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C.S.E I ol IJ


J. A single phase fully controlled b ndgc tS 3, Gate polysilicon deposition and

supplied at 120V rms. Who! will be the poUeming
average load voltage for a delay nllgle of 4. Gate
'lll0 assuming cootinuo\15 load current'i Select the correct MSIYer using the codes
a. () v given beiQ1v:
b 70.4 v a. 1. 2..3. 4

c 1112 v b 1. '1.3, 2
d. 170V c. I
2 A single-phase ac. I'Ohnge controlled feeds d. 2.1.4,3
a pure inductive loade 111e conduction 7 CZ methotl m crysL'll gro11 th pro11des
penod of o for u fcnng l)ngle of a a. A polyorvstrultne mgot

(m d1c range !)() < a < 181)" 1is b. A slllgle crystal 1ngo1 wllh controlled.
a. ;r- a impurities
b 211 -a c. An ingot ,,,u, Jrregular arrnngerue111 ot

c. rr-Za moms
d 2(tc- a) d A single CJY>tal ingot wttb unwanted
3. A .3-pha.' e invener IS fM fl'llm a 6<10 V
source. I"or a stnrconnected resisti 1 e lo;ld
8. Wbicb of the folloMng are tbo valid
reasons for polishing silicon wafer used
ra J 5 Q/phase, the mJS load current for J 2U"
[o r IC fabril:alion'/
I To mal.e ttw surface cleru1
11, 32.(;6 A
2 To remove the surface damaged silicon
b. lt\.33A
c, 8 ,16A
3. To mal.e the surface Oat.
d. 12.33A 4 To Jmprove cooduttl\'lty of the surface
4. Whidt one ol' U1c follo111ng pans IS not

cocrc'Ctlv uUltd>ed? 5. To make both sdes more parallel

a, Oxidation . Masking Select tl>e correct answer using codes
b. ton-implarttation . Oopmg J!ll'e/1 below
c. Metllllization lsolmiou a. I,2 onil 3
d. PhotolithOgraphy Pallering

b. and 5
5, Following methods are for isolatiott
c. l. -1 and S
in IC ti1bricnlion
II 2, 3 and 4
1 0.-ida isolation 'I, 30% KQH solution is used to etch (.IOU)

2. Resisti1
oriemed silicon through a 100 11 m tj)(l
3. Pn JUhcllon tsolation
fl m square wmdow. The other reg1ons ol'
l'be correct sequence in the descern!mg

order or
the magnitude or !solution silicon toutside the 1vindo11) are protected
oblamed 1s b} a m."!Sk. artd do not get etched. 1'he etdl
a. 3_1,2 profile 1\111 ha1 e

b 1,3,2 a. Isotropic contour

c. 1.2,3 b Vertical side wnll
d 3.2.1 c, Se1ere 1n1dercu1
Whnt is the com.'l;t or J)r1JCC$S d A V - g-roove shape
steps gh-en below during the fabrication 10. Consider the following statements
a polysflicon gate MOSI'IIT/ I. Lo\JIInplanlatron is less prone 10
I Source and drnio difT-usion contamination compared to diffusiOn..
2 Pield I!Jltl atuve area 2. ln di lfUSIOJ'I, peak Impurity
deil nition concentration ts always located Ill the
nr 11
urfac't whTie ion-implnnuuion peal B PNSson' Cl1Ulltion
posi11()n eon b.. tnihlrc'<l C Efnslcin's equation
3 IOn implfiiiiOiil)ll II simpler find les. o o ;n,l$il)n Cllrr.:nt "'llllllllll
pr\lCCsS lhon dilTusion U.1"t H
4 TI1e subs1m1e is dlmnscd aOo..'f ion I lidd mii!IISity Mth
inlplllnllll[,,n_ \lens it)
Which of I IIese tu'l: l Mmonlv cumcr diJTuson curulllu1l
11, I nud 2 witluncibllty
b. 2und 3 3 Mmonl) tarrier !!flldJonl
c 1,1 nnd 4 -1 T ime ru1.: or ehn11!lc M mmorhy o1mcr

ci 1.3 nnd 4 tlens11y
II (he ffi31() advwllll!,'<! Of plusrna...,."SISII:d A 13 c D
chemical vapour dcpo,;luon process over a 4 3 2 I
ordumry chnllcal VBf>Our depos111on 1s b 2 I 4 3
a. PlesmaDSSISied depoSlliOO lS raster c 4 2 3

def)OSI1Jon resuiL< 10 d 2 1
ntms " l'h soichomelC) 15
c Depos11ton rate r.; con1ralled bener m a

d. The deposttion 1empemture nwch
less in n J)lasma a.'iSiswd process
12 A11er 1he circuit elemems are f.1hncated in
ra an IC ond the s urface is passh <Md A
of AI film s dcpoJilcd
phmnlflhO!!.nl(lhy IC)
o, Conncti ihe VIIIII.IUS of For the gwen t'ICCIUL (JJ =3rud Is 11' V 1s
cuxul componettl$ in n pn:dclcnnincd mkcn as reference. lhc 1JhBsor of I os l}JVCn

b Pt\ll.o<l the <urfiJce lorn nxdalion due a 1...90
10 nlrrlo$phori<> o., posurc
b 3.t::llO

c n mc!Ul sudilcl.' to be l.l.'led JL' C 5L f10"

d .fiL -H0
d. Provtde u metal surfcu:e for bondu1g I(>
i he cl'up
13. Cons1de:r lhe l'ulluwlll!.\ slatemems nbout

Fermi energy In a 1111!\lll:

I. ll 1s the energy of the lugbest ot'CuplCd
e.lectron Slate at zero Kelvin.

2.. 11 IS tile energy level or eJecaroo& Ill

\\hith probabilily of is o11e For he u f 1hc: vulue of C
hnll' u1 M)' lemp..-mturc. IS t'h<1sen lhal V a nd I nn:: m phase.

3 AI tempemntre above zc:rl then I1lead lz b) an rulJ!Ie givl!n by

some M I he c'llet!l) Sillies abnw Fermi n.
are occupil'<l and some states h 45

heh>1v il are efl'lp!Y c 90

Whkh of these smtemems isl'a re correct7 d 135 '
u I 2and 3 17
h Onlyl
c Onl)' i
d. 2 nnd 3
! 14 Match LIS! I w1Jl1 L1st II and s.:lccl the
correct nnswe.r
List I
'\ Conunuuy
1 ul I)
v(t): t- 10") and d IOOV
l( t )=5siu(t<N-20) , then the
power absorbed by the black box N IS i
!,'lVen by8 11 I 1-----,.1'<20
. dU/<1<><

n. 50 Vars
b. 100 vurs
c. 400 Vnrs
d 100 Vms
Ill l'bc frequency rcspon.l<! ror n ll<l!W<llk

s I il fl!ltolion Hlsl is g1vcn lll sJ is J.UVCil
- :\--ww---.- - by
U; =::11 II. -
+ I

1lte swttch m the circuli is closed AI t 0
r he current through the bnttCl)' nl t = O'"
and 1 = <n is. re<peclivel) " - 10

a. lOA and lOA d I
b. OA and LOA N(.<+t)
c lOA and OA Cons1dcr the sgnals
tL UA wtd UA
ra \'1 (t ) = 2 SI!I;T/ +co>4m and
I<J llle Laplooe lrllJl1iJorrn qf lhc voltuge
across the CU[lllCitor ofI) 5F IS X 1 (t)= srn5m +3SIO 13,T/
I s+ l a Bmh the s1gnals 11re periodio.
'H t J b B01h the Signals arc 1101 penod1c
Then the value of the Cltn'ent tiJri!Hgh the c.X 1IS periodic. bul Xz lS not penodJc
capacitor a1 (H)' is !live4n (!:J d X1IS 1101 p;:riodic. bul IS penod1c
a OA 24. Wluth ouc of the fol1owU1g pam. IS uot

b. O.SA oon..:atiY JI!Uithed?

c. l 0 A (Syst.:nt fllll'ibutc ()f (Sys1o.n Dcs<:nptl\111 wllh
(l l.St\ rlui OiscretcTinac inpul (nJ nllil nutpul
10 lf u(t) and S (t) are the s1q> function nod y ' o'

im1ll1lse functiOn respecnvely aJ 1 - 0, n. Causal - l'(n) = ol'(n- 1)

Jhcn the Laplace of Jhl! funct ion
flt) - O(t - J) 6(1)1SOqtllll to
I c. Stable

b. lis
c 0 d !' (n) ={ Y(n - 1)}1

I 15 The. Ster re$poi\.<C-0(Cl 5Y'\CIII is

HI t '(t) = 1- 51' '+ 10v-" - 6c-1 '. The 1111pulsc
:!l An nc sinuso1dal vohllb>e source Jli re:)ponse of Ihe. l'

connected across 11 s<mes clrcuil 3. se- - 10t.':r ... l!k'-11

ofa resl:stor and a capacitor The nns value
b Sa'-+ 10t1' >181".,.
or the voltage across the resi!'tor and
cnpacftor are I00 V ami 2{)0V c. ;,.- +10r-11 t Ilk
respecll\CI) Inc n1J> lalue ol'the vuhngc d 5e

uf the JS 16. Winch of the followmg Is 11 hneur
3. .300 system?
b wo..fS1 a (r),. l u(t)
c. lliO.r r h 1'(1) 211(1) +5
I o[ 13
c. ,1'(1)=1111 (1) b 16
c. 4
d. J.(1)2Ir 1 (1)+5 d, 2
17, The system Ci(.v) O.S is excited by JL A muty feedback control syste111 has
1 forward patJa tmnsfer funcl ion G(s) given
s +s-1
- ....,..,....:..:' )........,.
a unit step inpui , The sieady stata output is
a, 0.8 byt.r (.r ) =
s2(s+ 12}(N5)
b. 0.4
c, -OA Tbc Steady-state error due to w1it parabolic
i!1pul r(l) = t,/2U (t) IS
d. Unbr.>Unded

a. Zero
18. The Laplace. transfonn of e"' coscl/ is b. 0.1
(.+a) c. I,U
(,<+a}' +a' d. lnfmJte'
32. for the control system witlt
K (s+ 2 )

b. 2
U(,)H (s)
(; - a) +a' s(.' +2s +3)
($ +a) The type nwnber
c. 7

(s-a ) +a' a. I
(s - a) b. 1
d. l 0. 3
(s+a) +a1 d. 4
33 The root locus pin\ of a system having
Match List I with List 11 and select the
List I (F'uoction )
t'( )H()
loop transfer function
K{.v + IO)(r70) will
A1 te .,.. J ' 200)
B. .>;:(at) have angle of asymptotes as
C. f><(Z)I' (t - Z)d: <io.
b. 60".180.J00o

D d x(t ) c.
' di d. 60".90", 120"
List II (Laplucc Transform) 34. Cousidcr ll1e
t equniion:2s' + +Ss+ 10 :{J

The number tlf TOOlS this cquatinn h:ls tn

2.. X(.W(<)
ll1e righthalf of spla1ie is

1 a. One
(s+ a)' b. Two

e. '111tee
A' ( r) d Four
' 35.

5. II tl

a. I 2 3
b. 3 5 2 i
e. I 5 1 3
d. 3" 2 1 The feedback syste.m shown above is
30, (;i-'cn 0 un ity feedback system with stable tbr all v alues ofK given by
a. K>O
G(s) .v(.v+4 ) " the value of K for b. K<O
damping ratio of 0.5 is d. O<J..-<GQ
a. I
:S uf 13
36 llte Nyquist plot ()f u syMem passes
through C- l j 0) ll\linl ill the GH plane The
phase margin oJ'the system is
u, > ()
I> Zem

c < ()
d.. Jnfinite
wave 111 n dlrccl lill
(t / ../i,TI-/2,tt)
. _,
tciJ (\- / }-(d) ' 1 - -- - -
dlr"'lUOII COSine!<
T '' ' . :_ ,

' f
I he equatton or the phase ITonL IS
a XV = CMSUlllt A volllle senes tl>cdback hQS
b XIY conSUU\1 11, I hgh
X+Y= COOStUIII b Low mput 1mpedance
d X - Y constant c. output tmpedance
3S \1/hich one vr
tho following mo<Jes docs

d. llitth vohattc guln
nat on a R-cWJl!lUint wuvcguid<''
a. TM11
b l'fiu

e rF...,, t i ll
d. rJ\1oo
39 A parallel plate 11 aveguido hus d plait
spa.:mg ..,r I 0 mm <lltd " fill.:d
111th u. dielectne mcdJum n r relnthc
pcrmluivlty 9 0 rhe cut-on 1\-cqucnC) of
th t"orllt (lowesl} TE mud.: 1s
n. I 0 GHz
b l.S GIJL llte current to the mciL'r (M) 111lltc op-nmp
c, S OGHz circuit shn\\10 is
d lu.!lGitz a, lmA

40 umt n<>nnol to lhe cquip<)lcnl swlbte

\1' C' o;. "' g.:ne.rul gwl:ll by c. 2mA
d. f{l
d 200 pA
b - 'Vfjl

AB 0 0 I 0
"' ..!f._ tlfl 1 I I 1
I Ill" I
AB l 0

I 0
d *"'"'I AB
0 0 0
Kamausfl map shown above. the mmimnl
-I I

mupu1 X
.,. ........-. a. X= AOC:V+ }B -.ABC

yv. 0 45
c. X = BC D 1 JLD .... I/JC 'AlJCD

:\ ; JJ( t -1(,
mentor) contcnl ron be
ror smusoJdal rnput vohngc having u pcnk by exposmg Lto
the outru1 for the given a. UV light
b lnlcJISC hl:llt rudoutoon
c1rouit 11 ill be
(!, IR rays
d Mtcrowuvcs.
bnf 1l
46 The flllmber of memory cl11ps of s!Zt'. A tblt magnrtt1de comparator for
I K 4-blls required to build a mernoJ)' inputs A= A1AzAu and O=B,BzBrBv
bllnk M Size 16K 8-bits is has three uutputs A>B. A=B and B>A.
a. 64 2 Two lblt comparators an be casGaded
b. 32 to create an 8-bil comparator
(), 16 3. l'bc basic budding btoel.. of a
d 8 C0111parator IS the4 comcaderwe
(exclusrveNOR) gate
Which of Ulll$t statements iS/lire correct?
a. I ,2 and :l

b I and 2:
c. Only I
d Only J
Vnl ll,f; 51 TI1e nuto-cniTlllatton functlon of the wh11e
For the recufier circuit shown, 1'1 V of Gaussian ooise 1s

tbe dfode 1s a A constant
a. v. . b A step functioo
c. An m1pulsc func11on
b J2y d An expommuat flU>cuou

c. 1'. / ;t 52 Wh1ah one of 1he foiiQwu>g pulses ha< the
d 2V,. same fonn m ume domai11 a< well liS 111
48 Match L1SL I (Name of \lleruory) witb LtSL [requency
II (Features/ Charact.w slic-s) and
ra a. Rectanguhtr pulse
CQrrect answer b Exp<111ential pulse
List I c. friungular pulse
A SRAM d Gaussian pul5e
B ROM 53 GooJ voieLrcproduotlon via I'CM rcqull'OS
C PLA DS I(Wll1tizatlon lovcfS If rhe band1vidth
U DRAM of voice chunnel1s 4 I<Hr, the data mle 15
List II a llbps

I 'flus comains co1wet1nooal srorsge llke b 128 kbps

la!ches (BJT or MOSFI:T) and i1 JS e. 56kbps
non-volatile 11 28 kbps
:! Thts conta111s convenbonal storage l1ke 54 lu a transforme.- tJ,<' Jiequency or the <ul}ul
voltage 1s dwbled. loss nl th"

latches (BJT or MOSfETl a!ld has

boUl and Wme operatJon frequency m of that at the
3 TI11s conlams a set of AND. OR or lower frequency IS
INVERT logiC gales a:nd can be a. Doubled

programmed b Halved
nus conta111s ooly tviOSFETs lU1d c. F'oar times
Meds periodic refreshms d One-fourth

A B (' D 55 Two senuconductor marenals A and B

11. ;;<I 2 I havq concentr<11lort vtllues
b. 2 1 3 4 DA=I' I021m"1 and nn=4HY'm' Hall

o. 3 I :! 4 coel'ficients or lhe waterinl, R.. allll Rn are

d 2 4 J I m the
The binUl')l number 00000 I0 II wheu a. I 2
r<prcsenlcd utl3CO foo:nat, JS g1ven by h 11
a 0001)1011 c. I 4
b. 10111011 d -l l
o. 000 I 00()() I 56. Constder the tbllowm.s 01.nterials
d ltlOOJ000 I Puro slhcon
50 ConsJder tbe foJJowmg smtements: 2 Ah.Lminum
3 Doped sUlcon
7 ul I)
. J>, ,\
when the generated P"Wer
l'he CQIT<1Cl equern:e in the PrOer or their at>.<olutely constant
increasin& elcctriMI re..istil d y c. A situatilln when botlt conue.:ted load
u. 1,2.3A oud geuc1le d po1vcr ""' cquol 10 cudt
b 2,J,4, I other and remain
.:. 2..:;, I .4 d Ali equilibrium stole :rround which
u. 1.3..1,2 .. no ll l luctuutions in power. both in
57. 111on> urco four eontribul')t'S 111 tow! gmcralion and load. ocror all tUne
pobdzation uf ""'tari.1L o,..a 63. Match List 1 (!""ul111inn Type) with I II
conlrit)lttions an> .:leetrQnie, tonic, dlpolor (Purpose or ronf\gurnl i<>n)

l!]l3tc..:lwrtle polrtion At lrtical c.or...:CillOSI\tf:
frcqueode> tlte onlY major eontcibuJivtt tu List !
polnrizntlon is from A. Pin typ"
Blectnmic p<JinriutioJl B. SU.'jpeniion type
b. lottie pol:triz.1tion C- Strujn typ"
D. SlmQk!U type

c:. Dipobr pobrizntion
ct. Space-chrgc polnriwtion u .. rr
Par nd hole. the Hall I. 1, <.1\\
clitrihut.ion lint:S
coefficients 2. String of insulator In horizontal

a. Doth positive position
b. Duth ncgnHvc 3. Siring of inrulnlors position
" Pnsltivend negniive. respectively 4. I'(If VIJ itnge up to 33 1;V
lL Negative and posith-e. reopeetively
ra A B C .1)
59. n\re<: transfiJrJOCI11, C/ll!h of u. .. 2 3 1
100 kVi\ r.11ing .trc etlnnccted in delta. If b. 1 3 2 4
tme llf' lhc tronofonnlll'll !liken ott ,,J' 4 3 2 I
s<:rvice, the: <if Ihe syst.:m \\'ill he d. I 2 ..
'" 200 kVA G4. 1\l.ltdt Lbt I with List nand
b. 1732kV.\ corret:t answer:
c , IIS.HVA 1.l$t l (llus Typt:'$)

d_ 36.() A, Load bus

GO. Threo unil!l oJ I _ 5 11'3.11!lform1'S arc B. Genera lor bus
conncctod m 4 Y to supply 3-vlw>o load C. Slnck bu.i
!Tom V. 3- phase source. 'J'he line List 11 (Pnirs of nrlablcs)
voltage on tbe load s ide. LS l. l' .nd v

n. IOO(IV 2. J> nnd Q

h. 80V 3. V nJt<l S
c. 3461 v A B C

(1. 803 \f I 2 :l
61- A 15 MVt\, 33, 11 kV. Jphll. b. 2 3 I
l.rrlnliforme, having un imp.:dunce of Hi Q " 1 ::t 2

on t.he lrigJ, tenSIOn ' upplied from d. .., 1 3 vi\' A. I I liV. ThQ I,J.U. 65. M3lah J,,st with II and ,elect th e
or lrousfonnc!r calculotcd corrocl answc:r-:

"" ill! bn.c ttl on buse List I (Relavs)

will !><: in the ratio A. Buclthol;_
l: I B. Tmn 131' relay
b, 1 :3 C. C:micr cum;nf ph:t.S<> Cilmparison rt!la)
c.. I : I) D. Directiounl ovtr curr.:nl roby
d. I ; IS L ist II (Prllcction)
Sle.1dy stole operating canditon or 11 I Feeder
power iodicotos 2.
n. A s itu!tti.uu ''1bcu che counectc.d load iM 3. Ring main distt.ibutor
contnnt 4. Long over)tead b line
8 of ll
<\ B C. D 71. (A)t Three lo&oic used
n 2 4 I when 11 e. to mure th(m one
b 4 I 2 inpullnutput to the llltmc tllil bus
2 1 4 3 in J digital
d 4 3 2 I Roasn11 (ft): Throe ....,ge logic hoR high
b6. rhe resolution of " .'!",, di!lil voltmeter on Impedance. tnte which helps in isolotirti
... (l.J
is ""'It" inpul output d.wice frotn tb" dota bu>.
n. Doth A nd R nl'c individu>Uy trno nod
b, 0.01 R is the c-orre<t "-"planation of A
c:. U.IIO l h. Both A R nrc ontlivi<luolly Irue

d, MOO ! R is nnPhc vr A
<H. Vaou11m cleaotll'll arc c. A i> inle but R is"i:the
n. Permmonl mng11et f.h.p. molor.s d. i\ is rnlse bllt ltis true
h. Single.-phnoe cnpacit.o r molar with n.. (A)' When large omoun! nf clt
dio-e<:L-on-line start lQ lle printed out from Lbe memory of
C()ntputer DJVlA is ucd.

r;.. Ro}ucllltoct ntOlOI
d. uniwrs:olmotor (R): DMA avoids us ing lhc CPU
6M ,\.,criion (A): A of length 30 mm lhns allowing tha Cl' In al1end to nnother
owwated at n lreqnency of H)O Mllz an job.

cliic:.leul muiutur. Botl1 A oud R 11!1 ! indjvtduollv lrue und
R('ll$011 {R)t 1\ Hertz Tan dipole i> an R is the correct e>:pbnntion of A
since il-r radiation b. Both A ami R Arc true but
ra VCI)' 1(11> . R iH oil !I the c<ul'c:cl uf A
u. Ut>tb A uud R ate iudividually lnu: nnd c. \ ;. truu but R11 Jhlo!e
R is Ute I!IJn"l!l esplonutiun of-\ d. A is false bot It i trUe
b, Both A and Rare individual!) inte hul 7.;. \ssertltln (.:\): In _general. mo,ing irnn
R JS not th" e.xplanations of A vullmut.:o; fil't: lcso aCCurate tllon UoONe uf
"- A i!; true hut R b f3l$e the llynomometcr lyp.
cl. A is fnlsc bm R is true (R): \lrwing lln uflen
69 s.<..-tlon (1.\ ): A circu lnrly pobw.od lric;l irm clomp ing.

wave Incident al the Brewster -angle a. BoUt A and R ore individu.U) IJue anJ
becoml:ll linc:arly polarized. R iJ. thll cotrc<!l ""'plonntion of A
Rco.son IR): A W4\1l composed of both b. Both A ;and Rare in11lvi<luallv true h11t.
pnrnllel .1nd perpendicular component R the C:CitT<:et ur A
iuctdent nt Btowsteo angle produces a c, A is true l)ut R is false

re:Oeclod wove with ouly coutpuneut d. A iS fili" bul R is true

polarized parnlld to 74. t\ssertion (A): Tlu: exciting cuorcmt or
11. 13oth A and R are individually true rmd single phase trnnsromter nith sinusoidal

R ., Ute Correct 1:\lJIInJtli<ln ut' A V<Jl13ge UIIPIY tlf\11-sinusnidol

b. Both A oncl Rare iudivit!uAIIy trw but Rcuson (ll); Eddy oUJTcnls induced in tb"
R is not lite c<lrrecl ltnn>fonner non-sinusoidal

c, A is tnte IM R i fal1e introducing harmonics of higlter o rder in

d. A is hut R it cuttt:nL
70. iUst>ttlou (.A ): A dipper citcult c:u1 be lL BoUt A :utd R e imlividuatly b'uc uod

U>iug two biasod diodWiin slu!lll R is 6tc comet e:lphmotion o.t A

l{cawn (R): A clipper circuit slices th;: BoUt A and R aro millviduall\ trut" hut
luput wawform betwe..'ll two R i o<)t the C.trrcc.t 111 A
voltogo c, A is butR isillse
11, Botl1 ,\ and R ruc individually truu rond d. A is false bul R is true
.R i.< th" C()rrt:CI e'(piAnailon uiA 75. .sen lon (A): A scU:.:onlrolled
b Both A and Rare indtvtdually true but synchnlnuus m11lflr fed li-om l(lnd
R is not lh<> comocl '-"<pLllutions of A CSI is lice lrorn hunting nntl
c:. A is true bul R os fnl!e slllbility
ct. A is but R is true
I} <If I
Rcuwn (R}; Tile motor has J=per (R): The high presure oxidMion
"indln& processing L' '4<il'tr
n. Bolli A nud R nre uodividually ltue and lcmptnlUIO
R is U1t: Clll'rcc! llf A u. BoU1 A nnd R 111e iudividu>lly truo und
I> Both A and R llfC individWJJiy true but R i the"""""' ""1'lan.1tion ofA
K i noothe correct explanation. of A b, A :md It lndfviduaU) true but
Ais true but R i5 R is 1101 Ute of A
1L A is fal c hut R is true A is huc but R i:> false
76. Assertion (A): LigbJJy doped drain (LlJO) d. . \ i mise but R i5 true
are less prone to hoi S(), (,A); A IJ.tlf-controlled converter

ha. lotprov<'ll power fnewr on the llnc
Rcl.-ou (R): Tbu ruuximum cl,-ctric field sidd.
in the i_, lightly d<lJJ'--d drain Rc,.son (R): P uritJg l'ree-wl,eding tloc nr
dcVic<:l'. cQnvertor. n 1'"11 of the energy ''"red in lbe
'" Both ,\ and R indwidua lly t1u e and induclllnce Is utillt td ru; aclive PO"Cf liJ
R .IS Ute cort'tl<!l eJ;pbnntioo of A the load.

h. Both A and R arc individu:tlty lru" but '" Both /\ and R 1\fe mdivtrlua lly true and
R ts no t the correct explana1ions of' A R L. CO!'I't eltplanmion A or
c. .'\ is true but R is b. A nd R nrc ludlvidualh tl'ue but

<L !a]$o but R is true R Ill uot the eoTeot <c'<pllinnti.;n of A
77. (A): for " svmmelricnl c. \ i. true but R ill fnle
mngnetic llald di.'itribution unde"r each pole d. , \ f.1l!;e hut R is lnle
nnd f'C!r C<jUIII llUUibct tof 30\latul'i:
ra 81. A bin:uy snul'l:.e two
oouducto111 per parallel polh,. the omf 11 ith probobilitiC'l Po nnd
av ailobl between adjacent hrushes of 11 P, ( P, - I f. ) 11Je cntJ'tlPY of SOUI'll<>
lap-wound d.u.. machine is e<1unl for e.1ch
parallel paUl.>.
Rcwmn (R): The iltstantnncou. <ml'
u. I Hre:>pe<!tlvc of the I'Jluc

induced in each cQnduct(lr of coch pmllcl o FPt

b. Ma>.;nmm when Po= 0
is e<jWII fi;tr ;oil ihc OC)nduCI011!o
..:. wh.:n P1

;o, Both A anJ R Me individua lly true and

d. MiJlinllltll wb111'o; Po
R is U1o correct <>Xj>larultion of A
S2. A RF s ignnl i$ modul4ted to n
b. Both A ond Rare indiVidually true but
depth of s musoiil'l algnnl. The
It is not the correct explanations of A
l:lltit) of modUI(I[cd signal pvWor to
"' A is true but R t$

Uhpopulo!c(l carrier po>vcr is

d, A is b ut R i ltue
. 1
71!. A-.crrion V\J: In lo>rl now tudy. the
rated frequency ot' the power system does
b. 2

not appear iu tl1c power lli)\V

d. 3/2
R<os oJJ (R}: Rated frequency of tlte
83. The antcnu current of :m ,'u\ 1 broode:tst
system is when
transmitter modlllot<:d 10 deprh ,yf 100.

po"er billan.:.: ;, oMAinoo throujjh

II>Ull tliJW by on ouclio wave ../3 12 A which
n. IJOlh A nnd R individuolly nud tu ../2 A tluo Ill s imuilant(l<t

R i the of A modulatiQn by tlt,ld io sine wave.

h, l:loth A and Rare individu3lly true l>Ut 'l11e moduL1t lon tnrlex due to the-
R .is notlhe corn:cl.:t-tpbtutuons ofA sine.wavo is
I!. A is It ue but R is fnlc :.. n.s
tl, 1\ is fo t.c but R ($ irue h. 0.707
7!1 (A): High pt'IIS8l!re ol\idnlion " l.t)
todi!Uque .....tucell tl<lf<:<:t. nnd d. Q.866
o.Jl'ocl!. the prvious diffusion ptofil"" to n 84. 1l1c deviotioll produced ill
1TCJY little extent. VHF ""rrier by a 1ignol of 100 Hz i SO
k 'lno frec1ocrn:y modulti11n inde,< ,,,
l tJnll l
,, 100 rndrano 2. Succc.Jiw addition iP lllladder
b 250 radians 3. Shit\ and ndd technique
c_ SilO rarlians Which of lbe!;e COI'I'C(:I?
J. 750 rnili<uu A. 1.20I1d 3
11re prohnhility donsit.) funcilon of the b. I and 2
of n sinusoidal sighlll olfmg wflh " 2 and 3
nITI}" bQnd noise follows the lilllowing d. land 3
dii<tr WbicJ one l)r tilt: following logic fumilil:!l
:t.- tho:
b. Rnyk:Jah a.

C.. Rkian b. UCL
d. Poisson c. TfL
S6. ru .. ppnlxjma la hoighl of. g.eostotionruy d. CMOS
tell.ite above the Earth 's S\rrface iY 92. The proc<>.. of orgonizine tho memory mlo
n. 1000 km lwo banks io allow !!-bit and 16-bit dala

b. JOOOll km operating h coiled
c. 21lo00 km B.nk swilduug
a. 400UO b. Index-ed mapp1ng
l'he 1.nstrumt:nl landins ,,ystcnn (JL,'i) und c. 2way rnemory inlerle.;aving

the. 11pprmdr (GC;\) d. Mo:mory $egmcnllltion
<ystcm of landins, u.qc 93. If on)' 'blool. of a main memot)'
a. Glide patlr localizer and twn radm;. m any b loci;- of 3 cttchc. the-
ra tt specllvely mopping tc:chnlqu.: used
b. MaRta- and 5la1'o stntion>ll>t' bollJ a. Direct mapping.
c Glide pillh IOculi7,cr li>r IMrlh b. Asoc.iative mllpping
88, [f (327)o = (.'0_,. than the y:r.lue of X i c. m<lpplng
given by d. l.inear mrrpping,
'" 327 94. DAA is otr .instruction m the iuslfuctlou set
b. 2(>8 of many ntieroprocc:ssor.s. This juslruclioo
Q, 2033 llli psed in a"or lo pertb n11

d 3302 a. Binary addition

'rhe decimal numbef 4097 ,. rllpresented II. DCD nddition
irr four as shuwn below. Mah!h Lit c. ASCII addition
I (Type or Repn;)SClllittion) with 0 d. Binory
1Numller) and corr<::et

95. 11 1s desired tu reserve a word (two

List I consecutive bytes) in the and
A. Birury initinlizo it lu lbc \Oiuo 1945. Titcu 1\ c> u!;c.
B the directiv<:

Oct.1l a. S : OS 19-I.S
D. Hc.ud<cimul b. l' . DH
Li.t TT " Q. DW 19-15

I. t)tlOOOOO()(ltlO() I0\ll d. t; ; EQU 1945

L 004)0 000() 0001 t)()UI Whkh of the folloWIIIl! I ll does
:i. 000 I 0000 0000 000 l not usc tlr" CPU Joe (ll'tfunning l 'U

OI00\10\)(liQOLOII I opcrntion'!
1\ B C D " Progrnm initi$led 1'0
a. 1 l 4" b, l)evioe initialed 110
b. 2 4 3 1 c. Oiled memory access
c. 3 -1- 2 I. d. Serial I/O
d. 2 1 3 4 1)7. 1\fnloh I witl1 LiL 11 nnd select the
folio" ing obtement correcr
ll'luitiplication in li cumplrl"'" be List! (Bridge Circuit)
pedimued h) usiufi A. brid&o
L A horilwarc ntu1tipli01 B. Kelvin's clvuhle bridge
II of Ll
c Schenng bridge
D WheatsiOne bridge
List II (Measurt.'tl Parameter)
I I.ow resasmnce
, Medium
J High 0 lnducmnce
4 Capacitance
A R C' f)
3 " The. wavcfQnn g" en above is observed on

I! 4 2 3 tlu: scr<cn ofn CRO. timeldov S\>ltch
I> set at 10 I!S and the voll!Ji ut 100 mV
d 3 I 2
aro Respecuvely
and peak peak \'Oitug;

II. 33 JJ kl lz. 800 mV

b 15 CilO mV

c. 3333kHz. 600 m V
SOOV d 25 lH7. 400 mV

It, ll,

liOloneter v, nnd
-- 1-"1 Mtfl) ..

ra ICtwo J(XJ V

of 100 k 0 1 V 1111d
150 llQ I V respectively urc connected in
! I"......
.enes 111 500 V. then Toe corcUJt lhnt of a
u. v , and vl ll'tll 250 v each MultiMijtC 111Ct\5Utilll! ac mhugc
b Y1 will read 200 V ond V1 will read Coru;ldcr tloc l'ollu\vlng_

300V L DIOde 1)1 conduct!$ positive

L V a wm -'00 Y 11nd y, will r.:ud hnlf cycle
200 v - ' 1 he shunt n;siSlllncc used !;<) llmt

d. V 1 and ()V ench diode Do heavily and

911 In d3mping the diM:
the opemung po111t m the linear ponion
be or of V I ct"mactcnstoc of d1ode Do.
a and magnenc mntenal J Diode 0 2 conducts dunng ncgath c

h Conductmg hut non-mngneHc hnJ! and currem byp:JSses Ute

<=- but non-collductiug muterool meter
Whoch of the;e are correct?
d. Non-cooducllng and

mutenal n. I w1dl
100 1\n onsirumeni lhm measures the msulnnnn b. 2and3
I and .3
rc;>tStllnce of systems using U>elt:provoded

I000 V de ts culled d l;!nnd3

In o low powi.:I facto wnttuaeter,
I> Meggnr sometimes cotl o.s employed

mstruonct\t Ul order lo
ll Mnk a. Neulrnli>'.e the ccpacilic .,nect or
prt>Ssu re en it
I0 I Which one ttf 1Iw rollowlng ''llllables
b. for tJ1e Li.tductnncoc- of
eunnot be measured dorectly by n
lL Current
pressure coil
b Voltage c. Compensate lor 1he l!rwr caused by
pawet los;; ln lite pressure
c. Phase diffen:nce
d. Rcduc.: the error cnh:>cd by t!ddy
currenl damp1ng
11 of IJ
IUS. If o. '-17 tD 53 liz type frequency J C01npcnsaUng wmdmJfS an: t\Onnectcd
fs provided with inulng In scncs "llh the nnnnaurc
exCited by de:.., the new range of frequency Compensating wmdings aid
me1er ,-; commutmion
11 '14 to IU6 H7 3 Cfllnpcnsating windings produce mmf
h J3 5 t(! 26 5 "' in the direction as tlult or
1.". 47 lu ormututc
J .WtoSQ ilt Wluch of stmcnKIIIIS !slate correct?
106 Field 1\indlng of a 4-pok SCj)llr-Jtely ll. 1 ttnd 3
de. Maclune (5 cxdi<d from a 50 b Only I

Hz supply. Armatrtre rs totaled at 1500 c 1311d3
rpm Md me brush-r<><:ker IS also romted tn d. I and 2
the satne d!Iectton at the !!3me speed. 110 Under vnnablc frequency opemuon of 3-
Vohogc a brushes 1s pbasc rnduclion mntQr, air gap flux ts kepi
a. IOOHzo.c b) odjusung moiDt I'Oitagc
b 50liU.t r or constwll Qt.f gap mucluno

e. 50 l-iZ. tto. 1.\'ltb u d.t>. component swnc torque the
d. Zero a. Slip is kepi constanl
107 Whtcb of the follvwmg lnfomtation IS b Sl1p speed LS kept cQnstam

obtamed by Potier's method uStng open c. Power now across ahe aar gap ts
ctrcun char3Ctensttc and power constam
iitctors charocteristie d Power mpttl l(l stntnr is kcfll
n Field currept cqui\nlcnr uf llrmattllc
ra coll:jtunl
r=unn I ll
b. Sync.-hronou>reactunoe
reactance and field current

ofannature rem:uon
IUS Match LISt l "1th l.tst 11 nnd .select the
cmrect answer c 1 t "" c

List I (Test) shu".' abe \\tndlttg

1\ Slip ICSl CQnnertlons of a of
ll Open ttrcu11 nnd zehl power rucwr tc>t phase trnnsfonner.;_ For uml} lum 11ilfu
C.. Sumpner's lest and balanced three-phase suppi) voltage V
D. Swinburne's test

(line-1()-lme). volta11e betw""n the

Uo1 1l lenmnuls U! und c: on the secondal) s1de
I l)etemnnation of COI11it!Jill losses of n 1\0ibo

u. Jiv

, Oetcm1l11U1fon or 111111
b JV
of Lm nJ<fol'l'l1<'r
c.. v
) _ Determ1mrtlon of >J11Chrooous l'oltcu:

reocuu1ce of'synchronous machme d 2V

112 Tlie full-load copper loss of a tmnsfonner
-1. Detemunation of direct nnd qundrnte-
Is twtco Its core loss. At whm percent of
.synchronous reactnnce s of sahen l

t11e full-load wtll the cOlciency b.!

pole synchronous machine
3. 25%
a 2 l 3
b ;oo,u
b. 4 3 I J
c 10 n.
c. 3 I -1 '
4 I J 2
109 Consider
litllowtn& statements In
113 Cnnvcnlioll!ll pmwr eqrtivnlcnt
C>rcutt nl' n tmnsfnnncr
nespect ur comJll)nlkltfng wmdinJl!. m d.c_
oblllliJed OU tbc tJf
11 "In
tL E qu.."ll pl'"u-u.u.ry anJ ScOOodAry o:U:tlpCI'e <"d at l.bc kWiwlUng
I;UJ'1lS a.od tJH.t souuc. tim e rntit.. tht!n lhu <tvenlg.e
b . Negll_gibJo mutunJ rctu:ln nc.c J\"lad c.utreuJ
\! Untfu nn vulrdgc drop !lh>ng. 1hc. u , C\)nSLUnt 0 1 I (_) 1\
b. Ocl.!hnlC.') llwn I o A

d P resence 01 lc:1kagc cUITcnl bt.-twccn c. Bctomcs grcalt:r thnn I U A
IJh: \Villdff!S.'i d . Van:tikm. canoot t'1:c c...t i , wtljtnul
I Jl A exc1tcd d \! m(')tm tnkcs u knowmg the vuluo f'll"" lnduc1nnce
cnrrcnl I al a -.peed N I I 1t .p current 1 19 ;\ chQI?rC-P e u CUt1 1;10 '-'PC1111lng on rRC
113 :n u t;pL.-ed 3'N. lhcn Lhis <:tmdit.ion IS
frequency t1f2 kHz on u 220 at
o blnwccl with V d,.c II lhu load voHa.s,c 1.s 17V v .
11 Ficfd Cf'ntro l undO( 10rquc lhc cntni ucti<m and bJrn:king JlC.nnd nl thc-
b Volruge control onder ooru tam. torqve Lhyn-$to r tn t:ach eyt...fc a rc.. rc::tp<..-cltvc:ly

..-:. coutrol uud1.1r t;:A.-twllUUl l.'' lli4JUI. a. l , l4Ji S
d Voltage cuntrol uud,:r ..:onstaut u\ltput b J.1 ms um.l t l -4 IJ titS
tbe f\::.llpwtt.4 Slillemenrs: c, I 14 p nw
.Specific fdl lun..

.t. ll.JM6 I' llU. u.olJ 0. 1 ;1 uJS
l V(.."tY Oll ..stotc reslswocc
2 " ' scct)nd
I :!H
3 lo(iu ih1 wpul resistance
-L Good
Opl,r.:itU.II l
pertbt'Ju (tflt:e il
WbJ'"b or SliH II:.IUC.u \5 ;:,ro curr\!i!l? l I1
a.. I .2. 3 .uud 4

h . t..=- a od 3 '
\.":' Jnnd 4
J. lll 11d2
I I6
m Ma1ch Lisl. l II nu.l .... <"',.,
u Tt ,"

.I (l'oWer'" Otvltt)

f'!;> E S

A .
0 MOSF11 1
fu lly IJQillJOILcd CVUVMCJ.
C IC11'1 1
I) BJI' slwwn ttl the tigure. ts- ah1e m teed hack
.L Ll
h:,lad f)l>wcr tv .. 1I firl n_g anglt:
a ls v nriccJ from
I Second
o. H tc:' YOe< 1u1d switches S 1 uud u i'\! s,.

Lu't;.l.! \Jti-.Sltl,gc UtuJ)

3 S m ulJ Qn-.stui.c dn>p
1 S tow devaC1:l b 0 lu 900uncl l hc. sWJtch ($ s, u nd s.. un::
A 13 C p ctqsc:J
\!. 9()0 w 1:i<O" and I hi.': swm:hcs S 1 S::
Q 4 3 2 I

arc clQscd
b. 1 -:! 3 4
cl 900 I n 180 mtd Ih e SWIICh C$ S 1 :-II'U1 S-1
c 4 3 I
o rcdoocd
l 3

11 7 V\,l tagc 0 ( u \.i 1'(.) 1S

a. ().7V
b . 1-lV
+.! 2-lV

u. >3V
I IS 1\ ll c.. h.a:; un owi.."'J_gc. vulut! t1r
toud c urrent ur I 0 A wbth: 1
tuord (LL o gf\1(10 tim\! ro.tio intcJ
u- iJ lur!;c luduCinncC .i.s plucl:d
ln with till! Joud mul