_] Thank you. Good evening. ‘We hope to see you again. customer: g [_] Right. Could Ihave a VAT receipt, please? h |_| Thank you very much. We really enjoyed our meal. This is for you. i |__| Isservice included in the bill? j [_] OK.thaveapen, thank you k ‘Thank you. Do you take Mastercard? Use the clues to find the missing form of payment. 1 Another word fora bill. (7) 2 Add everything up to get a... 6) 3. You don't pay more for these items. They are in the bi. (8) 4 You get this after you pay a ill. (7) 5 You get this back when you pay more than the exact, cash payment. (6) & Restaurants often charge 10% or more for this. (7) 7 Items not included in the price. (6) 8 Ifthebillis.. sit hows every item. (8) 1 T 2 {tf > fF 4 R 5 c 6 5 7 E L efi Unit25 Payingbills | 53 yX Payment queries 1 Read the text and study the bill. Then find six more items Mr King was overcharged for. Mr King arrived at the hotel on the afternoon of 10 September. He stayed two nights. Mr King was overcharged for: He had breakfast both mornings and ate inthe restaurant on the first night. He used Room charge on.09/09. the car park both days. He made some telephone calls on the first evening and also 1 ‘sent his wife some flowers for her birthday. 2 3 Billing Mr King Room 207 4 ‘etival 10/09/05 Departing 12/09/05 Personst Rate Code RACK Balance 804.00 5 Department Date ‘Amount Price Quantity é 100 | Room Charge 09/09/05 ; 200 Restaurant 08108105 RoomCharge 10/09/05 144 Breakfast 10/09/05 20 20 “Telephone 10/05/05. “Telephone 10/05/05) 8 3 Telephone 10/0505 | 23 320 Flowers 10/05/05 | 30 Restaurant 10/05/05 | 60 Carpark 10/08/0510 Minibar 10/05/05 18 Room Charge | 11/08/05, Beeakiast 1110905, Laundry 11/09/05, 2 2 Telephone 1709/05, 5 st Carpark [iuos70s 10 wT | Restaurant [nivosv05 0 ot 7 Breakfast 12/09/05, 20 2 Tt 2 Calculate what Mr King’s correct 3 Find the ten incorrect sentences and correct them using much, many, or a lot of bill total should have been. Tick (¥) the correct sentences. His correct bill total should have ‘There aren't »#vef people in the restaurant tonight. many/a lot of been: How many is a double room for the weekend? l 2 3. We haven't had many guests from the US this year. 4 Wedon’t have much rooms left at the weekend. 5 Do they need many equipment for the conference? 6 Chef has put much pasta dishes on the menu today. 7 Shetakes a lot of money in tips in her job. 8 There isn’t many wine left in the bottle. 9. Much staff take their holidays in low season. 10 We don't have much people from South America staying, 11 There aren't much different wines on the wine lst. 12. We don’t have many time to service all the rooms. $4 | Unit26 Payment queries 4 Rewrite the two jumbled conversations in the correct order. Straightaway, sir. Here itis. No sir it isn’t included. Could I have my bill, please? ‘Twenty euros, Thank you very much, st. ust sign bere. Certainly, madam, [just print it out for you. How would you like to pay? Do you take Mastercard? Actually madam, the room service was for dry cleaning and pressing on Tuesday. 1 like to settle my bill please. Room 432. ‘The extras are for the car park, minibar, and room service. By Visa Visa is fine, madam. Here we are. Three nights, accommodation 2. yaw: with breakfast, 1 woman: {like to sertle my bill, please, Room CASHIBRE oon WOMAN: CAsHrER: WOMAN: CASHIER: WOMAN: CASHIER: « WOMAN: Please add 20 euros to my Mastercard payment. WATTERS Yes, Mastercard is Fine, si MAN: Right. And the extras? warteR: But I didn't use room service. MAN: ‘Oh, yes! I forgot. That’s right then. Is oct ncaded thet? WAITERS OK. Thank you. Itwasa very good meal. Man: WarreR: MAN: 5. Complete the crossword using the clues below. > AcRoss Pr) fe re Py 4 The. sso System processes guests. (7) 6 When you click on a name the Bill Wilh... ‘on screen. (6) g 7 Reception is busy with this in the morning. (8,3) 9 Fidelio's record of guests is the sononnoe cnsmnnennen «(55 4) c LL Room charge, breakfast, and laundryare all sneennnnvon the Bil. (5) 7 12 Just click to change computer en (6) Po] PE bows: 1 To see who's checking out, click on... (ac * = 2 Another word for bill (7) u S 3. The bill shor the suo forall the items. (7) 5. When the payment is processed, the computer will 7 aninvoice. (5) Boss Omicons with the mouse. (5) 10 The opposite of difficult (4) Unit 26 Payment queries | 5 ¥¥4 Applying for a job 1 Complete the CV using the information on the right. ‘CURRICULUM VITAE 41 Surname Dupont 2 Firstnames 3 Address. 4 Telephone number +33 141 356790 5, Mobile number nen vee Db 23 August 1985 6 emailaddress Dupont 7 Date of birth mmm moe Education «Lycée St. Denis © Baccalaureate Professionale; BEP certificate in Tourism and Hospitality # School of Business Administration, Clichy 8 Qualifications | f Hardworking, well organized, sociable, and friendly oe g +33 77973846392 skills Word processing, bookkeeping, intermediate English language 9 Work experience h Porter and doorman student holiday jobs at the Sofitel; Two ‘years’ front office experience at the Meridien in Paris 10 Personal qualities References + The Principal, Lycée St. Denis « Head of Dept of Business Administration, i Daniel Guy Clichy College j 25 rue de Bonaparte, St. Denis, Paris 95360 | 2 Use the information below to write Ulrika’s CV on a piece of paper, orin your notebook. My name's Ulrika Mansky. lve in Dusseldorf at: 18 Mozartetrasse. Vie 19 years old. My date of birth is 3 April 1986. My email address is and my mobile phore number in Germany is +49 7631 24 38 65. | attended high school in Dusseldorf untill passed my international baccalaureate in 2004. I've just finished a one-year training course in tourism and hospitality and now |have a diploma in hotel reception work. My word processing stills are excellent and I'm familiar with the Fidelio ‘and Galileo systems. | speak and write English at a good intermediate level. Ive worked for the last three summers at the family-run Mozarts Hotel near ry home, ve worked on reception and as a waitress. The owner's name is Frau Margrit Gecker.'m friendly and hard-working. | ke responsibilty 56 | Unit27 Applying for a job 3 Answer the questions about writing letters. 1 How would you begin a letter toa woman whose name you don't know? Madam Dear... 2. How would you end it? 3. How would you begin a letter 2 Mr Pons? Dear. 4 How would you end it? 5. How would you begin a letter to Mr Pons’ wife? Dear... 6 How would you begin aletter to their daughter? ‘You don't know if she is married or single. Dear... coe 7 How would you begin a letter asking fora job application form? You don't know the name of the person responsible. Dear on 8 How would you ask for confirmation of a reservation. in writing? Would YOU nnnrnenrnnnn 9 How would you begin a letter responding to a job. advertisement? With... ~ 10 How would you begin a letter applying fora job? would... 4 Complete the covering etter using the notes below. Had three years! experience under a great chef. Learnt alot. Now ooking for new challenges, new menus. Hardworking professionat. Like responsibility. Good teamworker. Have always been interested in ‘travel and other countries, Would be good to have che opportunity oF using and improving English language skills. Clean driving licence. 5 Find ten more job application words in the puzzle. You can read some from left to right (9), some from top to bottom (7*),and some diagonally (2). ESPONSIBI XMHARDWOR RAXOLXOLY AXSLXTOLX YTIXCWUXT XKOLGXEAB SXUSXOCFA EXPERIENC ATTXFRIEN XINLXHAEFEXLTO NXARVOGHXNVOUX PUXORGANIZEDXY QUIKXCHALLENGE mOLm am ams Lt K1 MO TE MV Ux 1z EX DL ola ax o>r ze aa nr a> -n0O4vaK< Unit27 Applyingforajob | 57 yz: The interview 1 Make two lists of the words and phrases, 2 Complete the letter with the verbs in brackets in the matching the opposites. correct future form: Present Simple, ing, going to, ‘or will Use short forms if appropriate. smile potwellinformed ‘***4 Dear Markus lookunhappy positive attitude towareyou? tense speakclearly — "eTVOUS finish smart don't concentrate ' = (finish) college next month First, oneuw # (have) 8 holiday, then confident avoid eyecontact. WelrBrepared | 5 (ook or) ajob My sister and +n 4 (visi) our grandparents in Italy. We 5 (return) on 31 August and 6 (have to) find a job. speakquietly — wellinformed listen badly dressed negative attitude unprepared _ make eye contact ssn? (go) t0 our local employment office and! 8 (check) all the internet job sites. Good interview techniques HoWNOT tobe VRP | nnennnnnnn® (fn) Something in one of the listen. domtconcentrate | Bighotels. Aer find 2, |e. 10 (look for) an apartment near my work, ene co | What you one do) in oon September? oe YOU ann (come) to France?! 33 (send) yourny new address and you can visit me. —— Best wishes a Tom 3 Use each word once to complete the job interview, INTERVEWHR: So, Carmen, Would you like to tell me something about yourself? stayed leave , 1 . Spend hotetchain CARMEN: Yes, of course. ’m 22 years....2/4._...1. was born in Pamplona and taught study socuewnne (0 Madrid four Yeats ag0 10.40 3 oovevcnnnsenensd useful old at the tourism college. moved, staff INTERVIEWER: What course did you take? allover improve fouse push caRMEn: —_ [tooka two year course in tourism and hotel management and got ray found skills reception manager’s diploma. taking joining INTERVIEWER: Did YOU aca nesconne “English on the course? dealing opportunities | cxnwen: Oh,yes. We had four lessons a week with our English teacher. She a Susalotof.. so Slanguage £0F onccnnnnnn? reservations on the phone and w..nn.-nn 8 with guests at reception, as well as emails. 58 | Unlt 28 The interview INTERVIEWER: : So, what did you do after college? caRMen: My first job was in a small family-run hotel in Pamplona. uvtervieweR: [seeyou only sono? there six months. Why did you. 102 CARMEN: Well, to be honest, [felt I wasn't using my onsoull T felt Ineeded (o give my career a 2 or I wouldn't get much experience in large hotels uvteRvieweR: Soyou 13,3 job at the Ramada here in Barcelona. CARMEN: ‘Yes. Ithought that by. Mabig 'S like Ramada there would be a lot more 46 for me in terms of work and travel. INTERVIEWER: Well, you're right. We do have opportunities for bright young 17 in our sister hotels 48 the world, Where are you hoping to travel? CARMEN First, I would like to 1 at least two years in the UK to 20 my English, and after that maybe South America ... Read the text about thefamily 5 Use the clues to find one of Jamie Oliver's personal qualities. and answer the questions. 1 Another word for your working life. (6) My aunt Vivienne is married to 2 Twas pleased 10 B6 @ oow-ononnnon fora second interview. (9) Henry. Her parents-in-lawtivein | 3. Thepersonnel officer made a... vown of candidates. (9) aeeaetan nea nerprothee 4 Jamie Oliver is famous. He has made several ofthese. (2,6) sons, Charles and Peter. Charles | 5 Interviewers always ask about your previous job. --(10) and Peter have just one cousin, 6 Ifyou work well ina team, you'rea good (10) Charlotte (that’s me). Last 7 Several hotels in the same management group are called a summer |visited my uncle Henry's parents and met Charles, Peter, and their stepsister, Karen. Nextyearwe're | 9 Jamie Oliver studied for his chef's in London. (11) all going to stay with aunt (55) With a well-written CV, you have a good chance of an (9) Vivienne in Brittany. She loves 1 c itwhen hernephews and nieces cometo stay. 2\c 1 Whoisaunt Vivienne’s husband? 3 $ Henry 2 Where do aunt Vivienne’s 4 T in-laws live? — 3. Whois uncle Robert? 5 E 6 T 4 Who are Karen’s stepbrothers? 7 H 5 Whatrelation are Charles, Peter, 1 and Karen to Charlotte? g9)c 6 What relation are they to aunt Vivienne? Unit 28 The interview 59 Answer key 2 double room 4 computer screen 6 reserve 5 10 missing word reservation reservefbook 3 ape Wie & make ookdeue 9 have Could! 3 fle 6 [alike 7 9 Tale 10 4b ae Good moming, Dr Obed, ‘Good afiernoa Mrs Obed, ‘Good evening, Dr Obed Good evening, Mis Oheds Goodnight. 7" Goobye cal 4 7 colt Coullt Could! Se Unit 2 carpark Internet access international cosine cosital bar Slsearte meno isabled allies ae there are thee arethere fod exchange borcan coneivoning Srienming pool aielite TV information desk doakroom 4 fake 5 fae 3 eve 5 uve 7 eve 4 sthere 7 theres 3 thereare 6 leihere 9 there ae obosh Foes 96 md Dis 4 Thee 5% bar 7 menw 8 cuisine 9 are 10 carpark thiey30—— tineen 19 forys0 twelve 2 fees Sys cighien 18 neohundsed200 seventece 17 seventy 70 siy'60inety30 i foortsn erty 20 Sah 80 sicten 16 pineteon 19 Unit 3 sum Tecraion 6 Dodont 3 Dosndoet & Does docs Da.dont § Dado Doyouhawea doubleroom for Stray ete De you haves prkngspace? Dectthe baton aves shower andabath? Doyouoves ein ton fortnight Doathehotlhane summing poo? Does the hoelhave an exchange bureau? Docstheotthaves arden! Scember 4 deparine 7 tome 60 | Answerkey rw 3 om 7 win nt 16 from 15 5 Dear Mrs Foog Regard your request or sixdovble zooms im Ags Pate confimin wrting with dates assoc as posible Regards Roberto Gil Reservations Manager “Telephone 0054 1937625) Unit 4 de dg 41 Sh 6a 7h oa 2-2 When docs th estzurancopen? Ttopens rom Tuesday to Sunday. 3 Whattime doesthe retaurantapen fr lanch? opens 12.00. 4 Whsttime dace Steve sant work? Hess work at 1030, 5 When docs the restaurant cose? {cloves st midnight 1 Whendo thewaiter nish wok? ‘They finish work at wo in the morning. cnthe2Sihoflune 3 onthe 26th of une fanthedthof uly 5 onthe )6h of uly fonthe 8thoffuly 7 onthe 20 of uly tn Friday the 24th of fly March 2 Saturday December 5. Wednesday uy 8 Tuewdsy Friday 11 October ising word cancelation = 5 November 6 Apel 9 Thursday 12 Janoary 5 > rarely 3 always 5 rarely 2 aeays 9 3 holiday 4 opens % customer 7 Sere 9 family 10 reservation sen en Tallybooked cancellation it 5 de ba sb bh 76 im frid Nadine on holiday. sorry: the manager’ in a meting. im sory. we'll booked tonight. Unfortunately, herestaurant elses 9.00. vm afraid theca park lod "m afaid the swituming pool loses at 1000. ae Ne Teint there 4 theyre 7 here here ares ‘hey dom oct fant san 2 an 2 5 ’ ween 14 hedocst 2 5 ’ de Aecoss mobilephone 3 lunch 5 nableto accep. 7 weekend 9 single room 10. answer 1 bath 12 aoything own Umidafemoon 2 4 dosed 4 regeet Unité Bb 4a 5h be Pi de dae Sh Sue 76 $f 9b 22 your Yher 4 their 5 Their 6 His 7 your 8 Your 9 may 10 myyour 11 ove 322 36 4a 56 Gh 7g fe 2 ame 3 checks 4 tepirationcard 5 filsio 6 receptionist 3 eyecand 8 poner 52 3 Ge 4 be S trve 6 tue Tame 8 fhe 9 trae 10 fase 6x 2 3 @ECTS TRAY Unit 7 2 Canthave 3 Shalt 4 Genthave 55 Would youlike 6 Could have 7 Would youihe 3 Cane have de de 4g 51 GH Te Bb 1 sweet, medium dry white ed. sparkling 2 Largesemal. draught, bated 3 4 std spaning 2 coda 3 beer 5 wine 6 Bacardi 8 sparking 5 2 iceandlemon 3 Been 4 Agaus of rhitewineand a whidy 5. deyor mediom dry seine 6 slargeorazmall whisky 3 Thirteen 8 Anapplejuie,a mineral water.and brandy 9 sillorsparting mineral water 10. double ore single brandy 1 Foorteen 6 1 vermowh 2 cockail 3 orangejuice tequila beer 6 vodka 7 gingsrale 8 shitewine 9 lemonede 10 tonic 11 sherny assing word mineral water Units 12 spoon 3 shaker 4 cubes Salve 6 ie 7 lemon 8 sauce 9 sugar 22a af 4e 5b Ge 32 Squeewe 3 Susin 4 FS Ads 6 Pour 7 Ser @ Stir 9 Shake 10 Goressh Hr2e se sa se 6b 74 2. Next add ree measures ofight rum, 3. Then squeer the juice of als emon, 44 Addthe lemon juice anda teaspoon of ester supa. 5. Now, shake well 6 Then tain nto a coca glass 27. Finally garish witha sie of em, 6 heross 4 cruthedice 6 gamish 7 Cobatibre 9 barspoon 10 Manhatzo 11 limejoice V gla 2 Americano 3. Sockslshaker 5 Margate 3 bites Unit 9 12 onion 3 mushroom 4 dcks 3 motes 6 sad 22 dos 4} eggandbacon 6g sandwich 8 € sl 10 3 teakand chips 12 i amb cles Bav ae 4 anble 5 esoup ofthe day 6 7 thewinelist 8 apotofter 9 halfaboue wy 4 Cogs of wine, double which starter pert bot of ten cocktal, tas parking space {svete coast, manes. lk, lggage ce, imeshelp C10 ea cof, ish ‘Would you like an aperitit? Yes please. A ginand onic Gan change some money bere ‘Yee There's anenchange bureau in Mh bby: Could wehavesomemnneral water ‘Would you Ikea large bor or asmallbotle? GouidThvessndich nda e, Plesse! ‘Would you like some ce in your orange ue? Could youealls tact Cenainly. ‘Would yoo like some hep with yoorlupaage? 5 6 12h 3— 4c sa oe 7b 8 5 22 le 3 habe 4 tne Se 6 Ge 7 alse Bin Ste 10 fae 3B TheUnitedStues 2 Brasil 3 Morocco 4 Rong) S Spain & Bruin 7 France 8 Germany 9 Inky 10 Japan| 4 county Nationalty Language eral raion Pornguoe Bain Bi Engh France French French Germany German German Tay Teli alan iapen Tapasese—_lapanese Moroso ‘Moroccan Avie ‘Fonugal Portuguese Porroguese. Spa Spanish 1 ‘The Ure Saree Americon 52 some 3 any 4 any some 7 some § any 6 1 biscevrcset 2 Danie blue 3. Manchego 4 vanilla 5 raspberry 6 apple pie 7 Camember 8 Momzareta 9 fritsaad 10 icecream ising word: chocolate mouse Unit 11 12g dh 46 Se ee 7h Be 2 2-2 PinotGrigioies dry bite wine 53. Champagne snd Cava ae spalling wines 4. Rising sa non-spadking Wine Porte a fortified wine fom Portugal '& Merlot is. full-hodied red wine. 7 Si,Emilion ss smooth Bordesus wine 1 Reings Getman shite wine ‘Adjective Comparative cheaper expensive ‘nore expensive oy i 00h ‘moother rough rougher ed beter bad worse {abbodied more falbbodicd igh Tighter iamoue more fous Champagnes morefamous than Caruana Se Sauvignon Blancs swectr than Pinot Grigio. 4 SLEmiion semocther than cheap Bordeaux wine Sauvignon Blancs drier han Chardonnay. Chardonnay not az light as Frasca (Other sparkling cinessrenot a expensive ‘Champagne 2 Bordeau wine moe fll-bodis than s young Beryl, 9 Rood claret better than cheap red wine Mode snawers 2 Sheryisproducedin southern Spain. 3. The Riojregionienonth-eat of Madr 4 Boydesuris produced the southwest, at France Beaujolais comes rom the east of France. ‘TheBorgundy wine region isin eastern France Champagne i produced eas of Pari. sting comes from western Germ ‘The Chianti vegion vou of Floenct Frascaltisproduced south-east of Ror. 10 Dwinelia 4 7 Naty rked 5 Bordeaux 8 Champagne 9 dry ow 1 Filbbodied 3 smooth 6 tobe Unit 12 2 avers ‘Could haves plat of re wine! Certainly il bring you ons ‘Could Ve havesome cheese? ‘Or eowse. I'l geryou some + Could we hve some ment pest! Yeu Tgetyousome Could Ine have x map ofthe city? Yeu IU jusgatyou one Could wc have some sh towel, ples Cena. Dsend some vp. ‘Could wehave a table roo? ‘Onemoment, lace there's one fee ‘Could ine have somemore wate, please get you some 3 getsome TU pet some i get another, VU get one etone Migeranosher Migetsome Ti getaome more 9 Migelsome more Answer key 32) 3¢ th Sa 66 ye nd 9h wb 4 2 answer 3 Apologae 4 palte 3 Geiendly 6 name. 7 Special 4 patient’ 9 elpfal 10. ang 11 Smile R A 1 x K 2 e x P x s E 8 Unit 13 Trg arise 2-2 eons offi butter and cofte. 3 Weantinslobste, ravens salops, and sus 4, Teonsists tequila wipe see ie and lemon juss ander SS Wemade Rom bread steps seperti, and supe {6 Icontins aubergine, tomatoes, onions broezoby and mushrooms. 17. Theyemade from gs, ik. and Nout 1 Teoonsis of green ald ina, lvs, and 9 Wesmade romoliv pus consists of pasts, cil, omatoes gat bal, snd pine aut wine vinegar and 2 Eachslcescut int thre or for pieces 4 Some of the bead trips are ptt around a pudding bow 4 Terabe aretenedin thes 5 Theta and some ofthejuice ate added to he puddingbow! 6 The raitiscoveed with more bread strips 7. Theeemnsining juice poured over 8 Avweightsput ontop of the Bowland is placed in the refrigerator 2 Putabnifeand fork in the pat position, 3 Fold napkin and placeitonasidepiate 4 Bing sdeser spoon and fork withthe ester ment 5. Place win glass above the soup spoon poston 6 Potthesaltand pepper inthe centre ofthe able Places ower arrangement anda candle by tie saltaad peppet scallops 2 fh fork 4 hollandsie 5 smoked 7 faknife & Kingprawn missing word: chardonnay 3 Iobeter 6 salmon 9 mornay Boece die? 68 ge? ho 16 iB 42 opened 3 t00k 4 arrived 5 spoke & lookedimea 7 smiled 2 lek 9 pve 10 eexened met 12 shook 52 sid 3 wasnor 4 gue 5 didnoiwam 6 booked 7 made S waited 9 took 10 was 1 complained 12 spoke 6 Across A ssselee 6 fly 7 ough LL vinepary 12 salty 13 watery 4 rate own overcooked 2 dusty 3. stringy 5 fs 8 noisy 9 broken 10 sale Unit 15 the eception manager thehote manager Sheis responsible for Feceplonsts, reservations, porters the ovseheeper Sheieresponsibleto Shei vesponsible for (he cleaners atendans the head chet Heistesponsble for They ae responsibleto helps cammis, porters 22h 36 si 6d 7k Bh De Ng 2k 2 Thee 3 Tht Those 5 Thee 6 aha 7 that & 2 7 as ab thetethose 9 This 10. thote unit 16 12s 34 42 5b Ge 7b 4d 9b we 2Zre sd 46 Se bs 35.6413 42 swip 3 Pw 4 Take 5 Make § Cleansrddust 7 Clean 3 Empy 9 Replace 10 Cheek 5 2 You murrovercook the wegetabls 3. Guestsdon't have rocheck ot antl 12 1090, | Ako docrt have ta workon Thuredes she dy of 5: Staff musta wash theihands in the food Dreparstion sinks «6 Roomimendants do's have:e change the towels very day 2 Staff mut Ysmoke ne chen 8 Su musi rude tocosemes. 9 The katchen porters dar have rsp the new powsoes, 10 Reception staf mut theep guess waiting 6 2 hweto 3 must 4 haelo 5 haveto 6 mist 7 -hwvelo Bo haveto 9 haveto 10 must 71 bandbasin 2 sollingpin 3 balloon shisk 4 wtensls § oleteis 6 colander 1 towels ubbish missing word spies Unit 17 Tan de 46 5b be 78 82 22 neds 3 menteto 4 need 5 needsto Sneed 7 needsto B needito 9 needs 10 need 3-2 Thebedneedémaking. 2 Theundensearmede washing 4 Thedinner ache needs repating, 5. Thephone need answering. 6 The mnibsr needs refling 7 Thebathroom floor needcleaning, 8 The wees nced changing, 9. Thebinneedeempeying 10. Thedressneeds ironing resing 4 2 fdoses2t3pm. 53 There'san exchange boreu onthe ground oo. 4 Theresa travel agency next door tothe hotel 5 Tilsend housekeeping up to your reom. 6 Askthe donrman bout he theatre-booking 7, Mitel one immediatly & Moder onestraighiaway. 5 peross 4 pprlicbread § sof drink icecream 10 fallee HT ten 2 pastry 13 Fritjuice own Leach fies 2 pass 3. Beef burger 5 sandwich 7 omelene 9 soup Unit 18 V2 ch 3 ay 4 spetkup 5 hear have 7 pall, B repex —$ spak 10 Say Zidcnelijahmeobs 31 Bow 2 Pops} Dele 4 Togo $ Echo 6 India 7 Goll 8 Jolt 9 Mike 10 November 1 Serra 12. Fossa, 13 Alpha’ 14 Hotel 15. Romeo 4 2 Did Mee Brett eaves contact number? Yexshedid 3. Di Mrs Breu reserve singleroom? Novshedign, 4. Did he Ronados order breaks for? Ye they 5. Did they book a table for 12.307 authey didn 6 DaiValericolera discount? Yeushe di He didnt confirm ic reservation ia writing. Reception didn't ive room $01 the message Roce 222 dda’ pay Ui at ph. ‘Thehotl didnt include Beaks inthe specter ‘She dd speak to the dy manager “Thehead chel didn makesllshe main courses anddeserts 1 He dide't reserve parking space wih his ooking e203 exo e207 €80 eam 5 e450 x(O)gexnn xa) an SHE xa>zse-x- Zl OnmNPG EES) Gizjozs <> a> s sS@es> zone) Unit 19 ee 2 hearjback cupboard 4 cat finger freexifreslaem 6 tipped foot Shock toaster 4 oct d6 65 t7 ga clear Sexy 4 Gs feet & wcll 7 hard immediately 9 Ieie 10. patiently pol 12 quidly 13. Quiet Feguliny 15 serious 16 slowly iemmediatly 3 eth 4 had good 6 fast 7 polly Patient 9 careflly 30. regularly He cooks wl She dives arf He works sow ‘We egulatiyhave test eh. etaed seriously about heath and safer Reception ta avay answer guess politely. “The cashier asked he man to pay immediatly. 1 Greate 2 free 2 fie alarm 4 extinguisher 5 freblanket 6 Brebrigade 7 testdrilR fiedoors 9 andbuckst 10 wtersprinkler rissng word Baier Unit 20 12 Theconlenacesiteand oof garde, 3 Wen the ground Aas, 4 Wsenthe top foo. 5. Theyre onthe ground oor. Theswimming pool and Funes centre 7 ‘Theyteonlaorsone to five, # lcsiathebasement 4 5 ‘6 2 Tum don 4 across 5 through = Tun 7 down 8 on 9 oppotite 10 Take 11 comeoutof 12 tara 13 on MU Along 18. attheend 16. past 2 hangers 2 shelf 4 pillows 5 drawers 6 ight bub 2 veleome folder 8 vrouserpress 9 shaverpoint 2 ight balbe 3 shelf 4 drawers 5 folder 6 minibar 7 aircondiioning & mirror 9 bediprend 10 caetins ess 3 ground floor 5, wardrobe Fo basement own Weoridons 2 lobby 6 bubs 7 carpe 9 aire Unit 21 2 ouuide 2 bussistion 4 vnderground 5 raleaystation 6 cinema 2 theaes 8 museums 9 gallery 2 byboa 5 by lanoir 4 byteain 5 bybus 6 byear 7 onfoot 8 by bike 2 ovwide 9 ono’ 4 straight on 5 tower 6 up 7 eras 3 on Model answers 2 Take the White ine three stops south oH. Change onto he Green line and go one slop west the Redline one top caste D-Change ‘tothe Whitine ad go tw sts south 4 Take the Blak line one stop south fo. Change onto the Redline and go one stop east, 1oD.Change ontathe Whiteline and gone stop north §, Takethe Greenline ope stop wit 19G, Change ‘mothe ack ine snd go thre stopenorts Answers dependent oc. GaxmNeKO-ZO4K4 GEAR=DURO DOS * Unit 22 A faxemsil, photocopies mune phones. broadband, video conferencing 1 roomscrvce, babysitting pay-per-view 6 car hie, swirening pool aundey Di 3d be Sh Ob 7a BR 2 Tvimosior 9 areen 4 photocopier Sprinter © Sigialprojecor 7 microphone 8 laptop. 2a gd te Se 6b 7h BE 2 planning 3 conference 4 require 5 ngle 6 delegates 7 advise conference 2 projeaor 2 photocopier 23 WorlaWide Web 4 emails 5 brosdband 6 printer 7 videoconference Internet 8 business 10 website sing word PowerPoint Unit 23 baci é7 es ta ge ha 2 havenished 3 as worked 4 haved 5 hau checked aa 6 Hasseen 7 has’ paid 8 hasifllen down 9 havent gen 10 arcot 2 Haveyouesten 3 gave 4 ae 5 burnt 6 hs allen 7 Mave you called calles 9a 10 vent sen de da 4d Sh 6g 70 Be dha 4s Sb Te 8d ve arose Dacod 4 Oo 5 use 7 togthache § headache 10 doctor 11 Git owe U bum 3 diarthoce asthma 9 denvit Unit 24 ee ee 2 porter 2 service engineer 4 housekeeper 5 reomattendant 6 service engincer 7 roomattendant 4 maimenanceman 9 foomattendant 2 Theloggsge should have Bee taken op, 3 Themesage should havebeen passed‘, 44 Theshirt should have been ent ck, 5 Theshowershould have ben ted & Thetleees shoul have boon lace, 7 The TV shouldhave been repaired. 1 Heshould have een given a non-smoking Answerkey Hire shad Sg 6c 72 86 32 Yourstsihiully 3. Dear Mr Pons AL casnien:Cenainly, madam. 4 Yours sincerely 5 Dear Mrs Pons: Ft ou eon” 5 Bat are eee canal oun $e attained Tite isemdan cena 9 RATT ekrcretomHegeeas 8 Meheernyae cow Sine 4b amis meeps wow Reetodicge | 2 tama, 3 Retin corner 2 SYR, » Searaent woman: But use room service. ee improve Batt di 10 diving cence [xsiven Actually madam, theroom service ‘was for dry cleaning and presing ‘on Tweedy. womans Oh, yes. forgot. Thar'ight then. 2 warrus: Hers Mans” Doyou tke Mastercard? warren: Yeu Mastercard ing sie Mase service cde nthe bi? V2 Credvcad 3 Deiter ca Retatdeeny eso 1 Mosierard 3 com Ped en octomy & Trncterschemes 7 com Telesis 7 cmpany warren Toy ert Taku ory fee moc Ju sign hee vou wan O€ Tha you 2 2 iskeaving poe Invasavery good mea 2 pw 5 ress kanes Peto 6 appr = 5 peping bing 4 Btin 3 Bl Unit 28 5 singe seme seen 1 Gocdintendewtacniques. HowNOr tobe Fe ene Bev = katona B82 her 3 him 4 him $i 6 her epaturs noice ‘ceed tense Sarena pe Be ee wane Cie a as Mowe sta wes speakclearr speak qt Ad cAusinlin 3 6 China confer soon Fe ee nit 27 ce Srpepaed $4 Rais 4 India ' Sekntoomed orwe nformed 8 fap 3 Peso ee a Tuleeyecmatat. — woldeyecouaa Srk se 4h se og ‘ 2-2 ‘mgvingtobine 3 mgcingtalook or 74 8) 9b 0m UF 2 onctamtie 4 aevaling Seum 6 oie 2 tok 3 nds SUMATE May {proton 2 ig \ we} ‘dc 2 ine teeept 5 change 6 serie ase Morea 100s, 7 ms 8 embed Duele, 9 myoinaolaok for 11 ar doing Germany 10338 ee ee icing ont vob Mosilenumber apne 243868 Emladdres, omniy@vandoocom 3 2 maned 3 coune 4 study Dutcofbirh — 3Apr se Sieh § Ml? ig Unit 26 Education High School in Dusseldorf 3 dealing 9 stayed 10 leave Fdeireeptonacamng bibs 12 peak 13 ound 1/2 Rasayranton0909 3 Brekfaston 109 inContalCoDge 14 Sofnng, 15 Fotectnin 16 opporunies 4 Munaron 009. $ Liondryontti09—Qoahiaiont Mt neat Vi fat 8 slower 19. spend 4 lephoneon 09 > Restaurant en 109 freclaree 20 improve ai 20042005 Diplomain 2 inSvitatnd 3 aun Vivienne’ brother Motel Receion sis 4 Ghesand ese 3 couins 32 ich ae Workerperence 3 yer urn wor ia, 4 imamislatol 3 uWalocof Secptonia and waite & dlowor ae Sion St carer 2 candidate 3 shonin $ tnocistatot 9 Sloot sie Exelon word proces 4 Wares 5 Sperone 6 tesmiorer 10 mmryfelotol 11 manyalorof Fuclowsind{yoterned 7 etchsin @ incre 9 cuore 1B muchitoot ‘etna aaah Personal qualities Pendyandard-wig. Tic raponsin References Frauarg Bechet Monae Mozanutrase, Dseldort 64 | Answerkey NEW EDITION , Highly Recommended English for the hotel and catering industry 1 Highly Recommended is a popular elementary-level course for younger adult leamers on hotel and catering courses in J schools and colleges, or people training for a career in the hospitality sector. It provides the English needed for dealing with customers and colteagues in a variety of hotel and — ~ restaurant situations, such as: taking booking: «© checking guests in and out © dealing with enquiries and complaints = explaining dishes «taking payments, Highly Recommended New Edition has been extensively ‘ revised and updated to take account of changing practices and new technologies such as computerized reservation systems. ‘This Workbook contains further exercises and activities for the classroom or self-study. Highly Recommended New Edition also includes: Student's Book Teacher's Book ‘Audio CD or Class Cassette : 1 oe iil | UNIVERSITY PRESS Il | i 0196 www.oup.comjelt : 14574655)